Pheasant: Best Field Dressing Technique

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  • Sebat Hadah
    Sebat Hadah 3 years ago

    didnt care for the sound effects. however: great video. i now have another technique for preparing pheasant.

  • itscork
    itscork 3 years ago

    Pheasant pot pie!
    Damn, I'm hungry now...

  • Nameymcnameface
    Nameymcnameface 4 years ago

    now i am hungry :)

  • Kurtis Kennedy
    Kurtis Kennedy 4 years ago +1

    glad to see you back

  • TheAlchemist961
    TheAlchemist961 4 years ago

    Been waiting for another field2feast video, I love your fishing stuff

  • Steven Crance
    Steven Crance 4 years ago

    Those aren't bones in the lower leg, those are tendons. Good trick to remove them though.

  • Two Kids
    Two Kids 4 years ago +1

    Best video since the squirrel! Keep them coming!

  • field2feast
    field2feast  4 years ago

    I'm working on editing a few more hunting vids. I got backed up with a lot of commercial video stuff during the fall. Also, last year I produced a feature film "Rise of the Sea Urchins" (Goofy Comedy) that took quite a bit of time. Game out in June and is now available in DVD and

    • Amir Betties
      Amir Betties 4 years ago

      +field2feast I love your video man, I am just getting into hunting and you're definitely inspirational keep it up.

    VARDENS SAGESSE 4 years ago +2

    You're back!

    • field2feast
      field2feast  4 years ago +1

      +VARDENS SAGESSE My life gets crazy busy but I'm not giving up...more to come.

  • Tony Miller
    Tony Miller 4 years ago +1