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  • Becci Freeman
    Becci Freeman Месяц назад

    Hello Megan! I hope you're well.
    I just wanted to say a quick thank you. I have just recently started teaching myself Korean, with the hopes of moving out there soon, and your channel has been a huge help in the process; particularly with learning pronunciation, picking up some new words and phrases, and learning about their customs and culture. So thank you for sharing all this with us.
    Your links to text books have been a big help as well, so thanks for that too.
    -B x

  • Dora Emo
    Dora Emo 2 месяца назад

    Oooh what about "Molayo" or "Moreugesseoyo" ?

  • Linda O
    Linda O 3 месяца назад

    I don’t know, I feel like some of these do have the equivalent in English. =\ but perhaps (because I don’t know the language all that much) I could also definitely be wrong. Lol.

  • Jurassic Football
    Jurassic Football 5 месяцев назад

    안녕. I learn 한국. Any tips.

  • sharon siani
    sharon siani 5 месяцев назад

    I never clicked so fast 😭x I love your videos. By the way is it alright if you could make a video of how you was able to find an apartment and where in Korea before you went to Korea? Also please could you sometime make a video of how pounds/euros becomes converted into won? One more thing...please could you tell us, for those that want to go Korea but we have no one to talk to that is from there, if somehow we can find someone who lives in Korea and we can become friends and stuff if you get what I mean? Do so if you can you don’t have to but it would be great if you could

  • ConstructiveMinds100
    ConstructiveMinds100 5 месяцев назад

    You look perfect but the music could be slightly lower volume.

  • Produce 101 :D
    Produce 101 :D 6 месяцев назад

    3:01- about the massage Singaporeans just go SHIOK AH

  • Qara Anna
    Qara Anna 8 месяцев назад

    Ignorant could work.

  • Clara Niemiec
    Clara Niemiec 8 месяцев назад

    Honey what ur height u so pretty

  • Sissifya
    Sissifya 8 месяцев назад

    Clicked for ponies in thumb nail

  • Mount Collector
    Mount Collector 9 месяцев назад

    actually there are a lot more korean words that do not exist in english, like ramen being soggy (뿔었어), he is a jerk (재수없어- this too can be used in many different situations), oh my goodness (헐!- this is one unique word, it can be used as multiple meanings), you think it's funny? (웃기지마- this could have a lot of different meanings). in most cases, korean is a very vague and at the same time a specific language, you just gotta learn to use it at a proper time or stuation. depending on how you use it, it changes meanings and at the same time you can get your point across accurately.

  • 일본어선생
    일본어선생 10 месяцев назад

    I guess you are worthy to make some money with your videos. Because there are so many informations of good quality in your videos. I appreciate you so much.

  • Bee
    Bee 10 месяцев назад

    What does 면 mean?

  • Sarista Celestial
    Sarista Celestial 10 месяцев назад

    To come up - develop, happen, manifest. We've got loads of words for that.
    Last word can translate to the English words, satisfaction, excellent, outstanding, euphoria, etc.

  • holypapujoji
    holypapujoji 10 месяцев назад

    i really wanna learn korean & so many different languages but issa so hard (T_T)

  • Kristin McQuerry
    Kristin McQuerry 10 месяцев назад

    Is there a word for "The day before yesterday" or "The day after tomorrow?" Because we need both of those in English

  • angelahale11
    angelahale11 10 месяцев назад

    Your shirt is gorgeous!! Work them shoulders, girl!

  • IdreamofKPOP
    IdreamofKPOP 11 месяцев назад

    Hey megan, I have been a subscriber for around 3yrs now and I was wondering in all my time studying korean in the last 3yrs the only things that stuck are words that i heard in english then heard in korean later. But honestly in all my time trying to study I am a hearing listening learner so only the stuff i heard that way is still in my head years later the rest just flew off into god knows where but i dont know it anymore lol.. I want to learn a lot of the vocabulary as I know hangul and basic phrases already but want to get to conversing and understanding better which only comes from immersion and vocabulary lots of vocabulary. So I need audio english to korean vocabulary. Like an audio tape but I cant for the life of me find some place that has vocabulary spoken out loud in english then again in korean. I know you have to work on vocabulary to learn and I want too very badly. but cant find it. Do you?...or does anyone else know of any place to find something like this? I know its specific but for people like me who are not visual learners but sound learners I really hope something like this is out there. Everything seems to be read the english on the screen and hear the korean word. But that is visual and sound learning so then i remember the korean word but have no clue what the heck its for so i never use it then eventually forget i know it because it isnt important knowledge. ANyway sorry for the speel and I hope That it made sense thanks so much to anyone who can help :)

  • Jungkook's Glutius Maximus
    Jungkook's Glutius Maximus Год назад

    I feel like 시원하다 could be somehow translated to: refreshing.
    maybe XD

  • Jungkook's Glutius Maximus
    Jungkook's Glutius Maximus Год назад

    i love IU playing in the background :'')

  • Smol Bun
    Smol Bun Год назад

    I love your choker in this video

  • Awesome Cutie
    Awesome Cutie Год назад

    What's on your back

  • artemisrain
    artemisrain Год назад

    si-won-ay = so nice

  • Brooke Pugh
    Brooke Pugh Год назад

    Your Korean ??? Is perfect?????????

  • Ang 78
    Ang 78 Год назад

    is there a link to the EDS?
    can we get the Korean sentences you spoke in the description? I missed the one about money ...and I am not good at reading Hangul cursive.

  • not there yet
    not there yet Год назад

    "He came".....that's what she said 😏😂😂

  • 뗶껄룩
    뗶껄룩 Год назад

    모르겠다 모르것다 모르겠는데 모른다 모른다고 모르니까 모르지 모르냐 모르니 모르고 모르는 모르쇠 몰라 시원타 시원하다 시원하니 시원하고 시원하니까 시원하지 시원하겠는데 시원하네 생겼다 생기고 생기니 생기니까 생겼고 생겼니 생겼구나 생겼고 생겼을까...

  • ilariathearistocratic
    ilariathearistocratic Год назад

    I don't claim to be Noam Chomsky, but I studied a bit of linguistics, and from what I remember Korean is an agglutinative language. It means that morphemes stick to each other and each component of meaning is represented by its own morpheme.
    For example, "시원하다" comes from the union of an adjective (시원한) and a verb (하다).
    English is not agglutinative, that's why you say "I feel relieved".
    Maybe somebody who studied linguistics more than me can give a clear example.

    CR33PY•CRAWLEY Год назад

    Ive noticed that in Korea they take sneezing to be as disgusting as someone picking there nose, do you know how this came about and why it is different?

  • Tia Cannady
    Tia Cannady Год назад

    lol but we do have a word for I don't know, its "unaware"😅😭

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee Год назад

    I find myself saying "응" as I listen to you....
    (just watched your video on one word conversations)

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G Год назад

    Hey Megan you should make a whole video in Korean with just subtitles so we can like...study it sort of? I don't know XD I'm just suggesting it. Btw love your videos

  • Hoop Jeanne
    Hoop Jeanne Год назад

    In my family, we say "bub!" for I don't know, in one short quick syllable.
    Like, "Jeanne, where are my shoes?"
    "Bub!" (with a simultaneous shrug for good measure. lol)

  • Vanessa Bouyea
    Vanessa Bouyea Год назад

    I wish we had a word that is like "Soledad" which means like a sense of relief or happy grief in a sense.

  • godlove6980
    godlove6980 Год назад

    Wow what a good point. Never thought of those words like that

  • Jisoo Y.
    Jisoo Y. Год назад

    Who else is Korean here?

  • kaylakthulhu
    kaylakthulhu Год назад

    This is an extremely interesting idea c: it's the same for many other languages too. English has many 'expressions', but lacks expressive 'words'

  • Faith Moreno
    Faith Moreno Год назад

    i love ur style

  • Jen Lee
    Jen Lee Год назад

    시원하다 - Can't you use the word "refreshing" in the same context o.O

  • The Korean Manual
    The Korean Manual Год назад

    I agree with you on all of them! Also the word "역시" is weird to translate into English ("as expected" doesn't really feel right) and like some people said before "답답하다" too :)

  • gabii vallejos
    gabii vallejos Год назад

    Omgg hahaha it's similar in spanishh 💕

  • pikachuiswatchingyou
    pikachuiswatchingyou Год назад

    A lot of asian languages are based on sensations, perceptions. So one word is enough to get the full meaning : Oooh tall ! Ooooh cheap ! So that's why some words have very elaborate meanings.

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox Год назад

    Fun and informative video. Awesome top, by the way. Thanks for the great content! 😃

  • Bloopys Kay
    Bloopys Kay Год назад

    This helped me a lot thanks :D

  • essennagerry
    essennagerry Год назад

    1:59 - I think we have a word for that in my native tongue - noun - poyava, verb - poyavi.

  • digitalversicolor
    digitalversicolor Год назад

    What about "developed"?

  • Jeanju
    Jeanju Год назад

    생겼어 could be 'manifested'? At least in certain contexts.. also I always thought 시원하다 equates to 'refreshing' or something... idk lol

  • nervous sinπ
    nervous sinπ Год назад

    what about sugoi

  • FanofRoyQiu
    FanofRoyQiu Год назад

    Enjoying the massage? "refreshing" "energizing" "relief"

  • Amine Slayer
    Amine Slayer Год назад

    that sounds so wrong....

  • Tanya Stowe
    Tanya Stowe Год назад

    What is the best way to learn Korean?

  • Ilhaan Dini
    Ilhaan Dini Год назад

    your pronunciation is ridiculous

  • ashfromny
    ashfromny Год назад

    But what's the point in having one word for an idea or concept if it's the same amount of syllables or more than the English equivalent? 😨

  • Whitney Titus
    Whitney Titus Год назад

    I disagree about the message bit...Maybe not in proper English but in some hood circles, most things that are good can be expressed with a simple YYYAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  • K
    K Год назад

    I think another word is 느끼해... like that guy is 느끼해... this soup is 느끼해... I FEEL SO 느끼해! I don't know the equivalent English word... greasy? No... Gross? No... WE NEED THIS WORD!

  • Milcah Theodor
    Milcah Theodor Год назад

    where did you get your shirt?

  • einsteinium
    einsteinium Год назад

    I've been trying to learn Korean and I was wondering if you had any tips for me. I'd appreciate it so much if you helped me out.

  • em kas
    em kas Год назад

    she sound black but look korean
    im sahhhh confused

  • Georgie Archer
    Georgie Archer Год назад

    How long have you been learning Korean? What inspired you to move to Korea? What kind of work do you do there?

  • beba_nicebaby4 Ali
    beba_nicebaby4 Ali Год назад

    sorry this question might be dumb but are u asian or american or something else

  • PyungJae Choi
    PyungJae Choi Год назад

    it's interesting. i didn't know it. good job

  • Skye Walker
    Skye Walker Год назад

    For the massage one:

  • Katherine S
    Katherine S Год назад

    How did you learn Korean ? Did you go to a school or just naturally because of the need to communicate ?

  • sshironodeath toresu
    sshironodeath toresu Год назад

    if im giving you a massage and u not only moan but talk to me in korean like that ill toch ur butt

  • Alex Omion
    Alex Omion Год назад

    We say "boh" (as in bow) in Italian meaning idk.

  • The Potato King
    The Potato King Год назад

    How do you spell I don't know in Korean

  • eccedentesiast
    eccedentesiast Год назад

    we actually have a word for the last one. it's called ecstasy.

  • Elizabeth Crossley
    Elizabeth Crossley Год назад

    australians have a word for i dont know... dunno.

  • Majd H
    Majd H Год назад

    Korean langugue videos are the best

  • Maria
    Maria Год назад

    What is this EBS thing that she/you mentioned?

  • Courtney C
    Courtney C Год назад

    1. she
    2. won
    3. nae
    1. it
    2. feels
    3. good
    sounds like the same number of syllables :)

  • kuroichan101
    kuroichan101 Год назад

    If english had words for the opposite of somethings then the language wouldnt be that easy. Its much easier to just add more words that already are easy to change the meaning of something. Can you imagine having to learn a new word just to say you dont know? Thats just too much in my opinion.

  • Bunnii
    Bunnii Год назад

    I always just say "iono"

  • Shiekha 7
    Shiekha 7 Год назад

    We have all these in Arabic language 😂👌🏼

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Год назад

    maybe you can say (i don't know = uninformed)?

    • Jimin Park
      Jimin Park Год назад

      or another word could be (i don't know = ignorance)?

  • Serin
    Serin Год назад

    Isn't "unknown" the opposite of know??

  • geezReebz
    geezReebz Год назад

    the second word reminds me of "manifest"

  • Roo Wook
    Roo Wook Год назад

    I really appreciate the language videos Megan! 감사합니다 😊

  • Gab Caguioa
    Gab Caguioa Год назад

    is the last word similar to refreshing?? 😄

  • Lovegoesalongway
    Lovegoesalongway Год назад

    I love you this video. It's easy to learn Korean from you😘

  • kcanter54
    kcanter54 Год назад

    Hey guys ^^ I am currently studying abroad in Japan and FINALY about to go study abroad in Japan, but I ran into a financial problem, if anyone has just .40cents to donate it would be so greatly appreciated!! I explain my full situation on my page, Thank you so much for your time, sorry to bother anyone!
    link to my page:

  • Olga S-Cruz
    Olga S-Cruz Год назад

    I think this might have to do with how the language is built. English uses the Latin-based alphabet, vs Korean Hangul, which is a Featural linear alphabet...

  • Mondoshawn
    Mondoshawn Год назад

    Megan is deleting comments on her other video, omg

  • Perfectly Prejudice
    Perfectly Prejudice Год назад

    I don't know = Dunno
    To become/appear = Creation (??? we do have a word)
    It feels so good = Ecstasy

  • CG Lim
    CG Lim Год назад

    와우!! 한국어 발음이 너무 자연스럽고...예뻐요~ ^^

  • bubls
    bubls Год назад

    In Swedish we have a word just like 시원하다 which is skönt. It's used the same way :)

  • Stephanie Anne
    Stephanie Anne Год назад

    Omg for a while I thought she was holding an eyelash curler lol it was glasses

  • woojae
    woojae Год назад

    시원하다 siweonhada is kinda like refreshing, right?

  • Anne Jo
    Anne Jo Год назад

    oh another really good word we dont have in english is 남자 친구 사람 or 여자 친구 사람. we have so many misunderstandings in english cause we dont have the one word that describes that we have a guy friend or a friend who is a girl.

  • Sydney Lilramsay
    Sydney Lilramsay Год назад

    What about the word 'unsure' instead of the phrase 'I don't know' ?

  • AD AD
    AD AD Год назад

    Know- Unknown ???

  • Rainbow Lemon
    Rainbow Lemon Год назад

    happy new year! !!

  • cuterstar
    cuterstar Год назад

    It would be pretty fantastic if you make a series about current trends in Korea. I live in Korea but I'm leaving soon and it'll be a little harder knowing what's trending and popular after I leave~ And since trends change so fast, it's easy to miss out. Love your videos!

  • Lilly Majors
    Lilly Majors Год назад

    you should do another video with top dog😂😂

  • Rina Sôma
    Rina Sôma Год назад

    Megan Where are you ! we miss you girl

  • Sude E
    Sude E Год назад

    Where did u learn that freaking good korean?

  • nAnU
    nAnU Год назад

    doesn't siwon mean cool. so isn't the word just refreshing?