Morning Relaxing Music - Positive Feelings and Energy (Adele)

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The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series helps you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, learning, studying, reading, thinking, sleeping, working, dreaming, traveling, etc. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded on YouTube every week.

For my niece, Adele! :)

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Автор Sigma Circle Studios ( назад)

Автор brandy aston ( назад)
this is beautiful😍

Автор Promisse in LaLa Land ( назад)
The first 5 minutes was cool. But it's the same track over and over and over.

Автор jesusiscoming 333 ( назад)
Jesus is coming. God of Israel and Jesus Christ wants me to share! There will be a lamb wedding!

Автор LearnEnglishESL ( назад)
Very peaceful and relaxing morning music - good for thought. Thank you. "Meditate profoundly, that the secret of things unseen may be revealed unto you, that you may inhale the sweetness of a spiritual and imperishable fragrance,.." - Baha'u'llah

Автор Madhuvanthi Vivek ( назад)
Thank you for this beautiful composition. Very inspiring and positive,
So serene,yet upbeat. The chirping of birds interspersed has such a calming effect.

Автор alvint guo ( назад)
nice music, this morning I listened to this song for 3 hours, and I realized it had turned afternoon.

Автор Cortez Bell ( назад)
This morning, the song birds were singing incredibly loud this morning, and the songs were brilliance

Автор Isi Garre ( назад)
está aquí,,, yaaa, lo escucho 🌻🌷😉

Автор Immanuel Rajan ( назад)
Do these guys record for 3 hrs straight?? If yes, then how do they play that continuos

Автор Alicia Collins ( назад)
nice video

Автор Aphiwe Magaya ( назад)
i thank God i'm still whom iam

Автор Crazylaze98 ( назад)
Doing coursework at 2am and this helps me concentrate... but also makes me feel more sleepy lol

Автор Mark Andrzejewski ( назад)

Автор Mark Andrzejewski ( назад)
i like this music because it'sake me feel relaxing

Автор Shamus Omalley ( назад)
I get it is chill, but all I can here is a fucking 2 hour long ringtone. Go listen to Clint Mansell - The Last Man or Max Richter - Sarajevo.

Автор Aaron Holder ( назад)
I've listened to this countless times while writing essays for school. Honestly, if this didn't exist i would probably have burnt down my school ages ago. Thank you. This audio is a true gift to the world.

Автор Gabriel Allen Miller ( назад)
He doesn't even show his face so

Автор Gabriel Allen Miller ( назад)
Hi guys thank you for liking my video. Don't listen to OCB, they are only trying yo steal my music

Автор Bia Lizák ( назад)
Nagyon szép zene!

Автор Ruby Villanueva ( назад)
Love working to this music! So relaxing and I'm actually concentrating. YAY

Автор Nilsa Nava ( назад)
Nice to hear this beautiful music.

Автор Kristine Agudo ( назад)
thank u for this music

Автор Aimal jaan ( назад)
very nice.. thank u alot sir .
may GOD bless you

Автор Hypnosis with Emily ( назад)
This is like a delicious mental hot cup of coffee in the morning to listen to. Definitely a great way to start the day.

Автор kaffert ( назад)
Lots of positivity in these comments :)
This is really rare for youtube

Автор Philina Dreamer ( назад)
I really like the bird chirps

Автор cherli Soares ( назад)
I love this instrument a lot and always listen every morning and afternoon to get my Positive Feelings and Energy back. what is the title or where i can buy its DVD? Please anyone help me to find it. Thank you

Автор Keshav Madhav ( назад)
really its peacefulness moment with this wonderful music

Автор Jane Tan ( назад)
Good morning have a nice Day!🌄

Автор craftymanxie ( назад)
this is just what needed this morning after another battle of wills with the offspring. Very relaxing though sometimes the constant tweeting got on my nerves a little bit,love birds though I do.

Автор Andra Hanca ( назад)
I sometimes wake up rather anxious, but this soundtrack has helped me ease my mind and start fresh :) Thank you

Автор شهد علي ( назад)

Автор Emil ( назад)
thank you so much I finished my homework in math ... wonderful beautiful  nature relaxing and peaceful .

Автор fd fatih ( назад)
how can I download it?

Автор muana13 ( назад)

Автор Alicia queen ( назад)
it made shuch a difrens *

Автор Yajaira Moyano ( назад)
Nice sounds.😊

Автор sónia nobrega ( назад)
C e bom logo pela manha ouvir uma musica relaxante, que acalma a mente, da-me mais força para enfrentar o dia e ter mais pensamentos positivo

Автор Urooj fatima ( назад)
this music really spread positive vibes... don't know if it's really meditation music but makes my mood really better....amazing

Автор Bonnie Daigle ( назад)
sitting in my car while the rain runs down my windshield... now lunchtime and it is very mellow and calming. I can almost see the birds. Very nice.

Автор Mill Wright ( назад)
Never one to be too pedantic but as I glance through the comments below it seems to me that either I have lost my grasp of English or our schooling system is 'teaching' a language and grammar I am entirely unfamiliar with! Lovely music though!

Автор GamingCubeMc // GCM_YT ( назад)
Very nice music and I could use this for my full yoga class

Автор deepak rajkumar ( назад)
thank u so much,God bless yoy

Автор Sadie Strong ( назад)
thank you for this. do you compose this music? namaste

Автор AnorexicPitbull ( назад)
we listened to this song for 2 hours while tripping on shrooms

Автор Gene Yount ( назад)
hands blessed by the Lord......I am in orbit!!! thank you

Автор loan tran ( назад)
very good

Автор MsWhatdoyaknow ( назад)
just finished my morning meditation session in my personal ashram, ,making breakfast for syrian refugees listening to this music, its just wonderful, then off to the park to teach Jesus tai chi; what a way to start the day :)

Автор Morgan Wilmes ( назад)
I love this music. So relaxing while I work on my class essays. Love it.

Автор Saradha Sivalingam ( назад)
Gorgeous, it adds to the bird songs outside my home. Such calmness and beauty.

Автор Luna Granger ( назад)
It's not even morning for me, just chilling with a book

Автор Pearl Snape ( назад)
nice except for the part halfway through where the commercial scares the crap out of you...

Автор miraflor saldua ( назад)
Listening to this..
Still lying on bed.
Staring outside the window.
Looking up the blue sky.
Watching the beautiful clouds.
Taking a deep breath.............
Thank you God for everything.
God bless everyone.

Автор CARO TV ( назад)
bellísimo 🔊🎶🇨🇷😍💓

Автор Veronica Solombrino ( назад)
Unique music that help me to be concentrate and very productive! Thank you very much!!

Автор Aichurek Ussenova ( назад)
Thanks for wonderful music, you made my Sunday morning so special and wonderful. I made yoga, meditation and ask forgiveness and thanksgiving for my parents. Thanks God for such beautiful day!!! I love my life!!!!! Wish the best for everyone!!!!!

Автор White Noise Tube ( назад)
Beautiful! 💜
Our congratulations on such a great video.

Автор Sarah Monroe ( назад)
This really is perfect for the morning! Makes me feel calm yet alert, full of energy and joy. Thank you! Really really well done music. :)

Автор Relaxing rooM ( назад)
Best relaxing!!!! thanks!!!

Автор Reda Zaki ( назад)
wow so calm peacee

Автор jacob sartorius fan ( назад)

Автор whitty002 ( назад)
Perfect work soundtrack for the morning! Thanks!

Автор Iwan Bonnén ( назад)
Why did you write the word "Adele" in the headline?

Автор りなぴょん ( назад)
morning glory is the new beginning of life and is that i love to hear a wonderful song every day to relax my mind every singles day of my life to take out my stress he he he ...

Автор Tamsin Urquhart ( назад)
Thank you. I'm a writer, this is the only stuff I can listen to for long, everything else drives me crazy after a time. Keep it up, your fab ;)

Автор Relax Addict ( назад)
What an amazing morning, thanks to you ! (y)

Автор Xxrhoofaxx ( назад)
I can't relax the bus is coming

Автор Mandi Kitty ( назад)
This is beautiful

Автор Mandi Kitty ( назад)
This song make me very happy and relaxed thank!!:)👍

Автор Maryvonne Frogerais ( назад)
C'est une musique très reposante et relaxante . Désormais, elle sera dans mon répertoire.A bientôt.

Автор saurabh ( назад)
beautiful music

Автор Delma Dinglasan ( назад)
impressing.... really touch my heart

Автор dpc983 ( назад)
The right music on the right time...place...moment...situation......

Автор Kris Redfield ( назад)
For some reason, this music reminds me of Minecraft =\

Автор hakim hakim ( назад)
Thank you so much cood hakim algerie

Автор Ashley Chan ( назад)
this really helped for me to concentrate on my homework!

Автор Julien Wolikow ( назад)
idéal pour travailler. Good for working and relaxing!

Автор Jane Elliott ( назад)
I'm a teacher and I listen to this every day before school starts while I'm planning and preparing for my day. Thank you!

Автор Sanghamitra Nethramurthy ( назад)
This music is spell binding. Helps me to focus on my work.
I was listening to this music while practicing yoga at first, but later I liked it so much, that I listen to it pretty much the entire day. It helps me calm my anger and any bad feeling that ever comes across.

A huge thank you to you! :)

Автор Ripley Lawrun ( назад)
This is beautiful music it helps me relax and not feel so stressed.

Автор Birendra R ( назад)
Nice music...

Автор m ( назад)
The nice thing about this perfect music and birds, nature sounds is it has an optimistic (if i could put it that way) vibe. I find many of the video's with relaxing instrumental music can become maudlin very quickly, and before I know it, life feels more depressing! This is a nice one and does not bring that vibe. Thank you for making it! : )

Автор R̃̾Ũ̾S̃̾T̃̾Õ̾M̃̾ À́Ñ̾G̀́L̃̾Ẽ̾ ( назад)

Автор Cass C ( назад)
breathtaking... this is my absolute favorite it makes me so relaxed , listen to it all the time 💙

Автор :D :D ( назад)
I mean the music"s awesome but am I the only one who felt abit annoyed when the same melody kept repeating?
no hate just hoped there was more

Автор Paola Grechi ( назад)
Beautiful ! Thank you

Автор Gafar Gafar ( назад)

Автор Tulsi Rao ( назад)
love it yaar...😍😍😍😘😘😘

Автор Hanna Kryhina ( назад)
very great for studying and relaxing as long as the volume is under 50%.

Автор 89darija ( назад)
This is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! :)

Автор Clubeleza ( назад)
My favorite morning song! 😁😁😁

Автор Joseph Scipioni ( назад)
c'est beau mais un peu long

Автор Tahlia Walker ( назад)
this is very nice peaceful music

Автор bRad Nichols ( назад)
Your music is excellent & I wanted you to know how very very much I appreciate it, THANKS ! ! !

Автор Mary Jo Goldstein ( назад)
Best way to start a day gracefully and full of gratitude.

Автор Fitri Dayanti ( назад)
nice music

Автор Fritz Moritz ( назад)
Das beste das ich kenne von der sorte.

Автор Aldênio Barreto ( назад)
Música Que Trás A Natureza Ate Nós.

Автор ashley mcgarry ( назад)
i  like  this  relaxation   music  ashley  says   its  so  beautiful  and  uplifting     because   when  i was  in work my  friend  kept  sneaking  up  on  me  for  when  i was  on  computer and doing  emails   as  business   in work  and  i didn't  like  it    frightens me abide  everybody   but  when  i listen  to  this  relaxation music  in the  mornings   its  really nice  its  really  soothing and calming for me  or  say if   i m  upset  or  sad  about  something  ashley mcgarry  says  i m  just going to share  my  experiences  with the world  now  and  i think my  new key worker should move  my friend  somewhere  else  and  i have to go with my  own opinion and  with my  own confidents  i have  to  go with myself  and agree  with myself   here. agree or disagree come  on  Ireland  as h l e y  says  wink

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