The BEST of Sirs & Dames On The Graham Norton Show Part Two

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Part two of some of the best moments with Sirs and Dames!
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  • Nell Norwood
    Nell Norwood 16 hours ago

    I am so sorry Ms. Smith did not like doing Dowtin and she does not like Americans. I am American and I alone with millions of Americans watched her perform. That's so sad for her to say those things and I wonder why she took the part.

  • Do The Do
    Do The Do 20 hours ago +1

    Why is Ian wearing a tie around his neck when he's just wearing a t-shirt?

  • george smith
    george smith Day ago

    mckellen and stewart is an elite level duo

  • casey
    casey 2 days ago

    How does one become a sir or a Dame👀

  • Jean Hansen
    Jean Hansen 3 days ago

    Helen Mirren is the best! Oh, and Michael Caine, oh and Judi Densch , oh and .... There's a reason these people are noted!!

  • JuicyTaz201
    JuicyTaz201 5 days ago

    Best talk show since Johnny Carson!!!

  • Michael Kenis
    Michael Kenis 6 days ago

    to be fair, I'm jealous of Paul Rudd, Helen Mirren is an extremely beautiful (dare I say hot) woman for her age

  • Neemias Santana
    Neemias Santana 9 days ago


  • El-Nathan William Taua

    Oh look, people💀😂

  • KK and sims 4
    KK and sims 4 9 days ago

    Helen merrien and julie Andrews are ace I don’t care if there British they are national treasures and we claim them in America.

  • Nova Winchester
    Nova Winchester 9 days ago +61

    "I'm gay and I've never been to Heaven, and I'm not going there either." this us exactly why I love Sir Elton John

    • Michael Kenis
      Michael Kenis 6 days ago +3

      you don't have to be gay to love Elton John, the man's a living legend and YES he WILL go to heaven, wether he wants to or not xD

  • ClassifiedRanTom
    ClassifiedRanTom 9 days ago +1

    I would see a Sweeny Todd featuring Hugh Jackman.

  • 9Kualalumpur
    9Kualalumpur 9 days ago +3

    Michael Caine totally blinked a lot while telling that story

  • Kyle McDowell
    Kyle McDowell 12 days ago

    1:06 professor McGonagall, everyone

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper 14 days ago

    Can we talk about how sharp the smacking sound Maggie Smith made with her lips was? 😂😂😂

  • Szymon
    Szymon 15 days ago

    "I talked to you without blinking"
    I think Michael Caine hasn't seen himself while he was blinking

  • William Spalding
    William Spalding 15 days ago

    Maggie Smith Harry Potter “ I have always wanted to use that spell”

  • Sharon Mullins
    Sharon Mullins 16 days ago

    Love Dame Judi Dench. Maggie Smith, kind of a snob. Helen Mirren, the best!

  • holysugarmuffin1
    holysugarmuffin1 16 days ago

    these veterans chatting slow and im here waiting for the punchline 3 hours later

  • Antonio Sciorra
    Antonio Sciorra 16 days ago

    One of many reasons why I'm an Anglophile.

  • Ayu Dayani
    Ayu Dayani 21 day ago +1

    I just *adore* how Sir Ian suddenly got into the character of Mrs Lovett at Sir Patrick's idea 😍😁😍😁😍😁😍

  • Joe :
    Joe : 21 day ago

    Can’t stop watching Graham Norton clips.
    Genuinely the best talk show I’ve watched and the only talk show I can bear to watch for longer than a couple minutes.

  • Nell Norwood
    Nell Norwood 22 days ago

    I am so disappointed in Ms. Smith, I am an American and thought she was really wonderful in Dowden and I hate it that she does like Americans because we pay her salary just like the English do.

  • Eoghan O'Dwyer
    Eoghan O'Dwyer 23 days ago


  • Queenofthegoofballs74
    Queenofthegoofballs74 23 days ago

    We need Graham Norton to live forever.

  • Molly Seaton
    Molly Seaton 25 days ago +1

    Love how she says "I don't really go where they can get at me" like a pesky mosquito

  • Rosy X
    Rosy X 26 days ago


  • marko cubero
    marko cubero Month ago

    What if these sirs and dames will be in a movie.. WTF.. i hope it will be a magical movie.. they are good wizards and witches and fairies and enchanters... what ya think?

  • Alexis Jean Lao
    Alexis Jean Lao Month ago

    *these are the most iconic people in the world*

  • aj andrianjafy
    aj andrianjafy Month ago

    Julie is such a national treasure 😂 and Judi dench must be protected at all costs

  • Mr. Brown
    Mr. Brown Month ago

    Ok but are we actually getting Hugh Jackman as Sweeney Todd??? Bc now I kind of need it to happen

  • royalbuff123
    royalbuff123 Month ago

    Who is the girl next to Paul Rudd

    • Jamie Koering
      Jamie Koering Month ago

      Leslie Mann she's married to Judd Apatow who is the director the 40 year-old virgin and Anchorman among others.

  • B.K Mammeri
    B.K Mammeri Month ago +1

    Can you just notice that the guests feel really home on the couch... I JUST LOVE GRAHAM SHOW GUYS.

  • Ava xPompea
    Ava xPompea Month ago

    The Jack Nicholson story killed me 😂

  • Astrid Zapata
    Astrid Zapata Month ago

    When can I get a movie with all of them!!!!!

  • Nell Norwood
    Nell Norwood Month ago

    A lot of Americans are a fan of yours. Just to let you know.

  • Salomi Christie
    Salomi Christie Month ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about that moment when Bobby Newport says "Excuse me, Leslie."?!?!? Okay then. 😉 #parksandrecreation

  • Jorge Guillermo Zorrilla More

    Do you send me Lima-Perú, and now?
    Perfect decision, visitame el 27 January.

  • kaye kaye
    kaye kaye Month ago +3

    I love how the Dames speak so classically. hehehe I felt like I'm reading a jane austin 2018 but like watching them :) I love it

  • Jake
    Jake Month ago

    Liked in the first 30 seconds all because of the first clip

  • xoxo
    xoxo Month ago +3

    "In this TIDE of franchise." 😂😂😂😂

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    Helen Mirren is a minx.

  • Ange Maidment
    Ange Maidment Month ago +3

    “Julie Walters...”

  • Puro
    Puro Month ago

    Sirs and Dames are of a slightly tougher and cooler calibre.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    I swear Helen Mirren is still smoking hot. Paul Rudd you lucky SOB 👍🏽

  • Autocross Racer
    Autocross Racer 2 months ago

    I hereby decree everyone in the comment section to be Sirs and Dames for the simple fact that such a title shouldn’t come from the inbred.

  • Dropzz
    Dropzz 2 months ago

    My nan taught marlene dietrich's daughter =P

  • Joanna Revelle
    Joanna Revelle 2 months ago +5

    Julie Andrews is so amazingly beautiful and pleasant. Her whole self smiles.

  • Cynthia Tingler
    Cynthia Tingler 2 months ago +4

    Love Maggie Smith! Judy Dench is so adorable!!!

    ANKESH GAURAV 2 months ago

    would love to see Graham Norton and Ellen DeGeneres together....

  • Furious Sherman
    Furious Sherman 2 months ago

    Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are relationship goals.

  • Stash McJammin
    Stash McJammin 2 months ago

    Helena Minan as misses lovet

  • Eric Charles
    Eric Charles 2 months ago

    Dame Judi- they took us threw the back door
    Sir Elton(pointing at graham) Story of her life 😄😄😄😂 I'm crying laughing I love our beautiful sense of humour.

  • Kimberley Luoto
    Kimberley Luoto 3 months ago


  • De Sterrennacht
    De Sterrennacht 3 months ago +3

    the way Sir Ian McKellen speaks... wow?
    "do not despair if you missed it.."
    there's something so endearing about this. I love it.

  • 陈知见
    陈知见 3 months ago

    Paul Rudd has a very long time in the clip of sirs and dames lol

  • Diego Meneses
    Diego Meneses 3 months ago +1

    Hugh, Sir Ian and Sir Patrick together are everything I need

  • GNA Garcia
    GNA Garcia 3 months ago +1

    Please make this Sweeney Todd version happen+

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper 3 months ago

    I never realized this until now, but Sir Patrick Stewart literally got to chill in a wheelchair the entire time shooting the X-Men movies he was in while others had to run and walk and stuff. Such a gangster. 😂😂😂

  • Manfred Bazarov
    Manfred Bazarov 3 months ago

    Helen Mirren is a babe