Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • On the road of life there are old friends, new friends, and stories that change you. Watch the new trailer for Toy Story 4 now, in theatres June 21.
    Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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    Copyright: (C) Disney•Pixar
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  • Kyara Vluggen
    Kyara Vluggen 10 minutes ago

    The dislikes are the toys that didn't got choosed

  • Dominic Aquino
    Dominic Aquino 18 minutes ago

    Disney bout to make forky $24.99 in the Disney store

  • Peter Stephens
    Peter Stephens 19 minutes ago

    If Pixar make toy story 5 or Xmas toy story special see Woodie and Bo peep turn into humans by Santa claws wish magic at end of story saving everyone including his family from mad villain in future film

  • Angel Paredes
    Angel Paredes 29 minutes ago

    At 2:12 the jump of caboom is not like the movie’s jump the movies jump had him with something on his back but on the trailer he doesn’t

  • Angel Paredes
    Angel Paredes 31 minute ago

    Buzz: To infinity?
    Woody: And beyond!

  • ToddMarcusFan TeamNoStall 123 AUTTP ATHDTC

    They don’t need to worry about Woody anymore

  • Fanbeautygirl
    Fanbeautygirl Hour ago

    Gabby gabby made the whole mess for nothing:(

  • Jackson Sutherland

    l love this movie

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez Hour ago

    Dont remember it to well but Didn't andy tell bonny he was coming back for his toys and to watch over them while he was at college? So he wont see woody when he gets back

  • Arnold Lopez
    Arnold Lopez Hour ago

    Yo lloré mas al principio con la musiquita que al final.....

  • VLOGS with FITZ
    VLOGS with FITZ Hour ago

    LOVED THIS MOVIE! Even if you feel like you fulfilled your purpose, it doesn't mean its the end!

  • KnucklesXAkiza
    KnucklesXAkiza Hour ago

    Thank you Pixar Studio for making Toy Story saga the best Pixar movies. It’s sad that Toy Story 4 will be the final Toy Story movie, but will keep Toy Story legacy alive. :’)
    Toy Story
    1995 - 2019

  • Min Yoongi's Hope
    Min Yoongi's Hope 2 hours ago

    Literally watched this 2 hours ago and now im depressed

  • Johny Briones
    Johny Briones 2 hours ago

    “ To Infinity and my Foot “

  • Chrstine Pinter
    Chrstine Pinter 2 hours ago

    I love forky

  • Slices of SIB
    Slices of SIB 2 hours ago

    Toy Story Franchise to be honest, will never die out, there is too much DEMAND for it, it is a simple fact. Toy Story 5 coming soon

  • Cyber Greek
    Cyber Greek 2 hours ago +1

    Was I the only one using the person next to me as a tissue at the end of the movie?

  • Zoe Lau
    Zoe Lau 2 hours ago

    it’s not like the toys have phones, how are they going to see each other ever again 😭😭 also they just ruined toy story for me knowing that they’re not together. and didn’t andy tell bonnie to keep him safe and now bonnie doesn’t even care about him and LOST HIM

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 3 hours ago

    this year is the 24th anniversary of toy story

  • Hamish Wilson
    Hamish Wilson 3 hours ago +1

    And I thought Toy story 3 and an emotional ending.

  • Hdtf Ff
    Hdtf Ff 3 hours ago

    Dude the ending was so sad is he gonna stay? But I am not gonna tell spoilers

  • Jocelyndelflores
    Jocelyndelflores 3 hours ago

    This trailer just give the full movie smh

  • Renato Encina Corvalán
    Renato Encina Corvalán 3 hours ago +1

    Cómo se llama la canción de el 1:24

  • mcs 7873
    mcs 7873 3 hours ago

    Pixar's best sequel since Toy Story 3. Since, well, Toy Story is their trademark franchise.

  • Titan Moses
    Titan Moses 3 hours ago +1

    Took them 9 years let's go

  • Alcer The Demon
    Alcer The Demon 3 hours ago +1

    That ending beat me in the feelings as hard as my dad hits my mom

  • Pauli Castillo
    Pauli Castillo 3 hours ago +1

    I cried with this movie more than I cried with Hachiko
    The Toy Story 3 ending was perfectly satisfying, why did they have to make a Toy Story 4?
    And I'm angry, there aren't any Jessie x Buzz moments :v

  • J B
    J B 3 hours ago

    Andy’s facial features changed a bit

  • Savannah Cat
    Savannah Cat 4 hours ago

    This is rated g and the spork says “WHY AM I ALIVE”

  • Bruno Ferreira
    Bruno Ferreira 4 hours ago

    Best of the franchise

  • Enoc Alberto Saldaña Martinez

    in the second 0:05 in the upper right appears boo, the one of Monsters Inc

  • BroBerry
    BroBerry 4 hours ago

    Compare this to Toy Story 1.

  • Anne Koonce
    Anne Koonce 4 hours ago


  • Anne Koonce
    Anne Koonce 4 hours ago


  • X - mations
    X - mations 4 hours ago

    In about 10 to 20 years theirs going to be a live action movie of toy story and we know it

  • Beatriz Sanches
    Beatriz Sanches 4 hours ago

    Only true toys story fans were able to catch on all the previous movie remarks that were made through out this movie lol !!!

  • Bachir Benazala
    Bachir Benazala 5 hours ago

    We want toy story 5 pleas🙃🙃

  • dry tears
    dry tears 5 hours ago

    Couldn't watch this till the end at the cinema because there was fight in the screening 😩

  • zuxxy gaming
    zuxxy gaming 5 hours ago


  • amavirus amavirus
    amavirus amavirus 5 hours ago

    best giler doh cite ni korang semua kena tgk

  • Abito Perez
    Abito Perez 5 hours ago +2

    To Infinity and Beyond has never felt so sad until now

  • Abito Perez
    Abito Perez 5 hours ago +1

    Toy Story 4... for those of you who want to know a bit of the ending without being spoiled, a legacy is passed on.
    "To Infinity.....
    .......and Beyond."

  • Brody Bigler
    Brody Bigler 6 hours ago +1

    Andy: Bonnie, please take care of Woody and the gang.
    Bonnie: I definitely will.
    A while later: Bonnie: Forgets Woody and leaves him in the closet OVER A SPORK
    I really hope they make another one where Andy has a kid and he brings it to a carnival. Then, he sees Woody and Woody reunites with him and he becomes his Son’s toy.

  • Brody Bigler
    Brody Bigler 6 hours ago +1

    To Infinty..........And Beyond. Thank you Pixar for making my childhood a great one!

  • Elias Carlos
    Elias Carlos 6 hours ago

    note the Boo character of monsters S.A at 0:05 in the video

  • Dan Henry
    Dan Henry 6 hours ago

    They should've introduced the rest of Buzz' Space Ranger team from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command animated TV series at some point in one of the toy story films. 😔 Well I guess that just a missed out opportunity we'll never get to see. Seeing how this is the final Toy Story film ever.

  • Jane Myers
    Jane Myers 6 hours ago +1

    Today I watched Toy Story 4. A movie that I've been waiting to see ever since they announced the production was in the works. Gonna be honest, as a HUGE fan of the Toy Story series, this film was definitely my least favorite. There were moments that I really liked but for the most part, I think it felt weak. I wasn't hooked. I've rewatched the first 3 films probably hundreds of times and always watched them with full attention, even though I know what's going to happen. Watching this film however, I felt kind of - bored. The animation was FLAWLESS but the story could have been better. I respect the people who made the movie but I felt like it wasn't strong enough. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

  • Uji Coba12
    Uji Coba12 6 hours ago

    I love forky 😍

  • Call Me Kai
    Call Me Kai 7 hours ago +1

    The song that starts at 1:25 makes the film even sadder if you’ve watched it

  • Just Anthony
    Just Anthony 7 hours ago

    Bless you Pixar, what a message for everyone.

  • Bryson Cruce
    Bryson Cruce 7 hours ago


  • chelle read
    chelle read 7 hours ago

    This movie was so deep and meaningful, dramatic, sad. About life. Each character having their story like Gabby Gabby. My god. A toy story movie I never expected in the best way.

  • Peter Porke
    Peter Porke 7 hours ago +1

    Gostei de 0 A 10 dou nota BEN 10 kkkkkkkk

  • Jocelyndelflores
    Jocelyndelflores 7 hours ago

    Spoiler alert! Woody leaves the gang and he stay with bo beeps! Also Gaby gaby wasn’t bad guy she just want a child to play with her! Thanks 🙏🏻

  • This hoe needs help
    This hoe needs help 7 hours ago

    I'll miss woody :(

  • GoldLight
    GoldLight 7 hours ago

    Now we need toy story 4 for PS4 Xbox one Switch PC or Steam

  • Billie x Eilish x
    Billie x Eilish x 7 hours ago

    I’m about to cry-

  • Jeremy Gumila
    Jeremy Gumila 8 hours ago

    This movie was not “TRASH” (in Forkie voice)

  • Jeremy Gumila
    Jeremy Gumila 8 hours ago

    Hope I’m not judged for buying a Forkie

  • Alvin Augustine
    Alvin Augustine 8 hours ago

    I'm going to see this in the movies today

  • Kramor3k
    Kramor3k 8 hours ago

    Tom Hanks is the Guardian of Toy Story now. It's up to him to say NO to bad scripts. There's no TS5 without him. Let's hope he never needs the money. If it ends here I'm happy. If it continues and is terrible it's all Tom's fault ;-)

  • αllιѕσи
    αllιѕσи 9 hours ago

    I didn’t like how it ended but it was a good movie, nothing can beat the first 3. also R.i.p I’m not gonna spoil it or anything lol

  • jean rojas
    jean rojas 9 hours ago

    Hasta el infinito y más alla

  • LPSsugar
    LPSsugar 9 hours ago +1

    When you waited 25 years to finally see the big ending: eeeeeeeee

    Toy story four: I’m about o end this mans career

  • spacetape
    spacetape 9 hours ago +1

    what a movie.. incredible animations as always.

  • Las Primas
    Las Primas 10 hours ago

    Nos encanta 😍😍😍😍

  • bowser jr and King bowser
    bowser jr and King bowser 10 hours ago +3

    Everyone asking what going happen to woody?
    But I asking what happen to buzz and grang and about bonnie?

  • Manualidades para ti
    Manualidades para ti 10 hours ago +1

    Una no la veo 😭 pero tendré que ir! 😉

  • Mr Mc Fart
    Mr Mc Fart 10 hours ago

    1:57 almost made me cry because I missed that kid on toy story 1 and 2

  • I Polo
    I Polo 10 hours ago

    I wish if u watched it already u get to buy it for free I wanna rewatch it

  • Is Hee
    Is Hee 10 hours ago

    Love it

  • pigsrcool626
    pigsrcool626 10 hours ago +1

    Buzz: To infinity
    Woody: And beyond

  • Ujjwal Rawat
    Ujjwal Rawat 11 hours ago

    I want to work here as animater

  • Péter Andó
    Péter Andó 11 hours ago

    i watched the movie, and im so dissapointed of the ending like that NASA couldnt land apollo 13 make a better ending cuz that ending ruined my childhood

  • Vicki Sage
    Vicki Sage 11 hours ago +1

    Hope its good.👍👍👍👍

  • F. Zero
    F. Zero 11 hours ago

    I'm just going for the animation.

  • Desolate
    Desolate 12 hours ago

    Suicidal Spork
    Suicidal Spork

  • The Grand Game
    The Grand Game 12 hours ago

    I just watched this in 3D in theaters two hours ago!

  • xxx tentacion 2 is the best

    When whos piper from brawl stars in toy story 4

  • Отважный Герой

    Who is the real hero of this Toy Story?

  • Maybe Feel good
    Maybe Feel good 12 hours ago +1

    To infinity
    And beyond.....

  • G Vus
    G Vus 12 hours ago


  • Arturo Vallejo Jr
    Arturo Vallejo Jr 12 hours ago

    OMG im SoOOO Exited ....Ahhhhhh

  • GotenksLiuner PurdyGang


  • BompBomp
    BompBomp 13 hours ago

    Spoil Alert! 1:00

    • Ronin R
      Ronin R 13 hours ago

      Thanks stopped watching the trailer 😂😂
      How is the movie compared to toy story 3?

  • The Fake PewDiePie
    The Fake PewDiePie 13 hours ago

    Apparently, Woody and Bo Peep smashed. Or when they said "We need to get back to our kid," they meant Andy.

  • Jvst Eva
    Jvst Eva 13 hours ago

    Tbh I ship woody and jessie more than woody and Bo peep

  • yosoydeyarumal
    yosoydeyarumal 13 hours ago

    37.327 humans with no childhood here!

  • ExprtGaming
    ExprtGaming 13 hours ago +1

    Anyone else already watch the movie?

  • Derby
    Derby 13 hours ago +1

    Why so much Dislikes ?

  • zVortex
    zVortex 13 hours ago

    Next movie: 2030

  • Sangita Vyas
    Sangita Vyas 13 hours ago

    I watched the whole movie

  • jesus antonio gutierrez

    amo esta pelicula

  • Fynn Smith
    Fynn Smith 13 hours ago

    Can Somone tells me what happens at the end

  • Vishant Venugopal
    Vishant Venugopal 13 hours ago

    Man this Bonnie is real spoilt. When I lost this bear my parents gave me 10 years ago, I asked for a new one on my 8th birthday. My dad replied and said no it's your fault you lost it kid. I ended up getting nothing that year but it resonated with me and taught me a life lesson to respect the material possessions you get

  • Esmé Dudziec
    Esmé Dudziec 14 hours ago +2

    If you have seen this who is your favourite character? Mine is forky

  • Dylan Peila
    Dylan Peila 14 hours ago +1

    Thanks for being with me during my childhood....

  • Roblox NinjaGamer
    Roblox NinjaGamer 14 hours ago +1

    Why is Slappy in this movie?

  • Deepa Bankar
    Deepa Bankar 14 hours ago

    Is it in hindi?plz answer my question