BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA

  • Published on Sep 10, 2016
  • BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA
    Short film credits:
    Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye Yoon
    Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam
    Art Director: Moonyoung Lee
    Special Effects : Yoseop Park
    Original story by: Linn Choi

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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  • Aisha Hany
    Aisha Hany 8 hours ago +1

    2:19 بيفكرني ب اعلان خدلك اسنكرس 😂

  • Mystical Life
    Mystical Life 12 hours ago

    *Hobi Causally Grabs A Chocolate Bar Out Of His Pocket And Eats It After All THAT*
    Me : Wait...WAS THIS A SNICKER'S AD!?

  • Razzi 7
    Razzi 7 13 hours ago

    this is so confusing omg, this drawing was in taehyung's eye in his film

  • Mad Jin owo
    Mad Jin owo Day ago

    Why is the music always so happy but the music vid is horrifying

  • Nutaella
    Nutaella Day ago

    3 years later and this song is still a mf bop. Nobody can change my mind

  • j
    j Day ago

    this is my favorite one it makes me feel good

  • Pasqui Saez
    Pasqui Saez 2 days ago

    Alguien ya superó este video? Porque yo no


    When I hear the happy song, but then see it paired with hoseok panicking, it really saddens me, I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be okay. He looked so helpless and lost.The meaning of this is really sad.

  • Yerin Kim
    Yerin Kim 2 days ago

    As what I've said on Yoongi's film
    Jungkook's Begin is there
    Jimin's bathtub is there
    The police car is from V's film
    While on Namjoon's film
    The bird picture from Jungkook's fil is there
    The painting on Jimin's film is there
    From V's film Idk??
    The same thing from Yoongi's film in Namjoon's film is that a glass broke but in Yoongi its the window glass while here its a glass uhmm like glass
    While here in Hoseok's film
    He and Jungkook have bot kinda wings Jungkook's wings is a shadow while Hoseok's wings is like the background paint(is that what its called?)
    The connection on Hoseok's and Jimin's film is both have health issues Jimin is like having a problem woth his mental health while Hoseok is Narcolepsy(a deseace that makes you sleep for a long time) and Hoseok went to the room where Jimin was in
    While his connection on V's film is the mother who caries the baby
    In Yoongi and Namjoon I didn't got anything
    (Again and Again Im Late T_T)
    And lol wait for my comment in Jin's film *wink wink* hihi

  • Too Much Meow
    Too Much Meow 3 days ago

    Its 2019 and this song still gives me chills. Get it Jhooooope!

  • Yoon Sepz
    Yoon Sepz 4 days ago

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  • angie
    angie 4 days ago

    ok this is gonna sound kinda stupid but wasnt this jimin's backstory in the save me webtoon, with his mom abandoning him and him suffering in the mental hospital? so why is it hoseok here?

    • angie
      angie Day ago +1

      @armyblink ahgaseorbitonce thankyou!

    • armyblink ahgaseorbitonce
      armyblink ahgaseorbitonce 3 days ago +1

      If you watch fake love mv the snicker bars where jhope is laying on represents that moment when jhopes mother left him alone with only a snicker bar also jimins and jhopes story is different watch the storyline explained if you still don't understand

  • frida medina
    frida medina 4 days ago

    The thing i noticed is that the circles start to blend together and make new ones the top right one is mixed jimins with yoongis the bottom left is Taehyungs and Hoseoks i wonder why that happens

  • chandani khawas
    chandani khawas 4 days ago

    I really love the way he love his mom I love u jhope hope to see u soon one day

  • glossed
    glossed 5 days ago +2

    do you remember when jimin throws the pillow and feathers come out? jhope also at the same time as the feathers came out of the pillow, jhope touch the wall and he had feathers in his hands, and when he falls there are feathers flying in the room. what a coincidence.

  • v
    v 5 days ago

    This video gives me don't hug me I am scared vibes affff

  • Tea X Tae
    Tea X Tae 5 days ago +1

    I’m still lost on all of these theories

  • Aylin Akın
    Aylin Akın 6 days ago


  • Aylin Akın
    Aylin Akın 6 days ago

    Niye ben 1 senelik armyyim keşke önceden tanısaydım ya

  • Deeya Guha - Mountain Ash MS (1421)

    What's up with Jhope and pills?

  • MexicanWolf 1230
    MexicanWolf 1230 7 days ago +1

    In the picture in the corner it says “EVA”

  • Joheisy lopez
    Joheisy lopez 8 days ago +2


  • Keeley Goldsmith
    Keeley Goldsmith 8 days ago

    pulls out snickers and is I will remember you mama

  • Maya Gentry
    Maya Gentry 9 days ago

    Can Namjoon please do an audiobook, That voice is heavenly

  • Tododeku UwU
    Tododeku UwU 9 days ago

    laying in a big pile of snickers in fake love mv owo

  • aleena patrick
    aleena patrick 10 days ago +1

    Oh that's why he was laying on the Snickers in fake love 🤦

  • Nikki Brooks
    Nikki Brooks 10 days ago +1

    creepy as hell, but yet satifiying, I purple you bts!!!

  • Olyvia Leonard
    Olyvia Leonard 11 days ago

    The way the beat came in was 🔥

  • chechu G
    chechu G 11 days ago

    que representaba la pintura antes de cambiar ?!!no entiendo.

  • Kate Kapsali
    Kate Kapsali 11 days ago +1

    Why Hoseok's short film reminds me Suicide squad?

    • elsa otiniano
      elsa otiniano 10 days ago +1

      Katia Kapsali same, i think it’s because of the colors and the way he moves as if he were crazy (just like Harley Quinn and the joker)

  • Dᴀɴɴ
    Dᴀɴɴ 11 days ago


  • BTS Bish Duh
    BTS Bish Duh 12 days ago

    1:21 anyone notice the feathers from Lie

  • Jordan Singleton
    Jordan Singleton 12 days ago

    I’m crying T~T

  • Beautiful Brown Eyes
    Beautiful Brown Eyes 14 days ago

    I feel like these short films are like a puzzle. We need to put them in order.. because I can tell that Stigma or Lie are supposed to come next after Mama. Is it just me?

  • pit mip
    pit mip 15 days ago

    2:25 jhope is so cute♥♥♡♥♡♡♡♡♥

  • One Life
    One Life 15 days ago

    So u not gonna share that snickers??

  • disgrace to homo sapiens

    *happy saxophone music plays as Hobi goes insane trying to escape from a mental asylum*

  • くんHana
    くんHana 16 days ago

    still wondering why jhope ate sneakers??😅

  • Yoon
    Yoon 16 days ago

    Loved j-hope!!❤❤

  • Itz_Kaori_Fox
    Itz_Kaori_Fox 17 days ago

    Yo @bighit what the fuck

  • Luke .V
    Luke .V 17 days ago

    Who's back here because of 'Light' theories!! (◡‿◡✿)

  • Elizaveta Litovskaia
    Elizaveta Litovskaia 17 days ago

    реклама сникерса? не не слышали

  • lilia martinez
    lilia martinez 17 days ago

    La mama de j hope se llama eva por que en la pintura se ve no importa me encanto

  • CaroPaw
    CaroPaw 18 days ago +1

    2:37 Sound soo gooooood 7v7

  • Safra Faris
    Safra Faris 19 days ago

    0:48 The way that Jhope wakes up, reminds me Day Dream MV. Any connectivity?

  • Gil Rangel
    Gil Rangel 20 days ago +4

    Little do you know this is actually


    LOL I purple you

  • Almita B
    Almita B 20 days ago


  • sakuri san Army
    sakuri san Army 21 day ago +2

    جيهوووب اوباااا 💜💜💜
    J_hope oppa 💜💜💜

  • Wen Dy Jung
    Wen Dy Jung 22 days ago +2


  • hope hope
    hope hope 22 days ago

    I love you so much💑

  • avoir lafoi
    avoir lafoi 22 days ago +1

    JHope is pure gold :) Love and Respect!!!

  • A Syrdal
    A Syrdal 22 days ago +1

    The logos at the end suggest Begin/Reflection, Lie/First Love, and MAMA/Stigma...? And then Awake would be the last one, possibly?
    Guys it's so confusing my hEAD--

  • Анютка Тв
    Анютка Тв 24 days ago

    Вы чё Хосе наркотиков подкинули вместо таблеток?🤣

  • 에메랄드Effect
    에메랄드Effect 25 days ago

    Now this is just sad 😢

  • Kpopashley
    Kpopashley 25 days ago

    Your not yourself when you're hungry
    eat a snickers

  • Mallory Priddy
    Mallory Priddy 26 days ago

    The paper at 0:45 had some interesting things on it

  • Just Hailey a Gachatuber

    Did these guys ever make you cry more than you usually do?
    Cuz they made me cry 😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • little hobie
    little hobie 27 days ago

    I just see the explanition of the theory.
    1 : Jhope goes to magic shop, it ever says that magic shop can change the bad memories into good memories.
    2: Jhope bring snickers (chocolate) to remove the bad memories because his mom give him and leave him.
    3: The owner of magic shop give him a cake because in Love Yourself : Highlight Reel, Ryujin (the girl) give him the cake. But why in the end he not happy? Because its only an illusion.
    4 : Everything they change in magic shop is only an illusion and they also suffer. Taehyung is the one who own magic shop, because in Singularity MV he wear a mask not to reveal he is the one who make his friends suffer (also there's in the lyrics of singularity 🤔)

    *Im sorry for my bad grammar*

  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 27 days ago

    This makes me cry every time I watch it

  • جون هلماني
    جون هلماني 27 days ago +1


  • daddyjoons
    daddyjoons 28 days ago +2

    Everytime i eat a snickers bar I come back to this video just to take a bite with hoseok😔✋🏻

    LIRIC_OFFICIAL _NET 28 days ago

    Jaga kesehatan kalian!kami menyayangi kalian😢

  • Taehyung's gucci
    Taehyung's gucci 29 days ago

    June 2019? Everyone?

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 29 days ago

    Taehyung's eyes hold a mother and a child while Hoseok's eyes hold the graffiti wall

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 29 days ago

    I must be ridiculous if I think this outfit resembles the outfits the band wore for a BST performance

  • Emily Steele
    Emily Steele 29 days ago

    Is it just me or is the atmosphere in MAMA is very similar to LIE? What if Jimin and Hoseok are in the same place??? 🤔

    • Catalina Pulgar
      Catalina Pulgar 28 days ago

      Yeah, they are in the same hospital (based on Webtoon)

  • stefabryl chua
    stefabryl chua Month ago

    2019 anyone ???

  • cornshiteu
    cornshiteu Month ago

    Eva? Frau Eva? Thats Demian mom name😕

  • Kimberly Estrada
    Kimberly Estrada Month ago

    Im a whole mess rn 😭 Im trying to figure out there whole story but idk what’s going on

  • Elda Cantu
    Elda Cantu Month ago

    The snickers later on in “fake love”surround hoseok👀

  • Norva Pierre-Louis
    Norva Pierre-Louis Month ago

    Ok, so y is this short film sooooo connected with jimins? The painting, the pills I can't with this I'm spending my while day watching theory videos

  • sh ,
    sh , Month ago


  • Alya Rohali
    Alya Rohali Month ago

    Shine 💕

  • JI SOO
    JI SOO Month ago +1

    I love you j_hope you are my hope
    I love you suga 💗 jimin 💗 jin 💗 jungkook 💗 v 💗 rm 💗 bts 💖 army
    💖 TXT 💖

  • Jimin Luv
    Jimin Luv Month ago

    idk but i cried :,,,3

  • BTs Army
    BTs Army Month ago +1

    He was eating my fav chocolate

    These short films are super weird and depressing but I still like them 😅

  • Daisy Rodriguez
    Daisy Rodriguez Month ago

    ur not u wen ur hungri

  • Celeste Alejandra
    Celeste Alejandra Month ago


  • Tamima Rahman
    Tamima Rahman Month ago

    Same picture from Jimin's short film

  • Naiyana Foo
    Naiyana Foo Month ago


    MIN YOONGI DADDY :3 Month ago +1

    J HOPE 💜

  • - Orangenist -
    - Orangenist - Month ago


  • ia D
    ia D Month ago

    2:17 THIS IS SHOW TO I NEED U! :o

  • Dinda Okta104
    Dinda Okta104 Month ago

    V:so cry please dry my eyes

  • Maria Park
    Maria Park Month ago


  • Tejaswi Varma
    Tejaswi Varma Month ago

    Did anyone notice the wings on the background behind hobi at exactly 1:19 ? It was in a split second

    JINANDTONIC Month ago

    i’m still sitting here trying to figure out what the fuck a snickers bar had to do with any of it

      JINANDTONIC 20 days ago

      Louise Richelle Manimtim ah yes!

    • Louise Richelle Manimtim
      Louise Richelle Manimtim 20 days ago +1

      JINANDTONIC in the storyline Jhope’s mother abandoned him in the park together w/ a snickers bar

  • mepmc 04
    mepmc 04 Month ago

    Don’t di drugs

  • O O P S I E D O O P S I E

    The painting was also in 'Lie' and the snickers from fake love

  • Jose Clamor
    Jose Clamor Month ago

    Why he still have that snicker from fake love

  • cool girl
    cool girl Month ago


  • Tydd Fox
    Tydd Fox Month ago

    When I first saw this, it reminded me of what I went through as a teen. When I was 13, I had a mental breakdown. I started refusing to go to school, having panic attacks, my behaviour became erratic and my mum became abusive. Instead of anyone getting me to talk about my problems, wanting to listen to me and help me get better, I was taken to my doctor, diagnosed with depression, anxiety and OCD, then was put on medication. And when I say 'my mum became abusive', when I had panic attacks, she didn't like the fact she couldn't control me, so would hit me, pull my hair, dig her nails in the back of my neck, drag me to the floor and kick me, etc. I went through hell, and I'm still suffering with my mental health because of it all. And 18 years later, still no-one wants to listen to me or help me.
    When Hoseok looks from the little hole and sees the trees, that's how depression and anxiety feels, at least for me. I feel trapped but I know there is a way out, somehow. Just haven't been able to find a door yet.

    • sh ,
      sh , Month ago +1

      Im so sorry. I hope it gets better for u💕 stay strong and just breath

  • ラヤ
    ラヤ Month ago


  • Aneshka Merican
    Aneshka Merican Month ago

    I’m going to watch every bts video on this channel wish me luck #video61

  • coffee ice
    coffee ice Month ago

    Jhope~~my hope🌟

  • Park Tonantzin
    Park Tonantzin Month ago +1


  • Maddi
    Maddi Month ago

    and this is why you take your tablets with water

  • i coffee
    i coffee Month ago +1

    제이홉의 모든 게 다 좋아