Melanie Martinez - K-12 (Official Trailer)

  • Published on Jul 23, 2019
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  • Aryeh Adventures
    Aryeh Adventures Hour ago

    Who else is watching this because k-12 isn’t free anymore and they never watched it yet? XD

  • JEEZ
    JEEZ 11 hours ago +1

    Mom: No, I am not going to waste money on this

    Me: But mom! Melanie is such a good, pure, unique, sweet, person and worked so hard on this!! I'll pay for it with my money!!

  • JEEZ
    JEEZ 11 hours ago +1


    Of course I am Mel, I've been listening to you since I was 12 😭💗😘

  • talia bumanglag
    talia bumanglag 20 hours ago

    rewatching this after ive seen it a million times hits different

  • Carlos Montelongo
    Carlos Montelongo 20 hours ago

    Love your movie

  • leticia Gabriela Dantas

    l love you serious

  • Bshaier sa
    Bshaier sa Day ago


  • Ульянa Обезьяна

    Кто тоже русский???

  • Ульянa Обезьяна

    Кто тоже русский???

  • nobody
    nobody Day ago


  • Brienna Cotie
    Brienna Cotie Day ago

    "You didn't know you had a butthole"???😂😂😂

  • Strange Times
    Strange Times 2 days ago

    occult- SATANIC BULLSHIT!!!

  • Alba UwU moreno flecha

    Dios es q no lo puedo parar de ver están bueno =3

  • Păpuși și animații

    Dude , I love the instrumental at the end of the trailer ♡♡♡

  • Raffi Azhar
    Raffi Azhar 2 days ago

    Why your film so scary

  • Gaby Uwu
    Gaby Uwu 3 days ago

    BUENARDOOOOOO ahre me confunda ..pd.Melarte te aloviu

  • Ava Bryan
    Ava Bryan 3 days ago


  • Ňøøř
    Ňøøř 3 days ago

    I really wanna watch the movie...

  • M White
    M White 3 days ago

    I already watched all of this and this is great

  • Chris
    Chris 3 days ago

    Looks like Pastel Goths making an Emilie Autumn rip off.

  • Jasmine Possum
    Jasmine Possum 3 days ago

    luv it

  • ETN Diamond
    ETN Diamond 4 days ago +1

    Wait a minute!
    in silly cup she was an angel right!?
    so it's really "The First Day of Hell"

  • Machii Gacha
    Machii Gacha 4 days ago

    I wanted to watch k12 fir the first time but it wasn't free so i watched the trailer to get a glimpse of it. At the end the dates were displayed. The movie and album came out on my birthday and now i am sad i didn't even watch the first two minutes of the movie.

  • paris masterson
    paris masterson 4 days ago

    Please make another one 😊🖤🖤

  • pias Ta Tas
    pias Ta Tas 6 days ago

    Wait a minute wait a damn min I’m not the only one who didn’t know this was a horror movie right

  • Kensi
    Kensi 6 days ago

    you are the best thing ever

  • Z I Z O U S A L T Y
    Z I Z O U S A L T Y 7 days ago

    Does anyone notice she doesn't have any tattoos?

  • Gacha Anime Arts
    Gacha Anime Arts 7 days ago

    I can obviously tell why Melanie Martinez used show and tell in the outro

  • Liana Soares
    Liana Soares 7 days ago

    Melanie is a genius for creating this masterpiece (based on the trailer). Sadly, I can’t see the actual full film because I have to PAY to see it on RUclip.

  • Caitlin Lps
    Caitlin Lps 8 days ago

    0:45 ME IN A MONDAY

  • Devouring Books
    Devouring Books 8 days ago

    This movie is available in Prime Video too

  • Nico Jime
    Nico Jime 9 days ago +1

    No soy la única que se acaba de enterar que K-12 es una peli y no un albúm como pensaba.😓😓
    Autolike para no desaparecer!!

  • karren cherryxxx
    karren cherryxxx 9 days ago

    :0 OmG k-12 perfect

  • Taco and cheese
    Taco and cheese 9 days ago +1

    A fairytale Horror.

  • Ava Ruby
    Ava Ruby 9 days ago +1


  • JEEZ
    JEEZ 11 days ago +1

    The movie is worth the money!!

    • JEEZ
      JEEZ 10 days ago

      @Isabelle Nguyen Ok, you're right... I'll edit my comment

    • Isabelle Nguyen
      Isabelle Nguyen 10 days ago +1

      pls don't do this melanie's not gonna put the next movie up on youtube for free if she's going to lose profit! Edit: Thank you!!!

  • Matilda Davidson
    Matilda Davidson 11 days ago

    Omg that should make a movie I would watch it ❤️

  • Sarah Dahl
    Sarah Dahl 11 days ago

    I want to watch this movie so bad but it cost money. I love you Melanie if you're reading this!

  • Steph Lps
    Steph Lps 12 days ago

    I WISH I HAD THIS MOVIE!😭😭 Also the only thing I thought when the teacher slammed down the ruler I thought “OMG ITS BALDI HE IH BACH PEEPELLLLLLLLLL!” I know I had bad grammar it was on purpose!

  • Ivan Dinio
    Ivan Dinio 12 days ago


  • Mels Strawberry
    Mels Strawberry 13 days ago


  • Aahana Krishnan
    Aahana Krishnan 14 days ago +2

    Kelly and her friends were the ones who disliked this

  • Dizzy Deer
    Dizzy Deer 15 days ago +1

    This is how many people love you! You made a movie!!!!

    I wanna watch the movie! But it’s not free!!! I’d probably love it though!!!

    Something for you

    Keep up your dreams, your life, your creativity! You are the source of what made me realize “I can’t hang out with these people” and “I shouldn’t listen to people who shut me down” “I should be me, and if that me is insane, so what. If that me is crazy, lazy, mad, sad. So be it. Because I am ME” Melanie, I realized, and this is for you...I realized that not all people should do the same thing because of ONE person. Some people do rap, pop, rock, dubstep, but you sort of created your own music. Your OWN way. And I like how you realized that the world is controlling everyone. I, don’t do that, you don’t either. Because of you, I feel free, like I can express more. Be the loud, insane, mad, driven to the point where I don’t really listen to people that shape other people or be rude and mean to me, everyone was mean to me from preschool to where I am now! I will still be the best I can! And still love you. I also realized you won’t stop being your self!!! I really like it! Moral: you inspire me
    -one of your adoring fans,
    Thank you Melanie

  • Eepop The Performer 7u7
    Eepop The Performer 7u7 16 days ago +1

    This will always be my favorite trailer.

  • Purple Bixbite Artz
    Purple Bixbite Artz 16 days ago +2

    Me: Watch film

    Also i'm back to see trailer

  • Linca Magaña
    Linca Magaña 16 days ago

    They should make a movie

  • s0bel.mp4
    s0bel.mp4 17 days ago

    I think the trailer is better than the movie 😂But I love k-12❤️❤️

  • Angel Rai
    Angel Rai 17 days ago

    So I theft for a year and now she has a movie.l-

  • Jules Playz
    Jules Playz 17 days ago

    I'm depressed...
    I should've watched the film when I had the chance... :"v

  • Tracy Zhang
    Tracy Zhang 17 days ago +1

    I’m scared it’s night and I’m watching this ahhh

  • JJ yo BAE
    JJ yo BAE 18 days ago


  • My world Have fun no hate

    I already whacked the movie XD

  • Kawaii kookie
    Kawaii kookie 18 days ago

    Oh hell yeah girlly!!!💔🔥😈

  • Jasmine Wilson-young
    Jasmine Wilson-young 18 days ago

    this should be a movie

  • It’s gacha Elise musicbox •ELISE•

    Ooooookkkk....This is pretty scary😅

  • Baah Silva
    Baah Silva 18 days ago

    Eu realmente gostaria de entender

  • The Speaker K-12
    The Speaker K-12 19 days ago +1

    I saw the movie before you deleted it

  • Rivo Rox
    Rivo Rox 19 days ago +1

    Melanie or Melanie?

  • Abril Vázquez
    Abril Vázquez 20 days ago +2

    0:50 wow

  • Rose Morris
    Rose Morris 20 days ago

    There is not anyone who is better than Melanie