The Real Reason Joe Pesci Came Out Of Retirement To Act Again

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Considering all the fame and fortune and fans who followed his work, it came as somewhat of a shock when Joe Pesci announced in 1999 that he was retiring from acting to pursue a music career. Twenty years later, Pesci has come out of retirement to act again, and we know the real reason why.
    Pesci is reuniting with several of his longtime collaborators for his first major film role post-retirement in a movie that's already generating Oscar buzz.
    In 2017, Deadline reported that Pesci would re-team with his Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese for The Irishman, which also stars Pesci's frequent co-star Robert De Niro. A biographical crime drama based on the book I Heard You Paint Houses by Charles Brandt, The Irishman focuses on the famous labor union leader and alleged mob hitman Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran, played in the film by De Niro. Pesci is set to play American mafioso Russell Bufalino, the leader of the Bufalino crime family to whom Sheeran was believed to have connections. Following Sheeran in his old age as he reflects on the crimes that defined his career in the Mafia, The Irishman also stars Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa, a fellow union leader and President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who disappeared in 1975 and was declared legally dead in 1982. Before his death in 2003, Sheeran claimed that he was the man who killed his old friend Hoffa.
    After Paramount Pictures dropped the project, Netflix acquired distribution rights to The Irishman, which is scheduled to hit the streaming service in late 2019. That's around the time that The Irishman will also see a theatrical launch to meet the requirements for Academy Awards eligibility.
    Considering the talent involved, one could argue that coming out of retirement to star in The Irishman was a no-brainer for Pesci. Reuniting with Scorsese, De Niro, and Pacino for a movie that could very well earn several Academy Awards? Pesci would be foolish to turn that down to stay out of the public eye.
    But that's actually what happened, at least according to past reports. According to Deadline, Pesci didn't immediately jump on the chance to step back into the limelight for The Irishman. Pesci is said to have repeatedly turned down the offer, with some sources stating that he said no about 50 times.
    This stubbornness could have been a combination of a reluctance to come out of retirement and a past bad experience with getting lined up to play a mobster in a movie. Pesci was reportedly promised the role of real-life Gambino crime family capo Angelo Ruggiero in director Kevin Connolly's Gotti, and put on 30 pounds for the part, which he never actually landed. He wound up suing the producers for $3 million, and settled out of court in 2013. And if you think that's funny…
    It evidently took persistence and convincing to get Pesci to sign on for The Irishman and officially come out of retirement to act again, but it sounds like the tipping point came when Pesci got the full scope of the project and the opportunities it could afford him. Knowing he would reunite with Scorsese was one thing, and learning that he'd be joined by a glittering cast was another. Still, we suspect that when Pesci got a taste of the intense true-life story, he realized how good The Irishman would be and ultimately said yes.
    It was always going to take a fantastic gig to bring Pesci out of retirement, and the role of Russell Bufalino in The Irishman seems to be a winner. See Pesci make his triumphant return to acting when The Irishman rolls out in late 2019.
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  • Looper
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    Do you think Joe Pesci's funny?

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      Nope. Short hairdresser with a "doo" tude.

    • VladimiR PutiN
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      No ... he is a gentleman, a very decent man

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      Like a clown?

    • svein erik madsen
      svein erik madsen Month ago

      How the f**k is he funny??? He's like a f**kin elf with a gun... How the f**k is that funny you degenerate pr**k you!!! 😂😂😂😂

    • Len - Zeplin
      Len - Zeplin Month ago

      I think He Should get Whacked by A Dishwasher/Busboy! Like 4 Times.

  • Medes Soldier
    Medes Soldier 2 days ago

    Pesci looks like a fucking Kurd

  • Bcfcmansell
    Bcfcmansell 4 days ago

    What?!?! Have I been living under a rock?

  • Gav I
    Gav I 4 days ago

    This is great news, Joe Pesci is the best at playing a horrible little..... absolutely brilliant at it!

  • Branimir Lukač
    Branimir Lukač 6 days ago

    Hi is bor...g.

  • tr b
    tr b 7 days ago

    Mafia movies are over done and boring anymore. Enough is enough

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04 9 days ago

    Joe Pesci should've been in Analyze This and That! Would've been even funnier!

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04 9 days ago

    Maybe he needs some clams!

  • Arden Vangellis
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    There’s God and There’s Pesci !!!

  • Danny Wright
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    Bring on home alone 5!

  • makemarker
    makemarker 11 days ago

    He won't get to kill Frank Vincent though.

  • TheSuntan1
    TheSuntan1 12 days ago

    OUTSTANDING...CAN"T WAIT TO SEE HIM IN ACTION......He's a Class Act INDEED!!!.....from Italian Mob Films..A REAL WISE GUY!!!...and Extremely Funny!!!......and more....a very Gifted Actor!! JOE PESCI.....HEY JOE...just WHen YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE OUT...DEY PULLED YOU BACK IN!!!......

    • TheSuntan1
      TheSuntan1 12 days ago

      and to the guys who put him down....HEY AAAH LIKE WHEN WAS YOUR LAST PICTURE...besides the one...sitting on the SHELF IN YOUR RELATIVES HOUSE from High School.....= NOOOOOT!!!....Joe is Cool...good news in dah book of verdade' WELCOME BACK MR. JOE PESCI!! Suntan1NY

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  • Tory Moreno
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    Who else clicked on this thinking it said joe Pesci came out the closet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙋🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Stevie 1973
    Stevie 1973 23 days ago

    Absolutely will be great, always loved Joe Pesci. Don’t blame him being pissed . Clearly, just my opinion but Pesci brings more to the screen than Travolta . Al and Joe will be class act indeed

  • Radu Popa
    Radu Popa 24 days ago +1

    Thank god Joe Pesci didn't end up in Gotti. That was not a good movie.

  • Daniel Vargo
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  • carolyn vetsch
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    I love Joe Pesci, keep on acting Joe, we missed you.

  • chanfle78
    chanfle78 26 days ago

    I didn’t know he played el chompiras

  • Andy Sullivan
    Andy Sullivan 29 days ago

    I've been following this movie for a for years. De Niro these past few years said he wouldn't do it unless Pesci was on board. He also said Pesci was very hard to get. I listen to Pesci on a rare phone interview some where that he said he was done and nothing would change that, he was done with the gangster/mob movies. Well long story short he is back and that's all that matters!!

  • somekindaguy100
    somekindaguy100 Month ago +1

    Cash and a chance to work on a quality project. Simple as a pimple

  • Bmega81
    Bmega81 Month ago

    He was better off not being in the Gotti movie... It was pretty disappointing.. really missed that Scorsese touch. The music was so off aswell...

  • MJ 47
    MJ 47 Month ago

    Why most of his roles are in gangster and mafia movies? He's a midget with no intimidation look whatsoever! LOL!

  • Arden Vangellis
    Arden Vangellis Month ago

    There’s God and there’s Pesci next !😂

  • Gil Tapia
    Gil Tapia Month ago

    He was just in a movie with Helen Mirren wtf is this guy talking about.your second out of retirement isn't known as your first coming out of retirement.its known as your second


    Movie would have been a great one if they would have left out Trump bashing hater Dinero.

  • Deniel Mendoza
    Deniel Mendoza Month ago

    I really like Joe Pesci, he’s a funny guy

  • 64Typhoon Fever
    64Typhoon Fever Month ago

    Few people know Joe was the guitar player in a 60s band called Joey Dee & the Starlighters. They had a hit called Peppermint Twist. They were the house band at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City. Joe's father kept prodding him to go for a career in acting, but Joe wanted to play guitar for a living. It's alleged his retirement was largely due to his desire to go back to music. Look it up!
    Also, I had the pleasure of working on Casino, and got to talk with Joe briefly. His heart is bigger than people will ever know, and never looks down on anyone, in spite of his success. A truly great man.

  • rob paxson
    rob paxson Month ago

    who would NOT give Pesci a role in a movie???

  • kiaraclips
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    im not complaining

  • Mark Connor
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    Den of sodomites .gota be in the club.

  • Blister Monde
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    "The Real Reason Joe Pesci Came Out Of Retirement To Act Again" Gives no real reason except "The Irishman".

  • bohdi satva
    bohdi satva Month ago +1

    Joe Pesci is my favorite actor from good fellas. Then Ray Liotta and then Deniro.

  • Garcel
    Garcel Month ago

    He dodged a bullet with that shitty Gotti movie...there's a better version on RUclip u can watch for free

  • 72johnblack
    72johnblack Month ago

    Please learn how to pronounce Scorsese? Thank you.

  • Len - Zeplin
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    It would be "Funny" to See His Character get "Whacked" by A Teenage Bar keep in the Opening Scene.

  • Bob Ohara
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    What a crap report! Nothing new in this, just made up stuff that the maker thinks would be of interest to the MAFIA lover. I give this a 1 outa 10

  • Tracy Simmons
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    Your a funny guy.

  • the zeddman
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    This is great news.

  • Coyote112 12
    Coyote112 12 Month ago

    I think Deniro has been great in some other rolls but the mob movies he’s in only work with the cast he’s around. Imagine good fellas without Liotta or Pesci. I think the guys head really inflated the last 15 years and became a Hollywood elitist.

  • Full Tilt Boogie
    Full Tilt Boogie Month ago +1

    Massive Pesci fan, that dude was a beast in all his movies for sure. His era was the best time for movies compared to the crap of today....

    • joe ballard
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      Pesci did a amazing performance as Joey LaMotta in Raging Bull

  • Les Portelli
    Les Portelli Month ago

    No shit Sherlock! LOFL, you're a regular detective. Well, if you know anything about Pesci, you'd already know that he said many times that he would act again under Scorsese.

  • Jamie N'Louisiana
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    Time to give the devil his due again JOE???

  • vingthor the hurler
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    finally, some good acting for a change. It's been to long

  • William Shaw
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    I remember seeing some footage of him in this documentary about the hype leading up to the release of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace." They had meant to talk to someone else and just happened upon him. He looked irritated and they asked if he was excited to see the new Star Wars film and he brushed past them while saying, "Yeah, I can't wait" in a real sarcastic tone. LOL

  • Retro917
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    Amount of $$$ is never enough ..

  • Samuel Carrillo
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    He told me he was gonna die early

  • James Sweezey
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    Well this was a pointless video.

  • William Elam
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    ARTI LINE Month ago

    Joe Pesci is a great actor

  • Johnny savage Juicy J
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    I need more Pesci movies because al Pacino an robert diniro been taking all the glory for years 💯💯💯

  • Anthony C
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    If you're going to do a video learn how to say Martin Scorsese's last name right

  • King Delevingne
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    Pesci is going back to the shoe shine business, he needs this cheque to kickstart the business.

  • paul baker
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    Because he really is a funny guy

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    Pesci must be broke lol.

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    Mobster movie? Pesci? Deniro? Pacino?? Hell yes count me in!!

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    This guy could make ya shoes look like mirrors !

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    “ I heard you paint houses “

    DOUBLE ZERO Month ago

    Pesci was holding out for more loot. Obviously. He took off work too long n those follywood bills are building up.