MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters December

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • A friendship that became a rivalry. A rivalry that became a war. Watch Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie in the new trailer for #MaryQueenofScots.
    "Mary Queen of Scots" explores the turbulent life of the charismatic Mary Stuart (Ronan). Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I (Robbie). Each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Determined to rule as much more than a figurehead, Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth’s sovereignty. Betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both thrones - and change the course of history.
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  • Jenna Diamond
    Jenna Diamond 20 hours ago

    This is weird af after having watched reign

  • Entice LovesAndProtects7Dorks

    So which is much more accurate help me I want to watch a Mary based show but I don't know what to believe that is the true to life story of her's Reign v.s Mary Queen of Scots?

  • brownwallet942
    brownwallet942 2 days ago

    British women have the most beautiful eyes and weirdest hairstyles

  • Bet Noga
    Bet Noga 2 days ago

    artistic license should be off limits to non-whites.

  • Marie Franz
    Marie Franz 4 days ago

    The biggest cat fight in history.

  • Picka Materina
    Picka Materina 5 days ago

    Did Mary Queen of Scots had a phone!?

  • Carlos Sarmiento
    Carlos Sarmiento 7 days ago

    1:29 Evil Queen of Alice and Wonderland 😂

  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort 11 days ago +1


  • Brittin Frielink
    Brittin Frielink 11 days ago

    hmm another sjw flick how surprising...

  • valentinocj1
    valentinocj1 11 days ago

    I never knew Thomas Randolph was black 😂. Leave it to the PC Culture to rewrite history. Looking forward for a JFK biographic were the leading role is hispanic or a genghis khan movie with a native american 😂

  • Bosco Baby
    Bosco Baby 13 days ago

    It's just the same as REIGN but Adelaide Kane was so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Teresita Prats
    Teresita Prats 17 days ago

    The Scots have so much disrespect for their own Queen.

  • hanane el khader fans
    hanane el khader fans 18 days ago

  • hanane el khader fans
    hanane el khader fans 18 days ago

  • hanane el khader fans
    hanane el khader fans 18 days ago

  • hanane el khader fans
    hanane el khader fans 18 days ago

  • M J
    M J 19 days ago

    I would love to have a referendum. England to have
    vote on whether we keep Scotland

  • johnny1893
    johnny1893 19 days ago

    PC Bullshit!

  • AngloHuscarl
    AngloHuscarl 19 days ago

    Started watching but soon gave up..... I guessed by the large helping of Black and Asian actors both in the English and Scottish courts that this was a new 'Liberal' take on British History. With all the trappings of Political Correctness and shoe horning in Minorities for the sake of inclusiveness...... Before many of you jump on me after being triggered, I feel the same about White actors holding chieftain ranks in thd court of Shaka Zulu! Does History have to be rewritten because of todays values?

  • Bjørn Andersen
    Bjørn Andersen 20 days ago


  • H 19
    H 19 21 day ago

    does anyone know if the music of this trailer is released? and what’s it called?

  • Laura Ramírez
    Laura Ramírez 22 days ago +1

    I prefer Reign

  • Red Scarlet
    Red Scarlet 22 days ago

    Braveheart wasn't factually correct on every detail either. That doesn't mean it wasn't a great movie. Can we not just enjoy a movie without people dissecting every little detail!

  • Susan Jane Triggs
    Susan Jane Triggs 23 days ago

    I think Adrian Lester is a fine actor but why are we rewriting history? The only black or Asian people in work in the UK at that time, were either low paid servants or slaves. If you are making a historical film then make in factual and do not make it a laughing stock. How will the youth learning about our history ever know the facts, if you keep mixing it up to satisfy people and making it politically correct?

  • elchapo
    elchapo 25 days ago

    this is like the story of virgin mary mother of jesus christ

  • Jesper Franck Larsen
    Jesper Franck Larsen 26 days ago

    This movie, is really good. But damned be it, that some of the English and Scottish noblemen, somehow are african-american gentlemen?!!
    I am SO f'ing tired of this misunderstood political correctness, insisting on making historical tales as incorrect as possible. When and where will it end: Robinson Crusoe landing on Isle of Wright in the 1700th hundreds, being Indian, and having travelled from he's native Brazil?! I wouldn’t wonder!

  • Sayantika Das
    Sayantika Das 28 days ago

    I've never seen a movie more absurd. From location to characters everything was wrong. You can take liberty with historical accounts but this movie was ridiculous.

  • cooldbz12
    cooldbz12 28 days ago

    A black man as a lord in 16 century England... bahahaha

  • Joana Morales
    Joana Morales Month ago


  • MC Square
    MC Square Month ago

    So when had Mary acquired an Irish accent
    This movie is a work of fiction, politically correct a la mode of 2018.

  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort Month ago +1


  • Нилл
    Нилл Month ago +1

    There was also a gay scene. And Mary was very supportive of the gay character in the movie, like totally cool with it even though she was religious. That would never happen

  • Easter Worshipper
    Easter Worshipper Month ago

    A woman directed this.

  • criolla10
    criolla10 Month ago +1

    This include all, is plain stupid, I started to watch a film about Jesus and the apostles, I was so confused , Mary Magdalene was black, 1 apostle was black, another looked mulatto.
    A am a religious person, I felt this border blasphemy, never finished the film ,I was fuming.
    The new Miserables BBC production has the cop not only black but gay!
    Back to watch classic movies.

  • criolla10
    criolla10 Month ago +1

    I laugh myself silly, the PC is ridiculous, I was expecting an historical drama, not a comedy, a Chinese as Lady in waiting? A black aristocrat?
    A mulatto?
    I protest that did not have a disable person, a dwarf, blind, eskimo, native American, Mongolian, etc.
    Ten minutes were enough.
    Changing historical events is an insult to one intelligence.
    Why Rich Asians did not have also PC actors?

  • 247tubefan
    247tubefan Month ago

    A friendship that became a rivalry.
    How can you be friends with somebody you've never met in person?

  • Double Event
    Double Event Month ago +1

    Its beyond parody..blacks,orientals,asians in 15th century Britain,i think not,this may appeal to 30 people in islington,but to most people wanting historical accuracy avoid!!!

  • Almas Fiza Shaikh
    Almas Fiza Shaikh Month ago

    But as far as i remember, Queen Elizabeth prisoned Queen Mary of Scots in a tower...

  • Almas Fiza Shaikh
    Almas Fiza Shaikh Month ago

    Just remarkable...

  • Acme633
    Acme633 Month ago

    I have just watched the film and really wondered why in that Age people seemed so narrow-minded as to fight wars over religion, while there appeared to be almost complete racial harmony. Elizabeth was obviously an Equal Opportunity employer in her court and even had a black foreign ambassador. For Mary, her three closest and most loyal Ladies were all minorities - one was a Chinese chick and the other two were (if I remember correctly) Indian and African.

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy Month ago +1

    haha Asians and black people in Medival England? I think western world gone crazy

    • reg0706
      reg0706 Month ago

      yep, and thats why I wont watch this cr*p

  • James Saunders
    James Saunders Month ago

    A Scottish accent from a queen who was raised in France, black nobles everywhere as if that was even a thing then, try making an accurate movie instead of a shity woke one.

  • Albert Thefanus
    Albert Thefanus Month ago

    I love this movie so much ♥️

  • The Malaysian Trivia
    The Malaysian Trivia Month ago +2

    I love Margot Robbie. But I've seen Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I as well. Margot has no aura as The Virgin Queen.

  • Harry Munt
    Harry Munt Month ago

    Didn’t realise the U.K had so many blacks and gay Mexicans. LOL what a joke

  • Zion tehillah
    Zion tehillah Month ago

    Can the English and the film Scottish directors make a movie truly based on a true story of Qeen Mary queen of Scotland please. We from the ends of the earth - Fiji Islands. would truly love to see a movie based on the true story of Queen Mary.😍😎😍

  • Aftermath
    Aftermath Month ago +1

    The bigger the PC lie,the more they believe it!!!

    CARS EVO HD Month ago

    the people complaining about the black man part , sorry to tell you that your ignorance is showing , go a little dipper in your history books ...

  • angry wizard
    angry wizard Month ago

    shotgun? yeah no. Trash movie and trash actors

  • genkie Ramos
    genkie Ramos Month ago

    Alright bastards rule.

  • Julien
    Julien Month ago

    In this movie you can see the Mary's Scots's pussy being licked by a pretendant at 38min. Was that really pertinent?

  • Turn up the colour -

    What’s the music from about half way through?

  • levanoni
    levanoni Month ago

  • BromidicCompound
    BromidicCompound Month ago

    Why is there a black guy in it?

  • Alexander Faust
    Alexander Faust Month ago +1

    Love how they shoehorn the black guy and other various mixed peoples in there. Is there no end to this fucking shit? It's absolutely shameless. Revisionist history Holly wood bullshit.

  • oldschool
    oldschool Month ago

    PC Comedy at its best!!!!!!!

  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort Month ago +2

    Incorrect pc nonsense.

  • Mary Robi
    Mary Robi Month ago

    even the bible says it is a curse to be ruled by women. petty wars.

  • caribbeanchild
    caribbeanchild Month ago

    are you fking kidding me?..... wtf?.... asians and black people in that movie?... you are changing history you morons!!!..... fck being politically correct!!.... you fcked up the movie!!!

  • San Amar
    San Amar Month ago

    This film is a massive disappointment.

  • Changed Shape
    Changed Shape Month ago

    Male man bad.


    mary wanted to spread Catholicism in the entire Britain; this is why she wanted the throne. elizabeth wanted the throne all by herself. PERIOD.

  • NWO 2033
    NWO 2033 Month ago


  • Ciobanu George
    Ciobanu George Month ago

    Saw the movie. Awful! Nothin` to do with history.

  • chizkarr93 chiznak
    chizkarr93 chiznak Month ago

    Is this a prequel for Alice in Wonderland?

    • Wetzlarer Mädchenchor
      Wetzlarer Mädchenchor Month ago

      +funklover24 Eigentlich wollte Armin Veh doch über das Spiel reden, und nicht über Schäfer. Ich sehe keine Kritik, wenn einem Kritik aus der Nase gezogen wird.
      Nach dem Spiel reagierst Du als Trainer anders, als die ganzen Kritiker im Moderatoren-Studio.

  • Ian Skinner
    Ian Skinner Month ago +1

    blacks and asians in the court of Elizabeth and Mary?? wtf.. stop with this virtue signally of trying desperately to re write history.. it's not true, it's pathetic and the old saying, once you go woke , you go broke.. is going to apply here too. To the production team and director.. sod off, this is MY history, with MY people in Scotland. Stop trying to usurp it for your social and political needs. Blacks and asians have their own stories.. Not mine.

  • rumvodkaf1
    rumvodkaf1 Month ago

    Now we know what Pennywise the clown's mother looks like!

  • Wistbacka
    Wistbacka Month ago +1

    This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. As a whole, it is perhaps a 2/10, tops 3/10. Saoirse Ronan acts 10/10 - she is phenomenal. But the movie is a complete mess from start to finish. The SJW/feminist-agenda is strong with this one, and completely destroys the narrative of a story that looks to be very interesting at its foundation. Really odd editing and directing is the icing of the horribly disfigured cake.
    I am still in the process of trying to understand and figure out what the fuck went so utterly wrong with this movie compared to e.g. Braveheart or other history-inspired movies.

    • Wistbacka
      Wistbacka Month ago

      +Cold Comfort the ethnical and historical inaccuracies is the least of this films problems. The story telling is the main issue. The narrative jumps around between so many characters, plots, time periods and locations so fast that you completely lose any sense of red line. The agendas of Mary and Elisabeth remain vague even if the movie makes Mary shout about them so much. In one moment Mary seem hellbent on getting Elisabeth to make her heir, the next she is like a teenage girl giggling with her maids (something I suspect they borrowed from Reign).
      This accompanied by odd random scenes like the menstruation scene, the oral sex scene and the odd "guess who is the queen" game they play with Darnley. Or Elisabeth's sudden visit to the stables petting a horse.... I guess it was symbolizing her longing for a child. But the timing of the scenes and the cutting made it all so confusing!

      Gaaaaaah!!! I get so frustrated now.
      I shall now just think about the ironically cast actor from Puerto Rico playing a Non-white-gay-trans-french-singing-Italian guy. Because diversity!

    • Cold Comfort
      Cold Comfort Month ago +1

      You can start with casting black/brown & even oriental actors in 15th century Britain for one!!

  • 4K Movie
    4K Movie 2 months ago

    Buy digital 4K movie, film of Mary Queen of Scots 4K 2018 Ultra HD 2160p

  • oldschool
    oldschool 2 months ago +4

    Do we make a serious authentic historical film we just make a PC Leftwing patronising load of rubbish devoid of facts???surprise surprise its the latter, and a bit of diversity never hurt anyone cough cough.

  • Delta
    Delta 2 months ago

    White face much

  • Mikael
    Mikael 2 months ago +2

    really?? black people!?

  • shadowskater11
    shadowskater11 2 months ago

    werry importan =black person in english court on XVI CENTURY ...facepalm...sry nope thats a no go..whats next queen elizabeth black? omg..i like black person but pls a bit
    historical correctness..stuff like this make it too a joke...i dont even whana watch it for that its


  • Aftermath
    Aftermath 2 months ago

    they just dont like the fact..that there were no black faces in britain back then so they rewrite history!!

  • 3rd Strike
    3rd Strike 2 months ago +3

    It's somethin' to me, how white people don't wont anyone touchin' their history. But they sure as hell don't have problem white washing everyone else's history and includin' themselves in history that has NOTHIN'!!!!!! NOTHIN'!!!!!!! To do with them.

    • Melvin Sally
      Melvin Sally Month ago

      What are you referencing

    • shadowskater11
      shadowskater11 2 months ago

      im not white and i find its
      ridiculous set a black person in XVIcentury as a nobel in the royal house:D looks so stupid... its the same when a white guy play nelson mandela,,,,facepalm.

  • xfrankx83
    xfrankx83 2 months ago
    The vedio is just beside this one, so I click it to see the real Queen, Cate Blanchett.

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd 2 months ago

    Imagine, getting upset about seeing a black person in a movie trailer, in [current year].

  • Kea Michelle
    Kea Michelle 2 months ago

    It's rather like a weak cup of tea. It quenches the thirst but leaves you wanting a stronger brew. A far better production of this story can be seen on Netflix... it's an awesome series called ''Reign''

  • Iain Robb
    Iain Robb 2 months ago

    Am watching this just now. It's well enough cast (though Ronan's performance is a bit stilted), well shot and the pacing is good. It's also trite Cultural Marxist propaganda (yes, even here), with feminist, race mixing and even a spot of LGBQT propaganda shoehorned in in a manner that is simultaneously absurd and incongruous and depressingly predictable. Historically innacurate, not gritty enough, cheesy, and there's also no way that Mary had that accent, given that she'd spent her life until early adulthood living abroad in France.

  • Aavinash Laskar Chaliha
    Aavinash Laskar Chaliha 2 months ago +3

    Yea, blacks in those days were part of the English court

    Who the fuck comes up with such travesty?

    • End Game
      End Game Month ago

      Will give you a (((clue)))

  • Moderator
    Moderator 2 months ago +3

    1:36 black guy in 16th century Tudor England. Unless he's one of the Moors, you better get the fuck outta here with that shit.

  • leo fernandez
    leo fernandez 2 months ago +1

    Every queen is fuckedd

  • traditional onions
    traditional onions 2 months ago

    I'm Scottish/Japanese and I don't want to see people that look like me in a show about 16th century Scotland, It's insulting.

  • Sam
    Sam 2 months ago

    Where's Catherine?😂

  • Cafe Mix
    Cafe Mix 2 months ago

    Download the full movie at the link below

    BluRay 1080p Full HD :

  • lucy cormack
    lucy cormack 2 months ago

    Both Elizabeth and Mary were just little girls alone in a world who wanted nothing more than love and peace.

  • Double Event
    Double Event 2 months ago

    It dosen't have to be accurate does it???well actually it does you smug left wing morons.

  • Cold Comfort
    Cold Comfort 2 months ago

    Best laugh i've had in ages...half expected mr patel to show up selling discount stale bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faces of Ancient Europe
    Faces of Ancient Europe 2 months ago +1

    Black lord Randolph. Asian Bess of Hardwick. Black George Dalgleish. Oh and Puerto Rican, plays Mary Stuart's secretary David Rizzio. And let's not forget Elizabeth and Mary never met in real life. I'll skip this SHIT!

  • Mega Dutcher
    Mega Dutcher 2 months ago

    There is SOOO much wrong with the historical accuracy of this movie.
    \/...To name just a few...\/
    They couldn't even get her accent was French (where she grew up)
    They made a historically non-gay character gay...cause reasons (also turned him meek(He was a violent asshole)).
    The meeting between the two queens never happened...and they were never friends.
    The characters they made asian and black, were historically white...(but let's change that cause white people are evil right?...MAH DIVERSITY!!!)
    Also if you want to piss off a Scott, make a historically inacurate movie about one of their icons...and then have the role be played by an Irish woman.
    Or just kick em in the nuts...hard, seems easier and costs a lot less money.
    Why do this?
    Scotland has an interesting history, the real story here was interesting enough, to the point the script would have basically written itself.
    Anyway...this is a fictional alternate history movie, through and through.
    NOT an accurate depiction of history.

  • Melchior AO
    Melchior AO 2 months ago +1

    Puerile sjw nonsense.

  • Angharad Keltik
    Angharad Keltik 2 months ago +3

    There were NO NIGGERS or Gooks in the Tudor courts. You God damned KIKES

  • End Game
    End Game 2 months ago +2

    Lets completely rewrite history to suit our own right on pc agenda-tick Lets throw in some ethnics & gays to make it appear that britain was always "DIVERSE"-tick In fact lets not bother making an authentic historical fact based film,lets just churn out some left wing propaganda,which is complete rubbish-job done!!!

  • blurdreamer
    blurdreamer 2 months ago

    oh, can watch it back to back with Elizabeth 1998 then. two side story same history :)

  • sebastian QUEZADA
    sebastian QUEZADA 2 months ago

    al final maria de escocia es decapitada

  • Aftermath
    Aftermath 2 months ago

    Has to be the best comedy ever...more marxist (((brainwashing))) PC CRAP..Why stop there??why not rewrite history completely & have all ethnics/gays/dykes in..& not have any whites in at all!!!

  • Eric N
    Eric N 2 months ago

    Black noble men in 16th century English or Scottish is a fact or just weird political correctness rewriting history?

  • MartinHCollection
    MartinHCollection 2 months ago

    Sorry but... asian girl by Elisabet´s side?? Black guys and girls at the royal court??? Gee pretty fucked up history due to the representation of all the races in the movies :(

  • Lilian
    Lilian 2 months ago +1

    I thought people want authenticity in movies? Everyone screams "racism" and "whitewashing" when a "white" actor is playing a "non-white" character. But when it's the other way around, everything is fine.... Sick and tired of hypocrites and double standards

  • Devices going dark
    Devices going dark 2 months ago

    The fuck is rickard karstark doing here