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Video Uploaded By Behzinga, Beh2inga.

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Длительность: 24:10
Комментарии: 72

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Автор FTWItachi ( назад)
As always loving it #Sidemen :D P.S. for those reading this if you can spare a few minutes please come check us out I know you will enjoy our content as well.  Thank you for your time, have a great day.  Also looking for those in the same area to colab with so if you're down hit us up, I have plenty of ideas :D

Автор Lily Guardiola ( назад)
Vikk's jokes can be so cringey

Автор Collinux B ( назад)
How can he do a half flip

Автор Ralph Webb ( назад)
Ethan can you trade with me on rocket league on ps4 my user name is webbyboy3567

Автор Ruben de Jonge ( назад)
Behz how the fuck stupid are you

Автор Joe Khalil ( назад)
Does anyone want kilowatt on ps4

Автор Aqib Khan ( назад)
Stop hating on Ethan

Автор Jack Richardson ( назад)
Stop putting the leaderboard up every 2 seconds

Автор Rap Dog ( назад)
Behz, sometime can we trade please👍👍👍 My name is JACK A BOY11006

Автор Matthew Soumilas ( назад)
20:19 vik just casually having a mental breakdown

Автор Someone Lost ( назад)
2:50 half flip?????

Автор Shah Dhruv ( назад)
vikk being winning factor

Автор Bigdaddyd 2421 ( назад)
Can someone count the number of time this guy clicked to see the fucking scoreboard holy shit

Автор hana hiwa ( назад)

Автор IndianBea5t ( назад)
Ethan you were SO far from the puck when your spikes "didn't work" get your eyes checked you tubby panda

Автор MrMystery99 ( назад)
Really good vid, really went in

Автор Andrew Hutchison ( назад)
What happened to mafia 3 gameplay

Автор Billy Edgar ( назад)
Nice half flip behz I see u practising that

Автор Toaster Productions ( назад)
watch my latest video to see how to modify a nerf gun to shoot REAL BULLETS!!!!, toast out

Автор Toaster Productions ( назад)
hello random person hope you have a good day from a small youtuber with a dream of 12 subs. toast out

Автор vEXTRA x ( назад)
Stop flashing the scoreboard!

Автор Isabella Barry ( назад)
Behz I stg stop spazzing the scoreboard 😂 you do it on every fucking game

Автор Pablo Villafuerte ( назад)
If only they were good a rocket league 😔

Автор Mustafa Saglik ( назад)
Behz complains about the game when he's shit

Автор Timothy Zwart ( назад)
🐢 like if u like turtles 🙏🏼

Автор Afkadazz YT ( назад)

Автор Jinks 27 ( назад)
I want to f*cking kill myself after watching this video

Автор CampingCat MLG ( назад)
lol. 26th

Автор NarwhalBagel ( назад)

Автор The Last Snow ( назад)
just awful

Автор Your Gaming Guy ( назад)
Bhez you're my favourite sideman because of how funny you are and how much you laugh/scream because it makes me laugh

Ps happy st patrics day

Автор Infern0 ( назад)
Ethan is that the alpha boost on the yellow car?

Автор xImRxgeZ ( назад)

Автор EnVy Clan ( назад)
Please do a freestyling session
Like if you think so

Автор MonstaWolf ( назад)
Hi again it's me. What do you mean

Автор Kyle Pirie ( назад)
Nice vid👍

Автор Tyler Kay ( назад)
8th 😂👌

Автор azaan asghar ( назад)

Автор #StopDiaz Lol ( назад)

Автор best ideas ( назад)

Автор Aqua Games ( назад)

Автор James Senior ( назад)

Автор Reuben White ( назад)

Автор Lucas Estefanos ( назад)

Автор George Collicutt ( назад)
Number 1

Автор Kabir Gidwani ( назад)

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