Coworkers Learn “The Nutcracker” Ballet

Ava Gordy, professional ballet teacher, takes on a new batch of students … the SourceFed Hosts!

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Danny Conner

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Автор Laura Alarcon ( назад)
I'm gonna miss this 😪😪

Автор Germae Anne ( назад)
Who else is also on a sourcefed rewind binge?

Автор scapman ( назад)
I'm so mad sourcefed is over. Now we'll never see another episode of this :(

Автор Destiny Rae ( назад)
Me and my roommate cried laughing at Sam's "I'm Corbin Bleu and your watching the Disney Channel"

Автор Cailey Hutchins ( назад)
More Ballet

Автор Tahmeed Zaman ( назад)
more ballet stuff

Автор Grace Biglow ( назад)

Автор ploik qwert ( назад)
MORE. just for the lolz.

Автор SkankHunt42 ( назад)
Candace is thicc

Автор Latoya Lee ( назад)
I loved this sooooooo much!

Автор myles churchill ( назад)

Автор Plus Ultra ( назад)
Where is candaces shoe

Автор Danny Dolan ( назад)
I want more! Please teach Mike and Zaragoza how to ballet

Автор cam trombley ( назад)
why did smoothantha only have one show on

Автор Castiel Winchester ( назад)
I died when suptic knee popped

Автор user2716 ( назад)
I want to know how that red shirt thing stayed on her shoulders

Автор Guaire McKenna ( назад)
I have the same knee thing as suppy

Автор Michael Vien ( назад)
Coworkers try Tap. make it happen please

Автор naylrebmik airos ( назад)
Candace did so great! Ava's a very supportive teacher! ❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻

Автор Angie Diaz ( назад)
please more

Автор William Kleven ( назад)
Candace is so thicc

Автор Diego Schwartz ( назад)
hahahaha more ballet stuff hahahah

Автор Bethany D. ( назад)
I'm bad at dance but this is just great

Автор Chevonne Williams ( назад)
im having a great time

Автор Alex Hope ( назад)
Pretty pretty please do more ballet stuff

Автор Cameron Rouse ( назад)
I'd love another one of these videos

Автор deadbeat0022 ( назад)
the sticky notes!

Автор Lvov Noguchi ( назад)
who else has that knee popping thing that steven has

Автор Julie Merlo ( назад)
suptic is just my all time fave

Автор Pop Crusade ( назад)
ava is so irritating ugh

Автор Marie-Lyne pratt ( назад)
Seriously, why the tutu, boys? This dance is THE masculine dance of the whole ballet. This is why people laugh at male ballet dancers and why there are so few of them. (my son is the only boy in his 20 girls class!)

Автор Halli Morgan ( назад)
Sam nailed it actually...

Автор iamaninja326 ( назад)
More ballet!

Автор David Hairston ( назад)
Moe... give us moe.

Автор Emily Ashford ( назад)
do more

Автор Sebastian Cruz ( назад)
After this video, I have a headcannon that Filup bullies Suptic on a daily basis

Автор Kimchi ( назад)
I realize how I've only focused on Candy for the final because after so many views, I've only now realized how much Whitney fucked up at the end lmao

Автор Genevieve Smith ( назад)
I have watched this about a million times. Its perfect for a smile

Автор Amanda ( назад)
More of these please

Автор Beyondthestars ( назад)
Brees jump at 7:14 is my favorite

Автор knerf999 ( назад)
oh geez, i love that sputnik guy.

Автор Ella Keen ( назад)
PLEASE DO MORE! This has just been added to my Fav videos! Can we also get mike and Star? Will and yessica? Oh and PhillyD - just for laughs!

Автор WhySoSiriusSenpai? ( назад)
6:22 oh Sam x')

Автор WhySoSiriusSenpai? ( назад)
1:24 x'D

Автор Amber Glasgow ( назад)
Please teach more ballet!

Автор Squidny ( назад)
I kinda wanted to see Ava do the whole 20 second bits with them...

Автор Jess Harrison ( назад)
Keep Teaching them!!!😂 i love it

Автор Taylor Purple ( назад)
Steve needs to learn ballet

Автор Nikolai Evans ( назад)
Sam is so enthusiastic it's adorable

Автор AllAboutTheArts ( назад)

Автор Bill Nguyen ( назад)
Thanks for teaching them ballet. But save yourself and don't do it again. But also, your pain is our enjoyment.

Автор Jonathan Camacho ( назад)
Sam that flash tattoo is dope! where did you go to get it done? :o

Автор jademarissa ( назад)
LOL I loved Filup's serious face for the final performance! Boys did surprisingly well!

Автор Laurineisabracken ( назад)
ohmy god, candace and sam did pretty good!

Автор Isabella Hsieh ( назад)
I always thought Ava looked like a dancer. She has a dancer body, dancer legs, dancer feet, dancer posture, dancer everything.

Автор Maya Taylor ( назад)
This video is gold

Автор mina ( назад)
I need a part 2

Автор 1diaz ( назад)
Please do more of these.

Автор jadedandrecklace ( назад)
Of course Suptic would be the best one lol

Автор Joshua P Caballero ( назад)

Автор Alexi Thunderbird ( назад)
Ava ! Moar!

Автор Alexi Thunderbird ( назад)
I need to see a whole Nutcracker seriously done by Ava now. she's so elegant.

Автор Marissa Noelle ( назад)
yes thanks

Автор Marissa Noelle ( назад)

Автор Bridget Valdez ( назад)
whenever I'm having a rough day I just watch this video; best 10 mins.

Автор darokero ( назад)
Where's the second lesson?!

Автор superlunchbox ( назад)
Ava's reactions are the best thing about this video!!! Love her

Автор Lilly Bean ( назад)
Sam looked 👌🏼 in the final performance

Автор HexBug 97 ( назад)

Автор Kimchi ( назад)
4:38 Ava didn't know it was a bit lol

Автор Melissa M ( назад)
PLEASE do another one of these.

Автор LizzyBear1300 ( назад)
This was the greatest thing I've ever seen. More please!

Автор Seamus O'Riely ( назад)
Sourcefed have always hired amazing female hosts and some amazing male hosts as well but I'll always miss the originals

Автор hallelujah ( назад)
yes God more I need more

Автор Kathy Myers ( назад)
I wish there was a class for adults just like this. nice and light but ballet.

Автор Kathy Myers ( назад)
I love this so.much. it's hysterical and sweet. PLEASE do more for us!!!! how about Swan Lake?

Автор Jackie Jaime ( назад)
I couldn't breathe with the post it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Emma Wilding ( назад)
ahhhhh the sickling! it is burning my eyes! lol no jk i'm not that much of a perfectionist but thats gotta hurt the ankles....

Автор JNia Barber ( назад)
do more ballet

Автор Sam D ( назад)
Sam at 7:07 i'm crying

Автор TheCatsMeow ( назад)
"I just have a bad memory" time to start cutting back on the weed.

Автор Pat Lapton ( назад)
I feel bad for Ava.

Автор Kuma ( назад)
The boys did really well

Автор Equestrian Dancer ( назад)
You should teach them Swan Lake 😂

Автор Georgy Sobolev ( назад)
this is fun!

Автор kristi ice ( назад)
the boys did better, lol

Автор kidonzydrate ( назад)
I cried laughing X'DDD This was great, I'd love more

Автор Ace Diamonds ( назад)
i thought filup was DJ, all bald people look alike to me.

Автор Arual Rosso ( назад)
I really hope you're making another one of these.:) Please?

Автор Kate Maresova ( назад)
I feel like boys did better than girls :D

Автор michael ( назад)
Eva looks amazing but one question... WHY ONLY ONE SHOE CANDACE???

Автор Perky Ballin ( назад)
Can Whitney teach twerking next ? You have my view

Автор the cat one ( назад)
ava reminds me of old source fed cast. i love her

Автор beedlebug ( назад)
please teach them more ballet

Автор Scott Foris ( назад)
this should definitely become a series

Автор Leah Rose ( назад)
The boys did so damn well!! Especially the guy in the blue stripe singlet!!

This is honestly the best 'adults do ballet' video on YouTube! Very honest and very good

Автор mariapaby ( назад)

Автор Abraham Esparza ( назад)
Can we get more of this please? :( i know i told you your white balance was fucked up one time ava but now you did sucha good thing and this world needs more good things

Автор ShannonMarieBroski ( назад)
"Hi, I'm Corbin Bleu and you're watching the Disney Channel." *toe touches* I LOST IT

Автор Dom Valdespino ( назад)
I wanna see more ballet

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