Reborn in Pure Land Real Stories

  • Published on Feb 13, 2015
  • Buddhist Master Chin Kung talk about reborn in Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss real stories. He is one of the most famous monk in Chinese buddhism. He has taught buddhism sutras for 50 years. And he is specialized in Buddhist Pure Land.

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  • Ann Ng
    Ann Ng 28 days ago


  • Raj ganesh
    Raj ganesh 3 months ago

    Wonderful speech

  • John RKillick
    John RKillick 11 months ago +1

    Such encouraging anecdotes! Thank you, master! 南無阿弥陀佛!!!!

  • Knight Warrior
    Knight Warrior Year ago +2

    Thanks for the stories. I wish to be reborn in the Pure Land. Namo Amithaba.

    JHIH-RUNG LIU Year ago


  • Ngô Thanh Nhã
    Ngô Thanh Nhã Year ago +1


  • Steven Kok
    Steven Kok 2 years ago +2

    Her heart of Amituofuo was so strong and determined to GO and nothing can stop The Pure Land/Mind.

  • Abraxas Harpocrates the Curious

    can't find him on wikipedia - how else is his name written?

  • John F
    John F 2 years ago +3

    May all living beings attain rebirth in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss.
    Namo Amitabha Buddha
    Namo Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
    Namo Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva

  • Demetheglass
    Demetheglass 2 years ago

    Only three years.. And she already made it! I'm so happy for her! I wish to be reborn in Pure Land as well, and I've been practicing for 6 years! I'm only 26 years old at the moment though.. perhaps it wasn't my time yet. But I hear from my monk that people who practice Buddha name recitation all generally have long life. I can't really say that I was happy to hear that. It means my waiting time got extended.

    • Markus Deeg
      Markus Deeg Year ago

      Demetheglass Make others believe you made it, you think the same way about yourself.
      Seduced to seduce.

    • John F
      John F 2 years ago

      wow! keep up the practice!

    • Demetheglass
      Demetheglass 2 years ago

      Thank you :-) Amithofo.

    • Namo Amitofo
      Namo Amitofo  2 years ago +1

      +Demetheglass Good for you. Keep on. I believe you'll be successful one day.

  • Radiólogo Millonario
    Radiólogo Millonario 3 years ago

    The advantages of dying! LOL! I always wondered if Pure Land Buddhism could somehow also be a way to improve life HERE, not only to ensure a better beyond.

    • Radiólogo Millonario
      Radiólogo Millonario 2 years ago

      +Perry1989 I didn't doubt that you can get to the Pure Land if you repeat Amitabha's name. But you must doubt of all scriptures, because whether you like it or not, they were written by humans. In the Lotus Sutra e.g. there's the case of a guy that burnt himself as an offering to the Buddha. I wonder how the Buddha would benefit from that offering! Besides, the book implies that being born as a woman is a disadvantage. So now I doubt if I should really repeat "Namu myoho renge kyo". Old scriptures written by old sexist monks! You can't buy the whole package. Just enough so you can get something useful to relate directly with the buddhas to get to the truth.

    • Perry1989
      Perry1989 2 years ago

      Of course it is not Protestant Christianity but both religions do share some similarities. It is also true that practices are important in achieving enlightenment. I'm afraid to say you are quite wrong about not believing a doctrine in order to be saved. Please provide any legitimate sutras which lend support to your claim. You can't just say something what you think is Buddhist without quoting what Siddharta Gautama Buddha had said. You must not dismiss what the historical Buddha had said about Amitabha Buddha in Pureland texts. Referring to the the 17th~20th vows in the Longer Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra, it is without doubt that believing in the salvation of Amitabha Buddha is a very important prerequisite to be reborn in Pureland. For example, the 18th Vow which says, "Provided I become a Buddha, if the beings of the ten quarters who after having heard my name, and thus awakened their highest faith and aspiration of re-birth in that country of mine, even they have recollected such a thought for ten times only, they are destinated to be born there, with the exception of those who have committed the five deadly sins (Anantarya), and who have blasphemed the orthodox Law (Dharma), otherwise may I not attain the enlightenment." Clearly, "faith", i.e. the belief in the salvation of Amitabha Buddha, is mentioned! The practice which is usually required to achieve enlightment, as you put it, in Pureland Buddhism, consists of two approaches: either by (1) reciting Amitabha's name wholeheartedly, or (2) meditating based on what has been laid out in the Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra. What you said about the importance of experiences of generations is agreeable, as what this videos is trying to achieve--experiences of people who practised Pureland Buddhism and successfully achieved rebirth in Pureland are told and shared by this monk in the video.

    • Radiólogo Millonario
      Radiólogo Millonario 2 years ago

      +Perry1989 Why would someone as powerful as the Buddha allow Mara to cheat people? Besides, you shouldn't enter into a shamanic trance without basic protection. You could wear a pentacle and repeat some Vajrapani mantra 3 times before starting.

    • Perry1989
      Perry1989 2 years ago

      You have lost yourself, mate. Are you sure that it is not Mara that impersonates the Buddha?

    • Radiólogo Millonario
      Radiólogo Millonario 2 years ago

      +Perry1989 Try to enter into a trance and talk with the Buddha. Try a shamanic drum rythm.

  • weewilly2007
    weewilly2007 3 years ago

    yes fidelity has much benefits in all it can encourage harmony and prevent dissonance and fragmentation, otherwise known as societal noise or static? But is static really that in the first place? Or is it only so with respect to the narrow bandwidth we limit ourselves to, when we focus-in on a single frequency? At the cost of tuning everything else out?, including things that may have critical importance to us eventually? Maybe coherence versus incoherence is a good measure to help us sort out what is what. Although not the only means.. I enjoy listening to Buddhist teachings as much as I do other other traditions also, but the concern with this approach, is that religions or spirituality becomes like a hotel buffet meal, where people pick and choose only what suits them, only when it suits them. Why religious leaders are still needed and valued I suppose

    • weewilly2007
      weewilly2007 3 years ago

      your opinion is as good as mine, or this monk in the video in other words. Would this not train people to only listen to what they want to? No wonder Christian's call their book "good news". Very shrewd. You're not Christian are you? Doesn't matter, all the same really

    • Radiólogo Millonario
      Radiólogo Millonario 3 years ago

      +weewilly2007 That's the only thing people can actually do. Pick what suits them. Because no religion is made of 100% truths. All of them have actually a little bit of truth. The rest is lies and manipulation by those same "religious leaders" and "people of the book" you think you need.

  • LIVE Trader
    LIVE Trader 3 years ago +1

    this guy has not gone to God's Kingdom yet. He only told other people's stories.

    • It’s Jeron
      It’s Jeron 5 months ago +1

      Deshun Xu just so you know he had also told his story of how he got sick and in his dream he saw Amitabha Buddha asking him if he wanna go to the pure land which he replied yes and told Amitabha Buddha that if Amitabha Buddha still wants him to stay in this world for a little longer to help other sentient beings he is willing to stay and suffer a little longer.After saying that,he woke up from the dream and his illness have recovered.

    • B.Tech Kumar
      B.Tech Kumar Year ago +1

      Didn't God advised you to use kind words for every living being. Didn't god advise you to be loving and not spread hatred or slander other beings?
      You don't even follow what Jesus preached so how you are supposed to attain his kingdom?
      The Master in the video is a Bodhisattva Mahasattva. He will be born in Amitabha Buddha's Pureland irrespective of what you say or other people say.
      So why try to act superior and slander him? If you don't believe don't watch videos, why create doubts in the minds of people who are new to teachings about the subtle pure teachings of the Buddha?
      Slandering Bodhisattava is a serious sin and can cause people to fall in hell. You should repent of your misdeeds.
      You don't even follow God's teaching so why you have hope for kingdom of god?

  • TheMindOrchestra
    TheMindOrchestra 3 years ago +2

    This mans voice is so soft it's like a meditation itself :)

  • Sai Lam
    Sai Lam 3 years ago +1

    I am Greedy for the buddha dharma with English subtitles on Venerable Master Chin Kong Dharma talks. Not necessarily the long Sutra Lectures as it may take up too much time. Start with the short talks like this story.....Amituofo Amituofo Amituofo

  • 大心釋
    大心釋 3 years ago