What It Takes To Fly The $21 Million Goodyear Blimp

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • We took a ride on the world-famous Goodyear Blimp as it flew above the Daytona International Speedway where it provided aerial coverage for NASCAR in February. Our journey began at the Blimp Base in Pompano Beach, Florida - from there, the Blimp flew 200 miles north to a small airport in New Smyrna, where it would call home for the weekend.
    We got to spend about five hours in the Blimp, which was updated in 2014 in collaboration with the Zeppelin company. The new model isn't technically a Blimp, due to the internal structure inside its balloon, or envelope.
    This is what it's like to fly on the iconic Goodyear Blimp, which isn't accessible to the public - only the crew and invited guests are allowed to go for a ride.
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    What It Takes To Fly The $21 Million Goodyear Blimp

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  • Roe Clarke
    Roe Clarke 9 hours ago

    And it read ice cubes a pimp

  • S w
    S w 2 days ago

    Replace this pos with a drone

  • Anthony Marquez
    Anthony Marquez 2 days ago +1

    I wish we could still ride in blimps and airships

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 5 days ago

    Just stumbled upon this fine piece of storytelling! Very well produced! The music and editing was superb.

  • joey cernava
    joey cernava 7 days ago

    i rode in this blimp when i was in 3rd grade and the pilot let me completely drive this thing lol Moral of the story you need the education of a 3rd grader to drive this.

  • Dima Gass
    Dima Gass 8 days ago

    It's ironic a blimp for a tire company

  • Phonixrmf
    Phonixrmf 9 days ago

    It's the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girl dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day.
    No, the worst

  • Codsworth004
    Codsworth004 10 days ago

    People of the Commonwealth

  • Sriram Surya
    Sriram Surya 11 days ago +1

    Its not a blimp.

  • Matheus Orth
    Matheus Orth 12 days ago +1

    A rocket looking aircraft and they name it Blimp... Oh the humanity.

  • Ultra Sauce
    Ultra Sauce 12 days ago

    I always thought they were maybe controlled like drones

  • mhamadac
    mhamadac 13 days ago

    so literally a drone would work fine but theyre risking human lives

  • Rizuchan
    Rizuchan 13 days ago

    I want to see it deflated.

  • John Jason Lim
    John Jason Lim 13 days ago

    Kirov reporting

  • Emu
    Emu 14 days ago

    I was in the blimp before

  • Cat
    Cat 15 days ago

    "I didn't even know this job existed, until I found it."
    No feckin way.
    You could almost say that it's exactly like 95% of jobs.

  • Swiggity Swag
    Swiggity Swag 15 days ago

    Pfft you fly a Goodyear blimp? i fly the atomic blimp pffft

  • Ryleigh -
    Ryleigh - 17 days ago

    Wow I saw this randomly today, now this is in my recommended

  • Sykokiller
    Sykokiller 17 days ago

    The world is yours

  • Andreas Hoppe
    Andreas Hoppe 18 days ago

    This looks like a Ryanair flight with lots and lots of upgrades…

  • Napoléon Bonaparte
    Napoléon Bonaparte 18 days ago +1

    Heavy Sniper: *_exist_*
    Blimp: *Am I a joke to you?!*

  • Aaizah Ali
    Aaizah Ali 18 days ago

    'folks all over the world' do not in fact know, shocking i know. alas no one else gives a shit.

  • Devoid
    Devoid 20 days ago

    *Imagine riding on top of it*

  • Josh
    Josh 20 days ago

    Is lucky now drones can do the same thing without burning fuels

  • Oba O
    Oba O 21 day ago

    It's been a Good Year...Maybe i should ride Blimp.

  • DIYfusionHelp
    DIYfusionHelp 21 day ago

    What does it do anyway?

  • Syed Ahmed Jilanee
    Syed Ahmed Jilanee 21 day ago

    What happens if someone shoots a bullet at it

  • Aeris
    Aeris 21 day ago

    oh so its harder to fly than tho one in GTA

  • PillowsIdiot
    PillowsIdiot 21 day ago

    I drive this for free, all I have to do is call on my phone.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 21 day ago

    I'm buying this Goodyear blimp does it come in black?

  • Connor York
    Connor York 21 day ago

    My parents have met the pilots. They have been in it and flew around.

  • Tevin C
    Tevin C 22 days ago

    Get the sniper and the homing rockets

  • Grandstand Video
    Grandstand Video 22 days ago

    I go to New Smyrna Beach every hear for the races. The blimp is a fixture. We go to Lost Lagoon bar and Grill by that airport for lunch.

  • GhettoHouseinLA
    GhettoHouseinLA 22 days ago

    Thumbs up if you didn’t know it was that expensive

  • Kenneth Howell
    Kenneth Howell 22 days ago

    everyone loves the Goodyear Blimp completely!

  • UsingCheats
    UsingCheats 23 days ago

    I'd say $21 million

  • Kkyo
    Kkyo 23 days ago

    Of course its the germans with a "blimp factory"

  • FlyinGrek
    FlyinGrek 23 days ago

    Just steal it from the place on the map like what, use the wanted down cheat smh head.

  • Bongo
    Bongo 23 days ago

    blimps in 2019 OMEGALUL

  • Relents
    Relents 23 days ago

    I thought that was only a gta5 thing

  • Squishball 572
    Squishball 572 23 days ago

    I thought all blimps and airships stopped after the hidenburg accident

  • Paden Dean
    Paden Dean 23 days ago

    GTA 5 Anyone?

  • Defaults are life
    Defaults are life 23 days ago

    Welcome to why is this in my recommendations.

  • ChefGiovanni
    ChefGiovanni 23 days ago +1

    It takes a lot of tire sales to build this blimp. So then on the old blimp they uses a 5 gallon bucket to relieve themselves ?

  • Jay Money 420
    Jay Money 420 23 days ago

    Isn’t it supposed to read “Ice cube’s a pimp” ?🤔

  • Alex Boss
    Alex Boss 24 days ago

    2014 teeeeeeeen

  • Omi Gaming
    Omi Gaming 24 days ago

    I remember when I was a kid when I lived on a military base I saw the black and white Goodyear blimp fly over my house

  • X Leshens
    X Leshens 24 days ago +1

    Too bad I only see air balloons

  • ohmusicsweetmusic
    ohmusicsweetmusic 24 days ago

    can you say Hindenburg?

  • Mentaly Chill
    Mentaly Chill 24 days ago

    I would have a Goodyear if I had a chance to fly with it

  • The Efam
    The Efam 24 days ago

    My dad (Matt elkins) flew that blimp

  • Urban Pictures
    Urban Pictures 24 days ago

    LazyTown brought me here

  • Uncle Creepy
    Uncle Creepy 24 days ago

    I scanned over this title too fast and thought it said “why it takes $21 million to fly the Goodyear blimp”.

  • Jack Habben
    Jack Habben 24 days ago

    Hope this isn’t a repeat of the Hindenburg

  • Spencer Valek
    Spencer Valek 24 days ago

    I wonder why they didn't make the new one electric? the massive semi-flat top seems like a great spot for soar panels

  • Simple Frankie
    Simple Frankie 24 days ago

    I might make a fortnite blimp

  • randomsanwhich
    randomsanwhich 24 days ago

    whats the faa registration number

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 24 days ago

    Which you picking🤔
    $18 Million dollar Bugatti
    $21 Million dollar BLIMP

  • Irshad Khan
    Irshad Khan 24 days ago

    I guess drivers are looking up instead of forward

  • gamer3928
    gamer3928 24 days ago

    what an inconvenient vehicle

  • V E R X I O _
    V E R X I O _ 24 days ago

    Damn 21 mill for that waste of money

  • Lube sky baller
    Lube sky baller 24 days ago

    Imagine if good year used that 21 million to help homeless veterans in the country that made them rich. Waste is a real issue.

  • _ReallySad_
    _ReallySad_ 24 days ago

    where we droppin boys

  • SilentShadovv
    SilentShadovv 24 days ago

    Thats a waste of helium! We are running low on helium in the world. Use drones to do arial over nascar ect. Blimp's are over in 2019

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 24 days ago

    I use to pass by the Goodyear blimp all the time in Carson, California I’ve even seen when it’s landing and it’s honestly pretty huge in person

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 24 days ago

    I live right next to that base ツ

  • Huncho Purp
    Huncho Purp 24 days ago


  • azmax623
    azmax623 24 days ago

    I have pics of my brother, my dad and I in the original blimps in the 70's. My brother and I had the blow-up blimps that we hung from our bedroom ceiling. I may still have one tucked away somewhere.

  • James Penney
    James Penney 24 days ago


    did they wipe their ass with bleach wipes?

  • Dp Productions
    Dp Productions 24 days ago

    I am English and I have no idea what Goodyear even is.....

  • Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros 24 days ago

    Never seen one ☝️

  • Jonathan Shewmake
    Jonathan Shewmake 24 days ago

    Who else didn't know the good year blimp until now😂

  • Trey Kleven
    Trey Kleven 24 days ago

    Dude! 9/11 could have been so much safer...

  • PurpleBros Choco
    PurpleBros Choco 24 days ago

    GTA 5???

  • huckle berry
    huckle berry 24 days ago

    Spring Texas in the 80s and 90s.

  • Marios Aspris
    Marios Aspris 24 days ago +1

    Has it ever popped?

  • YOUsernameism
    YOUsernameism 24 days ago

    In college my professor was the chief pilot for the ship in Akron. And his father was too! They flew the one in akron for probably 50 years combined!

  • SMS_Hack3r
    SMS_Hack3r 24 days ago

    And it said ice cubes a pimp

  • wat
    wat 24 days ago +1

    I bet they have parachutes on board..

  • Michael Kirby
    Michael Kirby 24 days ago

    Proud to have been part of the Airship Operation for almost 8 years. True professionals from the Ground Crew to the Techs, to the Pilots. (A lot of fun also).

  • guily6669
    guily6669 24 days ago

    Just because of this I will buy GoodYear tyres................(NOT).

  • DirtyWheel Time
    DirtyWheel Time 24 days ago

    4:58 is that the same nosecone used in the suyuz?

  • Greg Ryans
    Greg Ryans 24 days ago


  • Crazi
    Crazi 25 days ago

    Relaxing? I couldn’t sit still knowing one bird could bring the entire thing down.

  • Dumplings and Tacos
    Dumplings and Tacos 25 days ago

    What’s the good year blimp?

  • BrianOnTheGo
    BrianOnTheGo 25 days ago


  • wwts1
    wwts1 25 days ago

    And it read Ice Cubes a pimp.

  • BlackCat Gaming
    BlackCat Gaming 25 days ago

    Why do I feel like I’m the only one who sees a problem with a balloon being used to fly like bruh it legit gets pushed by wind

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 25 days ago

    Be fun to ride in

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent 25 days ago

    So bad ass I got to see it when I watched the Lakers game at the Staples Center

  • Sean James
    Sean James 25 days ago

    partnering w Cody! wow so excited

  • baseball 060
    baseball 060 25 days ago

    The narrator sounds like the narrator from Tomas

  • BigGulp 6969
    BigGulp 6969 25 days ago

    What happens if it gets loose and floats away? How would they get it back?

  • estofadodepollo
    estofadodepollo 25 days ago

    Best investment in history

    FUSIONH1 25 days ago

    Bro I thought this was gta

  • T Mac41603
    T Mac41603 25 days ago

    I was there, it was a great race. The finish was great, 3 Big crashes in the final 5 laps. I would definitely love to attend again.

  • Cadenthor
    Cadenthor 25 days ago

    How does it take 6 months to learn how to fly that? I swear I could fly that with the very little info in the video!

  • Anthony Loiacono
    Anthony Loiacono 25 days ago

    will the Good year gunship come out in WW3 to sponsor?

  • mute himself
    mute himself 25 days ago

    I used to have a model of one of these, it blew up but anyway I saw one of these things when i was heading to Florida when passed Daytona track, it was very cool to see.

  • Bram Flakes
    Bram Flakes 25 days ago

    It’s more fun to explode it.