Fargo | 2x08 | Hanzee in Bar Scene | Badass Scene | 1080p

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  • Trèfle sans feuille
    Trèfle sans feuille 21 день назад

    Ladies and gentlemens : the Manifest Destiny !

  • Delex 4680
    Delex 4680 27 дней назад

    ¡No Parking! Hanzee the fucking BOSS

  • John Smith
    John Smith Месяц назад

    How is this badass?
    Put a bounty on that nigger!

  • smaulee
    smaulee Месяц назад

    Lost it totally when i saw "No parking" at the end, fucking savage :D

  • sou chak
    sou chak 2 месяца назад

    Moral of the story : Never bully.

  • Jovani Paredes
    Jovani Paredes 2 месяца назад

    This is a real life grand theft auto scene

  • meesalikeu
    meesalikeu 3 месяца назад

    ahahaha not guilty they got what was coming to them. i forgot about this scene. the whole movie actually.

  • Matthew Livingston
    Matthew Livingston 3 месяца назад

    He should've put it in reverse & drove over those pricks before he drove off.

  • M Moe
    M Moe 4 месяца назад

    I felt sorry for the cops.. why didn't he kill the assholes on the ground instead of the cops?

    • G4nst4Ch33se
      G4nst4Ch33se 10 дней назад

      M Moe Not defending the character at all, but he killed the cops because he didn't want to get arrested

  • mr jonman
    mr jonman 4 месяца назад

    Its odd how people either love or hate native Americans. I've only met two people who diddnt care but just respected my heritage

  • Deadheads
    Deadheads 4 месяца назад

    He just wanted a glass of water

  • theASMRGuy
    theASMRGuy 4 месяца назад

    This show is nice and all, but there's no way all this shit would happen in the real world. This guy would get caught in a few hours at most. You can't kill 2 cops in broad daylight in front of witnesses and hope to get away with it.

  • Rand Om
    Rand Om 4 месяца назад

    Every scene is a BADASS scene to you innit

  • Hightower '
    Hightower ' 5 месяцев назад

    I would never ever play poker with this guy

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong 5 месяцев назад

    Hanzee has been kicked

  • Abram Hepp
    Abram Hepp 5 месяцев назад +3

    poor guy served the country and they treated him like shit ,dont bash on vets

  • funguy29
    funguy29 6 месяцев назад

    Good job

  • Yasin
    Yasin 7 месяцев назад

    70s was a great time to shoot people, no cameras and smartphones

  • jarryjayo
    jarryjayo 7 месяцев назад

    This is the actor they should of got to replace bob on twin peaks.. just give him some silver tones to his hair and we are all set. great actor, great scene.
    If you didn't know the actor who played bob is has passed on.

  • Cão Velho
    Cão Velho 7 месяцев назад

    This show is always creating excuses to make him kill (specially white) people to look like ''historical justice''. SJW much?

  • Edward Gutierrez
    Edward Gutierrez 7 месяцев назад +2

    Don't be jealous asshole. Americans come from the greatest and strongest country in the world. Here will always be haters like you loser

  • Luke
    Luke 7 месяцев назад

    I love the antagonists in this show. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

  • L Sapphire
    L Sapphire 7 месяцев назад

    Hanzee ain't got a thing on Lorne Malvo, but he's still one bad motherfucker.

    • Donald Standing Elk
      Donald Standing Elk 2 месяца назад

      L Sapphire yeah he's greater. In his prime would've annihilated Malvo with a hand tied behind his back.

  • sardonicus76
    sardonicus76 7 месяцев назад +1

    One of my dad's co-workers had a Ford pickup just like Hanzee's in the late 70s. That two-tone, blue and white color scheme was super popular back then.

  • ElvisLivesUpstairs
    ElvisLivesUpstairs 7 месяцев назад

    Richard Harrow reincarnated

  • Michael O
    Michael O 7 месяцев назад

    The lesson is, "Don't be racist."

  • TheGuyWithTheThing OnTheTable
    TheGuyWithTheThing OnTheTable 7 месяцев назад

    I've been that drunk that I could've slept thru that!

  • adrian tepes fahrenheit
    adrian tepes fahrenheit 7 месяцев назад

    When you provoke people that way,expect a response!
    Especialy in America.

  • S
    S 7 месяцев назад +4

    Fuck Hanzee, goddamn savage blamed all whites for the actions of a few. If I were like him I'd kill every black person I saw just cause I've been fucked with by a few a few times.

    • Donald Standing Elk
      Donald Standing Elk 2 месяца назад +1

      Meu Macho you sound like a pussy. Racists should be killed, ain't no doubt about it. You're a product of your environment. He grew up in a boarding school [treated like dogs by white people], taken off the streets by a man who had his son kill somebody for his own personal gain, and you're talking sjw? Is it bc they showed Reagan for the idiot he truly was? I'm no sjw, but Hanzee was a native american who grew up being belittled by white people 24/7. There s only so much a man can take, not to mention he was already the only true muscle the Gerhardts had. Including their own.

    • Cão Velho
      Cão Velho 7 месяцев назад +2

      A lot of SJW bullshit in this show. ''He killed a lot of people with no remorse but he isn't evil. It's not his fault. Those people was making him angry that's it. They deserve it.''
      Yeah it's totally natural kills 3 people (2 innocent cops) just because the bartender was making racist jokes. Normal people would get out of there but HEY... not SJW much.

  • salted crypts
    salted crypts 8 месяцев назад

    What a brilliant, badass scene.

    FANTASYfbHOFer 8 месяцев назад +1

    For those who didnt get it, they first 2 guys shot were left with WOUNDED KNEES. Then he MASSACRED the rest of them.

  • GrobmotorikJones
    GrobmotorikJones 8 месяцев назад

    "Oh Boy, here I go killin' again!"

  • Big Fat Man
    Big Fat Man 8 месяцев назад

    Moments like this are why season 2 is better.

  • Jacob Levy
    Jacob Levy 9 месяцев назад

    Good job Hanzee, now you're wanted 3 stars

  • ChristophGangrel
    ChristophGangrel 9 месяцев назад

    I love when bullies gets rekted... :3

  • Wish I was sleeping
    Wish I was sleeping 9 месяцев назад +1

    Hanzee is the fucking man

  • leviathanmg
    leviathanmg 9 месяцев назад +3

    2:02 "These white people..."

  • psychotrip
    psychotrip 9 месяцев назад +4

    He wounded both them niggas knees.

  • Vanessa John
    Vanessa John 9 месяцев назад +1

    lmfao da fuck hahaha wounded knee lmfao.. idjits need to know history before saying something ignorant. smdh.

  • Hannibal
    Hannibal 10 месяцев назад +1

    Apache blood

    • Donald Standing Elk
      Donald Standing Elk 2 месяца назад

      Lakotas are superior to Apaches, so it's only fitting Hanzee is Lakota

    • Peter Kuypers
      Peter Kuypers 9 месяцев назад +1

      Hanzee, 'Ohanzee' actually, is a Lakota name. And Crazy Horse was pretty savage too...

    • Hannibal
      Hannibal 9 месяцев назад

      +Peter Kuypers Zahn is. Hanzee is too savage to be Lakota

    • Peter Kuypers
      Peter Kuypers 9 месяцев назад +1

      He's a Lakota.

  • eric wsmith
    eric wsmith 10 месяцев назад +3

    Mr, AR-15 says  "no you freeze"

  • peshmerge44
    peshmerge44 10 месяцев назад +3

    there is only so much a man can take. he should`ve killed the other 3 aswell instead of the two cops

  • Rams4life94
    Rams4life94 10 месяцев назад +16

    Have ZERO sympathy for any of the guys that got shot.

    • RollandB
      RollandB 6 месяцев назад +1

      Your bar for losing sympathy after being murdered is very low. Calling a native American "Cochise" (a strong and respected apache leader) warrants the death penalty now?

    • Trageek1990
      Trageek1990 6 месяцев назад +1

      i don't have sympathy even for the cops. these racists insult him (coshise).

    • RollandB
      RollandB 8 месяцев назад +1

      I already have a pretty nice one, but thanks for the suggestion ;)

    • Rams4life94
      Rams4life94 8 месяцев назад +3

      lol dude I was making a simple youtube comment and you literally just wanted to antagonize me for no good reason. Get a life.

  • Danny Chou
    Danny Chou 11 месяцев назад +1

    Nice work

  • Adam Langfelder
    Adam Langfelder 11 месяцев назад +17

    A lesson to all: If Hanzee Dent asks for a glass of water, BE RESPECTFUL!!!!

  • The Morales
    The Morales 11 месяцев назад +7

    And that's why you don't fuck with us natives Americans

    • Colonel Hart
      Colonel Hart 3 месяца назад

      I don't think you need to apologize for a comment on youtube man, I'm sure you don't plan to become a murderer. I also want to point out that even though Hanzee is played by a (fucking amazing) native American actor, the character is half native and half white, and I think a big part of his problem is that he was never accepted by a family on either side. Whites treated him in a racist way, at best they hired him and tolerated him, and meanwhile it sounds like his native family abandoned him and he was probably an orphan adopted by the Gerhardts. So he didn't have any traditions or culture from the native side or the white side, he didn't fit in anywhere.
      I think that, along with his PTSD from Vietnam, explains why he was so ready to snap and how much he did not give a fuck. I know that native Americans have problems, I would also say that the ones I've known personally have been fucking awesome people and their only problems are drinking ones and I cannot judge that. But I don't think this cold-blooded murderer represents native Americans, if he had some connection or family tradition there is no way he would be like that. Those traditions teach people to become enlightened not evil. Unless it was Windigo psychosis but that's just the native American way of talking about a psychopath. Hanzee was a lost soul.

    • The Morales
      The Morales 8 месяцев назад

      I'm a little crazy sometimes so yeah I'm sorry about that

    • The Morales
      The Morales 8 месяцев назад

      I know you're upset for what I said so I'm sorry brother we're good people I have friends that are white people I don't kill them so I'm sorry

    • David Farcas
      David Farcas 8 месяцев назад

      Because you'll kill white people if they say racist things? If he's the only character you can relate to, buddy, you have a long way to go...

  • Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka Год назад +2

    11 people drank water with bartender spit in it.

  • OD Kush
    OD Kush Год назад

    Savage Life #DAPL

  • Bob Usualis
    Bob Usualis Год назад

    cops would have lit up the savage after seeing anything in his hands after going to his car with two hurt men on the floor

    • Davis Parsons
      Davis Parsons 11 месяцев назад +4

      they came out of the squad car attempting to draw their service revolvers but Hanzee was ready for them and was much quicker with that m16

  • jess dubyah
    jess dubyah Год назад

    should of started the clip when he seen the plaque outside

  • pwollerman
    pwollerman Год назад +3

    Yeah, nah, you left out Hansee parking his truck and seeing the plaque saying "22 Sioux Indians were shot here", up above the piss and vomit outside. That's an essential part of the scene, and why Hansee begins to turn against the Gerhardts.

    VASILIY PUPKIN Год назад +3

    Arrogance killed white people!

  • John Wolf
    John Wolf Год назад +2

    Pretty interesting the guy makes a "Wounded Knee" joke then he ends up shooting 2 dudes in the knee

  • Pksoze
    Pksoze Год назад +26

    Sometimes you pick the wrong guy to fuck with. I feel absolutely no sympathy for the barkeep and those two shitbirds...I wish they felt even more pain.

    • G4nst4Ch33se
      G4nst4Ch33se 6 дней назад

      They're innocent cops

    • RollandB
      RollandB 7 месяцев назад

      Wasn't asking you, but thanks for your input.

    • Anudda Feller
      Anudda Feller 7 месяцев назад +1

      Not in the slightest, in fact that was the best part of the clip.

    • RollandB
      RollandB 8 месяцев назад

      What about the two cops? Do you feel sympathy for them?

  • PhattyMcBoomBoom
    PhattyMcBoomBoom Год назад +1

    "Oh, shitburd's thurstee!"

  • hitarth desai
    hitarth desai Год назад +1

    S A V A G E

  • Volodya Sklyar
    Volodya Sklyar Год назад

    Какой плохой парень. Даже не игиловец.

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus Год назад +5

    Reminds me of Rambo....but with long hair.

  • BigJon410
    BigJon410 Год назад +4

    A Gun in Your Hand Sure Beats ‘A Cop On the Phone’. This is the first of two men that will make this mistake opposing Hanzee.

  • Colonel Hart
    Colonel Hart Год назад +8

    Although I absolutely loved the UFO scene, and Kirsten Dunst's scenes, this was probably the single best scene in season 2. This is where it becomes completely clear that in Season 1, when Lou Solverson explains how things got to a level beyond fucked up, you just see it. When I saw this scene, I had no idea what would happen next or what the consequences would be, but it was also instantly clear that law enforcement in this area had a problem so huge that it might be the biggest problem they ever faced and would at the absolute least haunt the fuck out of survivors 30 years later. Zarn McClarnon's acting was great - sure, like Thornton you could compare his portrayal of a psychotic hitman to Bardem's character Chigurh, but Dent really seems to lose it here in a way that a "cold, calculated" killer never would. Ohanzee Dent seems like a character who has seen hell and never been understood or cared about, and who finally just decides on suicide by cop. That's a really compelling and disturbing story in the wake of the Vietnam war (which his character is connected to the most, even more than Solversson). Unfortunately, the cops could never talk to him (Lou was the only one who realized how serious the situation was with this guy on the loose), and what he did to them at Sioux Falls is totally horrifying.
    Chigurh had no human side left; Malvo never said "Tired of this life."

  • Fish Lips
    Fish Lips Год назад +50

    if everyone today acted like Hanzee here, there may be less dickheads around. . . .
    still pretty illegal though.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 9 месяцев назад +6

      "Yeah man I'd totally kick their arse yeah and like knee cap em like pow pow hehehe. Yeah tough. Oh b-b-b-but *puts on nerd glasses* it's technically eueuhhh ILLEGAL so thats bad hehehe can't be too naughty"
      That's how fucking gay you sound.

    • Fish Lips
      Fish Lips Год назад +2

      also I guarantee if there were fellow vets around, that bartender and his buds would've been stomped out for spewin all that bullshit.

  • HeatyFrog
    HeatyFrog Год назад +2

    I like this show but I always thought the scene outside was a bit lowbrow for it. It's like an after school special's idea of how racism happens

    OMG_MARLON Год назад +63

    I refuse to believe, even if it is confirmed by the creators, that Hanzee became Tripoli. He looks nothing like him (I know he got plastic surgery) and Hanzee wouldn't become some fat slob getting underlings to run everything for him.

    • Daniel Link
      Daniel Link 10 дней назад

      Tobey VanWeston In my personal headcanon, Hanzee's last scene in this season is pure speculation, a gap filled in by the author of the Midwestern history of crime book who could only guess at his motivations. That's how I explain away this frankly bad twist.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Год назад +7

      Not to mention he killed a lot of innocent bystanders including Ed and betrayed the people he worked for. Dodd i couldn't give a shit about but Floyd and Bear? This was just after Bear said that no matter what Dodd or anyone said he was welcomed in their family and is thankful for his services? Jezz. And besides people can and do change a lot in 25 years. Enough time to grow old and fat after what he always wanted to become, a boss not some lowly henchmen doing somones elses bidding. Its a very fitting end to die an ignoble death at the end of his reign that he could have avoided in his prime and establish how Malvo is more evil and unstoppable then he was

    • maxilos1987
      maxilos1987 Год назад +17

      remember what Hanzee said when he asked Peggy to give him a hair cut? "I'm tired of this life". He changed not just in appearance but in who he was entirely.

      OMG_MARLON Год назад

      Why though?

  • Movie Remixer
    Movie Remixer Год назад +16

    Freeze, Cochise!

  • charles ratcliff
    charles ratcliff Год назад +15

    Hanzee is my favorite chracter

  • Greg Rizal
    Greg Rizal Год назад +13

    Moral lesson: if you are going to bully somebody, prepare to suffer the consequence.

  • Igor
    Igor Год назад +68

    Damn, he parked in a no parking zone. savage af

  • TheRedTomahawk
    TheRedTomahawk Год назад

    series are on 90 percent of cases things i dislike with the exception of breaking bad but even that had it's bad moments.

  • Gabriel Salyer
    Gabriel Salyer Год назад +42

    DO NOT fuck with a native american that served in nam, that makes him 2 times the savage.

  • vaisakhan babu
    vaisakhan babu Год назад

    gypsy always make on way

  • Landon Le
    Landon Le Год назад +8

    hanzee is NOT tripoli

    • Ownage1067
      Ownage1067 Год назад +2

      I don't like Hanzee being tripoli just because of the way he dies in season 1. You're telling me you give Hanzee an army of people, and they still lose to one person? I don't buy it. I know it's like 25+ years later but still. Hanzee vs Lorne should of been a much better show down.

    • Landon Le
      Landon Le Год назад +5

      well if its true then this is one the worst storylines ever

    • Mackie Messer
      Mackie Messer Год назад +1

      the actor even said it in a interview, so don't talk shit

  • Kojii Naz
    Kojii Naz Год назад

    He's scared of cannibals though

  • Thurisaz314159
    Thurisaz314159 Год назад

    Why did he spare the third guy?

  • nclfup
    nclfup Год назад +27

    Just rewatched season 1... Does anybody remember the scene when Malvo is talking to mr. Wrench in the hospital about a guy named Carolina murphy? and how he gut his tongue cut out by an Indian in the mid 80's? I wonder if that was hanzee that did that......

      OMG_MARLON Год назад +12

      That would be pretty awesome if it was Hanzee he's referencing to.

  • Earthling Crusader
    Earthling Crusader Год назад +228

    All the man wanted was a glass of water. Nothing complex. Just a glass of clean drinking water.

    • Jitsu Swagg
      Jitsu Swagg 12 дней назад

      S1rWakka Why tf would you want to drink something that came outta someone else’s mouth? Please tell me you’re being sarcastic dude.

    • S1rWakka
      S1rWakka Месяц назад

      So white spittle isn't good enough for mister indian separatist?

  • xd xdxd
    xd xdxd Год назад +95

    That guy in the bar was even sleeping when hanzee shot the barkeeper haha

    • meesalikeu
      meesalikeu 3 месяца назад

      i know he slept through everything that was great very funny

    • liberty dude
      liberty dude Год назад +60

      Hey, if it works, it works.

  • James Scott
    James Scott Год назад +124

    So, white bartender brings up the '73 Incident at Wounded Knee... and Hanzee shoots two racists in the knees.
    ... BAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice. :D

    • Kenshin1998 Himura
      Kenshin1998 Himura 3 месяца назад

      What's funny is that wounded knee didn't actually have anything to do with wounded knee's

    • bigstabby
      bigstabby Год назад +7

      My man Hanzee got jokes lol

  • Kyle Renner
    Kyle Renner Год назад +14

    Haha fuck that fat sack of shit barkeep.

  • Teddy KGB
    Teddy KGB Год назад +54

    Guys who got kneecapped are the luckiest fuckers on the planet.

    • Predni Son
      Predni Son 9 месяцев назад +4

      "Would the make a movie about it if the roles were reversed?" sort of like that film with Clint Eastwood? Yeah they would.
      Victim complex and persecutory delusions rolled into one, that's you.

    • Monica Stewart
      Monica Stewart Год назад

      +EzPz lol!

    • Mike Santa
      Mike Santa Год назад +3

      +captain pinky it's the same thing. no one deserves to be treated someway because of their skin color. White included. Dont be racist.

    • EzPz
      EzPz Год назад +13

      "Wounded knee"

  • Nubian LSRP
    Nubian LSRP Год назад +64

    the most badass person ever

    • Norm Appleton
      Norm Appleton 4 месяца назад

      Malvo killed Hanzee in season one

    • The Sexy Shark 1
      The Sexy Shark 1 Год назад +11

      +Viktor Nagy if you call being racist nothing, then yea they did nothing

    • donutking 4U
      donutking 4U Год назад +1

      +Damn Son yeah but Hanzee was more ruthless less careful which made it more entertaining lol

    • WildWestSamurai
      WildWestSamurai Год назад

      +Get it Ima edit that out It's been my experience that victims of bullying have a tendency to become bullies themselves. No one likes feeling abused and powerless, so they view abuse itself as a powerful position. It's a pretty nuanced scene. :)

    • Charry Buckle
      Charry Buckle Год назад +1

      +Viktor Nagy yeah he's a fucking badass

  • liberty dude
    liberty dude Год назад +270

    "I just wanted a glass of water"
    That seemed like the saddest line to me. He just wanted something simple, yet the world kept pushing him. Makes you wonder if all the chaos he caused by the season's end could have been prevented if everybody around him hadn't treated him like shit.

    • G4nst4Ch33se
      G4nst4Ch33se 10 дней назад

      liberty dude well he seemed to already be a bad guy

    • Jitsu Swagg
      Jitsu Swagg 12 дней назад

      Ernest Money Won’t you bitch somewhere else.

    • The Milk Cult of Sisyphus
      The Milk Cult of Sisyphus 3 месяца назад

      It's called analysis you total douche.

    • Lonus Bjonus
      Lonus Bjonus 5 месяцев назад

      jeez i guess youtube changed something so now it looks like youre replying to a specific comment but its all just thrown in a big pile.
      i guess a script treatment would be like: war on terror vet returns home, america doesnt give a fuck, trump is president & making it worse than the country he just came home from. the only moral option is the kill the president and/or his supporters

    • USNVA
      USNVA 6 месяцев назад

      Well you wouldn't have much of a movie script then, would you?