Barren Gates - Area 51

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Barren Gates just released his official song for the raid event for Area 51. There's no better way to show up at the raid and storm Area 51 blasting this song.
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Comments • 659

  • Trap City
    Trap City  2 months ago +583

    Do you think we finally get to see what’s going on in Area 51 on September 20th? Are you expecting something extraterrestrial? 👽

    • Dakota Townsend
      Dakota Townsend Month ago

      Lol. They were all hoping.

    • GoldLion 513
      GoldLion 513 Month ago


    • Chelsea and Chloe
      Chelsea and Chloe 2 months ago +1

      already pass September 20th...

      Still haven’t seen any aliens👽

    • s ss
      s ss 2 months ago +1


    • NxF Fifi
      NxF Fifi 2 months ago


  • Eunice Arias
    Eunice Arias 14 days ago

    ;w; dis cool I want to meet aliens

  • Youssef Khaled
    Youssef Khaled 21 day ago

    I am sure aliens use this song to move their galactic ass on the beat

  • NV H
    NV H 21 day ago

    Wooow amazing!

  • Dari Diggah
    Dari Diggah Month ago


  • Tim Fischer
    Tim Fischer Month ago

    damn this is so good 🔥

  • Adam Hroch
    Adam Hroch Month ago

    xD Area 51 RAID

  • Adam Hroch
    Adam Hroch Month ago

    LMAO Lets start new battle about 10 days

  • Adam Hroch
    Adam Hroch Month ago

    Ok i heard of some army will place secret radios what will emit the music in very loud version so guards will hide...

  • Ellie :*
    Ellie :* Month ago

    Bester Mix an meinem Geburtstag veröffentlicht 😊✌🏼

  • Dragan Prastalo
    Dragan Prastalo Month ago

    Нојс мен

  • Z3UX Playz
    Z3UX Playz Month ago +1

    0:36 I cant move on in thiz alien drop!😫😫

  • Yan
    Yan Month ago

    Came from area 51.

  • VegXter 09
    VegXter 09 Month ago

    I like this the music🥰

  • Dawnxtr
    Dawnxtr Month ago

    i like when they talk

  • Capitaine Nelson
    Capitaine Nelson Month ago

    Is it a no copyright song ?

  • GoldLion 513
    GoldLion 513 Month ago

    the beat dropped so hard my glass broke

    INVINCIBLE GAMING Month ago +1

    Hey @trapnation i want to use this song plz don't strike me i will give credits in description

  • nangfa satan
    nangfa satan Month ago +1

    oh yeah i will play this song ha ha XD

  • Abubakr Siddiqui
    Abubakr Siddiqui Month ago

    Drop sampled from this, Barren Gates - Falling In Reverse (ft. VinDon), anyone?

  • Khaek Rattanakon
    Khaek Rattanakon 2 months ago +1

    Or trap

  • Khaek Rattanakon
    Khaek Rattanakon 2 months ago +1

    Ur song to cool baby

  • Kevin joe prakash joe
    Kevin joe prakash joe 2 months ago

    I gona play this song in ma ipod and kar98 I my hand and 51 creatures UNDER MY FEET.

  • cometastral
    cometastral 2 months ago

    Unlike the rest of you posers, I was actually at Area 51 the day of....nothing happened and it was boring as hell

    • Campbell Johnson
      Campbell Johnson Month ago

      @Trap City Area 51 correctional facility, of course

    • Trap City
      Trap City  Month ago +1

      where can I get a selfie with you ?

  • Cubersin
    Cubersin 2 months ago


  • Thor Sæther Halsli
    Thor Sæther Halsli 2 months ago

    Screw the memes, the second drop changed something inside me.. Very good sir.

  • SilverSugarwings
    SilverSugarwings 2 months ago +1

    This song must have come from Area 51 'cause that drop is *out of this world*

  • Konstantin Vucetic
    Konstantin Vucetic 2 months ago

    I listening last 4 hours very nice bro

  • Yeet and Delete
    Yeet and Delete 2 months ago

    He did it everyone he made the remix of the century

  • Loli Rorikon
    Loli Rorikon 2 months ago

    This is more Trap than an Autotuned Rapper.

  • Loli Rorikon
    Loli Rorikon 2 months ago

    Oh, man. This is the music i would do choreography of.

    But, Kinjaz and Jabbawockeez can do theirs.

  • goldentouch 0004
    goldentouch 0004 2 months ago +6

    why didn't I hear about the dead Americans already


  • BirbAndGames - Vlogs, Gaming, & More!

    Actually sounds cool

  • BrushyMite 60787
    BrushyMite 60787 2 months ago

    Do u think u could do the at&t boy band commercial trap

  • Josue Martínez 890
    Josue Martínez 890 2 months ago

    josue apunto de caer al abismo con sus amigos, e ixi, ataca a la princesa, este se molesta y ataca con la leyenda.

  • Akash loyal
    Akash loyal 2 months ago

    i thought my headphones got broken but then it was the background music duhhh

  • prod by DIL3N
    prod by DIL3N 2 months ago

    Area 51 sounds so lit

  • prod by DIL3N
    prod by DIL3N 2 months ago

    MY CAR


  • coolx300
    coolx300 2 months ago +2

    So this is what they were hiding in area 51

  • HADES oP
    HADES oP 2 months ago

    Welcome song for aliens 🤣 it's pretty good tho

  • AMstr
    AMstr 2 months ago

    What is area 51 in this?!??!? 😠

  • Simon And
    Simon And 2 months ago

    What do you all mean by some kind of raid?

  • Hani Jaaskelainen
    Hani Jaaskelainen 2 months ago +1

    Area 51 Raid wasn't even a proper raid
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    • Trap City
      Trap City  2 months ago +2

      They should redo it but this time properly including the Naruto Run

  • Dharmveer Sharma
    Dharmveer Sharma 2 months ago

    the naruto runner guy was lit 🔥🔥

  • Isaiah Santana
    Isaiah Santana 2 months ago

    So this song is here and on trap nation? What is what?..

  • Basscat Music
    Basscat Music 2 months ago +2

    Holy shit the editing on this is surreal. The only channel that doesn't just use a template for every video, insane work! ❤

    • Basscat Music
      Basscat Music 2 months ago

      @Trap City Well, keep up the awesome work! I'm excited to see where this goes!

    • Trap City
      Trap City  2 months ago +1

      Its a lot of effort and tedious to do but the result is dope and it really highlights the song. We have lots of creative ideas in store for you guys and keep improving it and make it super reactive for each song ⚡

  • Seveyna Garrix
    Seveyna Garrix 2 months ago +1

    👽 I'm an alien mow

  • Seveyna Garrix
    Seveyna Garrix 2 months ago

    Area51? Lets see those Aliens
    Trapcity & Martin Garrix started area21 raid!

  • chosta h
    chosta h 2 months ago


  • blueplanegamer -GAMES
    blueplanegamer -GAMES 2 months ago

    i love this song but peoples are gonna continue the raid in area 51 :)

  • Herohunter 64
    Herohunter 64 2 months ago

    Today is the day

  • Double the Cookies
    Double the Cookies 2 months ago

    Do you mind if I use his song for future videos? It’s okay if you don’t want to.
    I’ll be sure to credit you, even tho ima small creator.

    • Jana
      Jana 2 months ago

      @Double the Cookies no problem :))

    • Double the Cookies
      Double the Cookies 2 months ago

      Jana oh. Thanks for telling me :D

    • Jana
      Jana 2 months ago

      Trap City is not the Owner of this song! You have to ask the artist (Barren Gates) for permission.

  • Ali A
    Ali A 2 months ago

    school got cancelled today due to weather. Right on time for Area 51

  • D4_
    D4_ 2 months ago +4

    Anyone from after the raid?

  • Las historias de Alanna Dark studios

    Brake:Aliens :v

  • Gone Boi
    Gone Boi 2 months ago

    Oh dear god I forgot today was the Raid, mom said I can’t go , I have to go to school.

    • Trap City
      Trap City  2 months ago +1

      stay in school kids ✌️

  • ParT
    ParT 2 months ago

    0:37 1:51
    0:37 1:51

  • ElectrifierGaming
    ElectrifierGaming 2 months ago


  • xFlPr0z
    xFlPr0z 2 months ago

    It is now...

  • AceCombatUSEA
    AceCombatUSEA 2 months ago

    [Update: the raid was the biggest disappointment of the year. at least we have this song thats fire]