What It Takes To Fly The $21 Million Goodyear Blimp

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • We took a ride on the world-famous Goodyear Blimp as it flew above the Daytona International Speedway where it provided aerial coverage for NASCAR in February. Our journey began at the Blimp Base in Pompano Beach, Florida - from there, the Blimp flew 200 miles north to a small airport in New Smyrna, where it would call home for the weekend.
    We got to spend about five hours in the Blimp, which was updated in 2014 in collaboration with the Zeppelin company. The new model isn't technically a Blimp, due to the internal structure inside its balloon, or envelope.
    This is what it's like to fly on the iconic Goodyear Blimp, which isn't accessible to the public - only the crew and invited guests are allowed to go for a ride.
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    What It Takes To Fly The $21 Million Goodyear Blimp

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  • Med Savir
    Med Savir 22 hours ago

    Really..I like this engine to enjoy a fly..over beautiful place..

  • Jomar Bisnar
    Jomar Bisnar Day ago

    *Kirov reporting!*

  • Starkat03
    Starkat03 2 days ago

    My dad worked for Goodyear

  • Nergal Jedwick Navarro


  • lord topaz
    lord topaz 3 days ago +1

    I wish I could fly in one of those things

  • Michael McKinzie
    Michael McKinzie 3 days ago

    Next model will include hydrogen

  • elenita javier
    elenita javier 4 days ago

    They should try to build Hindenburg 2 like queen titanic

  • Wolfgang Fahlenkamp
    Wolfgang Fahlenkamp 4 days ago

    Wait...leaded fuel? Isn't that illegal?

  • SkyTrain II
    SkyTrain II 6 days ago

    It's still a blimp; a semi-rigid blimp. The internal structure doesn't mean it is not a blimp. A blimp is "technically" a pressure airship. The shape of the Zeppelin NT is still maintained by the internal pressure. Therefore it IS "technically" a blimp.

  • Grinder-one
    Grinder-one 7 days ago

    It's beautiful but for me at least, it's not a scratch on the previous craft. I understand it's about design, but I would have done everything in my power to get that Gondola central to the underside.

  • claudia V
    claudia V 7 days ago

    Half milion dollar camera

  • Operator 801
    Operator 801 9 days ago

    It's not a blimp? Those lying fucks.
    Never buying their garbage tires again.

  • Rayaan Ali
    Rayaan Ali 10 days ago +1

    GTA5 Players can only like this comment.

    TURBO GAMING 11 days ago

    why is it looking a helicopter attached to blimp

  • Gus Goose
    Gus Goose 11 days ago +1

    Sorry if I'm not impressed... this "Blimp" is TINY compared to the Zeppelins of WW1... culminating with the great Hindenburg. Now this took balls: ruclip.com/video/SS3zWo7UXxA/video.html

  • ezekiel b Nababan
    ezekiel b Nababan 11 days ago


  • Adam Evangelista
    Adam Evangelista 12 days ago

    Kirov reporting, Bombardier to your station

    DADDY 13 days ago

    Imagine someone shooting the blimp with incendiary ammo

  • Vj Toys Review and Gaming

    Why cant i see in the Philippines? Lel

  • Wallus
    Wallus 14 days ago

    Then came a helium shortage

  • Jesus Navarrete
    Jesus Navarrete 15 days ago

    Where's is The World is Yours lettering. ?

  • Luis Escobedo
    Luis Escobedo 15 days ago


  • Macintoshiba
    Macintoshiba 16 days ago


  • Dillion Huston
    Dillion Huston 16 days ago

    Looks like Ryanair

  • Ashesh Choudhury
    Ashesh Choudhury 17 days ago

    Why just don’t use a DJI drone?

  • Alex1911
    Alex1911 17 days ago

    Wonder how they get all that helium?Apparently there are often shortages that can even affect the medical industry for their machines like MRI that require helium, yet Goodyear can fill their blimps and keep them topped off from leakage. Some party store chain even shut down due to a lack of helium and their declining balloon sales 😂. I wonder if they would try hydrogen again if helium begins to become difficult to source?🔥💥

  • Alex1911
    Alex1911 17 days ago +2

    So cool! They should make a documentary on this new Goodyear blimp. I would watch an hour about the ship and it’s missions 😀

  • Atahan Baysal
    Atahan Baysal 17 days ago

    20million? no way....

  • Geeta Joshi
    Geeta Joshi 18 days ago

    When your mom says u to go to a market quickly but u arent in mood really....

  • Omq’s Dream - Roblox & More!

    Who just wants to take a giant pin and pop the blimp?

  • 7he 6ook
    7he 6ook 18 days ago


  • Jhann Vincent Garcia
    Jhann Vincent Garcia 18 days ago

    Dougherty huh. Reminds me of something

  • savagecub
    savagecub 18 days ago

    It’s actually a zeppelin not a blimp.

  • Семен Ваймер

    rtgame will appreciate this

  • A friendly Astronaut
    A friendly Astronaut 19 days ago

    Blimp Go Forwards now. Blimp

  • Zach W.
    Zach W. 19 days ago

    And it read “Ice Cube’s a pimp”

  • Jack Oldfield
    Jack Oldfield 19 days ago +1

    An enemy airship is inbound😩

  • saad craft
    saad craft 19 days ago

    I thought that was gta5 vid I swear

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor 19 days ago +1

    All fun and games till a 10 yo arrives with a slig gun

  • Bill Cable
    Bill Cable 19 days ago

    Hook up with GoPro or Red Bull and take it to 10,000

  • FaZe Dumb
    FaZe Dumb 19 days ago

    Well no wonder theirs a shortage of helium...
    Makes sense now

  • Miguel Buelna
    Miguel Buelna 19 days ago +1

    I always thought people would ride inside the envelope

  • Anonymous friend
    Anonymous friend 19 days ago

    Could john cena lift it?

  • Prateek
    Prateek 19 days ago

    Wastage of fuel.!!

  • uchclan
    uchclan 19 days ago

    What it takes to fly the 21$ million Goodyear blimp and it spelled Ice Cubes a pimp

  • iOWA winter
    iOWA winter 19 days ago

    Actually the blimp looks cute flying in the sky

  • Mini Vinny
    Mini Vinny 19 days ago

    Tf will a blimp do at 10k feet

  • Caleb M. F
    Caleb M. F 19 days ago

    After playing GYA I'll never look at blimp the same way 😂 💥💥

    РОССИЯ 19 days ago +1

    Bless the Hindenburg

  • Darkening Watcher
    Darkening Watcher 19 days ago

    I've been in that same blimp about 6 months ago lol

  • Drew Weil
    Drew Weil 19 days ago

    I’ve flown it

  • Justin McKinney
    Justin McKinney 19 days ago

    "...feels like flying a boat in the sky" ... cloud sailors.

  • Robert Gaylord
    Robert Gaylord 19 days ago

    Why would that guy say how much 100LL the blimp would take in kilos? This is an American show and all other avgas planes in America go by gallons or pounds... I just don’t get it

  • Ken Lompart
    Ken Lompart 19 days ago

    A lavatory, who wouldn't wan't to take a dump in a blimp.

  • liI Shmeat
    liI Shmeat 19 days ago


  • Rbles Del Rosario
    Rbles Del Rosario 19 days ago

    Until someone starts barbeque-ing in the cargo section

  • Kelly _Gamer23542
    Kelly _Gamer23542 19 days ago

    The god year is the tire of nascar and all the race car

  • Andrew ///
    Andrew /// 19 days ago

    Surely people shoot this thing for a laugh

  • Denver Mason
    Denver Mason 19 days ago

    Me: "phhfffff....out of the way, I'll show you how to fly that thing....
    Also me: "Oh The Humanity!"

  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe 20 days ago +1

    Do they crank up Led Zeppelin tunes while flying it?

  • alan koza
    alan koza 20 days ago

    My ex was a blimp

  • Green Master
    Green Master 20 days ago

    Gta 5 flashbacks

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica 20 days ago

    oh no...
    not important to put currencys 21m in here title...
    take off the currencys...
    america need a real blimp than currencys

  • aloneinsamos
    aloneinsamos 20 days ago

    Most dangerous aircraft ever. Just make some search.

  • popindosin228
    popindosin228 20 days ago

    Дирижабль, ага

  • Koda Torres
    Koda Torres 20 days ago


  • Ron whittaker
    Ron whittaker 20 days ago +1

    It’s 2am and I have a test tomorrow. Still no regret came with watching this

    DJ DUKY 20 days ago

    You didn't learn anything from hindenburg disaster?

    • Boat Axe
      Boat Axe 20 days ago

      Yes, fill lighter then air craft with helium instead of hydrogen. Maybe you should learn about the Hindenburg before commenting.

  • lakewood85
    lakewood85 20 days ago

    I flew on the Goodyear Airship Columbia in the early ‘90’s. It was a great experience.

  • א‎ני עומד ע ישראל! I love MERICA!

    As an aspiring pilot I can officially say that this is lit

    • Boat Axe
      Boat Axe 20 days ago

      Lit is not a good word to use in regards to airships.

  • Etienne Guillerm
    Etienne Guillerm 20 days ago +1

    *Have Michelin ads before the video *

  • Trippsy
    Trippsy 20 days ago

    But can it play Fortnite

  • BiggoBiggus
    BiggoBiggus 20 days ago

    Is anybody forgetting what happened last time Germany made a big popular Blimp? Lol

    • Boat Axe
      Boat Axe 20 days ago

      No, we understand that for one the Hindenburg was a dirigible not a blimp, and two, it blew up because the USA would not sell helium ( which is non flammable) to the Nazis, so they resorted to using extremely flammable hydrogen.

  • JWC
    JWC 20 days ago

    Imagine if it was a nuke

  • who are you
    who are you 20 days ago +1

    I thought this was gta v

  • Ash P
    Ash P 20 days ago

    What different it can do compared to high quality drone, which will be way cheaper.

  • Jannib Andelo Bayutas
    Jannib Andelo Bayutas 20 days ago

    Led Zeppelin

  • Jannib Andelo Bayutas
    Jannib Andelo Bayutas 20 days ago

    Fly that in California and you won't get it back.

  • Jannib Andelo Bayutas
    Jannib Andelo Bayutas 20 days ago

    That's a weird-looking football.

  • jay146 gamer
    jay146 gamer 20 days ago

    I saw that blimp like 3 weeks ago

  • it's Dean
    it's Dean 20 days ago +1

    *Flying salami*

  • IKNFLY666
    IKNFLY666 20 days ago +1

    A 20 million dollar airship filming a car race?! a 1200 dollar DJI drone can get the job done

  • skyler salzer
    skyler salzer 20 days ago

    That was cool

  • Zavier
    Zavier 20 days ago

    How is that flying

  • Juan Brown
    Juan Brown 20 days ago

    They said Florida I thought they were talking about the blimp in california

  • Spencer Snitil
    Spencer Snitil 20 days ago

    I've lived down in south Florida my entire life save for when I was in college, and I still never get tired of driving past the hangar.

  • Rock Roll
    Rock Roll 20 days ago

    You never know when you have to take a dump.

  • Lxrd Dick Er Down
    Lxrd Dick Er Down 20 days ago

    But is it bulletproof ?

  • Noah Kligman
    Noah Kligman 20 days ago +5

    Nobody: Is that the Hindenburg
    Me: hold my lighter

  • katy laville
    katy laville 20 days ago

    What a stupid stupid aircraft

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Why do they have such aversion towards the word Zeppelin? So much so to call it a "semi rigid airship" several times

  • lil ytp
    lil ytp 21 day ago

    God damn it they failed the design that big of a balloon and that much room they must have drugs

  • Dixon
    Dixon 21 day ago

    The Fuel Consumption is very low....it has really good Fuel Economy

  • CrossHare Gaming
    CrossHare Gaming 21 day ago

    The blimp starts to look a bit strange if you stare at it for too long

  • A Wild Goosealine
    A Wild Goosealine 21 day ago

    Oh the humanity. What could ever go wrong when flying in a blimp.

  • Zupset
    Zupset 21 day ago

    Never even heard of the shit

  • Finle Y
    Finle Y 21 day ago +1

    What is the use of it at the moment?

  • Angel wick city
    Angel wick city 21 day ago

    Blimp flying peacefully
    Me: **shoots it down in GTA 5**

  • please help me i am hacked ONURHD

    yeah Hindenburg was best to watch flames

  • Paulo Z
    Paulo Z 21 day ago

    Is the one near Torrance in souther california the same blimp kind?