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►Best of ELECTRO SWING Mix July 2018◄ ~( ̄▽ ̄)~

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
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    00:00 - Electro Swing Circus - Golden Hour
    02:45 - Annella - Kisse Misse
    05:41 - Freakpower - The Afterbeat
    08:39 - Caro Emerald - Whatchugot (PiSk Remix)
    11:54 - Kristofer Maddigan - Dramatic Fanatic (Peggy Suave Remix)
    15:58 - Electro Swing Circus - Empires
    19:01 - Electronic Swing Orchestra - Lord Oh Lord
    23:54 - Jamie Berry - Walk With Me
    28:21 - Taco - Puttin’ On The Ritz
    32:15 - Peggy Suave - Braxel Brobots
    34:53 - Lyre Le Temps - Brokopoly
    37:10 - Electro Swing Sessions Band - Electro Swing
    39:49 - Wolfgang Lohr feat. Alanna Lyes - Ghost
    44:23 - DELADAP- Crazy Swing
    47:24 - Electro Swing Sessions Band - Lazy Rosie
    49:48 - Darren Fewins - If Swing Goes, I Go Too
    53:00 - Pisk - Who Dat Down Dare
    56:51 - Ashley Slater feat. Scarlett Quinn - Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
    01:00:08 - Kitten And The Hip - No Strings
    01:03:50 - Dimaa - Afro Swing
    01:07:23 - Peggy Suave - Imma Telling You
    01:10:11 - Electro Swing Sessions Band - Chapeau
    01:13:47 - Jamie Berry - Sweet Rascal
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  • Xefox Music
    Xefox Music  9 months ago +402

    Hope you like these songs as much as I do!
    Which is your favourite? I like Electro Swing Circus' Empires and the lovely chill Afro Swing by Dimaa!

    • Mika Clark
      Mika Clark 5 months ago

      I'm a sucker for caro emerald lol

    • Hendrik Raffenberg
      Hendrik Raffenberg 6 months ago


    • colinpass88
      colinpass88 6 months ago

      Lazy Rosie by Electro Swing Sessions Band is a really catchy track I'd never heard. Sweet Rascal by Jamie Berry is already a classic tune for me that never gets old.

    • prolongeddeath
      prolongeddeath 7 months ago

      The afterbeat is my fave

    • NukeCandy
      NukeCandy 7 months ago

      Kristofer Maddigan - Dramatic Fanatic (Peggy Suave Remix)
      L like how they slap a lap :D

  • Jacob Locklear
    Jacob Locklear 7 days ago

    I wish this place where real It would be a good spot to go to after jugger practice

  • RyleLine
    RyleLine 21 day ago

    "Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that bunny booty."

  • braveheartbob
    braveheartbob 23 days ago

    somewhere, somehow, someone is fapping to the thumbnail
    I know cause its me!

  • Heal V
    Heal V 25 days ago

    For some reason this is block by in country, had to use vpn to listen to it :/

  • ImJustVerable
    ImJustVerable 25 days ago

    2018 was a good year for electro swing

  • MK_ Meliodas
    MK_ Meliodas 29 days ago

    I LOVE it its epic

  • Sunr
    Sunr Month ago

    Came for dat ass stayed for dat ass

  • Pawel Adamowski
    Pawel Adamowski 2 months ago


  • Másodlagos Fiók
    Másodlagos Fiók 2 months ago

    blood cells are red,
    the medicine 's blue
    when I listen to this
    my neighbors do too

  • Adam Starnes
    Adam Starnes 2 months ago

    The only bad part of this is choosing which is best.... sophies choice....
    anyway, great mix, thank you so much

  • Prof. Adeon
    Prof. Adeon 2 months ago

    where did you get the high resolution version of that drawing?

  • Snoochy Boochies
    Snoochy Boochies 2 months ago

    i've stated on a couple of your other playlists, but would like to say it again! thank you for keeping these playlists ad free. i come to youtube to avoid radio commercial breaks :p

  • Treme Jenkins
    Treme Jenkins 2 months ago +1

    Yeah the bunny girls are cute and the music is excellent, but did anyone else notice how good that cake looks?

  • Pooria Ahmadi
    Pooria Ahmadi 2 months ago +1

    Animes Are hot;;

  • Art And some games
    Art And some games 2 months ago +1

    The bunny girls are my weakness.

  • rydog 345
    rydog 345 2 months ago

    I was just going through dubstep music and I found this and I was hooked. I love this.

  • Caden Stringer
    Caden Stringer 2 months ago


  • Kaleb Martin
    Kaleb Martin 3 months ago

    Your electro swing mixes are the best 👌 The sole reason I'm actually getting into the genre now.

  • DaCool
    DaCool 3 months ago

    Date a Live S3 starts airing **this mix starts playing in my head**

  • Ghostprincess Jenny
    Ghostprincess Jenny 3 months ago

    Date A Live

  • Az Angol Cica
    Az Angol Cica 3 months ago

    That bunny in the corner is *THICC*

  • Aesxop
    Aesxop 3 months ago

    dat ass thow XD

  • PantherLP
    PantherLP 3 months ago

  • 瓦林雄介
    瓦林雄介 3 months ago

    very good!

  • fro-yo -momma
    fro-yo -momma 3 months ago

    Pics a bit...Much BUT trippy music thats for sure

  • 9 year old army 666
    9 year old army 666 3 months ago

    Electro Swing in fortnite is better

  • Ring TK
    Ring TK 3 months ago

    Strong start, I do that song so much in beat saber

    HACKSTAR 3 months ago

    name of this anime girls?

  • Desktop Baryonyx !
    Desktop Baryonyx ! 3 months ago +1


  • EntireShadow
    EntireShadow 3 months ago

    do you think its kinda sad that I only recognized that the pic is a DAL fanart cause of Yoshinon

  • Ralph Robinson
    Ralph Robinson 3 months ago

    I don't care if this came out five months ago, this is great.
    Love the opening, amazing groove.

  • Void
    Void 3 months ago

    Date A Live 😋😉😎

  • 0 01
    0 01 3 months ago

    My gurls yoshino and tohka

  • 0 01
    0 01 3 months ago

    I havent seen date a live in a loooong time

  • Alpha Raccoon
    Alpha Raccoon 3 months ago

    Anyone who’s here due to Fortnite can die in a hole now excuse me while I go to my hole

  • Leader Farllen
    Leader Farllen 3 months ago

    Bunny's in danger bar what we hitting carrots.

  • dont question my profile pic please

    Why is there always a anime girl in the thumbnails

  • Killjoy12
    Killjoy12 3 months ago

    The vocals need to go! just need swing and not annoying lyrics

  • Qeen spiri
    Qeen spiri 3 months ago

    electro swing is the best type of music

  • Wea Wea
    Wea Wea 3 months ago

    flashbacks to my mdma trip everytime..

  • Adriel Flett
    Adriel Flett 3 months ago

    dat ass

  • Jacob mccaffrey
    Jacob mccaffrey 3 months ago

    really good mix

  • Seagull Boy
    Seagull Boy 4 months ago

    Cake and orange juice? Disgusting...

  • SKAD_ Aiden
    SKAD_ Aiden 4 months ago

    So good

  • SKAD_ Aiden
    SKAD_ Aiden 4 months ago

    O lala so thicc

  • Anastroid
    Anastroid 4 months ago

    whats with the rabbits?

  • CRT Monitor
    CRT Monitor 4 months ago

    quality BF1 music to get in the early 1900's mood

  • I’m not ok
    I’m not ok 4 months ago +1

    Uhh, what?

  • Lupin III
    Lupin III 4 months ago

    *le gasp* bunny butts!♡♥♡♥

  • Hellenic Daemon
    Hellenic Daemon 4 months ago

    You have caught my attention on Electro swing, now I'm subing.

  • Nathan Sharif
    Nathan Sharif 4 months ago

    Fantastic list! Really enjoyed the March list too! When can we expect your next Electro Swing List?? :) :)

  • league of legends moments


  • logger5400 Watermelonium

    it's gonna be interesting trying to explain to my parents who might walk in to try and explain to them why i have an image of anime girls in bunny outfits at a bar

  • Kalokal
    Kalokal 4 months ago


  • Антон Климов

    Картинка у некоторых должна вызывать приступы эльфофилии?

  • LBGamer
    LBGamer 4 months ago

    I bet this will the dominant music genre of the 2020s, inspired by the roaring 1920s, with some 2010s elements to it

  • Doctor Katz
    Doctor Katz 4 months ago

    I can't pick one song over another as they all get my feet kicking and my body-a-movin'.

  • Billy BoboJoe
    Billy BoboJoe 4 months ago

    Weird for me to say this the clapping sound in the song at 11:54 maybe It sounds like buttslaps Itshouldonlybemethatnoticethat

  • JJ2Shifty
    JJ2Shifty 4 months ago

    This is a new genre for me. I can get down with it.

  • Neon Striver
    Neon Striver 4 months ago +1

    I had to use a VPN to America, because this is blocked in my country. FFS. I loved this playlist as well.

  • Nomoos
    Nomoos 4 months ago

    Yea, its good mix. Thx. 🐒

  • gameus boyius
    gameus boyius 4 months ago

    I came for the anime thank you

  • enlightened arsonist
    enlightened arsonist 4 months ago

    KOKO sent me....

  • L. B.
    L. B. 4 months ago

    \ _\ >
    I I

  • arz
    arz 4 months ago


  • Loïc Boiteux
    Loïc Boiteux 4 months ago

    Sound like Mario Kart music

  • Áron Lauer
    Áron Lauer 4 months ago +1

    *Me searching for Electro Swing*
    *Sees bunny girl thumbnail*
    Me: Well you can't go wrong with something that has bunny girls in the thumbnail...
    Best decision today

  • Артемий Сладков


  • space_modz
    space_modz 5 months ago

    I got so into electro swing I'm now into 1930's fashion.

    Is this healthy?

  • niemand ist hier
    niemand ist hier 5 months ago

    I love this kind of music!

  • Thehelpfulshadow
    Thehelpfulshadow 5 months ago

    I was trying to do my homework while listening to this, but it was just to catchy. I was tapping my toes until my roommate left, then there was nothing holding me back. It's almost impossible for me to not dance to electroswing.

  • swift_toxic
    swift_toxic 5 months ago +3

    This aint fortnite

  • Not Harry
    Not Harry 5 months ago

    I used to listen to this, but when I got into Metal I stopped, and going back to this is fucking hard

    • stickydude
      stickydude 5 months ago

      Make sure to continue education and finish college, educated people don't have such problems.

  • Amelie Lacroix
    Amelie Lacroix 5 months ago +4

    Friend : These songs are old
    Me: So is your mom but you listen to her

  • Kyouko Pocky lover12
    Kyouko Pocky lover12 5 months ago +1

    Why does the first one remind me of candy store?

  • Keladinus Scrub
    Keladinus Scrub 5 months ago

    I've heard Empires so many times in a bunch of other mixes that I've gotten tired of it, but I like "Whatchu got" in this one

  • arthur morgan
    arthur morgan 5 months ago

  • Background Character J
    Background Character J 5 months ago

    Season 3 when?

    ORN REB 5 months ago


  • ツF a r s
    ツF a r s 5 months ago

    Why anime?

  • Super TheBurntEggoWaffle
    Super TheBurntEggoWaffle 5 months ago +4

    How to get views:
    Be a weaboo

  • DerSozial-Anarchist
    DerSozial-Anarchist 5 months ago

    Lol i hate Japan

  • lilBoiiiXDDD / A'mon Lacroix

    gonna fucc 'em so hard boii

    28 STAB WOUNDS 6 months ago +195

    Searches electro swing


    • 28 STAB WOUNDS
      28 STAB WOUNDS 3 months ago


      LUCAS HARVEY 3 months ago +4

      Remember before Fortnite we got Minecraft videos instead? Anyone looking up videos about gems had it the worst, they'd get a ton of DanTDM videos.
      Point being: So the cycle continues. We must band together to stop this maddening loop!

    • Stefan Grujic
      Stefan Grujic 3 months ago +1

      28 STAB WOUNDS
      Ma boi :")

    • 28 STAB WOUNDS
      28 STAB WOUNDS 4 months ago +2

      And no one will know what I edited

  • _ i like traps
    _ i like traps 6 months ago

    why do i like this?

  • Random person In comments

    Xefox needs to make a holloween mix!!!!

  • das no good
    das no good 6 months ago

    I'm a simple man, I see anime bunny girls, I click

  • Nathan's_ cool
    Nathan's_ cool 6 months ago

    nice date a live art :) like the song too lol

  • Snoop's dog
    Snoop's dog 6 months ago +5

    Clicked cuz animu butt

  • jackschueth
    jackschueth 6 months ago

    5:42 if I was the devil I would play this song on repeat in hell

  • 12DAMDO
    12DAMDO 6 months ago

    that bunny is kinda cute

  • Starflight
    Starflight 6 months ago


  • dont lit
    dont lit 6 months ago

    *I thought this was fortnut I mean fortnite*

  • Kodesii
    Kodesii 6 months ago

    I clicc because she thicc

  • Rocxey
    Rocxey 6 months ago

    Instant nice mood

  • Krazy Mofo
    Krazy Mofo 6 months ago +1

    You ruined it

  • henry vasquez
    henry vasquez 6 months ago

    Please end me

  • Savvy
    Savvy 6 months ago

    Fucking weeaboos

  • Urban Arielle
    Urban Arielle 6 months ago

    I think this is my favourite mix of yours. I listen to it all the time ^_^