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Длительность: 10:38
Комментарии: 4161

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Автор Harley Cullen ( назад)
Lol ?

Автор Freddy Fox 500 ( назад)
I got big in Japan

Автор Liam Cahill ( назад)
The bit with the light switch XD

Автор jamal klotz ( назад)
what is your job right now chris?

Автор Zac Moore ( назад)
Cat pillow worked 😂

Автор Shell 28 ( назад)
Your not fat 😒😒😒 geez ppl r stupid

Автор lolita texan ( назад)
i usely eat dinner as im watching your videos.

Автор _ ( назад)

Автор TheHueisOver™ ( назад)
Don't get fat, obey the hitler cat.

Автор Nizzle Pizzle ( назад)
10/10 would bang #jussayin

Автор jekblom123 ( назад)

what the hell? He looks perfectly fit to me. His body structure is literally just fine.

Like literally. 

There is nothing to judge from looking at him at all. If anything he looks... Old? I think maybe? Or unshaven? "Fat" would be like, number 40 on the list of ways I could think to describe this guy... after "bald".

Oh no, I can press my fingers into his stomach and it goes in a little bit. He must be FAT.

Yeah, I can do that on my arm, I can do that on my Japanese friend's arm, I can do that on you,

you, reading this comment right now.

Автор Logan Jorgensen ( назад)
Passive aggressive statements aren't polite in any culture, that's A-hole behavior. I couldn't live there, there'd be a lot of Japanese people with broken fingers every day.

Автор Black Hatred ( назад)
kill me

Автор Gamer Turtwig ( назад)
Keep going I hope u hit 1 million in no time

Автор Cleo L ( назад)
You're not overweight! And you have a nice face!

Автор anna bellachik ( назад)
I love the cat so much more than I should

Автор rexana ( назад)
"I want twice the number of subscribers of Simply Red!"

Nearly there mate :D

Автор darksidewhovian ( назад)
That bread struggle is real

Автор kittenpolyps ( назад)
I like how you put on the pink shirt for the 'organic youtuber' XD

Автор tips ( назад)
You're a dumb ass and you look like like a queer

Автор Kristabel Leong ( назад)
I-is that a 'Like a magic' mug I see at 9:23 ?

Автор geoffrey gunawan ( назад)
zync, copper, CYANIDE (RIP).
Must be bleach then.

Автор MrRamkulov ( назад)
the number of your subscribers doubled now !!!

Автор grimmer190 ( назад)
Only 4% overweight/obese... dream country

Автор Taaaaaaaaaangerine ( назад)
> cat

Автор SnapshotOfASoul ( назад)
you look legitimately skinny i don't see a problem with your figure at all o:

Автор Sparkzz323 ( назад)
I know what you mean to be honest, meeting Japanese people in the UK. After a few drinks they seem to like pointing or rubbing your belly like they have never seem a fat guy before xD personally don't mind it but was weird that every Japanese person I have meet has basically done it...

Автор L as in L ( назад)
The cat looks like if Hitler were a cute kitty.

Автор Wallywutsizface ( назад)
Wait did he say cyanide was in the drink

Автор Shoes ( назад)
Jesus, that slice of bread was in itself a fucking sandwich.

Автор Coyam Venegas ( назад)
it worked

Автор ai Land ( назад)
Haha u fat 😂😂😂😂

Автор Dina Polarbear ( назад)

Автор leonel fernandez ( назад)
Lol!! Your the man !!!

Автор Kelly Deng ( назад)
I don't have a morning coffee.
I have a morning hot chocolate.

Автор Haroon P ( назад)
u now have twice as much subscribers as Simply Red :)

Автор Maseru kururu ( назад)
is this for real? 85cm for males? is there a scale for westerners too? cuz i feel really bad now....

Автор Moon Light ( назад)
Fall in love with Jiu-jitsu natural weight control, check it out.

Автор Dave Linares ( назад)
zinc, copper cyanide lmaoooo definitely a life drink

Автор animesaint :3 ( назад)
im going to japan this year

Автор RED REBEL ( назад)
hes still adorable

Автор DokoGaTV ( назад)
One of a gazillion great vids, rock-on Chris!

Автор Maggie Kerr ( назад)
legit video, i think you look positive and confident.

Автор danielle ( назад)
Look, it's hello kitty!

Автор aacb2004 ( назад)
Japan makes you mindful and stomach full

Автор ZingyTunia 5825 ( назад)
you're not fat

Автор Sylvia Spiker ( назад)
Personally I would feel it rude to touch someone without their permission. Like "karate chop your hand off if you touch me' rude.

Автор Sylvia Spiker ( назад)
Personally this is my ideal body type in a guy....huggable :D

Автор Alexander Cross ( назад)
Am I the only one who doesn't think he's fat whatsoever?

Автор Dyyll ( назад)
ur so funny

Автор b s ( назад)
zinc copper cyanide lol

Автор Chino Gambino ( назад)
Your cat looks like Hitler.

Автор pulseR ( назад)
Ummm where can i buy the soft toy cat?

Автор dave thorn ( назад)

Автор Jason Lieberman ( назад)
damn, for a vlog, you sure put a lot of work into this!

Автор Yukari カレーうどん森川 ( назад)
some people squeeze my fat D:

Автор whizzkid ( назад)
love all the mad fat cunts in the comments tbh

Автор Cici Otaku ( назад)
At least you now have twice as much subs than simply red

Автор Beer For Breakfast ( назад)
english humour at it's best. we love you

Автор Aleck Forrest ( назад)

Автор Earl of Doom ( назад)
the look (6:01) is basically what happens to most girls, just with the boobs being in focus.

Автор James Mate ( назад)
This video made my day thanks!

Автор Tyler Brousseau ( назад)
Dude I love your personality. I found a video of yours on the trending page and dudeee I love your videos Im subscribing for suuure!

Автор Victor Aldana ( назад)
you so fat you make snuggles look slim

Автор laurie kerze ( назад)
I married my hubs when he was 240, yes, I am a chubby chaser. P.S. my daughter is teaching in Japan, please marry her.

Автор Joe Burner ( назад)
Abroad in Japan. Just tell everyone that you have a glandular problem.

Автор nic ( назад)
it's so hard for me to wrap my head around the fat tax

Автор kawazu874 ( назад)
Some people still believe youtubers who suddenly show healthy products they eat or drink is about health ??? Oh well !

Автор beedic ( назад)
you are hilarious.

Автор HeaveNStreams ( назад)
Wow that cat plushy has Hitler hair

Автор carlos leonguerrero ( назад)
What's the intro music?

Автор The Shadow Broker ( назад)
I'm not a gay or anything but if you asked me to suck your dick I would out of respect.

Автор Alyssa Williams ( назад)

Автор Sassy Sky ( назад)
Same here. I'm still fat and I'm in Japan.

The main problem is that, I like the prodding.

Автор Bob Thenob ( назад)
Ok stage one and two I could handle I'd just think they're rude cunts....and I'd be right
Stage three? yeah that one's gonna get you a smack in the mouth

Автор TzokoliT ( назад)
6:28 Filipinos say "oh you're fat!" and both laugh. and after eating, the men show off their beer belly. true story.

Автор TzokoliT ( назад)

Автор Max Schwartz ( назад)
Almost twice as many subs

Автор Mason Wu ( назад)
What is the song in the beginning?

Автор Amanda Phillips ( назад)
Very entertaining! :)

Автор Obie Montellano ( назад)
That's what you get for not knowing how to cook.

Автор baymon83 ( назад)
Lol should I use the small escalator or the stairs.

Автор Carol T. ( назад)
People in Japan don't prod you about weight due to trying to help you be more healthy.  They do it to feel superior.  In Japan you cannot gain even ONE kilo where it will not be announced publicly in a group.  If you get thin, that will be announced also, in a negative fashion, "Do you feel okay?  You are getting very thin"  etc.  Furthermore, your choice of clothing, how many moles you have, birthmarks, how you laugh, how you eat and any noticeable wrinkles you have will also be announced.  Highly educated people who have travelled to foreign countries will refrain from this behavior but the vast majority will not.

Автор Tina Ditte Thomsen ( назад)
I subbed for the cat

Автор Phuocc Boi ( назад)
"if you noticeably put on weight in the uk, to point it out would be rude", no it wouldnt you sensitive prick. It'd be polite because we're stopping them from killing themselves and wasting tax money. Stop making excuses and just take care of yourself.

Автор Scruffy P ( назад)
How did he not mention that the cat has a hitleresque side parting

Автор O_O Jacob ( назад)
I subscribed because of the cat lol

Автор D -ARMY ( назад)
Ur awesome

Автор TubeSakis ( назад)
a cat?subb'd

Автор Erik Meinhardt ( назад)
That is the biggest laptop I've ever seen!

Автор yazeed alsharif ( назад)
If someone touch my stomach repeatedly i will break his nose 🙂

Автор Raul Apanaev ( назад)
I am quite surprised that no one mentioned, that your pillow looks a bit like a hitler...

Автор ProPOV ( назад)
cyanide yum

Автор Mirai Sama ( назад)

Автор michaelbianchi22 ( назад)
I want you to be the next Doctor.

Автор Portis Anaran ( назад)
they stay slim because they just eat heaps of rice and dont pig out on snacks

Автор Henrik Börjesson ( назад)
hope you get cancer you fat fuck

Автор RagingBudds ( назад)
You can't pull the good 'ol real men have curves card.

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