Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram ejected after Rockets and Lakers fight | NBA Highlights

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • In the fourth quarter between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Ingram gets fouled by James Harden on a drive to the hoop. A scrum ensues, with Ingram being pulled back after shoving Harden. Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo then get into it, as CP3 puts a hand in Rondo’s face. Each point guard throws a punch, then Ingram runs back in and throws a punch. All three players were ejected.
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Comments • 9 695

  • sayi
    sayi 2 hours ago

    R.i.p nipsey

  • christian henry
    christian henry 4 days ago

    I like how around 0:30 Harden just stands there watching Paul and Rondo go at it.

  • Rocky Mortensen
    Rocky Mortensen 5 days ago

    Ahah they suck at fighting

  • Rham D
    Rham D 6 days ago

    Dwayne left the group.

    LXXXV 6 days ago

    Floyd @ 0:59
    Nipsey 1:41

  • Mohamedi Mohamedi
    Mohamedi Mohamedi 8 days ago

    I never saw lebron fight

  • JO 7Z
    JO 7Z 9 days ago

    All this because of Harden flopping, personnaly I would just cut this dumbass beard :D

  • Cold Hell
    Cold Hell 10 days ago

    Carmelo Anthony trying to stay relevant.

  • PLR 88
    PLR 88 10 days ago +1

    James harden just stood there watching 🤣 💀

    • julian rl
      julian rl 6 days ago

      Cause harden is there to hoop not to fight

  • DiverseLA
    DiverseLA 10 days ago

    Rest In Peace to Ermias Asghedom

  • Skeresh bang
    Skeresh bang 10 days ago


    KA BLACK 10 days ago

    I love B.I wish he was still a Laker

  • Nahum Schroetke
    Nahum Schroetke 11 days ago +1

    Lebron drinks water WORLD STAR !!

  • Jabrony
    Jabrony 11 days ago

    Old Melo with Jr smith as a teammate was ready pop Brandon Ingram

  • Theclasic
    Theclasic 11 days ago

    Fuego 🔥

  • 회오리
    회오리 11 days ago

    잉그램 나이도 어린게 개깝치네 ㅋㅋ

  • King Corey
    King Corey 11 days ago +2

    Only watching to see Nip, still crazy that he’s not here anymore...

    • Frenchy Ball
      Frenchy Ball 7 days ago

      King Corey you’ll seem again. keep this in mind, the human body is temporary.

  • Hendogg One eighty seven

    Rip nip I see u

  • Rw Chitown
    Rw Chitown 11 days ago

    We can all agree this is a top 3 moment of last season

  • Theresa Goss
    Theresa Goss 11 days ago

    didnt know basketball turned into boxing

  • J 桓 JHuan
    J 桓 JHuan 11 days ago

    3 banana bother

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 12 days ago

    Ingram with his snoop dog stick figure arms🤨 🤣💪🏾

  • Rong Q
    Rong Q 12 days ago

    0:54 that blond has sexy tits 😏😏

  • A couple of tacos
    A couple of tacos 12 days ago

    Watch how slow James Harden walks toward the fight........

  • kevsayy
    kevsayy 12 days ago

    greatest flopper of all time james harden

  • Happy Falcon
    Happy Falcon 13 days ago

    Imagine someone could even try to fight lebron

  • Shane Ellsworth
    Shane Ellsworth 13 days ago

    Ingram is trash

  • xyxhlng
    xyxhlng 13 days ago

    Trade Ingram LAL No.1 👍

  • Gerste 1954
    Gerste 1954 13 days ago

    rockets sucks

  • Joshua Ong
    Joshua Ong 13 days ago

    James Harden travels on that move. lol!

  • live Demyo
    live Demyo 14 days ago +1

    Nipsey Hussle was at this game he was ready rip Nipsey slauson legend

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez 14 days ago

    Bring in the magic James!!

  • Efrain Vazquez
    Efrain Vazquez 14 days ago

    Blame on the night.....harden look what you started... that hard straight ...connected..but didn't follow with jab/hook... Ingram is not Rondo

  • T Shu
    T Shu 14 days ago


  • Edmund Piechowicz
    Edmund Piechowicz 14 days ago

    I like basketball fights

  • Mega Drive
    Mega Drive 14 days ago +1

    Good thing Lebron didnt enter the dispute cause the way he looks he has the strenght of Mike Tyson !

  • Two Scooups
    Two Scooups 15 days ago


  • Bryce Guilbeaux story time

    Travis Scott & nipsey hussle was their

  • Matt Evan
    Matt Evan 15 days ago

    I wish Ingram would’ve landed that

  • racso1008
    racso1008 16 days ago

    Quien esta aqui recordando hoy justo que se enfrentan Rondo y Paul?

  • bustdetector
    bustdetector 16 days ago +8

    Floyd was trying to figure out who was fighting but couldn’t read the name on the back of the jersey.

  • Saad Saleem
    Saad Saleem 16 days ago

    I wonder what was going on with ingrams head that day

  • Damari Brackett
    Damari Brackett 16 days ago

    😭ik I didn't just see floyd Mayweather

  • Mr. Hasbr
    Mr. Hasbr 17 days ago

    I remember this lol

  • Edmar John Mariñas
    Edmar John Mariñas 18 days ago

    Laban ko dyan terrence romeo puta di sinapak team mate mo sapakan yon

  • Alejandro Quinones
    Alejandro Quinones 20 days ago

    Nipsey hussle at 2:50

  • charlie ferrari
    charlie ferrari 20 days ago

    May weather was eating all that up 😂

  • Ali the progamer34
    Ali the progamer34 20 days ago

    Lebron and chris paul are friends

  • Brown Iverson
    Brown Iverson 21 day ago

    The only thing Carmelo did anything for the rockets was this day

  • Ramon
    Ramon 22 days ago

    2:50 rip nip

  • Rich
    Rich 22 days ago

    That ref a G for letting rondo go and backed up lol

  • James Chou
    James Chou 26 days ago

    this is my favorite NBA

  • Restine V
    Restine V 26 days ago

    God bless

  • California State
    California State 27 days ago

    RIP Nipsey smh

  • KEN LO
    KEN LO 28 days ago

    That's my man 100k CP3

  • 다리미
    다리미 29 days ago

    cp3 sucks

  • lucas bachega
    lucas bachega 29 days ago


  • Christian H
    Christian H 29 days ago

    People think Rajon won but I see Chris Paul hitting him with a mean 2 piece.

  • Antoni Brz
    Antoni Brz 29 days ago


  • rj nation
    rj nation Month ago

    Ingram a G