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Автор demissione ( назад)
This is an extremely interesting idea c: it's the same for many other languages too. English has many 'expressions', but lacks expressive 'words'

Автор Faith Moreno ( назад)
i love ur style

Автор Jen Lee ( назад)
시원하다 - Can't you use the word "refreshing" in the same context o.O

Автор The Korean Manual ( назад)
I agree with you on all of them! Also the word "역시" is weird to translate into English ("as expected" doesn't really feel right) and like some people said before "답답하다" too :)

Автор gaby vallejos ( назад)
Omgg hahaha it's similar in spanishh 💕

Автор pikachuiswatchingyou ( назад)
A lot of asian languages are based on sensations, perceptions. So one word is enough to get the full meaning : Oooh tall ! Ooooh cheap ! So that's why some words have very elaborate meanings.

Автор Stephen Fox ( назад)
Fun and informative video. Awesome top, by the way. Thanks for the great content! 😃

Автор Bloopys Kay ( назад)
This helped me a lot thanks :D

Автор essennagerry ( назад)
1:59 - I think we have a word for that in my native tongue - noun - poyava, verb - poyavi.

Автор Christina Pariseau ( назад)
I agree

Автор digitalversicolor ( назад)
What about "developed"?

Автор Jeanju ( назад)
생겼어 could be 'manifested'? At least in certain contexts.. also I always thought 시원하다 equates to 'refreshing' or something... idk lol

Автор No No ( назад)
what about sugoi

Автор FanofRoyQiu ( назад)
Enjoying the massage? "refreshing" "energizing" "relief"

Автор Amine Slayer ( назад)
that sounds so wrong....

Автор Tanya Stowe ( назад)
What is the best way to learn Korean?

Автор Ilhaan Dini ( назад)
your pronunciation is ridiculous

Автор ashfromny ( назад)
But what's the point in having one word for an idea or concept if it's the same amount of syllables or more than the English equivalent? 😨

Автор Whitney Titus ( назад)
I disagree about the message bit...Maybe not in proper English but in some hood circles, most things that are good can be expressed with a simple YYYAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Автор Kaitie ( назад)
I think another word is 느끼해... like that guy is 느끼해... this soup is 느끼해... I FEEL SO 느끼해! I don't know the equivalent English word... greasy? No... Gross? No... WE NEED THIS WORD!

Автор Milcah Theodor ( назад)
where did you get your shirt?

Автор Strawberry Cloud ( назад)
I've been trying to learn Korean and I was wondering if you had any tips for me. I'd appreciate it so much if you helped me out.

Автор EM GEORGIAA ( назад)
she sound black but look korean
im sahhhh confused

Автор Violet Rose ( назад)
How long have you been learning Korean? What inspired you to move to Korea? What kind of work do you do there?

Автор Mintyoongi_KPOP ( назад)
sorry this question might be dumb but are u asian or american or something else

Автор PyungJae Choi ( назад)
it's interesting. i didn't know it. good job

Автор Skye Walker ( назад)
For the massage one:


Автор Katherine S ( назад)
How did you learn Korean ? Did you go to a school or just naturally because of the need to communicate ?

Автор sshironodeath toresu ( назад)
if im giving you a massage and u not only moan but talk to me in korean like that ill toch ur butt

Автор Alex Omion ( назад)
We say "boh" (as in bow) in Italian meaning idk.

Автор Adam381900 ( назад)
How do you spell I don't know in Korean

Автор ft. alycia ( назад)
we actually have a word for the last one. it's called ecstasy.

Автор Elizabeth Crossley ( назад)
australians have a word for i dont know... dunno.

Автор Majd H ( назад)
Korean langugue videos are the best

Автор Maria Zadarko ( назад)
What is this EBS thing that she/you mentioned?

Автор Courtney C ( назад)
1. she
2. won
3. nae

1. it
2. feels
3. good

sounds like the same number of syllables :)

Автор kuroichan101 ( назад)
If english had words for the opposite of somethings then the language wouldnt be that easy. Its much easier to just add more words that already are easy to change the meaning of something. Can you imagine having to learn a new word just to say you dont know? Thats just too much in my opinion.

Автор Trista Perry ( назад)
she is literally perfect

Автор Bunnii ( назад)
I always just say "iono"

Автор Shiekha 7 ( назад)
We have all these in Arabic language 😂👌🏼

Автор Abdulmajeed Mohabat ( назад)
maybe you can say (i don't know = uninformed)?

Автор SashaWang ( назад)
Isn't "unknown" the opposite of know??

Автор Reba ( назад)
the second word reminds me of "manifest"

Автор Roo Wook ( назад)
I really appreciate the language videos Megan! 감사합니다 😊

Автор Gab Caguioa ( назад)
is the last word similar to refreshing?? 😄

Автор Lovegoesalongway ( назад)
I love you this video. It's easy to learn Korean from you😘

Автор kcanter54 ( назад)
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Автор Olga Cruz ( назад)
I think this might have to do with how the language is built. English uses the Latin-based alphabet, vs Korean Hangul, which is a Featural linear alphabet...

Автор Mondoshawn ( назад)
Megan is deleting comments on her other video, omg

Автор Levi Jaeger ( назад)
I don't know = Dunno
To become/appear = Creation (??? we do have a word)
It feels so good = Ecstasy

Автор CG Lim ( назад)
와우!! 한국어 발음이 너무 자연스럽고...예뻐요~ ^^

Автор bubls ( назад)
In Swedish we have a word just like 시원하다 which is skönt. It's used the same way :)

Автор Stephanie Anne ( назад)
Omg for a while I thought she was holding an eyelash curler lol it was glasses

Автор shawty imma party till the sundown ( назад)
시원하다 siweonhada is kinda like refreshing, right?

Автор Anne Jo ( назад)
oh another really good word we dont have in english is 남자 친구 사람 or 여자 친구 사람. we have so many misunderstandings in english cause we dont have the one word that describes that we have a guy friend or a friend who is a girl.

Автор Sydney Lilrams ( назад)
What about the word 'unsure' instead of the phrase 'I don't know' ?

Автор AD AD ( назад)
Know- Unknown ???

Автор Rainbow Bulle Sauvage ( назад)
happy new year! !!

Автор cuterstar ( назад)
It would be pretty fantastic if you make a series about current trends in Korea. I live in Korea but I'm leaving soon and it'll be a little harder knowing what's trending and popular after I leave~ And since trends change so fast, it's easy to miss out. Love your videos!

Автор Lilly Majors ( назад)
you should do another video with top dog😂😂

Автор Rina Sôma ( назад)
Megan Where are you ! we miss you girl

Автор Sude E ( назад)
Where did u learn that freaking good korean?

Автор Nanu ( назад)
doesn't siwon mean cool. so isn't the word just refreshing?

Автор Davidvseverything ( назад)
2:42 we do... It's called broke! lol.

Автор Let's Talk with La'Precious ( назад)
I agree with what you said. Sometimes English can be too wordy when explaining things.

Автор BelanceM ( назад)
I'm laugh in so hard because this is such first world problems lmfaooooo. But I feel you girl sometimes standout words is too much. We just need that one go to word and that's it.

Автор Taylor Corprew ( назад)
Can you do hair videos?? I want to see you do a video on your wash routine. Also maybe you can videos on korean hairstyles and have you or one of your do your hair?? And my last question is are you natural?? Even if you are not natural I would still like the hair videos. Thanks.

Автор Liese Haley ( назад)
Good Massage="Yes! Right There!

Автор chim-chim smile ( назад)
for the last one there are the words pleasure and satisfaction

Автор Alison Iberger ( назад)
You should make a video on Korean lessons I would watch them if this was a series you have on your channel 💙💜

Автор Dorothy x ( назад)
Megan, May I ask you something?
Since you are a vegan I'd like to ask if there are any vegan meals in Korean restaurants? Or vegan places generally

Автор imjustaregularasshole ( назад)
Fair warning: I'm about to use the F word excessively. Please don't flag me I'm just making a point lmao 😁

Consider this: Yes, those words are convenient and English could stand to be simplified, however, let's not forget about the amazing thing that is the word "Fuck".

Yes, it can be perceived as aggressive and crude but have you ever actually thought about how many parts of speech it can be used in?

"Fuck you."
"The fuck."
"I'm fucking trying."
"I don't fucking know."
"Wanna fuck?"
"Are you fucking with me?"
"Fucking hell."
"God fucking damnit."
"That fucking thing."
"Right fucking there."
"Conceited fuck."
"Cranberry fuck balls."

The possibilities are endless and I really like words that are fluid like that. It can be an adjective, noun, verb, etc. It's so versatile and I get a lot of people think it's crass but personally, I fucking love the fucking shit out of the fucking word fuck. 😂

Автор TheBest Sanchez215 ( назад)
can u do Koreans reacting to drake

Автор Marissa Torres ( назад)
So I've been watching your videos for a few years now. Does Chonunmigooksaram mean "I am someone from America" if so I feel late

Автор Cesar Perez ( назад)
You literally kept saying "get" for 생기다. That's a good hint as to what an English equivalent is.

Автор Jose Morales ( назад)
Lo mismo con el español. Tener que decir varias palabras y en coreano solo una para decir lo mismo.

Автор Big Moe ( назад)
Megan you like howt stuff, have you tried samyang extremely spicy chicken flavour??? I think they are vegan

Автор XXIflowerchild ( назад)
Hey Megan will you be doing any FAD videos soon? It's been a while since you did one and I miss them, you have a wicked sense of fashion!

Автор KimSeeun ChiChi ( назад)
megan how do we get in a korean college for full 4 years?

Автор burningbabel ( назад)
Is that a word that would be used when a man and a woman make...you know...the boingy boingy times?

Автор Jovana Fung ( назад)
The second one is like "materialize," but a simpler English version would be "become." Even "crop up," or "be" works depending on the scenario.

Автор Hoe B ( назад)
every time i see this bitch my skin shakes in disgust. she tries too hard to be asian specifically korean.

Автор 4eign ( назад)
You should do a video on where to shop for foreigners coming to korea soon please :)

Автор Lee kh ( назад)
Some people seem to be misunderstanding her point.
Even though some English words can express the meanings but what she is saying is that no English one word can express various meanings like Korean word.

Refreshing can be used to express 시원하다, but not like in Korean, in which 시원하다 is used in so many situation.

1. As she mentioned, when your body sudden relaxes and you get some good and comforting feeling.
2. When you are very much satisfied mentally.
3. When you eat some cold food or drinks, and expresses the feeling of literally cold..
4. When you eat some hot boiled food. Even though the food is hot, you get a feeling that your body relaxes physically.
We say that no other country will say like this: speaking "cool" when eating "hot" food.

And some other situations that I cannot think out right now.

And as some people already mentioned, English words don't have independent words signifying....
the day after tomorrow,
the day after the day after tomorrow.

the day before yesterday.
the day before the day before yesterday.
the day before the day before the day before yesterday.

Автор Lee kh ( назад)
Her Korean word pronunciation is so different from most foreigners. The pronunciation is genuinely Korean. I don't know how it was possible. Most foreigners, even though speak fluently in Korean but with thick foreign accents and pronunciations.

Автор Noah Johnson ( назад)
This is unrelated to your video, but did you get a silver youtube button when you passed 100,000 subscribers.... a long long time ago?

Автор simona berruto ( назад)
in Italy we say "boh" (bo) to say "I don't know"

Автор Britaney Chanel ( назад)
I wish she had a podcast that I could listen to everyday! I know she's sooo busy tho. Happy New Year Megan!

Автор Destiny E ( назад)
I love your shirt!! Where'd you get it from?

Автор Savy telly Time ( назад)
Another one we totally need, is an overall word that means go, go away, he go/she go, they go, all go, hurry and go etc. You know? It kind of bugs me that we don't have one we have to word whole sentences to just say... go.

Автор V Blondin ( назад)
Hey, is there a Korean word for swimming pool?

Автор Vanessa Rahimi ( назад)
*finishes last final*
Me: ahh shiwane

Автор hanainers ( назад)
I think "shiwonhada" is often translated in tv shows w subtitles as "refreshing". So a massage can be refreshing, a nice cold drink in summer can be refreshing, etc. But yea the essence of the korean version is more broad

Автор Elle Zee ( назад)
I wish the font you used to write those words in the video was more legible - I wanted to write them down but because I am a beginner learning Korean, I couldn't recognize a lot of the characters....

Автор Howl ( назад)
For the third one, what about bliss? Ecstasy? Euphoria? Relief?

Автор Kathleen Jeffery ( назад)
But if they are the same number of spoken syllables, does it matter how many words it involves?

Автор mish k ( назад)
third word= relaxing, refreshing. we do have a one phrase word for it in english. you can say it when you drink cold water on a really hot day, or when you're eating cold rice noodle.

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