Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit)

  • Published on Jun 13, 2015
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    Ludacris - Grass Is Always Greener (Explicit)
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Comments • 1 938

  • Traw 206
    Traw 206 18 hours ago

    This is not the luda i fuck with!! Im kinda disappointed

  • Shaun Reynolds
    Shaun Reynolds Day ago

    Forget the bushes....get that line out of your hair bruh #fade

  • Rookie Grows420
    Rookie Grows420 2 days ago

    i like too imagine ludacris is like both of these personas in real life

  • Derek Martin
    Derek Martin 2 days ago

    Don't worry, I know the deal. ROLL OUT

  • Artur Rofi
    Artur Rofi 2 days ago

    There is always chicken and beer in the refrigerator... Lmao, only luda.

  • Jason Valdez
    Jason Valdez 3 days ago +1

    Whats the Luda song bunping in the whip in the begining?

    • Ryan Stills
      Ryan Stills Day ago

      Jason Valdez Ludacris “Call Ya Bluff”

  • Brooklynn Z
    Brooklynn Z 3 days ago

    Yeah, I'm literally just seeing this for the first time in the middle of 2019! Heard it for the first time two days ago. Wtf.
    I think Ludacris has always been underrated for some reason 🤨

  • lone Eagle
    lone Eagle 3 days ago

    The Grass Is Greener Wherever You're Not. Netflix Ain't Shit

  • UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR
    UnKnOwN NiGhT_raCeR 5 days ago

    Im bringing in new year 2020 to this song

  • Christopher 1995
    Christopher 1995 5 days ago

    I'm a big fan of yours I wish I could get to meet you n run a few things by u if you can please let me know n find the time god bless

  • ambassador Carlous Dewayne

    Powerful PowerPoint presentation and profoundly profound tell'ummm to run 🏃 ⚡🌩 and🗣 tell that

  • Dave the RV guy.
    Dave the RV guy. 6 days ago

    Veteran rappers had to come back and show these kids how it’s done. Awesome song.

  • J.R. Hermann
    J.R. Hermann 8 days ago

    Ludacris kill this song right here I can't believe I'm hearing it for the first time in 2019 the grass is always greener on the other side Fly Away

  • FlawlessPowespike
    FlawlessPowespike 9 days ago

    If I had one word to describe Ludacris, it would be: underrated!

    • Oldbatwit
      Oldbatwit 7 days ago

      If I had one word to describe everything you know about music it would be fuck all. Oops, that's two words.

  • swoooooop714
    swoooooop714 9 days ago

    -_- Ludacris suck now ...

  • Dom Chavez
    Dom Chavez 9 days ago

    Dirty muthphukinjam G!

  • Leek Tv.
    Leek Tv. 9 days ago +1

    what 2015??? how why... this is so 2019

    AMERICAN x NIGHTMARE 10 days ago +1

    *_Heyyyyyyy, Miss Parker._*

  • Stephen Enders
    Stephen Enders 10 days ago

    Paradox people. Human nature magnified.

  • stylow Flysett
    stylow Flysett 10 days ago

    Go bck to centreville high school niga. Im the new cville niga b

  • Loud Fiyah
    Loud Fiyah 11 days ago

    Creativity at its finest💯

  • audiosmoke vibrationist


  • Wade James
    Wade James 11 days ago

    Luda need to drop a suprise album or somethin frfr

  • letsgo243
    letsgo243 12 days ago

    That was wack!

  • Lord Shenanigus
    Lord Shenanigus 13 days ago

    Need more luda. So underrated. "Keep your eyes on your own bushes"

  • nikkita rose
    nikkita rose 13 days ago

    Back to it God king on the clouds

  • djbigspade drxclusive
    djbigspade drxclusive 14 days ago +1

    I'm just hearing this😨? BUT WHY???? 😢

  • christopher king
    christopher king 15 days ago

    That hanger mark on his right shoulder kills me..Hmu

  • Zen Jay
    Zen Jay 15 days ago +1

    Yo you feel me ?! Ive never seen this....he goes hard ! LUDA !

  • Josh Villagomez
    Josh Villagomez 15 days ago

    I low key feel what this song saying.

  • Nobodis Tribe
    Nobodis Tribe 16 days ago


  • Dan Bell
    Dan Bell 16 days ago

    This is legit the worst ludacris track I've ever heard. I still love his music but seriously Wtf is this shit

  • Dan Bell
    Dan Bell 16 days ago

    This is a fuckin joke right? Lolllll

  • Kareem Roberts
    Kareem Roberts 17 days ago

    Dope ass video,Ludacris still got it.

  • krazyskibunney
    krazyskibunney 17 days ago

    Genius shit!

  • Gee Dee
    Gee Dee 17 days ago

    🗣️Luda =🦍🎤🐛to ah'🦋!! #2019#.

  • Rye Skipperlee
    Rye Skipperlee 18 days ago +1

    I wanna sign a record deal with u

  • Vankai
    Vankai 18 days ago

    RUclip algorithms...seeing this now in 2019

  • John Smith
    John Smith 19 days ago

    Whose still listening in 2006?!

  • Chris Kolath
    Chris Kolath 20 days ago

    Chris luva luva..... Only real ATLiens Kno what it is!!!!!!!! Now everyone knows him as Luda. #IRemember!!

  • Rye Skipperlee
    Rye Skipperlee 21 day ago +1

    U hot luda dab on em 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✌👐🖖🤘⛩ but can u make a clean verison 4 the kids inst hit for them no lie

  • Jean Ecclesiaste
    Jean Ecclesiaste 22 days ago

    Nice really nice song, not about pussy and shit.. It got a lot of meaning. Lesson to learn.

  • Aaron Hageman
    Aaron Hageman 22 days ago +2

    Wow how I'm just hearing this in 2019 and that fact you could tell this came from a deep place makes it gold

  • De'Mar Jones
    De'Mar Jones 23 days ago

    Get It #Luda

  • Qura Handall
    Qura Handall 24 days ago

    Thank u for a clear response to pink floyd

  • Victor Rono
    Victor Rono 24 days ago

    How did I miss this for 4 years?

  • Jennifer Boggs
    Jennifer Boggs 24 days ago

    No it's not the grass is not greener on the other side

  • 1 Stop - Pools (Pty) Ltd

    Didn't Royce Da 59 do that Caterpillar Chorus first? If you bite his shit you will be catching Rabies

  • EMOUP7
    EMOUP7 24 days ago

    Watchin This On July 25th..... Too Kleen!

  • Daring Dingo
    Daring Dingo 24 days ago +3

    This shoulda been way my appreciated when released, it's a good ass song

  • Luke Swearengin
    Luke Swearengin 24 days ago +1

    The hook is weak but it's cool to see some newer luda.

    • Angel Lawless
      Angel Lawless 23 days ago

      Luke Swearengin yea hook was ight. coulda been stronger

  • Rian Buntor
    Rian Buntor 25 days ago

    peace of mind over fortuan and fame

  • heather hill
    heather hill 25 days ago

    Lovingly it

  • Andrew Bayan
    Andrew Bayan 25 days ago +1

    Do you guys listen to at2girlsonabench you guys might accidentally goo ssssssssaaaahhhh

  • 9 hundred
    9 hundred 26 days ago

    so whack

  • Dale Nichols
    Dale Nichols 27 days ago

    Sad wasn’t worth a video

  • Mr. Charming
    Mr. Charming 27 days ago +1

    The repeat of the grass being greener on the other side really gets annoying. The song alone is good, just the fact that he repeats that shit alot. 4/10

  • Xcieg
    Xcieg 27 days ago

    Did Ludacris move next to Tej, Or did Tej move next to Ludacris?

  • Cracka ass Cracka
    Cracka ass Cracka 28 days ago

    Woah why am i just now hearing this? 🔥

  • Chase Murphy
    Chase Murphy 28 days ago

    I know I’m late on this song. I understand the meaning of this song... sure the grass is always greener on the other side. But I can’t stand this song... worst Luda I ever listen too. I’m sorry Luda, but you should stay of the drugs homie... if this was done while sober. Oh my... I’m crying in side.

  • Shimeih
    Shimeih 28 days ago

    It's good to see rappers still embracing true rap. This right here is good.
    I know I can always count on Luda on rap.🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Remington Glock
    Remington Glock 29 days ago

    I will continue my journey to Master certain Exotic skills to prove to Myself that I am succeful. I will not entertian the public or the online population. If you continue to interfere, observe, or test me directly I will slay myself. 🐱🐲🐺💜💚💜

  • Jordan Everest
    Jordan Everest 29 days ago

    Raw talent

  • Pandu Hishiko
    Pandu Hishiko Month ago

    mid2019.beeen sleepn on this

  • Ken Raymond
    Ken Raymond Month ago

    LUDA fuckin kilt again

  • Bobo popovic
    Bobo popovic Month ago


  • KH Samurai
    KH Samurai Month ago

    low key really upset I slept on this song so long..... its lit.

  • Travis Burgess
    Travis Burgess Month ago

    This video is dope

  • Fils Christ Ian
    Fils Christ Ian Month ago

    8.4 million views only?!??

  • Annunaki Annunaki
    Annunaki Annunaki Month ago

    exactly...the grass is always greener other side.... thats your monkey mind! So, seems the lyrics are 'aware' but unfortunately, the video isnt, is it?

  • Zaine Pittman
    Zaine Pittman Month ago

    LUDA REDMAN AND SLICK RICK!!! they bringing that old vibe back

  • Mazie Mitchell
    Mazie Mitchell Month ago


  • Jann Colon
    Jann Colon Month ago

    When did this song come out??TF

  • P S
    P S Month ago

    Lol.. Really.. Bye bye butterfly. Haha...

  • Sam Duran
    Sam Duran Month ago