What Happens When You Hide in the Landing Gear of a Plane

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Chances are if you are hiding in the landing gear of a plane, things arn't going so well for you. And while it may seem like it's a good idea, you clearly haven't thought this through. In today's animated airplane video we are looking at some unfortunate and crazy people who have hidden in a planes landing gear as a stowaway.
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    📝 SOURCES: pastebin.com/ZtLjFs3p
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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  2 months ago +1115

    There's no such thing as a free ride... 😔

    • Colin Hodge
      Colin Hodge 4 hours ago

      @e lol

    • PondRacer
      PondRacer Day ago

      I’d like to speak to the manager >:(

    • AdrianIsDead
      AdrianIsDead 15 days ago

      The Infographics Show there is, its called walking

    • Mystery Beans
      Mystery Beans 20 days ago

      Sajed Khan cd

    • KGB
      KGB 28 days ago

      @Mr. Noobser well, time IS money

  • Ninja Nan
    Ninja Nan 10 hours ago

    the cartoons you use really make me get bored of these videos after a bit

  • B5EN
    B5EN 19 hours ago

    That Heathrow airport thing happened 30 mins away from me

  • Zip Zop
    Zip Zop 21 hour ago

    Stadia doesn’t take up any space tho 😳

  • Metalcash
    Metalcash Day ago

    Someone needs to make a movie with a scene like this in

  • Chris Duke
    Chris Duke 2 days ago

    The guy in the wheel well is probably allergic to peanuts anyway, so enjoy yourself.

  • Darragh Cosgrove
    Darragh Cosgrove 2 days ago

    Why you gotta dis Ryan air like that cmon bruh

  • Jguzman2816
    Jguzman2816 4 days ago

    Imagine minding your own business and out of nowhere someone falls outta the sky onto your backyard, smh...

  • Khill
    Khill 4 days ago

    I cant imagine the landing

  • TTV BlaDE-_-Scafell_

    But foreigners are well interested in this video

  • Mr Derpy Waffle
    Mr Derpy Waffle 4 days ago

    02:48 it says “contrilled”

  • Igot7 Army
    Igot7 Army 4 days ago

    I have ONLY ONE word I want to say... *IDIOT*

  • sfapp 004
    sfapp 004 5 days ago


  • Jambi
    Jambi 6 days ago

    Being crushed would hit very bad for the 60 seconds it takes to happen...but if your unlucky you might just be in the right spot to survive but also be crushed

  • Marie Katherine
    Marie Katherine 6 days ago

    OK. I’ll be careful about sunbathing near Heathrow.

  • Galaxychan *From litle space Black galaxy*

    Indonesia is Malaysia too
    Also I'm Malaysia

  • Galaxychan *From litle space Black galaxy*

    Indonesia is Malaysia too
    Also I'm Malaysia

  • Martijn Kuut
    Martijn Kuut 7 days ago

    Challenge accepted >:)

  • Anna Baik
    Anna Baik 7 days ago

    Me: welp, time to bring out the potions of slow falling, feather falling boots and regen potions

  • Trip Dragon
    Trip Dragon 8 days ago

    5:11 I swear I just opened a can of soda as he said that

  • awsmegmr 222 draws
    awsmegmr 222 draws 8 days ago

    Wow why do people do this

  • AnnaIsNotABanana
    AnnaIsNotABanana 9 days ago +1

    Why would anyone choose to go through all of this over just buying a plane ticket

  • Flordia Man
    Flordia Man 9 days ago

    Are you challenging me?

  • SadPotato8999
    SadPotato8999 9 days ago

    Infographic people’s calfs be like: ( )

  • AvarionUK
    AvarionUK 11 days ago

    Is that the MGS Alert sound I hear at 6.57?

  • UNAVA1LABL3username
    UNAVA1LABL3username 11 days ago

    “Just remember, there could be a person dying a few feet away from you” thx btw

    ABSOLUT VODKA 11 days ago

    66,6mil subs

  • Seandell Weaver
    Seandell Weaver 11 days ago

    Short answer to this video's question: *you die.*

  • IBraydenHD
    IBraydenHD 11 days ago

    How the Flip did Kids Sneak onto a Military Aircraft

  • Mo Samuels
    Mo Samuels 12 days ago

    Information on the bends is completely incorrect. You use an example of a diver surfacing where atmospheric pressure is reduced as a comparison to the plan descending where atmospheric pressure is increasing. Recompression isn't going to cause the bends, decompression does

  • Jackson Lopez
    Jackson Lopez 12 days ago

    Hey Info, in your description you have spelled the word "aren't" with "arnt." It's no biggie, just pointing that out!!

  • DaNuke 26rblx
    DaNuke 26rblx 12 days ago

    Tip: if you are going to do this, don't hide in the front gear or single axle gear like on the Boeing 737, know how the gear folds and the remaining space, wear warm clothes and maybe bring an oxygen tank.

  • Justin Moreno
    Justin Moreno 13 days ago

    Why does no one have the idea to bring a parachute

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger 14 days ago

    just steal a bunch of pigeons duh

  • BonBon C:
    BonBon C: 14 days ago +1

    Imagine a ryanair landing while in that landing gear room

  • TerracatHero
    TerracatHero 15 days ago

    Did those people clao when it landed...

  • Jenish Bhandari
    Jenish Bhandari 16 days ago +1

    Watching this while I am inside landing gear🥺

  • niceguy60
    niceguy60 16 days ago

    Still is a safer way to travel by air than on a 737 Max

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 17 days ago

    Sunbathing..... in London

  • Mik B
    Mik B 17 days ago

    I would survive by bringing a space suit inside of there xD

  • Turtles are good
    Turtles are good 17 days ago

    This is why you pay for your flights

  • Logan_dabeast
    Logan_dabeast 17 days ago

    I like how he mentioned Ryanair lol

  • nuclear explosion
    nuclear explosion 17 days ago

    Which wheel well is better front or back? Asking for a friend

  • Thievez_Wingo
    Thievez_Wingo 17 days ago

    The ultimate cheapskate ep.69

  • Chase Levy
    Chase Levy 18 days ago

    NO i wouldnt

  • Rick C
    Rick C 18 days ago

    the cartoon shows a white guy in a landing gear of a flight to KENYA I was a black guy not a white guy

  • austin reuber
    austin reuber 18 days ago

    bubble wrap will save you lol

  • Byron Simpson
    Byron Simpson 18 days ago

    how would I survive that
    answer i wouldn't do it in the first place

  • Cleife117
    Cleife117 18 days ago

    Don't you get the bends from a reduction in pressure? If so, descent wouldn't cause it, ascent would

  • Icelord _LOL
    Icelord _LOL 18 days ago

    My question is how do you know this?

  • Soldat Daniels
    Soldat Daniels 18 days ago

    I always wondered if it was as simple as it appeared in the movies. Happy to know that it certainly isn't.

  • Pwnage
    Pwnage 20 days ago

    movies taught me that entering from the wheels are for top secret missions to hijack the plane.

  • Contato PHBIO
    Contato PHBIO 21 day ago

    Knowing people try to hide inside the wheels compartment, why didn't they put light and cameras there for the crew to check if is everything right before taking of?

  • KingMeatballs
    KingMeatballs 21 day ago

    Me: well let’s scrap that idea

  • Saber Cyan
    Saber Cyan 22 days ago

    i had no idea this was a thing
    also damm the falling sound effects xD

  • Not Blinxツ
    Not Blinxツ 22 days ago

    Nah use feather falling boots

  • Coha.nl's Dutch Train Simulator channel

    Nice movie !😋

  • Team Decay
    Team Decay 22 days ago

    The bends only exist when coming out of pressure not into pressure

  • I am dogge
    I am dogge 22 days ago

    You die because you can’t breathe air at most airline altitude

  • Jordan Dias
    Jordan Dias 23 days ago

    No. I would survive by buying a plane ticket