• Stormtrooper Attack

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  • Robloxian 95
    Robloxian 95 22 hours ago

    I saw a clone trooper

  • JensDanit
    JensDanit 2 days ago

    I like clonetrooper it my live best ever:3

    TALK AMERICA! 2 days ago

    One of the storm troopers have a clone wars blaster.

  • A Google User
    A Google User 2 days ago

    That one trooper needs to fix his cup.🤔🤣

  • shadic's_minecraft
    shadic's_minecraft 2 days ago +1

    anyone seen the clonetrooper hidden in the stormtrooper crowd?

  • 都の西北西
    都の西北西 3 days ago +1


  • The Coach
    The Coach 4 days ago

    I’m still trying to find that alleyway so I can see all this

  • ItsOnlyforMeAndUs
    ItsOnlyforMeAndUs 5 days ago

    What was the Ewok saying is "Ito na sha!" x2 and when he gave it to the random people and Ewok says Shabu! Shabu!
    And the translation of ''Ito na sha'' is "here he/she is" and shabu is a bad drug

  • Sven Zobl
    Sven Zobl 5 days ago

    Das ist hart

  • Gerry Crisostomo
    Gerry Crisostomo 7 days ago

    1:52 They didn't recognize Jabba the Hut.


    Que CHULO

  • MuffinSword
    MuffinSword 7 days ago

    That one short short stormtrooper

  • sEaNツ GuArDA
    sEaNツ GuArDA 8 days ago +1

    2:22 earthquake THE BIG ONE

  • Unrealplace 6225
    Unrealplace 6225 8 days ago

    Did anybody see the phase 2 clone trooper

  • Gideon Farra
    Gideon Farra 9 days ago

    Awkward scilence intesifies

  • Cold Glass Of Milk
    Cold Glass Of Milk 11 days ago

    Awe, the old couple.

  • Cem lego
    Cem lego 11 days ago

    Und all die anderen Leute auch

  • Cem lego
    Cem lego 11 days ago

    Warum hat die Frau Darth vaders Laserschwert

  • Watnik 268
    Watnik 268 12 days ago


  • Watnik 268
    Watnik 268 12 days ago

    2:48 Top moments

  • Jake
    Jake 12 days ago

    2:16 he ate too many stormtroopers

    IGOTZ CHEEZE 13 days ago

    I love the ewok XD

  • Famous
    Famous 13 days ago

    А ведь нигга мог реальный ствол достать

  • senta ukrai
    senta ukrai 13 days ago +1

    *looks at lightsaber in my hands...Looks at small army of stormtroopers...*
    "Well...Not how i imagined my morning jog, but when on Yavin..."

  • Random Human
    Random Human 14 days ago

    It looks like not a single one of them has ever heard ofStar Wars before, they probably thought they were getting robbed lmao.

  • RavenousVibes
    RavenousVibes 14 days ago

    5:34 I can already see the dog barking

  • yeet feet
    yeet feet 14 days ago

    that one first order trooper though

  • Lkw Fan
    Lkw Fan 15 days ago


  • Kaled7384 Gallegos
    Kaled7384 Gallegos 16 days ago

    Ah we go again

  • lil willy
    lil willy 17 days ago

    The one clone in the back 😭

  • Josh Is daddy
    Josh Is daddy 17 days ago

    6:03 that guy really scared doe 😭

  • Josh Is daddy
    Josh Is daddy 17 days ago

    I love how the old man grabbed his wife to cover her 🥺

  • Choco Oof
    Choco Oof 18 days ago

    Wait theres a clone trooper

  • mipcio !
    mipcio ! 20 days ago

    Clone trooper ............

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 20 days ago

    Literally the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I was crying at parts.

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 21 day ago

    U don’t give a fuck about me? ThAnKs

  • I love Sloths
    I love Sloths 22 days ago

    Did you see a clone trooper

    BIG IRON 24 days ago

    One was a phase2 clone

  • Veitling 1
    Veitling 1 25 days ago

    0:05 clone.?

  • Cosmin CR13
    Cosmin CR13 26 days ago

    6:40 look at the dog :))))

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 28 days ago +1


  • MrDepressed
    MrDepressed Month ago

    0:36 Wait is the First Order troops was on the next street or...?

  • Minecraft Gezegeni
    Minecraft Gezegeni Month ago


  • White Lumine
    White Lumine Month ago +1

    If I saw that I would run faster than how fast dark Vader breath every second

  • imautuber
    imautuber Month ago

    Massive respect to the old guy, instantly protected his wife. First class gent, selflessly put his woman before himself !

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti Month ago

    This is awkard asf lol.

  • Kamer Plant
    Kamer Plant Month ago

    I would have kneeled for darth vader to be his apprentice and join the dark side!

  • DragonXgaming
    DragonXgaming Month ago

    The inconsistency of the stormtroopers makes me mad lol. Like there was a clone trooper in there and a first order stormtrooper there too and some of the troopers used Dc15a’s. But it’s fine

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago +1

    Run fatty run 2:25
    The dog is intrested. 6:25

  • Terrarian Minecrafter

    Not to be racist but fattys lucky he got away

  • SethlingYT
    SethlingYT Month ago

    I don't think anyone there knew what star wars was let's be honest

  • MD Animations
    MD Animations Month ago +1

    0:43 or 1:12 me and the bois when we see someone without identification.

  • Geron Good
    Geron Good Month ago

    5:20 What's the clone from episode 3 doing there?

  • Cedric Kyaw
    Cedric Kyaw Month ago

    1:45 Obesity-Wan Kenobi

  • Alif _YT
    Alif _YT Month ago

    I would just go
    *battle stance*
    Well hello there

  • Da_Boss_3807
    Da_Boss_3807 Month ago

    I hate these stupid sound effects

  • Richard Rol
    Richard Rol Month ago

    Dat is niet leuk

  • Leo Applesjr
    Leo Applesjr Month ago

    If I were there I’ll be like
    Who challenges me
    Who ever beats me are worthy
    Me:puts medieval armour on

  • Adamova ProCZ
    Adamova ProCZ Month ago

    This Is a best prank ever😂 can you make more Star Wars pranks? Please

  • so yuentung
    so yuentung Month ago

    Oh no I scared of Darth Vader

  • Familie Göller
    Familie Göller Month ago


  • Please Try
    Please Try Month ago

    After that the seconds guy. Turning to the light weight side are complete

  • Hamsterpug 4
    Hamsterpug 4 Month ago

    A clone, a first order.ImaginE sheev palatine (darth sidious) seeing this and saying "Vader, you messed up bro."

  • Juanki
    Juanki Month ago

    Imagine that turning the lightsaver on and saying: Its reason then and actually being a sith lord

  • Ruth Colon
    Ruth Colon Month ago

    the one trooper with a clone mask

  • ZoeBlast 2103
    ZoeBlast 2103 Month ago

    An actual Star Wars fan:
    **Fights them with lightsaber**

  • FragzzVio
    FragzzVio Month ago

    Oh no the Germans are back

  • Enderpferd 111
    Enderpferd 111 Month ago


  • leroyy lowell
    leroyy lowell Month ago

    Enter the , enter the , enter the chat , enter the

  • BestHacker39
    BestHacker39 Month ago



    I feel like someone who's watched star wars before would try and attack a few of the storm troopers 😂😂

  • Thetruesenator 012
    Thetruesenator 012 Month ago

    Omg I only just get it! The ewok gives the person a lightsaber but not just any lightsaber, it’s Darth Vader’s so he orders the stormtroopers to collect it and retrieve it. Nice little details.

  • legobrick 1
    legobrick 1 Month ago

    5:20 ODD1trooperout

  • ISawAnEarthWorm InMyRoom

    Rumor has it: The guy in the first clip lost 50 pounds after running

  • Dave Pak
    Dave Pak Month ago

    Wtf 😂😂😂

  • John McIrish
    John McIrish Month ago


  • Nerfer 217
    Nerfer 217 Month ago

    It looks like the 1st girl didnt even know starwars

  • Jimis Chatzis
    Jimis Chatzis Month ago

    Ewoks: *Laughs in Sith Lord*

  • NutShells
    NutShells Month ago

    Is it me or is the ewok speaking tagalog
    Something like “eh to na!” (Here they come!)

  • Ölü Maske
    Ölü Maske 2 months ago

    There is a first order stormtrooper😂🤣😂🤣😂