Table Talk: MAN TALK w/ Elliott, Steve, & Joe!!

  • Опубликовано: 11 апр 2013
    The SF dudes talk about the Hottest Actresses, Women in the Military, and their Teen Girl Obsessions??!!
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Комментарии • 2 157

  • Trini Fernandez
    Trini Fernandez 5 месяцев назад

    I'm freacking out, my birrhday is february 22th

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 5 месяцев назад

    Man i miss the original source fed crew

  • Commitment2Risk
    Commitment2Risk Год назад +2

    Blows my mind that two out of three people at this table are no longer married !

    • David Bartek
      David Bartek 7 месяцев назад

      I was thinking that two as I was watching. Damn Time, you change all sorts of things

    • Commitment2Risk
      Commitment2Risk 10 месяцев назад

      Alan Guenley Elliott is no longer married

    • Alan Guenley
      Alan Guenley 10 месяцев назад

      Commitment2Risk I know Steve isn't but who else isn't anymore?

  • Not Jack Douglass
    Not Jack Douglass Год назад +5

    Well, this makes me sad now 😢

  • Some guy Dd
    Some guy Dd Год назад

    omg the actres one mine mila kunis j law and scarlet johanson

  • Empty1
    Empty1 Год назад

    I miss Joe and Elliott

  • David Casner
    David Casner Год назад

    So young

  • Laurel S
    Laurel S Год назад +9

    If a boy becomes a man when he starts ordering a quarter pounder with cheese, I guess I'm a man. Just kidding I'm a 17 year old girl.

  • Darius Logay
    Darius Logay Год назад +2

    Steve is divorced now

  • Lily Syger
    Lily Syger Год назад

    so why don't Steve and Elliott have rings on?

    • queenfrostine97
      queenfrostine97 Год назад

      Jenna Walkinshaw Elliott's divorced? Google says he's still married, I was lead astray

    • Azureflames
      Azureflames Год назад

      I for sure know that steve's said that his ring didn't fit him anymore because of his losing weight. As for Elliott, i have no idea. As of this moment both of them have gone through divorce so yeah, steve's with bree and Elliott's on his own atm. For more info on Elliott's situation go check out his and lee's podcast where they have an ep. they talk about it all

    • Jenna Walkinshaw
      Jenna Walkinshaw Год назад +2

      Back then it was probably because there marriages weren't really into wearing rings. I know a bunch of people who are married and just don't think rings are important. As of now Elliot and Steve are both divorced.

  • Wander With Whimsy
    Wander With Whimsy 2 года назад +12

    There is music in the background of older table talks...right? I can't tell whether I'm hallucinating the "da da da dada dadadaaaa". Help.

  • Adam Chambers
    Adam Chambers 2 года назад +9

    I think about this episode at least once a week.

  • Hannah Maxwell
    Hannah Maxwell 2 года назад

    What role in our town did Steve play

  • JCup
    JCup 2 года назад +21

    "Your car is off right?" OF COURSE IT'S OFF, THATS WHY SHE NEEDED HELP, STEVE!!

  • Ronan Joseph
    Ronan Joseph 2 года назад +7

    Can they just reunite these fine gentlemen for one more table talk to make my life complete...

  • Superman
    Superman 2 года назад

    *Or when you order a Royale with Cheese*

  • apihamekealoha
    apihamekealoha 2 года назад

    Lmao at that ending !!! Hahaha

  • bb junko
    bb junko 3 года назад

    omg re-dying at these jokes.

    • bb junko
      bb junko 3 года назад

      if that's not an animated, it should be.

  • Thomas Quinn
    Thomas Quinn 3 года назад

    Eliott: I still feel like a kid
    You still look like a kid, dude

  • TM04
    TM04 3 года назад +4

    Joe was in ComedySportz? WHAT WASN'T THIS MAN IN?

  • PlurpleEmo
    PlurpleEmo 3 года назад

    And now Steve is divorced :(

  • Sol Moon
    Sol Moon 3 года назад +2

    i miss you, elliot n joe T T

  • Aerovetic
    Aerovetic 3 года назад

    Why did the camera man focus the shot on the unimportant posters in the back instead of on the people in the fucking video?

    • Juan Ayala
      Juan Ayala 3 года назад

      what I say for almost every TableTalk haha

  • Buy It Once Own It Forever
    Buy It Once Own It Forever 3 года назад +1

  • Nova Fortis
    Nova Fortis 3 года назад +7

    Joe gave that answer on yesterday's Table Talk. It really is his go-to answer. Also, this was the first lens hit!

  • Nova Fortis
    Nova Fortis 3 года назад

    Joe gave that answer on yesterday's Table Talk. It really is his go-to answer. Also, this was the first lens hit!

  • Michael Long IV
    Michael Long IV 3 года назад


  • Kaitlyn Gardner
    Kaitlyn Gardner 3 года назад +1

    Stagecraft is a shit ton more fun than acting. Except stagecraft people have to deal with the bratty teen actors who think they're the shit.

  • Brometheus
    Brometheus 3 года назад are missed bro. You, Steve, and Joe were always my favorite combination on table talk.

  • Dane91786
    Dane91786 3 года назад

    Whoa WTF My Birthday Is February 22nd

  • Vasudeva Rao L
    Vasudeva Rao L 4 года назад

    Hi vasu

  • Soggy Boy
    Soggy Boy 4 года назад

    that picture when they talk about boys becoming men is of justin chon and justin chon is 31. i'm laughing.

  • Andrew Craw
    Andrew Craw 4 года назад

    really hoping joe said boyfriend when talking about how they meet there wives

  • Patrick Cronin
    Patrick Cronin 4 года назад +11

    S this the table talk in which the throwing paper game was invented

  • Matt Todda
    Matt Todda 4 года назад

    Sourcefed animation 6:12

  • Andrew Hutchings
    Andrew Hutchings 4 года назад

    Well they definitely have to have the same standards for getting into the army.

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala 4 года назад

    Best opening ever.

  • aaron7jones
    aaron7jones 4 года назад

    just watched the 1st sourcefed animated thingy, and clicked on this video, and bam yeah buddy

  • TheTotoasted
    TheTotoasted 4 года назад

    O my birthday Feb 22 to lol

  • TheTotoasted
    TheTotoasted 4 года назад

    Omg this story is from the animated series I love it

  • Merchman
    Merchman 4 года назад +72

    This is it. When this video ends, I will have watched every TableTalk.

    I can't wait to start over

    • Sol Moon
      Sol Moon 4 года назад +1

      +Vennela Pandaraboyina agreed,

    • Vennela Pandaraboyina
      Vennela Pandaraboyina 4 года назад +10

      That's amazing. Like I'm not even joking.

  • Miguel de la Pena
    Miguel de la Pena 4 года назад

    Where are Steve & Elliott's rings?

  • Zakaria Zed
    Zakaria Zed 4 года назад

    a Boy becomes a Man the moment he realise that his parents are just humains too

  • otakuswag13
    otakuswag13 4 года назад

    jesus, you all look like kids

  • SpeedOfDesperate
    SpeedOfDesperate 4 года назад

    The problem right now for having the "best people do the job" is that the employers are subjective and right now are more likely to hire men just because of the fact that theya are men. Therefore the quota has been installed but of course in the future everybody wants to have their work evaluated because of skill and not their gender, Problem is that that just isn't the case today. (and I realise that this vid is so old, felt like I wanted to comment anyways ^^)

  • brett wong
    brett wong 4 года назад

    I found it too

  • monjenvely
    monjenvely 4 года назад +33

    I FOUND IT :D. yep animated was funnier

    • monjenvely
      monjenvely 3 года назад

      Yep at 6:15 i think

    • Valec Peirce
      Valec Peirce 3 года назад +1

      Is it actually there?

    • Sky Walker
      Sky Walker 4 года назад +10

      OMG you were looking for it too hahahaha

  • BenjenzieBoredofTV
    BenjenzieBoredofTV 4 года назад +1

    I can't deal with this music in the background

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 4 года назад

    Michelle Keegan is the hottest actress and person ever!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Luna
    Chris Luna 4 года назад

    Elliot looks 18-23.

  • Elizobek
    Elizobek 4 года назад

    I'm all 14

  • tatiana gois
    tatiana gois 4 года назад

    Thanks to this video I know know when Eliott's birthday is!!!!! And it's coming up! Any of you have some birthday present ideas?

  • Dead horse™ Animation Studios
    Dead horse™ Animation Studios 4 года назад

    1. Jennifer lawrence.
    2. Kheira Knightley.
    3. Evangeline Lilly.

  • Jonny Barry
    Jonny Barry 4 года назад

    When I saw it was called, "guy talk" part of my brain was like, "ITS A TRAP!"

  • 3point0Gamer
    3point0Gamer 4 года назад

    I'm tripping acid and all i can do is watch sourcefed. I love it

    • Rose
      Rose 4 года назад

      +Jetstream based on personal experience, depending on the dosage of the acid, you don't necessarily hallucinate hardcore every time. If he had taken a really powerful strand of acid, yes, he would not be able to be watching a video, let alone comment. But if he wasn't tripping as hard, he certainly could.

    • Jetstream
      Jetstream 4 года назад

      +3point0Gamer if you were high off acid you being able to focus on the video would be harder than a dude's dick watching lesbian porn your vision would be fucked with the hallucinations and shit and your other senses would be screwed as well

    • 3point0Gamer
      3point0Gamer 4 года назад

      obviously you have never done acid before because it doesn't make you not able to function like if you're drunk or something, unless you're a bitch

    • 3point0Gamer
      3point0Gamer 4 года назад

      Because when someone goes to high school its easy to get any drug you can think of. And me finding the video if the product of me coming home and having nothing else better to do

    • Jetstream
      Jetstream 4 года назад

      +3point0Gamer No, you didn't answer my question I asked if you're high off acid (which I doubt you are) then how were you able to get to this video on this channel and comment how you commented high off acid?

  • Luker bomb
    Luker bomb 4 года назад

    OMG i have the same Birthday!!! Did you know that it is also George Washington's birthday too???

  • Andy Semple
    Andy Semple 4 года назад +1

    Most attractive women... hmm... Ellen Page, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Michele Boyd. Off the top of my head.
    I think you become mature when you no longer try to pretend you're mature and when you control your own life. So once you're proudly immature, that means you're mature. =) Making SourceFed hosts pretty damn mature!
    I don't think any of the decades are better than the others. I mean, technologically the 00's were great. Everything went forward so fast with easy communication and internet access... but along with that it gave us a horrible, weighted recession that won't let up...

  • Raceraddictted Plays
    Raceraddictted Plays 4 года назад +3

    ... And then I banged her. XD

  • Anna-chi TwoFourSix
    Anna-chi TwoFourSix 4 года назад +1

    Elliott we have the same birthday!!! :D Day made!!!

  • Baibleydz
    Baibleydz 4 года назад

    JOE?! You lived in Spokane?!?!

  • Sarah Krause
    Sarah Krause 4 года назад +2

    February 22 is my birthday too! :D

    • Sean N
      Sean N 4 года назад +13

      He's already married.

  • Hayley
    Hayley 4 года назад

    One time my friends and I were listening to a k-pop CD in a Chili's parking lot at 11 at night and we forgot that the car was running on battery so of course it died and they were crying until i told them we could just go inside Chili's and ask the waiters to jump the car. And that's when I became a woman

  • kahonch
    kahonch 4 года назад

    OMFG ELLIOTT I LOVED MATTHEW LAWRENCE WHEN I WAS A TEEN GIRL TOO we're like, totally best friends now

  • evenodds000
    evenodds000 4 года назад

    He hit the camera lens with the balled up comment. Many brownie points r awarded for such a thing. I threw a beer bottle into a wall and it stuck in there. I was a big deal all night.

  • CookiesTriedToEatMe
    CookiesTriedToEatMe 4 года назад

    An I the only girl that does not have Ryan Gosling in my top three?

  • Rebecca Lincecum
    Rebecca Lincecum 4 года назад

    I think I am in love with Steve!

  • Dan Villa
    Dan Villa 4 года назад

    what'd joe do in the beginning?

  • All Pierced Up
    All Pierced Up 4 года назад

    I HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY TOO! and it was my mamas!

  • aqwardpanda
    aqwardpanda 4 года назад

    I like to think it's two things, either-or, or both: making responsible decisions, or creating something with your own two hands.

  • Felicia S
    Felicia S 4 года назад


  • abetterdae1234
    abetterdae1234 4 года назад

    I chuckled at that comment :) Thank you

  • AJFilms14
    AJFilms14 4 года назад

    Did you go to Gonzaga?!?!?! Tell me you went to Gonzaga...

  • midnightxbat
    midnightxbat 4 года назад

    as soon as Joe's ring came off I was like OOHHH DAMN xD

  • kelly chapman
    kelly chapman 4 года назад

    why is this not the top comment?

  • Meh
    Meh 4 года назад

    Holy fuck. Steve is tiny.

  • Felicia S
    Felicia S 4 года назад

    everybody knows that a boy becomes a man when they are swift as a coursing river...

  • Shenew Nguyen
    Shenew Nguyen 4 года назад

    Olivia wilde all the way

  • marionnaaa
    marionnaaa 4 года назад

    Im suprised only one said Olivia Wilde...

  • Mateo Marulanda
    Mateo Marulanda 4 года назад

    Lmfao pregunta pato lololol

  • Louie R
    Louie R 4 года назад

    I genuinely laughed so hard at Steve's story

  • aewrtop
    aewrtop 4 года назад

    That pocket knife coming out of Steve's head makes it looks like he has bunny ears

  • 26Proman
    26Proman 4 года назад

    He has done it! He has completed the internet!!!!

  • Kailyn Dekker
    Kailyn Dekker 4 года назад

    Steve looks tiny in this episode... like a tiny bearded man boy.
    He's still my favorite :)

  • jackLIKESu4lunch
    jackLIKESu4lunch 4 года назад


  • jackLIKESu4lunch
    jackLIKESu4lunch 4 года назад

    Scarlett Johansson

  • Talon Boyle
    Talon Boyle 4 года назад

    1. Morgan Freeman
    2. Bill Cosby
    3.Megan Fox

  • Ivan Clark
    Ivan Clark 4 года назад

    February twenty second is my brother's birthday too.

  • Spencer Diamond
    Spencer Diamond 4 года назад

    im jewish so 13 bitches

  • forneveroralways
    forneveroralways 4 года назад

    'and then I banged her' saying that is how you become a man XD

  • OttoBear
    OttoBear 4 года назад

    0:33 Steve high-five fail!!

  • Hallela Hinton-Williams
    Hallela Hinton-Williams 4 года назад

    Your faces I haven't gotten past the first ten seconds your reactions

  • Damien Derrick
    Damien Derrick 4 года назад

    I watch 21 and over

  • littleandstupidgirl
    littleandstupidgirl 4 года назад

    At the time Elliott was getting his ring resised, and IDK about Steve.

  • epicmentokiller
    epicmentokiller 4 года назад

    Why are steve and elliot not wearing wedding bands?

  • erdNercm
    erdNercm 4 года назад

    who was the one steve and elliot both said i dont know how it spells can someone help

  • Nick Aseervatham
    Nick Aseervatham 4 года назад

    Natalie portman. Ariana grande. And Jessica alba

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 4 года назад

    I would say I have built my life around what everyone else wants but I would still definitely consider myself a child, I have no kids, and I am not in a relationship so I am not responsible for anyone else and I'd say that's when you become a man, if you make a good job of that

  • Ricky Gonzalez
    Ricky Gonzalez 4 года назад

    the fuck.
    Megan Fox
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Ragnarok8807
    Ragnarok8807 4 года назад

    Man, I had the biggest crush on Lacey Chabert when I was kid. Specially in Lost In Space.

  • steven perallon
    steven perallon 4 года назад

    elliott your wife and me have the same birthday :3