Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer Play Truth or Dab | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura-a.k.a., Burnt Chrysler and Drip Daddy Dollaz-have two simple choices in this Hot Ones spinoff: Tell the truth, or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Watch as host Sean Evans drills the comedy BFFs with high-stakes questions about everything from comics who crib jokes, to which standup had the worst Netflix special of the year. The only way to escape the truth is to eat an incredibly spicy wing.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  5 months ago +1010

    It's the final day of Webby Awards voting-help take Hot Ones to the finish line! #DoItForBill

    • Angela Ferguson
      Angela Ferguson 19 days ago

      First We Feast in my humble, ill informed, uneducated and not having seen all the episodes opinion....I say this is the best truth episode.

    • Fred Baggs
      Fred Baggs Month ago

      Sean: Asks Tom a question
      Tom: mUh bRaInS qUiT wOrKiNgS
      Bert: *uncontrollable anime girl giggles*

    • Michael Mujadin
      Michael Mujadin 2 months ago

      Hey I can't find any articles answering this question, but all the articles only said he was on the show and nothing on whether he sued Hot Ones after the challenge; therefore that's why i ask did he end up suing the show or not?

    • Shante
      Shante 3 months ago

      *𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚞𝚗𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚊𝚋𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚏𝚎 > ***

    • AbdelRaphaïl Houari
      AbdelRaphaïl Houari 4 months ago

      Which redhead is he talking about?

  • Mita4ec
    Mita4ec 11 minutes ago

    get chris delia and bobby lee or theo von on this

  • blaidddrwg86 000

    So. He stole the joke he is known for? Damn

  • Jack Kanov Ysac
    Jack Kanov Ysac 2 days ago

    tom is such a company man, what a fucking pussy

  • Ralph Rianda
    Ralph Rianda 2 days ago +1

    I though they were going to take dabs. I’m thoroughly disappointed

  • netrioter
    netrioter 3 days ago

    they should have put Amy Schumer on blast for stealing jokes and worst special

  • Ramon Brown
    Ramon Brown 3 days ago

    I wish these were longer, like a good hour episode

  • Squidbiscuit
    Squidbiscuit 3 days ago

    He was a Dick.

    SHILL GATES 4 days ago

    We just gonna act like Bert isn't wearing a SS hat?
    Nazi confirmed.

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985

    Burt was fantastic on here 😂

  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 4 days ago

    Ari is easily the funniest

  • Diddy Ducetrey
    Diddy Ducetrey 4 days ago

    Amy Schumer is a stealing bitch

  • Finn Baughman
    Finn Baughman 5 days ago

    in my opinion

    funniest to least funny: joey diaz, tom segura, ari shaffir, joe rogan

  • Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton 6 days ago

    That red dot on the set is driving me CRAZY!

  • HookSet Tv
    HookSet Tv 6 days ago

    I live 30 minutes north of Albany and the suburbs are gorgeous but Albany is a shithole

  • Benjamin Mervis
    Benjamin Mervis 7 days ago


  • Davidx
    Davidx 7 days ago +2

    I'm eating wings while watching this pretending I'm on the show cuz I have no friends.

  • Matthew Weatherman
    Matthew Weatherman 8 days ago

    As far as the joke stealing goes I think that there isn't a modern comic alive today who hasn't stolen a bit from Doug Stanhope. He may have done the joke 15 years ago but some of these guys redo with a modern spin. So Stanhope is probably about the most ripped off comic as far as material goes.

    • Matthew Weatherman
      Matthew Weatherman 3 days ago

      @Jakob Tyson You mean out and out stealing either a bit that's still being polished or taking it verbatim, right? (oh the bit Joe did about his cats with either squirrels or a hamster it might have been the vegan cats but it should have ended with the cat going "box that up for me to go bitch. His Harvina bit knocked the wind out of me. I started greying out like pilots taking too many Gs)
      But here's something if you really like to dig. Watch Stanhopes No Refunds and Before Turning the Gun on himself. Then listen to Joe interviewing Jordan Peterson. Peterson whether intentional or not hits on almost every talking point Stanhope had (that's an exaggeration) in those two specials. But Peterson probably has no idea who Stanhope is.He's not a comic. And those specials were YEARS ago.
      I think I used the wrong word. I should have said sourced as opposed to stolen.
      Good call.

    • Jakob Tyson
      Jakob Tyson 4 days ago

      @Matthew Weatherman I don’t think you can make that clame. Comedy is generally a help-each-other-out sort of business. It’s the reason Joe has so many different comics on his podcast.
      The people who steal jokes are outliers and very obviously so (your Schumers and Mencias). The closest I can think of to someone who isn’t an outlier stealing a joke is a story Bert told. He was doing an improv club (I forget which one but the audience shouts out a subject and you just riff on it) and he started telling a joke by a comedian (I forget which one). He had internalized the story subconsciously. However, it’s excused as he had noticed he was doing somebody else’s joke and stopped.
      I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to throw every modern comic under the bus.

  • Semper Fortis
    Semper Fortis 8 days ago +1

    The best of Bert:
    Try it out.

  • Random Name
    Random Name 9 days ago

    haha sean the roast master^^

  • Random Name
    Random Name 9 days ago

    when he said ari's the least funny i almost peed myself

  • Éilís Kelly
    Éilís Kelly 9 days ago

    These guys are disgusting losers. Watching Bert Fatty Nobody eat a chicken wing was the most nauseating thing I’ve ever seen. Have no idea who the other bald fat guy is. I’ve never been less surprised that Bert Fatty Nobody hates Hannah Gadsby. Jealous much you fat dick head?

  • Michael
    Michael 9 days ago

    Bert is a fucking alcoholic

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. 9 days ago

    Tom Segura's improv is just not funny lol he is like Bert's unfunny friend that he brought on the show.

    • Jakob Tyson
      Jakob Tyson 4 days ago

      Joe D. I don’t think that’s fair to say. Tom helped create the dynamic that Bert tends to flourish in. Tom tends to focus on really dry comedy which contrasts really well with Berts off-the-wall personality. IMO Bert always does his best work when he’s with Tom.

  • Joe's Fish Garage
    Joe's Fish Garage 9 days ago +1

    I worry about giving such a racist guy another platform.

    • Jakob Tyson
      Jakob Tyson 4 days ago +1

      @Joe’s Fish Garage I know right! I’m surprised he’s okay with spicy food considering how much he hates Indian people.

  • Milton Goulard
    Milton Goulard 10 days ago

    host was way too sreious and seemeed to have a problem with Bert. Great vid- host just seemed too much of a serious dck

    • AndzTV
      AndzTV 7 days ago

      In a way i agree but there needs to be some structure to the video. Otherwise id just watch spiderman and elsa drinking rat poison.

  • 死Death
    死Death 10 days ago

    9:00 who was the guest?

  • Jared Stalker
    Jared Stalker 10 days ago

    burt ain't wrong albany is fucking ass

  • Jono Vizion
    Jono Vizion 12 days ago

    I thought they would have to take a dab of weed.. Now that would be even funnier. 😄

  • Orion Simerl
    Orion Simerl 12 days ago

    WTF? Truth or dab I thought they were talking about wax.

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman 13 days ago

    coolio last dab is like the first thing that pops up on youtube after typing

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman 13 days ago

    this is so entertaining lmfao

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big 13 days ago

    In these days of subpar shows and films, Hot Ones reminds us what it's all about, Entertainment and these two guys certainly drive that home. Well played, Truth and Dab

  • ColinF
    ColinF 13 days ago

    fatter H. John Benjamin is really funny.

  • Galen Guo
    Galen Guo 13 days ago

    Bert just looked like a sweatered tomato

  • Dumpster Raccoon
    Dumpster Raccoon 13 days ago

    None of those first water answer were right. Its actually 70%

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 13 days ago

    Damn bert your high pitch voice is signature.....but for me personally i have to stop the video and go elsewhere, anywhere really.....but hey your fans love it....keep it up i guess, all I know is im only tuning in as soon as youre done with the mic....with the high pitched voice shit....the rest is aight

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 13 days ago

    The beards on here are exemplary 👏 bravo fellas....but seriously sean's pants can go fuck themselves

  • Gray Upsilon
    Gray Upsilon 13 days ago

    Amy Schumer was the answer to at least two of those questions.

  • Jason Lawless
    Jason Lawless 13 days ago

    Think this might be even better than some of the regular shows. The concept is great and these two friends are HILARIOUS! Man this show is so good. Great job!

  • opticalcanine
    opticalcanine 13 days ago

    "Tom and bert" aka the 2 least funny people in rogans podcast sweatshop. They're like giant edgy middleschoolers....

  • Alec Rees Vlogs
    Alec Rees Vlogs 14 days ago

    That’s honestly such a let down that Bert made the machine story up. That was my favorite story

  • Chris Doe
    Chris Doe 14 days ago

    The fuck kinda milk is that Tom was drinking? it was cream colored to Berts white

    • vnbound
      vnbound 14 days ago

      probably oat milk or almond milk if hes on a diet

  • Leomcnidas S
    Leomcnidas S 14 days ago

    Goofy as Hell

  • Aja456800
    Aja456800 14 days ago +1

    I was really disappointed that it was truth or dab (hot sauce) not Truth or Dab (Concentrated THC)

  • Nick Bottorf
    Nick Bottorf 14 days ago

    I like how Tom got 2/3 and didn’t have to dab but Bert got 2/3 and took the dab 😂

  • Acesupreme
    Acesupreme 14 days ago

    Anyone else notice the red cap on the floor, under the sign?

    SAINT JAYO 15 days ago

    Two of the best comedians in the world.

  • Joe N
    Joe N 15 days ago

    Bert chews like he has no teeth

  • Joe N
    Joe N 15 days ago +1

    Is it me or is Tom always cutting his fingers.

  • JTD472
    JTD472 15 days ago

    Least funny? Brendan Schaub.
    Oh... I mean Ari.

  • JTD472
    JTD472 15 days ago

    Sean looks like he got a big Apple bottom underneath that jacket when they go to those wide shots.
    SUP SEAN???

  • Baby Steps
    Baby Steps 15 days ago

    This may be the greatest video on the internet currently...

  • SendTrain Media
    SendTrain Media 16 days ago +6

    OG episode of 2 bears 1 cave
    2 bears 1 sean

  • michael dietz
    michael dietz 16 days ago

    Tom's shirt is fucking dope.

  • No.
    No. 16 days ago +2

    Who was the girl he talked about?

  • Wolf
    Wolf 16 days ago

    Sean always got that fresh Stone Island merch

  • Raymond Gilbert
    Raymond Gilbert 16 days ago


  • Sherry S 210
    Sherry S 210 16 days ago +2

    Y'ALL should rename it DAB OR SNITCH 😂

  • Drum bum
    Drum bum 16 days ago

    bert is the antithesis of funny