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  • 2016 was an excellent year for awesomeness! Here’s our compilation of the best videos of the year! We’ve got everything from epic trick shots, the best parkour and freerunning, extreme base jumping, trampoline tricks and flips, and extreme sports from wakesurfing to skateboarding to BMX. The amazing soundtrack is OneRepublic - Kids. See you next year for more People are Awesome in 2017!

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    2:19 Baby McGregor

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    2:15 baby jackie chan

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    strasznie mnie to wzrusza

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    We are just begin ....we don't have place to trainnig ..... Page facebbok :never give up

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    0:07 nice

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    0:11 damn good

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    Awesome loving it

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    Can you plzzz tell me the song name

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    Ryusei :)

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    cc grâce :)

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    @3:00 skating like that is so insane dead dead dead or you wish you were dead after the crash!

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    Maravilhoso, vídeo e música.

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    the video is really awesome but plz reply me the backgroun music of 0f this video.

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    Wow, really well put together video..the audio levels, editing, timing etc were fantastic...perfect song too.
    Lots of incredible footage, but the most awesome part of this was the actual vid itself.

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    Makes me try harder at mtb, do you do 'mtb is awesome' ? Possibly another thread 👍🏻

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    nice video

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    I loved it

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    Truly Awesome

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    I feel great about our society.

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    alguien me podría desir cual es la cancion xfavor la del video

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    i so like. i dont hate why he dont get copy right

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    who is the singer and which song

  • Wow ,funny ,coc ,amazing videos shower Borah

    pls tell me the name of the song used by u in this video plssssssssssssssssssssssasssss

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      Wow ,funny ,coc ,amazing videos shower Borah OneRepublic - Kids

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    Can you do an all star cheerleading one

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    good song =)

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    Simply Wow!These people are really awesome that 🏇 at 1:58 is so royal

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    3:32 WOW this is in my city

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    3:32 this is my town

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    I feel like shit after watching this D:

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    I love your vids but the music is so sad 😭 I'm actually crying

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    I think dis video will make me be one of them tooooo

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    what are they I think they are bone less

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    2:48 - 2:53 is so precious

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    2:57 Cleary taiwan
    Love Taiwan

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    I still remember the original People are Awesome by Hadouken and the song being Levitate. Good times, I don't even know where that video is now but if anybody does can they please link it.

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    This video and song infuses life into me

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    Am I the only one who feels like I got no talent after watching this ?

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    But break all of my bones

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    This vid is infinitely better than the official music vid for the song by #OneRepublic. Watch and learn junior...

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    Those who are asking for song. it's Kids from One Republic band. you're welcome. :)

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