Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • These people are getting triggered in public for whatever reason. Some get angry and others freak out completely!
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    Top 10 people getting triggered:
    #10 Guest slaps his wife after angry bride slaps guest for picking her up during Indian Wedding.
    #9 Turkish man gets triggered after cyclist crashes into him while fixing his car. "Why you coming fast?!"
    #8 Paul Tay interrupts RSU-TV Tulsa Mayoral debate that results in an outburst.
    #7 Angry female customer shouts at employee. "You're not my father".
    #6 Dutch teacher with a fire extinguisher freaks out on sleeping student in the classroom.
    #5 Madden 18 Seattle Seahawks tournament. Triggered Kaus vs. Tweez: "What is wrong with this game, bro?"
    #4 Angry women lose their mind in Sears after their debit card declines.
    #3 Small, angry man gets triggered by trumpet player in New York City.
    #2 Transgender gets mad at GameStop employee for calling him "Sir" instead of "Ma'am".
    #1 SJW female abortion activist / feminist attacks pro-lifers.
    #triggered #angry #rage
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  • Top Dingen
    Top Dingen  2 months ago +34723

    14:58 -Masochist- *Misogynist*
    (makes more sense! 😆)

    My apologies. English is not my native language! 💢

    • GamingWithRayan
      GamingWithRayan 9 days ago


    • LYT
      LYT 9 days ago

      +your local trash can
      "Dingen" is Dutch for "Things".
      And his channel is named Top Dingen. So I think its dutch

    • David Childs
      David Childs 18 days ago

      It’s all right

    • Marlie Lastrapes
      Marlie Lastrapes 20 days ago

      It’s cool 😎😎😎 we cool right guys? 😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

    • MMS_Assassin
      MMS_Assassin 25 days ago

      No respec lol

  • DeMartinex7
    DeMartinex7 10 hours ago

    I need the Foxy plushie

  • Ravenclaw Trash
    Ravenclaw Trash 10 hours ago

    Oh come on, femenazis are getting out of fucking hand.(・_・;

  • Doodle Office
    Doodle Office 10 hours ago

    What about 'That's my opinion'

  • Christian Paul Manuyag
    Christian Paul Manuyag 10 hours ago

    When you see someone make a meme of you
    *-OH MY GOSHHHHHHHH!-** **_STAPH_** !*

  • m y
    m y 10 hours ago

    there’s nothing wrong with the last 2 clips tho lol

  • 라이언
    라이언 10 hours ago

    She has zero brain cells no wonder she works at BK

  • Madi
    Madi 10 hours ago

    As a musician myself, I found it EXTREMEALLY rude when he said " I've been playing for 41 years, you suck" I would've whacked him upside the head with my clarinet

  • 라이언
    라이언 10 hours ago

    10:41 What is that angry dwarf doing out of its cage

  • Annie McGirr
    Annie McGirr 10 hours ago +1


  • Hidden xx
    Hidden xx 10 hours ago

    9:50~12:20 but is opposite day

  • Emo Pizza
    Emo Pizza 10 hours ago

    The one with a trumpet is that a women or man

  • Danielle St. Clair
    Danielle St. Clair 10 hours ago

    0:59 xD I'm dead 😂😂🤣🤣😅

  • Itz PlayTime! 413
    Itz PlayTime! 413 10 hours ago


  • Sahra XD
    Sahra XD 11 hours ago

    Well it end up on RUclip ...

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 11 hours ago

    The second hand embarrassment thooo

  • Hoovie
    Hoovie 11 hours ago

    14:07 lmao she needs to see a dentist asap😂

  • Carefree Jimbob
    Carefree Jimbob 11 hours ago

    er... Nope

  • Abby G
    Abby G 11 hours ago

    The person from the first one is why most lgbt people get slandered all the time..

  • sir bastian Denton
    sir bastian Denton 11 hours ago

    One like is for the lady got smak. By the man 😘

  • Strahinja strahinja
    Strahinja strahinja 11 hours ago

    Woman in the thumbnail:IF WE GET ON RUclip I WILL SUE YOU
    SNEAK 100
    ILLUSION 100

  • Keenya Heerah
    Keenya Heerah 11 hours ago

    10:41 and more back how rude!He is trying his hardest and best and doing what he loves fuck that old woman slut I ain’t getting no one to disrespect anyone no matter if I hate them I still need them to have respect

  • Thick_& _Juicy96
    Thick_& _Juicy96 11 hours ago

    11:09 what us that thing 😂😭💯

  • Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns 11 hours ago

    Sir your TRANSMENTALISUM is not welcome in this store. Good day to you Sir , don't let the door hit you on the penis on the way out Sir!!!!

  • Dappie
    Dappie 11 hours ago

    I really hope not all LGBTQ people are like that....

  • Mack Ade
    Mack Ade 12 hours ago

    Mr Tay... have you learned anything from your daughter Lil Tay?

  • PølseFar
    PølseFar 12 hours ago


  • camarokiller
    camarokiller 12 hours ago +1

    1:56 ooofff felt kinda bad at first mf smacking his head on car lmao then when he threw bike all went down the drain woulda been tight af if he threw my shit woulda been two times him getting his head smashed 😂

  • penguin plays with raze

    The savage lady in the first clip just turns and slaps him like get the hell out

  • Kandy Korn Korpse
    Kandy Korn Korpse 12 hours ago

    These people need to be institutionalized. They are a danger to society. Why aren't these people locked away? How are they getting away with behaving like this and not in jail or prison?

  • Jembo Jones115
    Jembo Jones115 12 hours ago

    It’s shameful people act like this

    ORGANIC ROBOT 5544 12 hours ago


  • AidenJPlays
    AidenJPlays 12 hours ago +1

    He attac
    He protec
    But most importantly
    He have no respec

  • Eva sweetheart
    Eva sweetheart 12 hours ago

    Wth hell is with the first one😂

  • Nikita Kravchenko
    Nikita Kravchenko 13 hours ago

    What’s wrong with the NYU guy . He looked like a fucking hobgoblin, dwarf. Typical libtard from with a useless degree

  • FrozenFlame Playz
    FrozenFlame Playz 13 hours ago

    Poor dude just wanted to play trumpet for some money :(

  • Jim Macias
    Jim Macias 13 hours ago

    “I’m not my father”. 😆

  • BluEyesHD
    BluEyesHD 13 hours ago

    4:49 "I'm not my father!"

  • Carmelah Andaloc
    Carmelah Andaloc 13 hours ago

    At 4:48 "im not my father" Bitchhh wuutt???😂😂

  • Lady of Chaldea
    Lady of Chaldea 13 hours ago

    Yeesh, I swear if I ever come across any of these guys I feel like walking away is the best thing to do

  • Elite_Stormer
    Elite_Stormer 13 hours ago +1

    Um ur also white????

  • Fadil Mujezin
    Fadil Mujezin 13 hours ago

    “Don’t talk to me, I’m not my father”
    Wtf is that supposed to mean

  • Sami Ali
    Sami Ali 13 hours ago


    • Sami Ali
      Sami Ali 13 hours ago

      Do not report my comment

  • Jai Norris
    Jai Norris 13 hours ago +1

    9:00 is it me or do Americans like to sue people for no reason 🤔 tbh idk lol

  • Krzysztof Gluszek
    Krzysztof Gluszek 14 hours ago +1

    11:14 cant tell if thats a man or a woman

  • Adam is Boring
    Adam is Boring 14 hours ago

    I hate the angry guy on no3

  • Willam TheS4Vag3
    Willam TheS4Vag3 14 hours ago

    Triggered ppls :/

  • mal pal
    mal pal 14 hours ago

    how miserable must people be with there lives to behave like this? Even though there behaving like idiots I can't help but feel sorry for them.

  • Krysta Liwag
    Krysta Liwag 14 hours ago

    His gayyy its on this part 12:22 his gayyy i tell you gayyyy

  • LeBorn James
    LeBorn James 14 hours ago

    Poor BurgerKing!

  • Maria - Isabel
    Maria - Isabel 14 hours ago

    No that woman is a disgrace to the Burger King community

  • katsuki bakugo
    katsuki bakugo 14 hours ago +1

    John Cena is here 1:38

  • Witch King
    Witch King 14 hours ago

    Next time i bring a Rifle
    I rather go to jail more than here those people yelling

  • bill afortniteplayer
    bill afortniteplayer 15 hours ago

    11:40 quazzimodo's real dad

  • Mia Giunta
    Mia Giunta 15 hours ago

    Omg the 2 one calm down bich

  • Richard Gabriel Bornales


  • Ben Tower
    Ben Tower 15 hours ago

    That person has no right to yell at that trumpet player and says he has no talent he can play some notes on that trumpet and says his nothing god created us for a reason not just for nothing

  • Rama Sridhar
    Rama Sridhar 15 hours ago

    What a shocker, the first one

  • Freakey TTV
    Freakey TTV 15 hours ago

    "Stupid racist asshole!"
    "All you are is a misogynistic asshole!"
    Well now aren't we all confused. Is he also racist for being anti abortion, or is he notbecause he is only a misogynist? MAKE A DAMN CHOICE TRIGGLYPUFF!

  • Freakey TTV
    Freakey TTV 15 hours ago

    "Let's take it outside and I'll show you a man"
    Ok so when youre delusional, you're allowed to just turn whatever gender you feel like given any situation? How convenient.

  • Freakey TTV
    Freakey TTV 15 hours ago

    When someone says "...and my attorney would love you", that 100% of the time means she's a complete stuck-up ass crack that NEEDS attorneys because she is offended by the air she breathes

  • gale woods
    gale woods 15 hours ago

    *black women gon be like black women*

  • Freakey TTV
    Freakey TTV 15 hours ago

    "He's gonna end up as an internet meme if he's not careful"
    Spoken too late. The damage was already done.

  • girlsdrinkfeck
    girlsdrinkfeck 15 hours ago

    she really is a king of burgers

  • Athrwys ap meurig
    Athrwys ap meurig 15 hours ago

    Americans are crazy asf. Glad i dont live there 😂

  • Tariq Sarhan
    Tariq Sarhan 16 hours ago

    8:17 Gideon from gravity falls sounding ass

  • TheLolpranker1 Goldenlions

    9:57 deze oude man heeft zelf geen talent the old man has also no talent LOL

  • May Imam
    May Imam 16 hours ago

    The girl who was insulting the musician is holding a trash bag...

  • TikkstarYT
    TikkstarYT 16 hours ago

    Nice vid man

  • Piggy Knight
    Piggy Knight 16 hours ago

    number 9 was reasonable

  • what happened
    what happened 16 hours ago

    *****ass lmao she tweeted it lol😂😂😂😂

    GOD CHUNGHA 16 hours ago

    What a bastard

  • Challenge? 1000 subscribers without any video

    0:50 how dare he slapped a lady like that 😬
    If I was present there, I would immediately stab him in his face😬😬😬😬😬😬

    • Freakey TTV
      Freakey TTV 15 hours ago

      I want to slap you right now. "Slap a lady". Do you know how things work? He should have just slapped the bride back tbh. Seems like he didn't deserve the first slap. At least he didn't think so.

  • Dunno Nothin
    Dunno Nothin 16 hours ago

    That little guy sure is pissed off at the world

  • Elizabeth Mendoza
    Elizabeth Mendoza 17 hours ago

    11:39 I HAVE tried TO lol she lowers her voice

  • Gloria LIMON
    Gloria LIMON 17 hours ago


  • patricia rand
    patricia rand 17 hours ago

    this is disgusting, no respect whatsoever. so is this America ? so much wasted potential !

  • Draino
    Draino 17 hours ago

    “Why go fast I hit why go fast!”

  • White Drive Official
    White Drive Official 17 hours ago

    11:05 Is this human a woman or a man🤔 btw best encouragement ever

  • Dylan Macri
    Dylan Macri 17 hours ago

    9:50 my mans has his pants so high I can’t see half of his shirt his pants more high then me on a night out XD

    CARLOS LOPEZ 17 hours ago +1

    3 45 bitch shut up

  • Theo Avory
    Theo Avory 18 hours ago +1

    11:11 wtf is that thing. Is it a man or a woman, god I need to wash out my eyes with bleach

  • Kim Tae-Hyung Fan
    Kim Tae-Hyung Fan 18 hours ago

    11:00 Damn her....such a b*tch accept it you dumb ass sht

  • darockk
    darockk 18 hours ago

    'her' favorite video game was out of stock: TRANSformers

  • Game Land
    Game Land 18 hours ago

    John Cena : 1:37

  • Ch Saketh
    Ch Saketh 18 hours ago

    I think all of them are Americans...

  • Defaultzy
    Defaultzy 18 hours ago

    The dude playing Madden was trying to act so black

  • I'm Maiden
    I'm Maiden 18 hours ago

    "Alright, enough, leave me alone."

  • Sir Scientist
    Sir Scientist 18 hours ago

    9:36 hope that entire family was in a car crash later that day, what a bunch of pathetic scum

  • Kielpolo 14
    Kielpolo 14 18 hours ago +1

    Im not my father

  • themagicbanana
    themagicbanana 19 hours ago

    You have No Respec! 😂

  • Jerry W
    Jerry W 19 hours ago

    Ok RUclip... I clicked

  • jcbmadeit
    jcbmadeit 19 hours ago

    Hey you have no *"reshpect"*

  • Tyla TIAULI
    Tyla TIAULI 19 hours ago

    You have no *RESPEC*

  • LividKiwi
    LividKiwi 19 hours ago

    Pants that go up that high show that people will be angry midgets for life

  • Cat 。
    Cat 。 19 hours ago +1

    *”Oh My GoSh”*

  • GachaScar473
    GachaScar473 19 hours ago +1

    That women actually sounded like a man though🤣😂

  • Tomas Munoz
    Tomas Munoz 19 hours ago

    7:30 The dude is so bad.

  • BLUES 8
    BLUES 8 19 hours ago

    9:50 the whole clip
    *_when I see a rat_*

  • Kaitlyn -newby
    Kaitlyn -newby 19 hours ago

    3:40 this bitch, he legit guessed ur height and ur triggered tf bitch sit down