Airbus A320 Takes Off by Itself Against its Flight Crew | Pilot VS Plane | Northwest Airlines 985

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Takeoff is initiated on Detroit-Metropolitan' runway 3C. Well before rotation speed, the Airbus A320 begins to lift off by itself. Find out what happens next.
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Comments • 1 331

  • J- Man
    J- Man 4 hours ago

    wow that was terrible on the pilots part on delaying that takeoff!

  • oscar urraco
    oscar urraco 4 hours ago

    that look Like dullus airport in Virginia

  • John McIntosh
    John McIntosh Day ago

    Cool video, shitty representation of Metro Airport.

  • Stray Cat
    Stray Cat Day ago

    Nice job on this! I was preparing for a tragic ending when the plane overshot the runway and the music became sullen.

  • Robert LaRoque
    Robert LaRoque Day ago

    Not a sad one this time.

  • J-Man88UK
    J-Man88UK 2 days ago

    Well done to the captain he may well have saved everyone on that plane.

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster 2 days ago +1

    A pilot with some damn sense! Nice to see! Overrunning the runway is always a better option than crashing into the ground

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster 2 days ago

    Airbus computer crap

  • J Stenberg
    J Stenberg 2 days ago

    Airbus...sigh. "-1.7 Up"??? Is that down? Whatever, it is confusing. You need to eliminate ALL confusion in aviation.

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll 2 days ago +3

    Pilot exits washroom and says
    “Where’s my plane”

  • Hogan Savoy
    Hogan Savoy 3 days ago

    Damn trim level.

  • sherwin salvatori
    sherwin salvatori 3 days ago

    I wonder what my dear CAPT JOE would of done if he was the flight crew, hmm to/ga.and 1st aviate , 2nd navigate and finally communicate.

  • chewyismycopilot
    chewyismycopilot 6 days ago

    Airplanes always trying to crash themselves, they ought to add an “allahu akbar” chime to let you know the plane is hijacking itself

  • GroomLeader
    GroomLeader 6 days ago

    Good to see that it wasn't a horrible ending. Shows the importance of flight crews to check and recheck everything. Shouldn't have waited so long to abort, though they kept their heads, and fortunately just a field was beyond the runway.

  • The Good Guy
    The Good Guy 6 days ago

    This wouldn't have happened if the runway was from fast and furious 6

  • Patricia Marie Mitchell

    Everyone survived. Praise God! The pilots should have gotten some kudos for that. They caused a very bad situation and solved it and took the blame. That's a stand up guy in my mind.😀

  • Jimm Playz134
    Jimm Playz134 7 days ago

    Not everyone survived the landing lights of runway died rip that

  • Triplex 29
    Triplex 29 9 days ago

    Great video as always.
    Only a personal preference but I don't like the music.

  • TKG
    TKG 9 days ago

    0:43 looks like Washington Dulles

  • Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing Tahoe

    Bit too "Tec" to understand. Not my fav video.

  • Swiffer Duster Kitty & Friends

    Its possessed 😲

  • Robert Emerson
    Robert Emerson 13 days ago

    You're about to leave Satan's butthole with knee deep snow and go to warm Miami to walk on the hot sand but you end up in the snow/mud at the end of the runway. So sad! At least they survived.

    STACY SPICER 13 days ago

    I think that's scary that they dont in spect every plane before hand

  • John Cass
    John Cass 13 days ago

    FAKE NEWS!!!!


    HERE IT IS.....

  • Elisabeth n
    Elisabeth n 14 days ago +1

    Put my life in the hands of inexperienced pilots. No thanks. I want a navy pilot flying for me.

  • T B
    T B 14 days ago

    Why would you abort this and not just go full power in the air and get the rest of the necessary speed?

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice 14 days ago

    Adding narration to Flight Channel videos would aid them even though they are all CG.

  • AIRLINE Dreamer
    AIRLINE Dreamer 14 days ago

    An answer: in any cases, if the flight crew decides to abort the take-off for any reasons before the V1 or even after in dramatic situations, they can get out of the runway and get the taxi way and try to stop the plane there? In case there is no plane on the taxiway of course

  • Kent Straith
    Kent Straith 14 days ago +1

    So, to sum injuries. No deaths. The plane was fine and is still flying. And you used the same music you use when 200 people die. That was stressful.

  • Diogo Pinto
    Diogo Pinto 14 days ago

    Other crews would've doomed themselves by taking off ..

  • Hobu123
    Hobu123 14 days ago

    What would have happened if they didn't abort takeoff? Would flying have been dangerous somehow?

  • edz de la vega
    edz de la vega 15 days ago +1

    after this incedent arw the flight crews still on service?

  • S B
    S B 15 days ago

    What's with three commercials? Starting to not like to RUclip anymore. More like TV

  • Trey ツ
    Trey ツ 16 days ago

    I play a lot of infinite flight

  • Trey ツ
    Trey ツ 16 days ago

    Is this video recorded using X Plane?

  • Nobilangelo Ceramalus
    Nobilangelo Ceramalus 17 days ago +1

    The plane didn't take off against the pilots' orders, it did exactly what they had ordered it to do--but their orders were wrong. They were fortunate that there was enough room for the plane to stop without a catastrophe.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 16 days ago

      Yep and also this whole video is an absolute clickbait. From the title "Pilot Vs Plane" which is actually the title from ACI episode of Air France 296. Its like there was a tug of war or something. "pilot vs plane!!! Who is going to win????"

  • Walter Fink
    Walter Fink 17 days ago

    Pilot error and improper maintenance, seem to be some of the main issues, when an aircraft accident happens.

  • RRareGamingOnYT
    RRareGamingOnYT 18 days ago

    all flights with 9 at the beginning are crashing hmmm....

  • Zack K
    Zack K 19 days ago

    Your videos are super cool, but have you ever thought about narrating them or paying someone to narrate? Narration is where it’s at! It’s all the rage right now, everyone is doing it.

    RPGO JAPAN 19 days ago

    For now on that aircraft is already 22yrs. Old

    • Artem Morozov
      Artem Morozov 16 days ago

      That plane is still a baby, I flew on 60-year-old MC-130s and it still flew pretty damn good

  • metalox88
    metalox88 19 days ago

    lay off Airbus...... stealth campaign

  • David C. Miller
    David C. Miller 22 days ago

    So, 'their' V1 was also set wrong, and going too slow? Why couldn't they just continued with takeoff? ( Obvious, not a pilot) It says the Airbus was repaired and returned too service. I wonder if the pilots were.

  • Ulo Hun
    Ulo Hun 26 days ago

    Hey nobody died. Perfect video for jaunty rogue plane theme music instead!

  • Nigel
    Nigel 27 days ago

    why didnt he abort takeoff right after the nose came up by itself? why did he wait AFTER V1 (the speed he can't abort takeoff) to abort the takeoff

  • Lovepreet Marahar
    Lovepreet Marahar Month ago +1

    Will u plz also give the verbal information
    it is very difficult to read the whole sentence

  • ThereYouGo182
    ThereYouGo182 Month ago

    I think you've mixed up the takeoff speeds @ 9:06 would normally reach Vr before V2

    • Abel Remark
      Abel Remark 17 days ago

      I therefore looked at this clip to recapitulate (quite complicated, also the is an Vlof). Is the V1, meaning "do not abort the start", more a "recommendation", or how was the aftermath since they did abort after V1?

  • Daniel Gaming
    Daniel Gaming Month ago

    AI is taking over

  • Albert Hendershot
    Albert Hendershot Month ago

    Is AI about to kill us ???????????

  • E W
    E W Month ago

    I don't know how civilian commercial airlines operate. However, during my time with the Air Force, every Captain and First Officer was given the data concerning cargo and passengers. The weight, the Center of Gravity and vital statistics to determine correct angle of departure and landing. That was always provided (I am not a pilot, however, I know this for a fact) so determination of flaps, speed etc., was calculated, and verified between the Captain and the First Officer. If I view this video correctly, the Captain or FO entered the incorrect parameters and, apparently, did not bother to verify with each other. That was a mistake which had nothing to do with the decision to abort takeoff too late.

  • rai x
    rai x Month ago +1

    these uploads are better than Air Crash Investigations

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      Not really, he just copies air crash investigation titles and thumbnails as well as dialogue from the episodes.. Not truly authentic work from the flight Channel.

  • maria jose cruzat
    maria jose cruzat Month ago

    I still don't understand why the Captain decided to put the plane back down after it had become airborne. If the plane was flying why not circle the airport and find out what the problem was. Trying to land again when you have insufficient runway seems very odd indeed.

  • Waldemar Gałęzinowski

    Awful UX

  • manuel ortega
    manuel ortega Month ago +1

    Can anyone smell the bull shit in this video??? TRIM WAS NOT THE ISSUE !!! The aircraft accelerated on its own and lifted off the ground. the fact that it reached V-1 (rotation speed) suggest an error in the autopilot NOT THE TRIM However, its customary for the ass-holes at the NTSB to accuse the pilots of the error, not the manufacturer of the instruments.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 16 days ago +1

      @manuel ortega That's what I thought, no response you fucking shithead.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago +1

      @manuel ortega Tell me how it's the manufacturer's fault? Go on

    • manuel ortega
      manuel ortega 24 days ago

      @Tariq Usher and you, yuh phucking genius learned all this while learning to fly a 757 into a building. go back to arabia

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      @manuel ortega You clearly know absolutely nothing about this topic, you just blabber about "assholes at the NTSB" and "it's the manufacturer's fault". You also provide absolutely no evidence whatsoever of your points. So go on, tell me how it's the manufacturer's fault, I'm very intrigued in what you have to say

    • manuel ortega
      manuel ortega 24 days ago +1

      @Tariq Usher tariq...the toad, please take 30 seconds and go fuck yourself.

  • Don Moore
    Don Moore Month ago

    Even though the crew was criticized for delaying the abort procedure, they did the right thing putting it back on the ground. The graphics here are outstanding - excellent production.

  • Alexandre Lambert Lee

    its very hard being a pilot

  • fauxscot1
    fauxscot1 Month ago

    Nice cartoon.

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams Month ago

    Maby the old work horse. Knew the drill and wanted to go.

  • James Funk
    James Funk Month ago

    Was there an explanation why the aircraft was unresponsive when the captain attempted to lower the nose?

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 12 days ago

      Because due to the angle of the stabiliser, the elevator inputs were pretty much ineffective

    • James Funk
      James Funk 20 days ago

      @Dawn Gondo But, why not?

    • Dawn Gondo
      Dawn Gondo 20 days ago

      James Funk the incorrect trim setting couldn’t be overridden by his manual efforts.

  • Joe Champley
    Joe Champley Month ago +1

    You seriously could not find Detroit in Flight Simulator and instead used Dulles? That will go a long way for your street cred....

  • coolbear6441
    coolbear6441 Month ago

    You wouldn’t happen to have a video on this incident would you??

  • Dont use your real name On the internet

    Wait why arnt the names of the pilots revealed
    “Alright, keep your secrets”

    • Jimm Playz134
      Jimm Playz134 7 days ago

      Dont use your real name On the internet there was probably no research about the piltos name so he dint include em

    • Triplex 29
      Triplex 29 9 days ago

      My first thought too! 👍

  • Lily Light
    Lily Light Month ago

    Everyone survived. What wonderful words to see.

  • ate2fiver
    ate2fiver Month ago +1

    7:51 Wow. All because of a negative sign.

  • Donnoha
    Donnoha Month ago

    ....the captain and first officer were promptly fired.

  • max bootstrap
    max bootstrap Month ago +2

    I find it difficult to believe the pilot could not correct for the erroneous trim by pushing the yoke forward. I guess pilots no longer fly airline airplanes.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      It's an Airbus. It doesn't have a yoke, it has a sidestick!

  • k.b ravindra
    k.b ravindra Month ago

    The title is not appropriate and seems to suggest that something was wrong with the design and manufacture of the aircraft by the manufacturer. It becomes very clear that the accident was due to pilot error. The title could be changed to some other more appropriate title.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      He got this title from the ACI episode Pilot Vs Plane of Air France 296. Its just an attempt to overdramatize the event..

  • BravoRomeo YT
    BravoRomeo YT Month ago

    The plane is a robot.

  • Paul Schulman
    Paul Schulman Month ago

    Crazy to come across a flight on here so close to home that I've never even heard of. I was flying DTW to MIA on Northwest 2 or 3 times a year during this time frame. Never even heard of this accident.

  • Seize Theday
    Seize Theday Month ago

    All of the Flight Channel videos are about twice as long as they need to be. Most of the scenes are drawn out to create false drama. It makes me feel like I'm watching the Hallmark Channel.

  • Suneetha p
    Suneetha p Month ago +1

    According to me the pilots must have taken off if the plane decided to take off

  • bowrudder
    bowrudder Month ago

    The plane is still flying. Is the pilot?


    Too much automation is dangerous

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      And too much human input can also be equally dangerous

  • Scottish Always Dickson

    👌 ending

  • Ashish Anand
    Ashish Anand Month ago +1

    Video title is creepy , plane takesoff by itself against pilot command ?

  • Connie Wolf
    Connie Wolf Month ago

    After watching some of these I have learned that flying these planes is much more complicated than people realize, and I will never set foot on one of them again!

  • 195o Th
    195o Th Month ago

    Of course, again the pilots guilty hahaha

  • Winter
    Winter Month ago

    Wait, you're saying he aborted takeoff after V2? I'm not that great with aviation but isn't that the speed that you are no longer allowed to abort?

    • cr01
      cr01 Month ago

      I believe so. But considering the wrong trim setting, it may be just as well he did abort, since if he took off with that (incorrect) trim and then, for example, mistakenly trimmed it further the wrong way, he might have stalled it. I don't know whether the A320 has any computer override that would have cut in and prevented him doing that.

  • Rafael Wilks
    Rafael Wilks Month ago

    0:45 DULLES AIRPORT!!!

  • Phil McRackin
    Phil McRackin Month ago

    He what after V1? He what???

  • O Dortmund
    O Dortmund Month ago

    Your title is misleading. The plane didn't take off by itself.

  • TitanictheGamingShipYT


  • Emre M. Cruz
    Emre M. Cruz Month ago +1

    Rip mud that the plane went into

  • MrSupercar55
    MrSupercar55 Month ago +1

    Why did they try to stop their plane from taking off? I thought rule 1 of aviation is if that thing you’ve just entered is a plane or a helicopter, it’s meant to fly. If not, it’s staying on the ground. I know it’s the trim, but what was stopping the pilot or co-pilot from correcting that mid-flight so they could continue to their destination?

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      They were unaware of the incorrect pitch trim

  • Leslie Whittenstall

    Wow still in service as of last month, amazing 3/2019

  • Berk YILMAZ
    Berk YILMAZ Month ago

    Your videos too long

  • Tom-Kenerth Helemets

    5:02 takeoff
    5:22 1000m
    5:31 500m
    5:37 100m
    5:55 oof. Flight 985.

  • Ian H
    Ian H Month ago +1

    Thumbs down due to music score and slow trickle of information to stretch the video.

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      Plus he also takes thumbnails and episode titles as well as dialogue from ACI episodes...

  • San Tropez
    San Tropez 2 months ago +1

    I’m not a pilot but the plane was already airborne and flying and passed V1 so why not just continue flying rather landing the plane knowing full well there’s not enough runway left??

    • San Tropez
      San Tropez 24 days ago +1

      Tariq Usher 👍

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago

      @San Tropez glad to help :)

    • San Tropez
      San Tropez 24 days ago +1

      Tariq Usher 🤔🤔 yes Sir that’s a probable possibility!
      Thank you Sir now I see what else might been going through the pilots minds.
      Thank you Sir

    • Tariq Usher
      Tariq Usher 24 days ago +2

      They were unaware the problem was the pitch trim, they probably thought it was flight control malfunction so probs they thought its better to put the aircraft down past V1 than take the problem of a possible flight control malfunction in the air and risk passenger lives.

  • Ger Desoto
    Ger Desoto 2 months ago

    After watching the piece of the air-bus where it ended up in muddy ground and get up in the sky, and this was a very experienced pilot. Then super question why did that pilot use plan stupidity in this one time story? It doesn't make any sense.

  • Jess Tell Me
    Jess Tell Me 2 months ago +8

    When I read @ 6:17 EVERYONE SURVIVED 👏🏼🙏🏼
    I really stopped the treadmill to type, I like a good ending regarding airplanes ✈️

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards 2 months ago +1

    I can deal with a mistake when you take caution and don’t kill anyone.

  • Inyalabudbud Punjabbidaliwad

    Once airborne, putting the aircraft back onto the runway is asking for destruction. If it was airborne then it had enough lift to stay airborne and accelerate, provided the skill of the flying pilot was good enough. They were absolutely lucky that the aircraft didn’t come apart, and burn, in the adjacent field. I think the flying pilot should have his airman certificate revoked. Especially in light of the number of training events in the Airbus he would have had to pass, just to get to this day. And where in that training, does it tell him to return to the runway after becoming airborne?

    • Chase Goodling
      Chase Goodling 4 days ago

      The aircraft would have stalled and crashed. Saying if the plane had enough speed to be airborne, it will stay airborne, is like putting the plane in a 90 degree pitch then stalling and saying “well it was airborne before so if should have just climbed”

  • Sheila Walker
    Sheila Walker 2 months ago

    That entire video could have been condensed into a few short paragraphs or a 2-3 minute video. Drama and fluffy music for the couch potatoes.

  • Patrick Wenzel
    Patrick Wenzel 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone know how much time passed between the uninitiated rotate and thrust lever retardation?
    With the NTSB being critical of the crew's actions I'd like to know if they considered time for startle factor, time for assessment of the situation, time for considering options and outcomes and then time to react?

  • greenfingers gardener
    greenfingers gardener 2 months ago

    disappointing, i was looking forward to a crash, lol

  • doomdylan
    doomdylan 2 months ago +1

    At 4:44 "The captain attempts to lower the nose", "however, the airplane was unresponsive", why is that?

    • Janet Miller
      Janet Miller 2 months ago

      Combination of weight to the rear of the plane, and trim tab angling plane up.

  • Nick Baldeagle
    Nick Baldeagle 2 months ago +2

    What about the pilots? I gots to know.

  • snowinblood
    snowinblood 2 months ago

    lol, that was a good one. Wouldn't the captain and co-pilot do a pre flight checklist and walk the plane, if possible and check the cargo area to make sure everything is held in place? You would think that the captain is more in a critical thinking state of mind rather then a jaded one when preparing to takeoff. If he did check the cargo he would have noticed where it was actually placed. Then with all his experience he should have questioned the planes center of gravity and the negative trim. This is all hindsight of course, but this is what they get paid to do. I'm just glad everyone was ok, I was holding my breath too, lol.

    GIMMESHELTER50 2 months ago

    TheFlightChannel needs to do a recreation of Flight 1771 Southwest Airlines jetliner crashed near Paso Robles Dec. 7, 1987. The killer, an ex-employee invaded the cockpit and killed the pilot and co-pilot before the loser committed suicide.