Amish Life

  • Published on Jan 31, 2013

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  • Theresa Marie
    Theresa Marie 3 days ago

    I live in NE Ohio and a lot of Amish have phones, solar panels, hot water showers/toilet and refrigeration run on propane.
    Not all, but some... Depending on what their church allows.

  • Orlic Precious
    Orlic Precious 4 days ago

    I respect the amish! We are hoping to buy a Amish's house soon and hopefully live a little simpler lifestyle. 😊Praying to God it all workout.

  • Jak Sketch
    Jak Sketch 6 days ago

    Good. A people who aren’t contributing to the moral degeneracy of our youth.

  • OhIDid
    OhIDid 7 days ago

    They sleeping good!

  • Scottycarp
    Scottycarp 9 days ago

    I’m watching this on my phone, with it plugged in...with the heat on.

  • stephan burgess
    stephan burgess 15 days ago

    Notice that the when the driver of the buggy drives on the right side of the buggy. Being the way it has always been driven even before the car was invented. Left hand cars were a mistake that Henry ford made and now left hand drive is still the incorrect side to drive.

    BRIAN THOMPSON 16 days ago

    I'm deaf turn the volume up

  • Leslie Kendall
    Leslie Kendall 16 days ago

    I wish someone could teach me how to live without refrigeration. I understand having chickens can provide eggs daily. Having a cow gives milk every day. But what do they do to preserve left-overs? And how do they preserve meat? If you kill a cow for food, it can't be eaten all in one day. Is everything smoked?

  • midninte ranger
    midninte ranger 18 days ago

    The Amish are fantastic people and I love and respect them and they're ways

  • Andrew Heffel
    Andrew Heffel 18 days ago

    Great video, thank you. May the Amish always keep their God and their traditions.

    SYDNEY HI 20 days ago

    amish men are crazy in bed

  • Jeremiah Orta
    Jeremiah Orta 22 days ago

    we ba beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • mine to S
    mine to S 23 days ago

    Wish I could find me a young gay amish guy for partner .....

  • John Schramm
    John Schramm 29 days ago

    Or dung? I dont think so.

    • John Schramm
      John Schramm 29 days ago

      English cant speak english , let alon trying to pronounce words in another language.

  • Martha Brown
    Martha Brown Month ago

    This is so not right. The Amish I know have hot and cold running water, not only in the kitchen but bathroom and laundry area. They have floor lamps that are lit by propane gas. Some have pictures hanging but they're simple. Some women work at Farmer Markets away from home...some have stores where they sell soap and lotion that they make. Others might have quilt stores. They're more modern then expected. They treat their animals poorly, dogs are only used for breeding over and over again...there's no love towards animals.

  • Svatopluk Havryš
    Svatopluk Havryš Month ago

    Váš nábytek je krásný,přeji mnoho štěstí!

  • Dee Dee Winfrey
    Dee Dee Winfrey Month ago

    I wish they were my neighbors. 🌞

  • Ellen MC
    Ellen MC Month ago +1

    The Amish make the most beautiful furniture.

  • Ben Troyer Jr
    Ben Troyer Jr Month ago +2

    I would be very careful how much I say all the Amish do this or that. there are quite a few different types of Amish in America.

  • the dude
    the dude Month ago

    They haven't fallen into the corporate trap

  • Ella Larkin
    Ella Larkin Month ago

    I think that the Amish people live absolutely correctly, as God intended us to live. They farm, they are wonderful craftspeople, they are self-sufficient, they read the Bible and they live according to God's word. We have to remember that this life is very short, and after comes the Judgment.

  • Callum Bush
    Callum Bush Month ago

    I don't understand the no plumbing believe? The Romans had an excellent plumbing system 2000 years ago. Jesus must have taken a poop on a Roman toilet at some point! I'm confused 😳

  • j p
    j p Month ago

    A life without sitting in traffic everyday. Sounds great too me.

  • Petra Stark
    Petra Stark 2 months ago

    Ich muß ja nicht aus religiöaen Gründen so leben. Habe aber festgestellt daß ein wenig Minimalismus echt guttut. Sich mal wieder auf wesentliche Dinge fokussieren tut wirklich gut.
    Wir brauchen weniger als wir meinen zu brauchen!!

  • Therese Ember
    Therese Ember 2 months ago

    The horse buggies are so darling.

  • betty beiling
    betty beiling 2 months ago

    i would not say having puppy mills and godly

  • Thejube Maynards
    Thejube Maynards 2 months ago

    Y’all wanting to live this life are crazy lmao😂😂

  • Jackie Cote
    Jackie Cote 3 months ago

    I really don't understand you folks that always question the promise Amish people. There's certainly nothing wrong with there lifestyle I just wish that people would leave them along and stop downing them and also passing judgement if we had more folks like them the world would be a much better happy and sample life then there wouldn't be all this wickness in high place you folks know they don't believe in cameras then yous really shouldn't tougher and put them in the precision God love you folks I know yous probably mean well but place stop and just leave there's loving people alone. I'm not Amish myself but I love them they are my brother and sister in Christ I know it's there choice to be entervived but please don't condemn them and make light of them there beauful people's and I've learned a lot from them and there standards and they mean a lot to me just love and respect them place thanks God richly bless and keep in his care. P.s. I'm not trying to be rude or mean but it vouchers me greatly when people's goes against the Amish keep them off camera and respect there believe and faith in God. God love all you Amish people's I love yous very much and I thank the Lord folks like yous. I do hope someone well reply to me long commute here. Just leave them alone and respect and love them as your fellow man love our neighbour as our selves they are my neighbour. I admirer all you Amish people's and above all keep the faith in Jesus Christ. May God richly bless and keep yous all in his care. You lady's are very very modest and I certainly love and admirer all that.


    When i get older, my dream is to have 2 houses ... One small city, suffiecient house for me and my family that is up to date with modern day life and a cottage somewhere where i can go and relieve myself from the stress,hustle and bustle of this world... Where i can do lots of worship, meditation, pondering, thinking and hiking and reconnecting with God, nature and myself... Not to the extent of the Amish people, though I would have no problem doing those things and even getting my children to do those things so we can be grateful and appreciative.

  • jojo gonjalves
    jojo gonjalves 3 months ago +1

    They are following the real Christianity "THE REAL"

  • Davy Troyer
    Davy Troyer 3 months ago

    I hope all u idiots realize someday that of course theirs good an bad where ever u go.. we r humans, that goes for Amish to their human some good some BAD... further more when the hell did an animals life value reach the level of being worth more than a human???? Stupid animal rights ppl. God created us to reign over all animals so can we just let him take care of things an he will take an give as necessary. Thank u have a great day God bless

    • Steve H
      Steve H Month ago

      👍I hear yeah, I am Mennonite. I shouldn’t be reading all these awful comments from people who really don’t know what they’re talking about

  • dragoussr
    dragoussr 4 months ago

    Isn't the point of technology is to simplify life? People nowadays are stressed out not because of technology, but because they overcomplicate everything.

  • Tona Bernard
    Tona Bernard 4 months ago

    Atheism Is also a belief system

  • Syrian guy
    Syrian guy 4 months ago

    The best Life styl at all

  • Marie Katherine
    Marie Katherine 4 months ago

    Interesting to read these comments. I lived with two groups, both very conservative. This includes the Swartzentrubers. It seems outsiders either idolize them or despise them. The truth is in the middle. Most are very good, honest, decent people. A few are no good, just like any group of people. In my six years among them, I saw the majority are doing their best, working, raising their kids, etc. A few were money hungry, gossips, even at least two creepy perverts.

  • chikimaha1000
    chikimaha1000 5 months ago

    40 whores run his diesel engine

  • chikimaha1000
    chikimaha1000 5 months ago

    2:57 nice outlet

  • david farmer
    david farmer 5 months ago

    here they are moving kids that want to get married to different towns and different cause they are to close to 1st cousins here. they are inbreeding them selves out of existence.

  • brandt waliezer
    brandt waliezer 5 months ago +1

    If they dont have a electricty why do they have outlets

    • Richie Hembree
      Richie Hembree Month ago

      They we're stripped of wire before moving in

  • I haven’t taken a shower in 7 weeks but

    Honestly I just want to live this way. Forget all this “technology” it’s only caused us problems. I’d gladly drop everything in a heartbeat for this.

  • Lydia Liu
    Lydia Liu 6 months ago

    That is the way I lived when I was young. And that is chinese villagr in the early 1990s. No electricity, no plumbing. I have to use the toilet outside. Which is a hole.

  • Nostalgiamaniac 102920
    Nostalgiamaniac 102920 6 months ago +1

    When the economy collapse they are the only people that will survive

  • Calvary Crusader
    Calvary Crusader 6 months ago +1

    www acanterburytale com

  • Elizabeth Warren
    Elizabeth Warren 6 months ago

    I would love to live like this

  • Bledsoe Gaming
    Bledsoe Gaming 6 months ago


  • Gissie D
    Gissie D 6 months ago

    what's difference between diesel and electricity?

  • MC cashMax
    MC cashMax 6 months ago

    People tend to say this is a simple life. How exactly is this simple. You're self-dependent and self-relient and have to constantly tend to your house and community every day.

    • Mister Miggs
      Mister Miggs 5 months ago

      MC cashMax Simple as far as they don't have the distractions we have. They live a very modest and practical lifestyle. It isn't that hard to see 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • anwar aa
    anwar aa 6 months ago

    Simple life ❤

  • john riordan
    john riordan 6 months ago

    With no TV and no phone and no lights, no wonder they have a lot of children. There is nothing else to do but make them.

  • presbyterosBassI
    presbyterosBassI 6 months ago +1

    I am at a loss at to how different a diesel engine from electricity.

  • dill papa
    dill papa 6 months ago

    why on earth would they use kerosine, when they can make their own alcohol and gas.

  • mssn316
    mssn316 6 months ago

    their lifestyle preserves history for generations to see.

  • i stan a queen
    i stan a queen 6 months ago

    Awesome lifestyle

  • John Rider
    John Rider 6 months ago

    He just lied. It says thou shall not make unto thyself any graven image to bow down and worship it

  • John Rider
    John Rider 6 months ago

    Sick demonic Vatican whore cult. Conservative. Yeah right and brothers growing up molesting sisters and the church says nothing about it

  • umm no
    umm no 6 months ago

    oh please. so many of you like "i wish i lived like this!" please, you wouldn't last without your technology for 5 hours and you know it. you'd feel the need to check your phone repeatedly.

  • Honestmicky
    Honestmicky 6 months ago

    Excellent video Lindsey. thanks for posting, much appreciated. New sub : )

  • Jordan Rivera
    Jordan Rivera 6 months ago

    You never hear cursing when watching the Amish, to be so respected. They don't waste time watching depressing news or other crap on TV which means they get so much more done, and learn more hobbies - I grew up without a TV and I was very physically active and took classes in many kinds of art, we communicated better as a family.

  • DMGamer99 DMGamer99
    DMGamer99 DMGamer99 6 months ago

    *Amish paradise*

  • imicca
    imicca 6 months ago +1

    Do they use dollars? Do they have passports and do they vote? How does police work or ambulance? Does government intervene? Can you freely visit them? How does house insurance work? Do they buy materials off-Amish territory?
    these kids know way more than average American.

  • imicca
    imicca 6 months ago +1

    Simple life, long life.

  • Karakoth
    Karakoth 6 months ago

    Just remember. If all western world lived like this, we would not have enough space, not enough food and wood burning pollutes with NoX and other dangerous chemicals in high concentration compared to wind powered electricity.
    Progress has more advantages than disadvantages, if you use it correctly.
    I like my insulin, my wind powered electricity and so on :-)

    • Karakoth
      Karakoth 6 months ago

      Multiply those 330k with 1000 if we all have to live like that and the NoX levels will be deadly.
      And we, are all of us. Our ancestors lived like that. Why go back? It wasnt better or simpler. The Amish only live like that because they work hard and can sell their crops and furniture to modern people at modern prices.

    • Julian Dale
      Julian Dale 6 months ago

      We've lived the past? Who's we? The Amish community resembles rural folk from the 19th century. Btw, I'm pretty sure 330,000 Amish fireplaces pale in comparison to the greenhouse emissions from everyone else. And I said enlightening, not admirable.

    • Karakoth
      Karakoth 6 months ago

      But we do know it. We have lived it, we have studied it and we can watch it. And tbh, they arent that special. There are tribes in South America, Asia or Africa who live a even more modest life style. And isnt there an issue with the Amish having forced marriages, child abuse and a very patriarchal system? Not sure how enlightening I find them. I'd rather say, dim!

    • Julian Dale
      Julian Dale 6 months ago

      Still, it's enlightening to have the Amish around. They're a portrait of the past, a past we will never know

  • Rowena Williams
    Rowena Williams 7 months ago +3

    How do they consume memes?

  • herbdigger
    herbdigger 7 months ago

    The Amish beat their horses, raise tons of chickens in deporable conditions, bread dogs in deplorable conditions!

  • nice guy
    nice guy 7 months ago

    This is real life believe me we all are living fake lives no social time fake expressions fake chats no real communication

  • cj miller
    cj miller 7 months ago +3

    Most thorough and accurate documentary on amish people is Breaking the Silence: My Amish Story. It is extremely accurate. Well worth the watch if you’re interested in this culture. Can be found on amazon.
    - a former amish guy-

  • RodBendingTechnology
    RodBendingTechnology 7 months ago

    so their buggys run on horses but their toolshop works on diesel smh

  • Billee Burkhart
    Billee Burkhart 7 months ago

    Looks like heaven to me.

  • Irina Ermolaeva
    Irina Ermolaeva 7 months ago

    Why do i think they look like Hassidic Jews?

  • hippydippy
    hippydippy 7 months ago

    I admire them for their traditional ways, but their "Religious Rules" can be a bit sketchy (as with any Religion.) Just my 2 cents.

  • tlc tlc
    tlc tlc 7 months ago

    Yeah go live that life ladies you can't shave under your arms or or legs or use ladies items like tampons or pass or under armour deodorant or perfume or ChapStick or any thing that makes a woman feel lady like so no not for me

  • Cathy T
    Cathy T 7 months ago

    Lindsey Hayes. Please STOP romanticizing and telling half truths about these Amish folks. Youre not painting an honest picture of them. Thank you

  • East Ghost
    East Ghost 7 months ago

    The Amish are head-buried ostriches. As Satanica overruns their land and becomes their neighbor on all sides, eventually even the scriptural-abiding Amish will get ass-raped by the Satanic forces which they shun. Tolerating or ignoring Evil is no virtue.

  • S B
    S B 7 months ago

    Are the Amish okay with non-modern medicine/dentistry?

  • MarconeProgeneBezerra
    MarconeProgeneBezerra 7 months ago

    Eu gosto desse modo de vida dos Amish .. parabéns

  • Steven Babb
    Steven Babb 7 months ago

    refining kerosene seems just as modern as a phone

  • Sackmatters
    Sackmatters 7 months ago

    No electricity.... are you fucking stupid it’s a generator which makes electricity through a inverter. How does he get his diesel to run in the generator. Does he go and get it with his credit card with his horse and buggy? For fucks sake.

  • Rifah Fariha
    Rifah Fariha 7 months ago +1

    More people need to see this and restore the balance of life. I love their satisfaction in simplicity.

  • Ethan Hull
    Ethan Hull 7 months ago

    Just saw one on a cell phone driving the buggy today

  • Lane Fraz
    Lane Fraz 7 months ago +1

    They have peace and love.

  • Natura
    Natura 7 months ago +5


  • Jason
    Jason 7 months ago

    so why are there plug ins in the upstairs bedroom below the window and below the coat rack 2:30 - 2:40 and a light switch by the door?

    • Steve H
      Steve H Month ago

      Amish buy homes and farms from the English, so yes it would be wired for electricity. But not hooked up to electricity

  • D Adams
    D Adams 7 months ago

    They are a cult! I didn't know this until I moved to Lancaster County PA and found out many of their dirty secrets and how bad their women & animals have it. This video perpetuates the unrealistic perception of what they are. Infested with men who engage in beastiality, pedophilia, animal abuse & unethical business practice.
    They have no respect for the land and cut every tree they possibly can down, pollute the waterways like the Chesapeake Bay by letting their livestock in the creeks and using their own septic holding tank sewage to put on their fields instead of buying fertilizer.
    They create a danger on the roadways that their buggies & farm equip. damage but they don't have to pay for road repair, be responsible for accidents caused by them or have laws like not allowing children to operate their buggies or babies to be protected in car seats. Many accidents are caused from them not tending their fences and their livestock getting out onto the roads. They pay the politicians cash to stop them from making laws & ordinances which would hold them responsible for their wrongdoings.
    The clinics in their area even have to have special medicine for diseases caused by beastiality. I could go on...

    • Rainbow Sunshine
      Rainbow Sunshine Month ago

      Haha it makes me laugh that you really BELIEVE thyre a cult because I know from first hand experience that there NOT a cult 😜

  • Vincent Bain
    Vincent Bain 7 months ago

    He’s got a sexy voice

  • Richard T
    Richard T 7 months ago +6

    This should be called the "sic inbred life"

  • roy hoco
    roy hoco 7 months ago

    it's really ok, they are just "contrary to ordinary"

  • Mary E Tilley
    Mary E Tilley 7 months ago +1

    Where can I sign up!

  • K.Doolittle
    K.Doolittle 8 months ago

    The Amish run puppymills and treat their animals cruelly.These people should not be respected or glorified.Despicable people.

  • Robert Jonasson
    Robert Jonasson 8 months ago

    I do love the Amish's less stressed, decompressed lifestyle.I fly to Minnesota 4 times a year to visit a dear friend and I always drive to Harmony to look at the beautiful farm architecture.I would love to have the Amish build me a home.I would add electricity and indoor plumbing of course.I may be relocating to Minnesota in the future.

    • Steve H
      Steve H Month ago

      The most beautiful log home I have ever been in had no electricity but did have indoor bathroom and was an Amish home in Montana

  • Carmen Morgan
    Carmen Morgan 8 months ago

    The BIBLE says do not eat pork.. hog/pig so why do you eat pork?

  • Steve Lewis
    Steve Lewis 8 months ago

    Why do they have a Masonic Bible?

  • Malgarzhata Sweet
    Malgarzhata Sweet 8 months ago

    They belong to 1800 talet not to our time nothing good or healthy to live like this

  • Lilly Muller
    Lilly Muller 8 months ago

    OMG I Live In This community, this guy Dennis Is not A member of the church that's the only reason he's on you tube I'm Amish myself believe it or not,

    • Lilly Muller
      Lilly Muller 8 months ago

      Ich kann Des net glawva (I can't believe this)

  • [BlackLightPrototype]
    [BlackLightPrototype] 8 months ago

    No electronics = dying of BOREDOM!!!

  • Nick Reynolds
    Nick Reynolds 8 months ago

    Complete BS. I work with Amish people and they all use cell phones and even have facebooks. I work construction and they all drive trucks and other machinery around the job site. They also use electric tools and have power in their houses. Don’t let this fool you, you go to landcaster and ol Amos is using power tools to put together your “authentic Amish furniture”. Great people but they live a lie and make money of stupid tourists that go to landcaster.

    • bigfatmouth
      bigfatmouth 8 months ago

      I remember driving by some houses in Indiana one evening and noticing how brightly lit the interiors were. Closer inspection showed that many houses in this area had propane tanks and utilized propane lighting throughout the house. I remember our old camper having the same lamps. That propane was trucked in. The tank was produced and installed. It's just so interesting to see where they draw the line.

  • Bobby  Babylon
    Bobby Babylon 8 months ago

    Pedophile cult where women and children do not have equality rights. Incest, child and spousal abuse is the norm.

  • Conor Olaf
    Conor Olaf 8 months ago

    They shun all pictures with the exception of the graven images of the presidents on currency!

    KEE CHEAT HNG 8 months ago

    Waste of life

  • Hugo Cardenas
    Hugo Cardenas 8 months ago

    They need some wifi😆😎

  • Hugo Cardenas
    Hugo Cardenas 8 months ago

    But money has images. How can they use money if it has different faces.???