Sesame Street: Butterfly Flapping Fun | Julia & Abby Cadabby

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism, and when she’s excited, sometimes she flaps her arms. Abby flaps her wings when she’s excited. Together, they’re the perfect pair to pretend to be butterflies…and then watch a real butterfly that lands in the garden!

To learn more, visit http://sesamestreet.org/autism

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Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop produces Sesame Street programs, seen in over 150 countries, and other acclaimed shows, including The Electric Company. Beyond television, the Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms on a wide range of issues including literacy and numeracy, emotional wellbeing, health and wellness, and respect and understanding. Learn more at http://www.sesamestreet.org.

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Автор Savannah Amos ( назад)
This is so pure and it's an amazing message they're sending for the next generation of kids.

Автор VeganVixen ( назад)
Julia is a wonderful addition to the Sesame Street family! Thank you for including a character with autism! :)

Автор N64Lain ( назад)
This is the first time I've been excited for an educational show in a very long time. I'm definitely watching this episode. My mom wants to see it too! Can't wait to see little Julia shine bright on Sesame Street!

Someone who has Asperger's.

Автор Miriam Marlene Moreno Ventura ( назад)

Автор Valen5878 ( назад)
Thank you so much for making Julia!!

Автор alex!? ( назад)
it's so nice to see julia being a happy autistic kid!! as a happy autistic teenager it's really nice to see <3 what makes it better is that sesame street was my first ever special interest!

Автор Bluu Bandette ( назад)
The Feels is REAL....

Автор Anna Pannekeet ( назад)
So amazing

Автор Mista G Not Mista J ( назад)
I'm crying with happiness right now, I'm so glad that she's been approved for this show. And that she does the same flappy hand motions that I do when I'm excited. :')

Автор Donna Glick ( назад)
THUMBS UP TO JULIA!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍!!!!!!From a mom with a son with autism!!!!!💑💑💑💑!!!!

Автор Emily Rivera ( назад)
They really included her stimming and honestly they couldn't be handling this better.

Автор Rocknrollgf12 ( назад)

Автор kftc88 ( назад)
My younger sister is autistic and Julia acts almost exactly like she did at age 3 or 4. This was years ago and back then kids were afraid of her hand flapping made fun of her way of speaking. I wish Julia had been around to show that everyone can play together and educate people about autism. It would have been nice to say "She has autism like Julia on Sesame Street" instead of having to give a 5 minute explanation everytime we met someone new.

Автор GGBABE ( назад)
it's very good that they have a muppet who has a recognised disability.

Автор Juice Man ( назад)
reminds me so much of my daughter, she has classic autism. makes me cry everytime i watch this because it's so touching, innocence of an autistic child

Автор PrincessPauline ( назад)
This is so cute!!!

Автор elsa1942 ( назад)
Stimming is good and natural! Pass it on! Rock on, literally!

Автор Allie Hadley ( назад)
My brother and sister are twins and both have Autism. This is beautiful!
While obviously 1 person (well puppet) can never represent every single person with autism I still think they have done their research and are being very clever In the way they portray this character.

My bro+sis have different ways in which their autism effects them

Автор Harrah Abigail ( назад)
I'm not sure how old Abby is supposed to be but I heard Julia is supposed to be four. We can't necessarily expect her to be as articulate as Elmo and Abby I'd they're (much?) older. Also we know there's a spectrum of autism and we're old enough to possibly respond accordingly to individuals. (I am assuming) we are adults. Sesame Street is for children, though we may enjoy it too. Julia represents autistic kiddos as well as kids who are "different." I think the various autism organizations agreed on this representation of the spectrum because whether or not a child knows what autism is, they should be able to notice for themselves that Julia does things differently and that is perfectly fine. Kids watching will learn to follow that example. Honestly I am not too familiar with autism, i will not pretend to be. I just know one person on the spectrum and he is high functioning enough for at least really small children to not notice, in my opinion. Julia's position on the spectrum is to be noticed as well as her friends love AND respect for her.

Автор Sam Edwards ( назад)
This is an example of sending out a message not giving an example of a specific disability... If this was giving out an example of a specific disability then every single disability under the sun would be represented through children's entertainment, however its sending that message out that disabilities of any kind can be just the same or even better within children's tv shows. There will always be a negative view towards this being not a complete representation or it being amazing however its removing the negative views that are currently placed on disabled children and adults and really it cant get any worse than it currently is at the moment so I see this as an amazing starting point for the media and entertainment within the disability community.

Автор Daniel Ortman ( назад)
so wonderful. maybe we could get some psychically disabled Muppet next, it is so great to see people like me and my friends accepted for who they are.

Автор Colleen McIndoe ( назад)
It's super exciting to have a character with autism! Many people are commenting about how she's a "stereotype of autism". This is one character and they did their best to represent JULIA, not anyone else. As autism is different in every person who has it, it would be impossible to represent how autism would look in every single person. They do a good job of saying "autism in Julia means...". They have given her a unique set of characteristics that many people may be able to relate to one characteristic or another.

Автор EspioMetroidNano ( назад)
I think its nice that they're doing this!

Btw, does anyone else think Abby sounds different? Or is it just me for not watching or checking the show in like 12 or so years lmao

Автор Katherine Loyola ( назад)
This makes my heart so freaken happy.

Автор Shepard Fairfax ( назад)
the happy flappy!!!!!

Автор David Brotsky ( назад)
One day maybe I'll figure out how to fill the void....I just don't think many understand. Is there much about non-verbal boys out there?

Автор ıllılılı мιlεs ıllılılı Bεyond ıllılılı ( назад)
1:30 you can see where the control points on the arms end, as the remaining hand gets to flap around.

Автор ıllılılı мιlεs ıllılılı Bεyond ıllılılı ( назад)
This video is the highest form of autism.

I know I have no say in this, because I am lucky enough to be on the highest functioning level on the autistic spectrum. If you were to look at me at 4 or 5 years old, you would call me funny and weird, and nowadays,(14) you couldn't tell the difference between me and a normal teen.

Now, there's another kid in my class named Jonah. When nobody's looking(1-3 people actually) he would flap his arms and hands like drake bell, and fall asleep in the first few minutes of class. He frequently gets into meltdowns, and it's fairly easy to put him in one, just make a confusing or contradictory statement, and he will swing at you or bang his desk.

If he was 4 years old, he MAY act like the character portrayed on this video, but it is NOT every child. I understand emotions, I can emphasize, and if I can, I'm pretty sure others can. You are making autistic kids into a stereotype.

Автор Nichelle McKinney ( назад)
This is why it's called the Autism Spectrum. There are so many different types! Good Lord.

Автор vaZZZ ( назад)
Julia is not autistic, she is... well... a "certain word" that starts with R. I've dealt with plenty of children with autism, and none of them were this "low functioning". Seriously, she is pretty much autism blackface.

Автор Jahaziel Cipolla ( назад)
You all know there are different types of autism, right...

Автор Ms Rsas ( назад)
She doesn't look autistic. my niece doesn't move her armas like that and don't repeat the same word.

Автор Sancho G ( назад)
Is Julia a spastic then??

Автор had_ookin ( назад)
This is just way too adorable.

Автор David Brotsky ( назад)
Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism. So why isn't the character a boy? And what about non-verbal kids with autism?

Автор Clark Matthews ( назад)
I really want to share this video! Any idea when it will be captioned so that fans who are Deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy Julia's new debut?
*FUN FACT: Captioning helps hearing kids develop reading skills too! Talk about #SeeAmazing ;)

Автор Zoe Macaroni ( назад)
Why is Julia's face so huge compared to abbey's?

Автор Harry and Tommo ( назад)

Автор Kate Speaks ( назад)

Автор Kelsey Rohr ( назад)
my child is 7 and has very little speech. They are all different. If you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism.

Автор Kylie Dee ( назад)
As a girl who is on the autism spectrum herself and a long time Sesame Street and muppet fan for so long. I'm so happy they added a autistic character. Julia seems like she's gonna bring such a ray of sunshine and bubbly spirit to the show. I think I have a new favourite character besides Elmo and Cookie Monster! She's so adorable.

Автор Leanne Haddock ( назад)
I am so happy!

Автор Phoebe, who lives inside a KFC ( назад)
Finally Julia is a PHYSICAL PUPPET!!

But most of us with autism can speak... and some of us don't like stuff like Minecraft, My Little Pony and transportation... We need a non-stereotypical representation of someone with autism.

-Coming from an aspie herself

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