Fargo | 2x08 | Hanzee in Bar Scene | Badass Scene | 1080p


The BADASS moment of Hanzee in the bar and start gunfight the police scene from the black-comedy-crime-thriller tv-series called "FARGO: SEASON 2" Created by Noah Hawley

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Автор Big Fat Man ( назад)
Moments like this are why season 2 is better.

Автор Yaacov Levy ( назад)
Good job Hanzee, now you're wanted 3 stars

Автор ChristophGangrel ( назад)
I love when bullies gets rekted... :3

Автор Wish I was sleeping ( назад)
Hanzee is the fucking man

Автор leviathanmg ( назад)
2:02 "These white people..."

Автор psychotrip ( назад)
He wounded both them niggas knees.

Автор Trailer Express ( назад)
Wounded knee alright :)

Автор Vanessa John ( назад)
lmfao da fuck hahaha wounded knee lmfao.. idjits need to know history before saying something ignorant. smdh.

Автор Hannibal ( назад)
Apache blood

Автор eric wsmith ( назад)
Mr, AR-15 says  "no you freeze"

Автор peshmerge44 ( назад)
there is only so much a man can take. he should`ve killed the other 3 aswell instead of the two cops

Автор Rams4life94 ( назад)
Have ZERO sympathy for any of the guys that got shot.

Автор Eurasian Writer ( назад)
My favorite scene, the half breed goes ER

Автор Marvel Fans ( назад)
Nice work

Автор Adam Langfelder ( назад)
A lesson to all: If Hanzee Dent asks for a glass of water, BE RESPECTFUL!!!!

Автор James john Morales ( назад)
And that's why you don't fuck with us natives Americans

Автор Frank Sobotka ( назад)
11 people drank water with bartender spit in it.

Автор OD Kush ( назад)
Savage Life #DAPL

Автор Bob Usualis ( назад)
cops would have lit up the savage after seeing anything in his hands after going to his car with two hurt men on the floor

Автор jess dubyah ( назад)
should of started the clip when he seen the plaque outside

Автор pwollerman ( назад)
Yeah, nah, you left out Hansee parking his truck and seeing the plaque saying "22 Sioux Indians were shot here", up above the piss and vomit outside. That's an essential part of the scene, and why Hansee begins to turn against the Gerhardts.

Автор VASILIY PUPKIN ( назад)
Arrogance killed white people!

Автор John Wolf ( назад)
Pretty interesting the guy makes a "Wounded Knee" joke then he ends up shooting 2 dudes in the knee

Автор Pksoze ( назад)
Sometimes you pick the wrong guy to fuck with. I feel absolutely no sympathy for the barkeep and those two shitbirds...I wish they felt even more pain.

Автор PhattyMcBoomBoom ( назад)
"Oh, shitburd's thurstee!"

Автор hitarth desai ( назад)

Автор Volodya Sklyar ( назад)
Какой плохой парень. Даже не игиловец.

Автор 1 Bad Jesus ( назад)
Reminds me of Rambo....but with long hair.

Автор BigJon410 ( назад)
A Gun in Your Hand Sure Beats ‘A Cop On the Phone’. This is the first of two men that will make this mistake opposing Hanzee.

Автор Colonel Hart ( назад)
Although I absolutely loved the UFO scene, and Kirsten Dunst's scenes, this was probably the single best scene in season 2. This is where it becomes completely clear that in Season 1, when Lou Solverson explains how things got to a level beyond fucked up, you just see it. When I saw this scene, I had no idea what would happen next or what the consequences would be, but it was also instantly clear that law enforcement in this area had a problem so huge that it might be the biggest problem they ever faced and would at the absolute least haunt the fuck out of survivors 30 years later. Zarn McClarnon's acting was great - sure, like Thornton you could compare his portrayal of a psychotic hitman to Bardem's character Chigurh, but Dent really seems to lose it here in a way that a "cold, calculated" killer never would. Ohanzee Dent seems like a character who has seen hell and never been understood or cared about, and who finally just decides on suicide by cop. That's a really compelling and disturbing story in the wake of the Vietnam war (which his character is connected to the most, even more than Solversson). Unfortunately, the cops could never talk to him (Lou was the only one who realized how serious the situation was with this guy on the loose), and what he did to them at Sioux Falls is totally horrifying.

Chigurh had no human side left; Malvo never said "Tired of this life."

Автор Fish Lips ( назад)
if everyone today acted like Hanzee here, there may be less dickheads around. . . .

still pretty illegal though.

Автор HeatyFrog ( назад)
I like this show but I always thought the scene outside was a bit lowbrow for it. It's like an after school special's idea of how racism happens

Автор OMG_MARLON ( назад)
I refuse to believe, even if it is confirmed by the creators, that Hanzee became Tripoli. He looks nothing like him (I know he got plastic surgery) and Hanzee wouldn't become some fat slob getting underlings to run everything for him.

Автор Movie Remixer ( назад)
Freeze, Cochise!

Автор charles ratcliff ( назад)
Hanzee is my favorite chracter

Автор Greg Rizal ( назад)
Moral lesson: if you are going to bully somebody, prepare to suffer the consequence.

Автор Igor ( назад)
Damn, he parked in a no parking zone. savage af

Автор TheRedTomahawk ( назад)
series are on 90 percent of cases things i dislike with the exception of breaking bad but even that had it's bad moments.

Автор jazzthieve ( назад)
Trump voters getting handled.

Автор Gabriel Salyer ( назад)
DO NOT fuck with a native american that served in nam, that makes him 2 times the savage.

Автор vaisakhan babu ( назад)
gypsy always make on way

Автор Landon Le ( назад)
hanzee is NOT tripoli

Автор Kojii Naz ( назад)
He's scared of cannibals though

Автор Thurisaz314159 ( назад)
Why did he spare the third guy?

Автор nclfup ( назад)
Just rewatched season 1... Does anybody remember the scene when Malvo is talking to mr. Wrench in the hospital about a guy named Carolina murphy? and how he gut his tongue cut out by an Indian in the mid 80's? I wonder if that was hanzee that did that......

Автор Earthling Crusader ( назад)
All the man wanted was a glass of water. Nothing complex. Just a glass of clean drinking water.

Автор xd xdxd ( назад)
That guy in the bar was even sleeping when hanzee shot the barkeeper haha

Автор James Scott ( назад)
So, white bartender brings up the '73 Incident at Wounded Knee... and Hanzee shoots two racists in the knees.


Автор Kyle Renner ( назад)
Haha fuck that fat sack of shit barkeep.

Автор Teddy KGB ( назад)
Guys who got kneecapped are the luckiest fuckers on the planet.

Автор Marcus from Smart Guy ( назад)
the most badass person ever

Автор liberty dude ( назад)
"I just wanted a glass of water"
That seemed like the saddest line to me. He just wanted something simple, yet the world kept pushing him. Makes you wonder if all the chaos he caused by the season's end could have been prevented if everybody around him hadn't treated him like shit.

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