• Published on Dec 22, 2019
  • Hey friends, in today's video I'm unboxing and giving my first impression of Fragrance One Date for Men which is Jeremy Fragrance's newest fragrance release perfumed by Alberto Morillas. As always thanks for watching and thanks for your support!
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Comments • 788

  • 285719Crew
    285719Crew 6 days ago

    Tried it out. Didnt think much of it. Got laid. 😅 it's just Ultra Male to me, I don't get it. Despite it being a 'success', this should be the price of a decent designer, maybe $85

  • Gabriela Delvalle
    Gabriela Delvalle 11 days ago

    I rather spend my money on home cleaners

  • Sarhan
    Sarhan 18 days ago

    I can buy a dior sauvage edp with that price

  • VejyMonsta
    VejyMonsta 21 day ago

    Sounds like a $70 frag

  • sobering cat
    sobering cat 25 days ago

    Next Jeremy would go for POOR for Men just for PR saving

  • sbowesuk
    sbowesuk Month ago

    Budget packaging, designer smell, niche price. Should have called his fragrance Aventus Greed for Men.

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    I actually do really like this one. I don’t have one like it and I definitely have use for it among a collection of a lot of niche and some really solid designers. I also got date almost for nothing so easy W.

  • Sam Stg
    Sam Stg Month ago

    Jeremy I am unfallow you are nuts.

  • Amir Aguilar
    Amir Aguilar Month ago +1

    Got mine for $80

  • Abhilash Telaganeedi

    the bottle and the packaging is the worse! doesn't look like a 200$ perfume. The packaging is like a plan white box lol

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior Month ago +1

    Cant believe nobody has said it but Date for Men is VERY similar to YSL Lhomme parfum intense. *But* Date is MUCH better and not as linear as YSL. If YSL Lhomme parfum intense retails for $100/100ml then I completely understand why Jeremy would price retail at $250 because it's MUCH better than YSL Lhomme parfum intense. With the 60% discount code i used on Date for Men, that is a complete steal. $90 for a bottle of date for men and it smells better than YSL Lhomme parfum intesne, which retails for $100. Cant even be mad at Jeremy for pricing retail at $250. People are just hating on him and it's actually pathetic. Office and Date are both 10/10 fragrances for me I can wear both everyday for the rest of my life.

  • Pet Detective III
    Pet Detective III Month ago

    I my mind ANY product offering 50% off for whatever reason or period is just a marketing hype.

  • Alessandro Emilio Pacik

    Some of you people commenting have never even smelt any of Jeremy's fragrances. Easy to say it smells bad etc. Create a company and a fragrance and try selling it, then you can talk. I have Office and Date and they're far beyond what people say. Two amazing perfumes and actually worth the money. When I first smelt Creed Aventus, I always thought to myself why is it so expensive? It's just the name, that's why! Such a boring fragrance in my eyes and everyone else thinks differently. Just because Jeremy is doing better than any other RUclipr in this field doesn't mean that you have to hate on him. Don't like him? Don't watch his videos, simple!

  • james reid-lourie
    james reid-lourie 2 months ago

    Save your money rather than buying Jeremy's dupes x

  • mSk m
    mSk m 2 months ago

    I like honest reviews..Respect

  • Tinker Tanner
    Tinker Tanner 2 months ago

    Its expensive because he cant source the ingredients at lower prices because its batch quantity. He should have opted for lower performance and cheaper synthetics in its production. Could have probably came to market at half the price. The naming is horrible and so is the bottle. Dont know why Jeremy did that to himself. He has a following and messed up in my opinion.

  • Zack Mohaz
    Zack Mohaz 2 months ago +1

    There is a bunch of haters in the comments

  • Silent Grind.
    Silent Grind. 2 months ago

    247$... even 120$ is absurd .. not worth it !!!! Scam

  • Haris Javed
    Haris Javed 2 months ago

    Why do you move so much in the video (all that hand and head movements) its freaking hard to watch you gives me anxiety, you are not making videos for deaf guys and using sign language, Just trying to help.

  • Paul Brar
    Paul Brar 2 months ago

    Super honest review!

  • Imran Hisham
    Imran Hisham 2 months ago +1

    Paying $248 for a Fragrance meant for a date essentially leaves my wallet empty to go on a date. No thanks, I'll just wear my aftershave and cross fingers.

  • MrTheomighty1
    MrTheomighty1 2 months ago

    I’ve heard and read that date for men is very much like invictus and ultra Male combined , so I’ve got the 2 colognes above mentioned so I’ve mixed the 2 together which I’m giving it a go, others have said 1 million and ultra Male mixed together

  • Terror666
    Terror666 2 months ago +2

    Honestly just get ultra male, Eros or Invictus instead of this overpriced product. From what I can tell Jeremy's fragrances smell like knock offs and have Walmart quality bottles and packaging for an ultra premium price. No thanks.

  • KeKe
    KeKe 2 months ago

    He just made 60% off coupon. Looks like it doesnt sell like he intended

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 2 months ago

    lol, like Jeremy but that price? How and why 😅 if it was a 50-80$ bottle like a designer fragrance he would get more cred and people would be more keen on buying one!

  • CagedPaps
    CagedPaps 2 months ago

    Date reminds me of Parfums De Marly Layton, but I'd take Layton over it. I think it's more similar to that than JPG Ultra Male. Ultra Male goes strong vanila for me which I don't get in Date.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 2 months ago

    That's almost as much as parfums de marly fragrances

  • Samuel Gonçalves
    Samuel Gonçalves 2 months ago +1

    The bottle is cheap, the box even more. Its too expensive

  • alex torres
    alex torres 2 months ago

    Code, NOW60, gets you 60% off...I paid $101.75 for DATE for men...Better than $247.99...

  • King Delevingne
    King Delevingne 2 months ago


  • super boy
    super boy 2 months ago +1

    him giving you the first spot as his favorite fragrance channels of all time definitely played a factor in your rating of his fragrance.... and probably wont rule out the possibility for some kind of collab in the future with are a sell out. thats all

    • Youngrevival 97
      Youngrevival 97 2 months ago

      How can you say that. What if he really liked it? Should he lie to satisfy you trolls?

  • Raven Widow
    Raven Widow 2 months ago

    Ash. I love your videos. But you should've never paid 250 for that fragrance. It's NOT worth it.

  • florin b.
    florin b. 2 months ago

    Oh, please don't say Jeremy> GAULTIER!

  • Follow the howl
    Follow the howl 2 months ago

    Oh lord he coming

  • JerrellHardison
    JerrellHardison 2 months ago +7

    I'd rather buy Aventus for this price and wear it on a date. I'd rather buy Aventus instead of Office for that price and wear it to the office.

  • Ignacio Bosio
    Ignacio Bosio 2 months ago +1

    I haven't smelled Date for men, so I don't really have an opinion regarding that, BUT, I must say you'd have to be an idiot to pay $250 dollars for that bottle and presentation, looks SOOO tacky.

  • David Cratt
    David Cratt 2 months ago

    Synthetic garbage. I'll pass.

  • Joe Benson
    Joe Benson 2 months ago

    Too feminine this fragrance

  • thailand tripper
    thailand tripper 2 months ago +1

    He started out with a great channel which I followed and bought a lot of his recommendations now hes launched his own fragrance hes getting greedy and thinking of himself

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 2 months ago

    $ right! He's banking on the True Fans. I'd buy a bottle of Molecule 01 and layer it with Chanel's Bleu or Tom Ford's Noir Extreme before buying anything from a RUclipr copycat.

  • jo cuypers
    jo cuypers 2 months ago

    The scent is nice but it is gone in half an hour. Rip off.

  • Won Honglo
    Won Honglo 2 months ago

    $8.99 at Walgreens.

  • ShowMe
    ShowMe 2 months ago

    I got my bottle a while back using the VIP50 code. I agree with your review, i definitely got the sweet, berry notes on the dry down. I found the scent quite powerful, it fills a room with even one light spray. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but priced a bit high even with the discount. I suppose its expensive to produce your own fragrance line, bottle production is definitely not cheap. Jeremy is bold, unapologetic and successful, so of course he attracts haters.

  • Mamurai
    Mamurai 2 months ago

    Jeremy has gone about this in a really bad way. He has alienated a big portion of his own community which then didn't want anything to do with him. Why? Because he really made it seem like he only built his community and following up to make his own OVERLY PRICED fragrance. It isn't that it is expensive that is the problem. Many things are, but a brand needs time to build over time in order to be popular and expensive at the same time. It takes time to get regoniction in order put a price like that on something if you ask me. It is just obvious he wants to be the new Aventus out there. Many really fragrances cost a lot less than Aventus Creed for example. It is about putting the correct price on your product, knowing the market and your own community. Jeremy failed at all.

  • Artistpro Label & Publishing

    5 minutes into the clip till you finally spray... jeeez

  • Chang Chang
    Chang Chang 2 months ago


  • rohan Bailey
    rohan Bailey 2 months ago

    That's two expensive

  • Tessoro Desoto
    Tessoro Desoto 2 months ago

    I live in a warmer climate and i can pick up the oud. However have recently been in Michigan, and the colder weather tends to make this fragrance more fruitier, did not pick up any oud.

  • Alastair Whigham
    Alastair Whigham 2 months ago

    I find it to be a similar opening to “diesel only the brave tattoo” not exactly but there is some similarity there how creed green irish tweed is similar but more complex to cool water

  • Scott kenny
    Scott kenny 2 months ago

    By a mile, the best fragrance reviewer on youtube! I literally wait everyday for ash’ uploads. Keep them coming you do a great job. I always take your opinion on fragrances into account before i purchase

  • manic .miner
    manic .miner 2 months ago

    ooh fomo! yea i'll give it a miss, safer spending that kind of money on PdM, Tom Ford or Creed.

    • manic .miner
      manic .miner 2 months ago

      Sam yep, it’s called reputation, you have to earn that rep, coming in with a completely new and unknown brand and going for premium prices makes no sense, start lower down the price range, build your reputation then go premium.

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago

      Ironically if Tom Ford released Date For Men at the same price, you would buy it because *"Tom Ford's Brand"*

  • Twin Turbo
    Twin Turbo 2 months ago

    The smart way to sell this is to offer it in the 100mL size (for those who have the money) but also make a 20 - 25mL size bottle for everyone else. Once the sales takes off, drop the price a little and come out with one or two other ones at a lower price. Business is all about "start small, finish big".

  • David Burrus
    David Burrus 2 months ago

    If he priced it around 100$ maybe

  • David Burrus
    David Burrus 2 months ago

    Consider he’s a male model and gorgeous and could wear Eternity and get laid. I smelled The Office and had to pass. I’d rather buy another TF fragrance.

  • M-P-S-80
    M-P-S-80 2 months ago +1

    Lol I'd rather buy Parfums de marly or give that type of money to a homeless person.

  • Simon says:
    Simon says: 2 months ago


  • X D
    X D 2 months ago

    The price like that can explain economics. In future, if it goes welll, the price will go down

  • laurice nelson
    laurice nelson 2 months ago

    I have office imma hold off on date but i'll say for the half off price that's not bad honestly its the same price of the replica fragrances from Maison margiela

  • Jerome Jax
    Jerome Jax 2 months ago

    Very expensive, need a sample to test..

  • Nelson
    Nelson 3 months ago

    $240?? Jeremy should’ve made this 80-90. And you can tell it isn’t doing that great because he’s constantly doing 50% off. Creed aventus is never 50% off...... let that sink in

    • goodkovi
      goodkovi 2 months ago

      Probably it´s a strategy like by Cola, Chips and other stuff .... all the time discounts ... If you're watching people in the store.....behavior.... They buy more discounted stuff ....
      The other possibility is ( he must order an amount of bottles from the factory ) so he must sell more bottles .... The theory of selling it for 80 is nice, but without distribution net and marketing ... I think there is no chance for bigger numbers of customers

  • nxlxn
    nxlxn 3 months ago

    It's almost like he's going for the hypebeast niche of buyer aka the person with more money than brains.

  • ahmed habis
    ahmed habis 3 months ago +4

    cant wait for "grocery shopping for men"

  • Michael A.
    Michael A. 3 months ago +1

    $247! GTFOH Jeremey! Lol

  • Veritas Est Lux
    Veritas Est Lux 3 months ago +12

    "Overpriced" for men 😂😂

  • curtflirt2
    curtflirt2 3 months ago

    I want to See Jeremy start working with a New Person and In which it seems like he will, He's going to the Italians next, should be interesting.

  • curtflirt2
    curtflirt2 3 months ago

    A lot of the reviews come from people that just HATE Jeremy, they don't even care about the Fragrance truly. It could smell great and they still would hate it. I've noticed too much of this now in the community.

    • TitaniumCrayon
      TitaniumCrayon 2 months ago

      That’s the problem when you give yourself a bad reputation being manipulative and fake. If people like him the bottle would sell itself no matter what it smelled like.

  • curtflirt2
    curtflirt2 3 months ago

    He had multiple Sale codes lately.

  • Steven Bradl
    Steven Bradl 3 months ago

    VIP50 is still live as of January 1st

  • janeez
    janeez 3 months ago

    Weird beard bro

  • sameer nazeer
    sameer nazeer 3 months ago

    Bla bla bla get to the point turtle head

  • Huero Town
    Huero Town 3 months ago

    Will not buy period

  • 3M zodiac therapy
    3M zodiac therapy 3 months ago

    The box design: white color & simple lines of a bottle...comon, Fiverr is full of great artists for cheap

  • Martin Brody
    Martin Brody 3 months ago

    I can see how difficult that was for you, giving it a positive review! Fair play though, it just goes to show how honest and professional you are. Respect.

  • My Dad Smells
    My Dad Smells 3 months ago

    100 billion dollars

  • A J
    A J 3 months ago

    It smells like a women tooo swetty looooolll

  • Mouad Bouanani
    Mouad Bouanani 3 months ago

    Gents scents > Jeremy fragrances

  • sendhelpbaylon
    sendhelpbaylon 3 months ago

    The bottle is such a big disappointment for me. If the bottle slightly even looked a little better I might have bought it.

    • sendhelpbaylon
      sendhelpbaylon 2 months ago +1

      goodkovi there’s a major difference when you collect fragrances and just buy fragrances.

    • sendhelpbaylon
      sendhelpbaylon 2 months ago

      goodkovi but for the price you pay a little more effort would be nice. If it was like $80-100 I’d have no complaints at all.

    • goodkovi
      goodkovi 2 months ago

      My bottle is most of the time hidden in my wardrobe...for me is the juice important

  • Astronaut Bear
    Astronaut Bear 3 months ago

    Expensive and trying to recoup the costs of hiring a perfumer, Understandable but I'm not paying that kind of money for a RUclipr with a fragrance. I'd rather buy from a real fragrance brand. $200 opens up a world of options when it comes buying quality niche or several designer brands which are also perfumed by well known people

  • joydivsion77
    joydivsion77 3 months ago

    jeremy fragrance is a sociopath

  • Christopher Bird
    Christopher Bird 3 months ago

    $247? Hahaha is he joking? Jeremy needs to get a grip hes a nobody, I'm not gonna spend this much on a fragrance by some z list youtuber when I can get a bottle of parfum de marly, tom ford or by kilian