Mum Waxes Her 9 Year Old Daughter's Eyebrows | Toddlers & Tiaras

  • Опубликовано: 13 фев 2019
  • Ever wondered what contestants do to get pageant day ready? Get a glimpse of Chloe Stacy's pageant prep process here.
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Комментарии • 14 534

  • Tanayzia Jackson
    Tanayzia Jackson 51 минуту назад

    little girl:im not going to be a jackulanter bc there fat. me:your mom is

    INOUTGAMER 1111 Час назад

    Chloe is mother doesn't think her daughter is pretty after winning so many awards!

  • Sher Ahmed
    Sher Ahmed Час назад

    Her moms voice is very soothing tbh

  • Sienna Wheeler
    Sienna Wheeler Час назад

    momes mind money money money
    girls mind

  • Shådow KC
    Shådow KC Час назад

    Chloe is so skinny...
    *But has Beauty*

  • I love Candy
    I love Candy 4 часа назад

    She dont have eyebrows she has chalk marks

  • Izzya_boii 0
    Izzya_boii 0 4 часа назад

    1:40 “I think she a little bit nervous because, yes...”

  • Joselyn Bueno-Lopez
    Joselyn Bueno-Lopez 4 часа назад


  • Celester7 Gram
    Celester7 Gram 4 часа назад

    3:20 I'm not gonna be a jack o lantern for halloween because they're FAT

  • Madison Vague
    Madison Vague 5 часов назад

    Mom: I love to win
    Me: YA I CANT TELL your putting fake teeth in her because you said she’s a jack-o’-lantern

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 5 часов назад

    0:00 when your drunk and somebody said u can be what ever u want to be.

  • Giselle Casares
    Giselle Casares 5 часов назад +1

    Her makes her be s wanted be

  • Crimson Tigress
    Crimson Tigress 5 часов назад

    I feel so bad for her. Shes being raised to become a bitch like her mom

  • Mika Cloud
    Mika Cloud 6 часов назад

    These kids in the pageants... it’s so sad, the fake tan, bleaching teeth, waxing eyebrows, the sexual outfits, and some of the things they do are just not appropriate for the age...

  • Q&A For Tweens
    Q&A For Tweens 6 часов назад

    2:36. Watch out. She’ll become the next Sebastian Bails.

  • Christine
    Christine 6 часов назад


  • Addison Gump
    Addison Gump 7 часов назад

    Her momma just scary

  • Jaelyn Calder
    Jaelyn Calder 7 часов назад +1

    This girl got no eyebrows

  • Janie Cosmi
    Janie Cosmi 7 часов назад

    Mom:Chloe is sassy me: bruh u just want money

  • Mollie Sweeney
    Mollie Sweeney 7 часов назад

    Good life lesson
    “I don’t wanna be a jackolantern cause their FAT “
    Like what the hell

  • SuperSky Gaming
    SuperSky Gaming 7 часов назад

    When I watch this I get so Mad at the mom's

  • Chloe Bear
    Chloe Bear 7 часов назад

    My name is Chloe to and I am 9

  • RheannaPlayz and more
    RheannaPlayz and more 8 часов назад

    I respect this person posting this cause it makes us thankful for our lifes

  • RheannaPlayz and more
    RheannaPlayz and more 8 часов назад

    She just cares about winning not her daughters victory,and the money

  • Aubree Sedillo
    Aubree Sedillo 8 часов назад

    she said pumpkins are FAT she is so dieng some day PUMPKINS ARE ON HOLLOWEEN SHE GOING TO DIE

  • Rawan Turkistani
    Rawan Turkistani 8 часов назад

    The mom is so selfish

  • Meadow Miller
    Meadow Miller 8 часов назад

    She dont even have eyebrow!!!!

  • Samantha Gallo
    Samantha Gallo 9 часов назад

    I dOnT wAnT tO bE a JaCkOlAnTeRn FoR hAlLoWeEn BeCaUsE jAcKoLaNtErNs ArE fAt

  • Layla Shealy
    Layla Shealy 9 часов назад

    it’s not even like the judges are even gonna see her eyebrows because her eyebrows are really thin.

  • Alex Fimbres
    Alex Fimbres 10 часов назад

    Chloe is not 9 she is probably 5 or 6

  • Alex Fimbres
    Alex Fimbres 10 часов назад

    Chloe is not 9 she is probably 5 or 6

  • Willybambamy Games
    Willybambamy Games 10 часов назад

    What the fuck

  • Maria Khan
    Maria Khan 10 часов назад

    U never pray

  • Galaxy Wolfie
    Galaxy Wolfie 11 часов назад

    That is the worst mother if the child don't want her eyebrows to be done so don't wan'em to be done

  • Alexa Smith
    Alexa Smith 11 часов назад

    4:19 yep. He’s realllyyyyy creepy

  • ravyn Collins
    ravyn Collins 11 часов назад +1

    She can't with everything not if I knew her in real life I would have dared her to do an arm wrestling challenge with me and see which one wins

  • Ruth
    Ruth 11 часов назад

    This mom is the cuntiest cunt I’ve ever seen

  • CorgiLover 162
    CorgiLover 162 13 часов назад +1

    her mom is a horrible woman because
    1. she indirectly called her daughter ugly
    2. she uses her daughter for money
    3. she abuses her daughter using beauty

  • kyurazy love
    kyurazy love 13 часов назад

    when i was nine i don't even think i knew what waxing was

  • Julia S Animations
    Julia S Animations 14 часов назад

    That mum is terrible

  • Bianca Bush
    Bianca Bush 14 часов назад

    2:00 what are thoseeee go get ur nails fixed

  • Lolol ololololol
    Lolol ololololol 14 часов назад

    6:36 I liked her better before. ❤️😬🙄

  • Chloe’s Channel Hicks
    Chloe’s Channel Hicks 15 часов назад

    I’m called Chloe, I aint that girl though!

  • Rblx daisy Playz
    Rblx daisy Playz 15 часов назад

    Shes kind but forcefull!! WTF

  • EdieEquestrian & More
    EdieEquestrian & More 15 часов назад

    Using her for money

  • Marla Tela
    Marla Tela 16 часов назад

    fuck that human being it isnt acting like a human being

  • Midnight Fairy
    Midnight Fairy 16 часов назад

    Anyone that thinks thats fine is looney. 9yrs old? Id love to slap her mother.

  • iman elshamy
    iman elshamy 18 часов назад +1

    Fuck her mother

  • park jimin blood sweat and tears
    park jimin blood sweat and tears 18 часов назад

    Well this kid are pretty when she is make up

  • park jimin blood sweat and tears
    park jimin blood sweat and tears 18 часов назад

    Or i 900trillion slap for this terrible mom

  • park jimin blood sweat and tears
    park jimin blood sweat and tears 18 часов назад

    The kid is crying omg so hurt i thought the mother is sooo terrible mother ugh i hate terrible mothers

  • ai z-hara
    ai z-hara 21 час назад

    what a lot of makeup like an old women 😂😂😂i think if make beauty queen for kid in my region will be crazy 😂😂and its too young to makeup a kid it will damage the skin 🤔im from asian just share 😊

  • samandgregor carle
    samandgregor carle 21 час назад

    1like = on cringe for the daughters smile and kick for mum

  • Beca Potatoe
    Beca Potatoe 21 час назад

    When the girl was getting her eye brows done the mom should have done it with her to make her feel more comfortable >:(

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 22 часа назад +2

    Chloe's mom looks like the mother of violet from charlie and the chocolate factory

    GACHA ZAINA 23 часа назад +1

    You are a sick woman

  • Alicia Hans
    Alicia Hans День назад +2

    This kid is being destroyed

  • Gracīe Smīles
    Gracīe Smīles День назад +1

    5:50 she sounds like cat
    From Sam & Cat

  • Jrasso5
    Jrasso5 День назад

    Who won

  • Flaming Pickles
    Flaming Pickles День назад

    The little girl was beautiful before her torturous pain from her own mother. The girl should have her own rights too

  • Linzay .lynnz
    Linzay .lynnz День назад +1

    That lady that did her eyebrows made me laughter to much 🤣

  • Angela Cicero
    Angela Cicero День назад +1

    she’s bisexual or a lesbian now her insta is @chloestacyy2

  • meats
    meats День назад +1

    Hoes be starting early

  • Taryn Hardwick
    Taryn Hardwick День назад +1

    “She doesn’t have that particular look the judges are looking for. She has brown hair and dirty blonde hair.” And ? I have blonde hair and blue eyes but I think dirty blonde hair can be beautiful and so can brown eyes especially in the light bc they look like honey. 🙄🙄

  • Mariana Mendez
    Mariana Mendez День назад +1

    Way do you talk so so quite

  • cough grooky
    cough grooky День назад +1

    Hi I'm credit karma I'm 0 years old and I'm high on crack..

  • Funny Chicken
    Funny Chicken День назад

    No offense but she looks better without the costume and makeup

  • Chick - FiLa A
    Chick - FiLa A День назад +1

    When the kid is older, she'll notice.. she was used for only *MONEY*

  • Ella’s Trigger
    Ella’s Trigger День назад

    That’s so sad

  • Ana Guevara
    Ana Guevara День назад

    The girl doesn't like wining is her mom that tells her.I mean I want to wax my eyebrows but my mom said no. The mom didn't care about the girl see how the mom is talking.

  • This is just a Another YouTube channel

    The mom is saint herself 👿

  • Donna Anderton
    Donna Anderton День назад

    You can't keep that smile ur let your looking like the joker l positive comet = 1 dlap for her Mom

  • JTM_ Archer
    JTM_ Archer День назад

    They smile so hard😁

  • Janey De Leon
    Janey De Leon День назад

    Shut up with your ugly ass hair and ugly ass smile 😡

  • Janey De Leon
    Janey De Leon День назад

    What the fuck ,wa..wa....what is this? FACK YOO AND YOR BEUTY PAGENT

  • Cheese Gamer
    Cheese Gamer День назад

    Cuz jacolanters are fat

  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes День назад


  • Egiptianmau aj
    Egiptianmau aj День назад +1

    That poor kid!

  • Multiple Gaming
    Multiple Gaming День назад

    1 like = 1 ban for her mom and her from ANY Pageant
    I HATE THIS! Seriously, even if you try to get her 'pretty enough' that ain't going to work

  • AL Amyy
    AL Amyy День назад

    *There's none to wax tho..*

  • Sister Vlogs
    Sister Vlogs День назад

    1like = 1 less crown

  • Miyah Shepherd
    Miyah Shepherd День назад +1

    That kids bad she said that she dust what to be pumping because there fat and some people are fat and I'm fat so that mom sod tel her of . wing is the best thing in the wold I word racer Loo's then win .

  • Hazel Yelloweagle
    Hazel Yelloweagle День назад

    OKLAHOMA CITY I live there

  • Fizzy 500
    Fizzy 500 День назад

    I only clicked on this to make fun of the mom’s face in the thumbnail.
    Am I a bad person

  • Amanda Mena
    Amanda Mena День назад

    Her mom should go and fix her and not call ugly a little girl,,,,, and when she said “7 days a week”????😂😂😂🤨lmaoooo plz make her go to school

  • Donutz Boi
    Donutz Boi День назад

    The Asian lady tho

    I don't trust her

  • Helen Huang
    Helen Huang День назад

    Does anybody else think that the mom is making her child do this just for money

  • Helen Huang
    Helen Huang День назад

    Poor child

  • H M M
    H M M День назад

    Shes 9?And the Mom is DOING this to her?

  • Zeeshan Hakim
    Zeeshan Hakim День назад

    Her mum is just bringing her down and saying that she has ugly hair is probably some form of child abuse.... Nah probably not

  • Rhianna Alexis
    Rhianna Alexis День назад

    Who saw that when she was getting her eyebrows done and she put her hands over her eyes, she tried to do french tips 😂

  • Sister crafts
    Sister crafts День назад

    Poor little girl. She's so innocent she doesn't even know what's really wrong with what her mother is doing

  • Sofia Alissavakis
    Sofia Alissavakis День назад

    The moms smile in the thumbnail

  • saengdao
    saengdao День назад

    why she reminds me of Brenna?

  • Camelia Gagiu
    Camelia Gagiu День назад


  • WolfieWolf 205
    WolfieWolf 205 День назад

    They shouldn’t do lil kids eye brows :-:

  • Ruby Youngs
    Ruby Youngs День назад

    Chloe is a bit ugly

  • Maddie Watkins
    Maddie Watkins День назад

    Literally when she gets to high school how is she going to survive she’s going to have such low self esteem..

  • Maddie Watkins
    Maddie Watkins День назад

    I would hate to have a mum like that. A mum that don’t appreciate her daughters natural beauty and wants to take her to get her eyebrows done, her hair done, put in false teeth, just so she looks beautiful but she is beautiful in her own way. Her mom should see that. Bad parenting right here. She’s 9 years old fgs!!!

  • zeenbee ZB
    zeenbee ZB 2 дня назад

    She don’t need to fix her daughter, she need to fix her self.