fortnite is broken 😭

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • fortnite battle royale season 9 is broken and its VERY SAD 😭
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Comments • 2 954

  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  6 months ago +3700

    john wicko mode

    • bob the bot
      bob the bot 5 days ago

      More like wicko mode

    • JxssFN
      JxssFN Month ago

      McCreamy Wuv u

    • Shrimpy
      Shrimpy 2 months ago


    • MC night 2
      MC night 2 3 months ago

      McCreamy i which that I can play with bots like you allways play with bots

    • Thanoos Oof
      Thanoos Oof 3 months ago

      toxico mode xd

  • Plotox _
    Plotox _ Day ago

    4:06 McCreamy: I can smell a sweat from here

    Me: I think it’s u boi

  • Lucas 67
    Lucas 67 3 days ago


  • Lucas 67
    Lucas 67 3 days ago

    Lucas 67

  • TJS_ Edit
    TJS_ Edit 6 days ago +1

    McCreamy: Title Fortnite is so Gay!

    Me: Fortnite is gay Ik we all know that already...

    Subscribe to my channel road to 100

  • Zebra Doge
    Zebra Doge 9 days ago

    He said he need to get all the sweats out of the game.. So ur gonna take urself out??

  • Andre’s Vlogs and games

    He killed 77 ARAN

  • Christopher Ward
    Christopher Ward 12 days ago

    whats name of song at 0:06

  • Hunter Sweeney
    Hunter Sweeney 16 days ago

    Why didn’t he pick up that purple combat at 2:41 it had me so irritated

  • CJlegoMan
    CJlegoMan 18 days ago

    I got like 4 snipers kills in a row

  • Van johnson
    Van johnson 24 days ago

    i want epic games to add back one shot. do you?

  • Sonic FaceProd
    Sonic FaceProd 25 days ago

    “Has 14 kills

  • Sonic FaceProd
    Sonic FaceProd 25 days ago

    Creamy: I need to get all the sweats out of this game

    CBO PEHE 26 days ago

    0:18 they were crying cause retail row was gone

  • Abuckley _YT
    Abuckley _YT 27 days ago

    McCreamy saying 27 kills in one game
    McCreamy I feel like a bot
    Me Mum get the camera

  • Milo Petric
    Milo Petric 27 days ago


  • xdShambles
    xdShambles Month ago +1

    Meanwhile in season 11 “ you think fortnite is cooked now

  • Jaythan Molina
    Jaythan Molina Month ago

    Now fortnite is done

  • hardeep kaur
    hardeep kaur Month ago

    Stop saying bad words or else I will dislike the vid :(

    • Kaka-Carrots
      Kaka-Carrots Month ago

      hardeep kaur yea he really should cuz he is funny but innapropiate

    JOAQUIN ROGERS Month ago

    Mcreamy = Me in Roblox struck. I'm not even playing

  • Marco Lalande
    Marco Lalande Month ago

    1:03 i thiink he wanted to 1v1 builfight

  • Shoe Star
    Shoe Star 2 months ago

    New title fortnite is trash

  • Aaden meeks
    Aaden meeks 2 months ago

    Mccreamy send me a friend request my epic is Batman-emeeks

  • Shrimpy
    Shrimpy 2 months ago

    I'm subscribed and on PC I feel like a bit when I wach you but I learn from you.

  • Shrimpy
    Shrimpy 2 months ago


  • Jack Hartley
    Jack Hartley 2 months ago

    Bro he left so many blue huntings!!!!

  • Kyrie's Nephew
    Kyrie's Nephew 2 months ago

    Who is watching in season 10 with dusty depot?

  • pixel plays
    pixel plays 2 months ago

    You are toxich

  • Rodrigo Peerally
    Rodrigo Peerally 3 months ago

    What is your kill record in solo or solo squads

  • Shedyy
    Shedyy 3 months ago

    is more broken now

  • dumb content
    dumb content 3 months ago

    WHeN dID Ice CreAM lEarN tO SweAR?!

  • Killer Fortniter
    Killer Fortniter 3 months ago +1

    Who’s better at fortnite
    Like mccreamy
    Comment Jarvis

  • Alex Hani
    Alex Hani 3 months ago

    someone named klay got 32 lol

  • I like Cinnamon
    I like Cinnamon 3 months ago

    1:30 i thought my phone turned upside down

    John Wicko mode

  • trickshot channel
    trickshot channel 3 months ago

    Face reveal at 3.5 mil

  • BossGamer
    BossGamer 3 months ago

    Why did u not qualify for the world cup u r sooo good🔥. Subscriber Btw👍👌

  • Michael Nieto
    Michael Nieto 3 months ago

    My high score is6

  • xXStephanyPlayzXx
    xXStephanyPlayzXx 3 months ago

    Hunting Rifle is broken. I just shot him and it didn't kill him.

  • Cole Trabucco
    Cole Trabucco 3 months ago

    I got a 14 kill win in one shot I will never be like but I try

  • Some Random7019
    Some Random7019 3 months ago

    What about 47 kills *controller died*
    Parent:what were you gonna say?😡

  • Jake Dirt Bike
    Jake Dirt Bike 3 months ago

    This like button shows how much games creamy has chocked 👦🏻👳🏻. Don't like this comment or else OoF

  • Jake Dirt Bike
    Jake Dirt Bike 3 months ago

    I hope I don't get in a solo match with creamy 👦🏻🤙🏻👳🏻

  • Matthew Sedgley
    Matthew Sedgley 3 months ago

    who thinks creamy is the best sniper in the world screw highsky my man creamy

  • Gewoon Raf
    Gewoon Raf 3 months ago

    i use your code in the item shop

    WHY YOU BULLY ME 3 months ago +2

    McCreamy:why are you crying
    Person:about to jump off building
    Mc.Creamy:farts on person SCREW YOU THEN

  • Davi Ann
    Davi Ann 3 months ago +1

    Your better than ninja and tefu.

  • OgxeIkonGrim !
    OgxeIkonGrim ! 3 months ago

    The ikonik was my friend

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 3 months ago

    That iconic was me.

  • Kadar Dew
    Kadar Dew 3 months ago

    Why the green rifles?

  • Yeetus Cleetus
    Yeetus Cleetus 3 months ago

    😔😔 I feel disappointed in my self. I’m such a bot that my highest kill count was five. Or oceanic players are bots.

  • Thanoos Oof
    Thanoos Oof 3 months ago

    If there was siphon creamy would have 10,000 shield

  • SoaR Bixx
    SoaR Bixx 3 months ago +1

    If u had the same subs as views then you'd be the most popular RUclipr

  • Fretatonic
    Fretatonic 3 months ago +1

    I think the guy he killed in mega mall was fe4rless

  • Bl!tZ offical
    Bl!tZ offical 3 months ago

    can u carry me in fortnite pls i haven’t gotten a win in season 9 plssss

  • The Gillies Brothers
    The Gillies Brothers 3 months ago +1

    9:38 what music is that

  • Kadine Wallace
    Kadine Wallace 3 months ago

    1:07 is that a impulse

  • Conor Sharkey
    Conor Sharkey 3 months ago

    I was ur eight subscriber

  • RR Ceni
    RR Ceni 3 months ago +2

    When mr savage M. Gets To sweaty mode

  • ARZGlitcher !
    ARZGlitcher ! 3 months ago

    3:07 Oceania Servers ??

  • JustGHG
    JustGHG 3 months ago

    whats that music in minute 1??