Breath of the Mild

  • I've been playing Breath of the Wild a lot lately. Super fun game. So I made a quick thing. I got ToonBoom Harmony which is new software to me. It's not immediately intuitive so I'm still trying to learn how to use it properly. Drawing in it feels weird. It will feel normal in time though I'm sure. I wonder how many people read the description. If you are then hello. I hope you are well 💖
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Comments • 80

  • Kevin Vega
    Kevin Vega Day ago

    Bro there was a advertisement vid above this vid and i was The Call Of The Wild

  • Trevorian A
    Trevorian A Day ago

    I demand more !

  • aqua phoenix10432

    Isn't the bomb thing the LEFT bumper?

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown 5 days ago

    0:52 Y A Y E E T

  • hope fuller
    hope fuller 5 days ago

    ahhhh so your a game grumps fan

  • Awesome Cows
    Awesome Cows 6 days ago +1

    The last one was so true it isn't even funny

  • Tanner Yats
    Tanner Yats 8 days ago

    (.) (.)

  • Butter Toast
    Butter Toast 10 days ago

    Honestly I like this art style

  • PBandJboi525
    PBandJboi525 11 days ago


  • Rebecca Zaatar
    Rebecca Zaatar 15 days ago

    Thought it was : breath of the milf

  • yax itzy
    yax itzy 18 days ago


  • CJ Does Random Things
    CJ Does Random Things 20 days ago

    I went on mobile just for this:👏👏👏

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter Hughes 21 day ago

    I still play this game to this day because it’s just that awesome

  • Mutant Zer0
    Mutant Zer0 22 days ago

    Love ice cream

  • NikaLOL_WannaPlay
    NikaLOL_WannaPlay 22 days ago +1

    LMAO yes! I love botw XD

  • 💀
    💀 24 days ago +1


  • Damien Letham
    Damien Letham 27 days ago

    This reminds me how much I liked that rhythmic jingling sound from the cooking (I mean when it's done right). :3
    As for the guardians, I quite liked the parrying trick I learned, where I was able to destroy one of the early ones by deflecting the beam with my shield. It took a few tries to get the timing right, but it felt so good when it worked. :D

  • Jolianne
    Jolianne 27 days ago

    this is like the asdf movies tomska used to make that i would watch on my DSi

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook 28 days ago

    May the ice cream sandwich smile upon you...

  • Super Xhaiden
    Super Xhaiden 28 days ago

    Find cover
    or don’t

  • Super Xhaiden
    Super Xhaiden 28 days ago


  • Iron Angel
    Iron Angel 29 days ago

    0:25 *me every F***ing time I find one of these little minions*

  • Skeleton Ghost
    Skeleton Ghost Month ago +1

    Now that I’ve played the game, this hurts.

  • Minecraft By Design

    *reads description* Hello :D 👋

  • Andon Sedens
    Andon Sedens Month ago

    Make more vids plz

  • Turned Wheat
    Turned Wheat Month ago

    X D

  • Luk TDK
    Luk TDK Month ago

    The fuck was that?!

    BRO COMIX CO. Month ago

    Bad breath kills the wild

  • Meygl
    Meygl Month ago

    Me: *running around Hyrule field*
    BOTW: *the guardian music kicks in*
    Also me: Where!?

  • A.R. Animates
    A.R. Animates Month ago

    This is beautiful XD

  • nate cofone
    nate cofone Month ago

    I dont get this

  • Mad Deoxys
    Mad Deoxys Month ago

    Wait wait not yet

    Ok do it

  • SuperZombiepimp
    SuperZombiepimp Month ago

    I use to hate guardians now I hunt them down

  • Blue Mario
    Blue Mario Month ago

    More like Breath of the Child

  • J Wolf
    J Wolf Month ago


  • Ty Diaz
    Ty Diaz Month ago

    Better off with breath of the child

  • I suck at everything

    When I found a guardian

    Holy mother of Mount Everest-
    *gets shreked*

  • Zoo Leader
    Zoo Leader Month ago

    I have no idea what this is,
    But I love it

  • Nathan Stafford
    Nathan Stafford Month ago +1

    I saw the thumbnail and thought, "It's probably gonna be about zelda.
    Or hot sauce"

  • Abby dragon 123
    Abby dragon 123 Month ago

    I friggin love this game

  • wolfie gacha
    wolfie gacha Month ago

    You know Zelda?!

  • Dounut Dude
    Dounut Dude Month ago +1


  • Eegeee 13
    Eegeee 13 Month ago +1

    Why do I love this so much😂❤

  • Kaleb Williston
    Kaleb Williston Month ago +1

    Some of this rinds me of Legend of Zelda

  • Impro
    Impro Month ago +1

    Good one

  • Random Player
    Random Player Month ago

    _ _

  • Theactedarrow
    Theactedarrow Month ago +2

    breath of the mildly spicy

  • Underrated_Artist
    Underrated_Artist Month ago

    luv this game, its basically my life.

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic 2 months ago

    Lies, you can’t detonate a bomb In hand

  • Farckle Mincus
    Farckle Mincus 2 months ago

    I love this

  • Albert Björk
    Albert Björk 2 months ago


  • Medic314
    Medic314 2 months ago

    "How do I use it" *"you know the right bumber thing"*

  • Kretan06 The jack of the assassins

    It’s breath of the dield

  • iSpeaktrees
    iSpeaktrees 2 months ago

    Excellence in a nutshell's nutshell

  • Mike-Daddy
    Mike-Daddy 2 months ago +1

    I feel like I’m one of the only people that just went straight after Ganon...

    Follow my streams at

    ADITI DASGUPTA 2 months ago

    Hello I read the descriptions always

  • Gwheyr
    Gwheyr 2 months ago

    ok do it

  • Megorium
    Megorium 2 months ago

    This will never not be funny XD

  • Creepy Waffles
    Creepy Waffles 2 months ago


  • jimmyxoo
    jimmyxoo 2 months ago

    its left bumper tho

  • Siegebroken
    Siegebroken 2 months ago

    Tip: if you are about to get hit by a guardan you can start a shield surf to the left or right and if you time it correctly you will not get hit at all. This works far away and close up

  • Tohlemiach
    Tohlemiach 2 months ago


  • Gleison Oliveira
    Gleison Oliveira 2 months ago +2

    If there’s a Breath of the Mild, that implies that there’s a Breath of the Spicy

    • Cake
      Cake 2 months ago


  • Umyum
    Umyum 2 months ago +1

    0:44 is that a Fleeing the Complex reference?

  • Ava da cat UwU
    Ava da cat UwU 2 months ago

    Me: finding an artifact
    Hears the guardian music playing
    Also me: 0-0
    Gets pewed

  • I don't need a name
    I don't need a name 2 months ago

    Ok do it BTHZ

  • The Gaming World
    The Gaming World 2 months ago

    Breath of the BBQ

  • Jaques Liw
    Jaques Liw 2 months ago

    No you press the left bumper to get it and explode it

  • Donut Hurt My Honey
    Donut Hurt My Honey 2 months ago

    I love all of this except the fact that you use the left bumper for bombs, not the right bumper

  • Xaejn
    Xaejn 2 months ago +3

    Whenever i find a korok under a stone i always drop it om their lil head and make them go "gyah"

  • Berna M
    Berna M 2 months ago

    I love you becuse u like that game and I love that game

  • Spraypaint TV
    Spraypaint TV 2 months ago

    braeth of the title represents all my lif-

    oh my thoughts when i wanna see breath

  • ItsAnimeDealWithIt
    ItsAnimeDealWithIt 2 months ago +8

    The guardians can easily be avoided by running in zigzags but not straight. NEVER TRY TO OUTRUN A GUARDIAN GOING IN A STRAIGHT LINE.

  • ItsAnimeDealWithIt
    ItsAnimeDealWithIt 2 months ago +1


  • Buzzley
    Buzzley 2 months ago

    I'm terrified of guardians.

  • u got no jams
    u got no jams 2 months ago

    Mwah beautiful 😘

  • Zanman
    Zanman 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really like Breath of the Wild?

  • SommerwurstHD
    SommerwurstHD 2 months ago

    Braeth of the mild sauce

  • Badimations
    Badimations 2 months ago +1

    Me: walking through Central Hyrule for 10 seconds
    The piano: *It's free real estate*

  • SomeCall MeThings
    SomeCall MeThings 2 months ago +1

    We're not the Wild ones.
    We're the Mild ones