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  • Hen Peckley
    Hen Peckley Year ago

    Fill a whole water bottle wit glitter.

  • its charlie
    its charlie Year ago

    Happy b day

  • Emily Cabbage
    Emily Cabbage 2 years ago

    Oh my god you’re only 6 months older than meee!

  • theofficialkev245
    theofficialkev245 2 years ago

    Bullshit im older than you how

  • Gamingwhitkev junior
    Gamingwhitkev junior 2 years ago


  • Gamingwhitkev junior
    Gamingwhitkev junior 2 years ago

    happy bday ma bou

  • Leah Jacob
    Leah Jacob 2 years ago

    “Where are your parents”

  • Nitro 5000
    Nitro 5000 2 years ago

    Happy birthday dude you should try crashing birthday candles

  • The Educated Retard
    The Educated Retard 2 years ago

    He 16 and he owns a hydraulic press?

  • Stephanie Tronco
    Stephanie Tronco 2 years ago

    Crap! I'm turning 15 in November! Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Андре Гацов
    Андре Гацов 2 years ago

    Do you can try with books

  • david dimas
    david dimas 2 years ago

    :25 secs in lol that's my name

  • Malakhi Mcintosh
    Malakhi Mcintosh 2 years ago

    Holy your only 16 wow you look much older

  • Elizabeth Luna
    Elizabeth Luna 2 years ago

    Oh my god I can't believe I'm older than you

  • Konnan Corona
    Konnan Corona 2 years ago

    who else though that those where bombs?

  • Aarohi Bundela
    Aarohi Bundela 2 years ago +2

    please,can you crush my crush

  • Random Stuff In Oregon
    Random Stuff In Oregon 2 years ago +1

    YOUR ONLY 16?!? how do you have a hydroelectric press?

  • TLT The Lemon Tree
    TLT The Lemon Tree 2 years ago +2

    figet spinner

  • 💥father's daddy💥

    that's crazy! your only two years older than me! what the fuck am I doing!

  • Dezic
    Dezic 2 years ago

    happy birth day

  • DutchMTC
    DutchMTC 2 years ago


  • Lesia Houk
    Lesia Houk 2 years ago

    You are very inspiring ! Love your channel! Happy Birthday!

  • Grayson Pierce
    Grayson Pierce 2 years ago

    Jason Stackhouse is only 16?!

  • Minju David Lee
    Minju David Lee 2 years ago

    Happy birthday

  • Karla Monzon
    Karla Monzon 2 years ago

    You should make longer videos, and Q&A's

  • Karla Monzon
    Karla Monzon 2 years ago

    And Happy Late Birthday!!!

  • Karla Monzon
    Karla Monzon 2 years ago

    Literally right before the video started I was saying to myself, 'wow i still can't believe he's 15'
    Then you go, 'todays my birthday and I'm 16'
    Again I say, 'No, he's 16'

  • Martin Mcshane
    Martin Mcshane 2 years ago

    Happy birthday dude

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 years ago +1

    I thought you were older...

  • Keith Doherty
    Keith Doherty 2 years ago +1


  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 2 years ago

    U are amazing and inspiring love your videos and wish u a happy happy birthday!!!

  • Paige Turner
    Paige Turner 2 years ago +2

    i turn 16 march 15th

  • Herr Mondlicht
    Herr Mondlicht 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday

  • MrSnicklesnickle
    MrSnicklesnickle 2 years ago +1


  • Graeme Pryce
    Graeme Pryce 2 years ago +1

    You should do a raw chicken so we can see what a hydraulic press would to skin and bones and stuff. I'd send you one but it would probably be a bit stinky by the time it got to you. lol
    Or maybe a retro gameboy? You can get broken ones that don't work anymore on Ebay really cheaply. That would be quite cool.

  • Rustic Fox
    Rustic Fox 2 years ago

    you need to do a Line X covered watermelon vs Hydraulic Press

  • gamer kingdom325
    gamer kingdom325 2 years ago

    happy birthday!!!!

  • Dwarf Mafia
    Dwarf Mafia 2 years ago +5

    Imagine your nuts in this thing

    • Nitro 5000
      Nitro 5000 2 years ago

      How about a dick

    • Not Quite Mexican
      Not Quite Mexican 2 years ago +2

      Dwarf Mafia
      Me: "What is it doctor."
      Doctor: "My diagnosis is that you have eternal chills and cringe due to a comment on RUclip."
      Me: **Gets Chills and Cringes**

    • J M N
      J M N 2 years ago

      Dwarf Mafia 😖😖😫😫

  • Thomsen Kite
    Thomsen Kite 2 years ago


  • Johan Andersson
    Johan Andersson 2 years ago

    Congratz, You're as old as me XD

  • Ogat Ramastef
    Ogat Ramastef 2 years ago

    happy birthday

  • OrangeJuice__
    OrangeJuice__ 2 years ago

    March 10 is my birthday

  • David Lowenthal
    David Lowenthal 2 years ago

    i wish i had a hydraulic press when i was 21 and all i have is college debt

  • Aaron Kamrowski
    Aaron Kamrowski 2 years ago

    Shoot a shotgun shell out backwards onto a nail so the shell goes off!

  • Just_ Jake
    Just_ Jake 2 years ago

    happy birthday

  • GDog 0
    GDog 0 2 years ago +1

    happy *late* birthday

  • Justin Odeyemi
    Justin Odeyemi 2 years ago


  • Robert black
    Robert black 2 years ago

    16? You act a lot older. You can do whatever you want with your life. Get rich - Like more than Bill Gates? Be a terrorist - Like make ISIS a joke? Etc.

  • Jay Collins
    Jay Collins 2 years ago

    Happy birthday mate!

  • Danielle
    Danielle 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday!! Now I feel old. :P

  • Gustav n
    Gustav n 2 years ago

    happy birthday crushit man.

  • Stratex
    Stratex 2 years ago

    crush a hotwheel car

  • Spag Face
    Spag Face 2 years ago

    im 15 and look younger than you

    • Spag Face
      Spag Face 2 years ago

      @Yatè de Swaaf but he looks like hes getting those growth hormones from mcdonalds

    • Yatè de Swaaf
      Yatè de Swaaf 2 years ago

      Adrian Welgemoed logic because he is 16 :)

  • malek qasem
    malek qasem 2 years ago

    will i might win next time

  • ARPOD 1980
    ARPOD 1980 2 years ago

    now he can legally operate a hydraulic press

  • Fat Like Snorlax
    Fat Like Snorlax 2 years ago

    In before it says "send nudes"

  • Ukid111
    Ukid111 2 years ago

    Happy birthday

  • Ida Poulsen
    Ida Poulsen 2 years ago +1

    I thought he was like 19 or something :D lol. im turning 16 in three months

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Crushit!!!!! ;-)

  • Underscore
    Underscore 2 years ago

    Happy birthday bro.