how to defend against dog attack- self defence

how to defend against dog attack self defence
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It can be a scary situation when you fear a dog is in the mode to attack you. Master Wong provides some good points on how you can deal with different dog attacks. Moving your body in the right position give you a chance to make the right move to possibly put your self out of the danger zone.

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Автор Prico Gunawi ( назад)
better you use real fierce dog

Автор Kevin M ( назад)
If dog attacks you just hit it in the balls

Автор Lynn Lynn ( назад)
pepper spray, knife to throat , eyes and underbelly. Last resort is a fire arm.

Автор Waseem Haider ( назад)
just keep a gun with u

Автор Kevin Simpson ( назад)
brake it's neck

Автор kawika dav ( назад)
Just stab the dog.

Автор Fred Rumbolt ( назад)
Give the dog one hand 2 chew on beat the head of it with the other one .

Автор khizer khan ( назад)
give us a demo with real dog...... then i believe that you are a real hero.

Автор MA OGTAHAY? ( назад)
or give the dog a handjob

Автор Dj Akademiks Father ( назад)
his voice is so dope

Автор Kann Nune ( назад)
can I just shoot the dog? coz I'm not very good in hands to hands combat.

Автор Dru Bear76 ( назад)
Thank u Master Wing I went n bought a bag of kibble n bits just in case a dog attacks me...after watching this video.yr the greatest

Автор MA OGTAHAY? ( назад)
just kick him in the balls

Автор Osel Somar ( назад)
Good, well placed kicks, solid punches, if the dog gets your hand, gouge its eyes...

Автор bird bird ( назад)
you Wong is very noob. all yr skills are wrong and kung full is not for you. pls forget about kung full , wing chun or whatever. like my post to agree.

Автор Ηλιας χκ. ( назад)
back in the ancient greece they killed lions with head lock and chocked then til death

Автор Anis strike ( назад)
master wong the dogs have a lot of reflexes with their head they are incredibly fast at biting and turning their head in a different angle dont you think that when you will try to hit him with your foot it might bite ur foot and dont let go?

Автор Atom Atom ( назад)
Everything wants to hurt thy nuts!!!

Автор Dan Lee ( назад)
Dogs run in packs....While you're defending off one the others are nipping at your legs....Been there done that. Better have a plan B.

Ok, the head lock is the only movement that can actualy work when attacked by a big dog. However it only works for a while. Ones you let go (you can't hold the dog head locked for ever...especially if it is a big dog) it will attack again. I have wittnessed such a "fight" betweeen an 80 pound Rottweiler and 180 pound dog trainer. The guy put himshelf in the middle of a dog fight to protect his own dog. He head locked the Rottweiler for a minute or so and tried to pin it down using his own wait. The dog actually lifted him from the ground!!! The muscle power of a big and angry dog is not to be taken lightly. It can be enormous! This technic should only be used if you have an immediate " way out" of the fight (jump over a protective fense or lock the dog in a cage).Otherwise you put your life in danger.

Автор yasser al-reifae ( назад)
Some of self defense techniques need strong body to push or to pull and i don't have the strength to do it . How the unshaped people defend themselves?

Автор yasser al-reifae ( назад)
I like all of your videos. I learned a lot
But sometime i think i don't need to learn all of this , it ll be enough if people know that you are friend of mine. 👀

Автор One Man ( назад)
This nigga foaming out the mouth lol

Автор Willy Vanlerberghe ( назад)
I am a women??I am 65 yaers old?

Автор S.R.K Khan ( назад)
just say to dog kitmeer then dog is automatic stop

Автор Ezen Gondolkozom ( назад)
0:30 that spit though

Автор thetravelinghermit ( назад)
That dog though

Автор john adams ( назад)
I always carry a very sharp tactical knife in case of dog attack.

Автор john adams ( назад)
Is this tiddly wink sane?

Автор Healthy Vegan Adventures ( назад)
What a hypocracy. Hhe says if you hurt an animal I will go and hurt you myself. And yet he is probably eating a pig or chicken for dinner.

Автор Floyd Burdett ( назад)
Best advice...don't go around "Attacking" ANYONE or ANY ANIMAL!
If you "attack" ME...you'll get a LOT MORE than a Dog Bite!
You WILL get infected though... with Lead Poisoning! Ha Ha

Автор Tony Vo ( назад)

Автор RaceToNowhere ( назад)
I see the wing chun dummy applied at every move. Is this gonna be problem? What if doge is secret trying to save my life from a bear? What are the chances for a t-rex to be cloned and fight by my side?

Автор nickelodeon tv ( назад)
if you used a real dog that would be impossible

Автор prashik mongar ( назад)
hey why don't you show us by real dog instead of that punching gloves

Автор JaysierS ( назад)
Tells u to not hurt the dog and litterally tells us to kick the dog

Автор Sharif Shihan Khan ( назад)
Can I lock it and punched it harder

Автор Ali Hussain ( назад)
i bloody flipin hate you ching chong chinese master i bloody did these moves on a dog who was gonna rip and shredd me but it made it more angry and took a chunk out of my leg

Im in the hospital watching and writing this comment. IF U WANT GIMME UR FACEBOOK AND I WILL SHOW U A PIC OF WHAT THE DOG DID TO ME

Автор Santo Domingo ( назад)
what if its a hotdog?

Автор Minoru Mineta ( назад)
Master Wong did you edit the text in the thumbnail? 😂😂😂😂

Автор jockharrington ( назад)
how do you defend against a cat that is trying to scratch you

Автор jockharrington ( назад)
best defence against a dog is to kick it in the balls

Автор Erhajelllll ( назад)
1) take a big bar of chocolate in your bag
2) give it for the dog to bite whenenevr a dog attacks you
3) the dog dies, end of the story

Автор Alonso Salcedo ( назад)
If I wear a really thick jacket and dog bites my arm, I would not hesitate to start swinging the dog around and go for a whiplash body slam.

Автор John Doe ( назад)

Автор Camren Baker ( назад)
what if dogs a crip

Автор Takamura Mamoro ( назад)
If the dog bites your arm. Can you not reach under and rip it's balls off?

Автор Lamby Corn ( назад)
Why did I find this shit so funny

Автор thai tuikhieo ( назад)
nooo !!! i think it was a good video.
because .... what you do to survival when you get dog attack?. in poor land they have a lot of street dogs. But Master Wong when the dog stops to attack ?? are he get a ko ? i like all u videos i watch u all in youtube. like like like

Автор Sean Coleman ( назад)
That "You gonna have a big problem" after a Scenario is HILARIOUS!!! #Respeck doe. I don't want NO sauce big bro.!

Автор Abbas khan ( назад)
A good video with some real good instructions but has to be done fast with accuracy .

Автор scotty massing ( назад)
what if you jump when the dog is trying to attack you!!!

Автор michael rodriguez ( назад)
lol that dog is going to spring or thrust in one motion that will close that gap between you and that dog biting you or locking on to you .

Автор Fredrick Rogers ( назад)
What if it's a police dog?

Автор Priya Upadhyay ( назад)
what to do if attacked by wild catt??

Автор Adrian Namgo ( назад)
Please tell me how to defend against an angry chimpanzee...?

Автор Anmol Maheshwari ( назад)
the way ur doing the dog will bite ur leg

Автор zulkarnain zainizan ( назад)
hahaha..!! thats a good one Rafatravel. heheh.

Автор xImYourPapi ( назад)
What about if the dog is gay

Автор Wandering Fugo ( назад)
lmao Master Wong is very entertaining. The dude went all out with the growling .

Автор Ivo Smoky ( назад)
Chuck Norris is only who can kiss own cheek.He build house in which he was born.

Автор dereksmallsuk ( назад)
ha ha ...."the barking"

Автор 24/7 Bangers ( назад)
Like you didn't just eat dog meat over rice

Автор julius villalon ( назад)
what if you have many enemies like you vs 5 people how do you fight

Автор Murphy Sy ( назад)
let me tell you how to prevent them from biting you, BRING THEM TO CHINA!!

Автор Butterfly Lopez ( назад)
use a real dog🤣

Автор Angel Alexis Becerra ( назад)
give it to da dog to eat 4 dinna

Автор Epi ( назад)
I'm a werewolf and this does not work. Especially during the full moon.

Автор Trisha Chasteen ( назад)
I stopped a dog from attacking my dog. I grabbed the dog's ears twisted and flipped the dog on its back and said come get your dog.

Автор Tami Tube ( назад)
all dog trainers are advicing to not use legs in order to defend against a dog

in that way, if the dog graps you, you will be killed, cuz he can drop you down and get you neck...


Автор I am Negan ( назад)
Find a blanket or jacket, wrap, and drop. pin the front legs, otherwise they'll get a base to push up from. leg wrap their torso, and control the front legs and muzzle with rear choke. then you can apply appropriate force to stop the attack or end the attacker. they'll bite what moves most and what's closest. so mind your bits.

Автор Allan Plant ( назад)
It's those bloody terrierists you have to watch out for.

Автор Allan Plant ( назад)
"the important bit is that you don't want the dog to bite you!" ..Wow! I never thought of that!

Автор Sagar pawar ( назад)
Also 1 technic is der that which I haved experiences in real that , Act like you are taking a stone from a ground for attack ,in Most of situation the dog will run away....

Автор Dzoni Ronaldo ( назад)
Does this work to my girlfriend...

Автор Crazy Games45 ( назад)
The intro is scary

Автор mocros rule tha world ( назад)
see the dog coming.....pull out that chrome !!.....if you know what i talk about!!! or keep listen to this ninja lol

Автор Torva Messorem ( назад)
Now I'm in the wilds and I encounter a bear. What to do?

Автор rejecting racists ( назад)
stupid move. you lost credibility with this video

Автор Richard Jenkins ( назад)
This guy is hilarious and super entertaining to listen to. 😂😂😂

Автор kalin karov ( назад)
mh mh, do it with a k9

Автор Jay Bee ( назад)
If the dog is really a man with a padded stick, does these techniques still work?

Автор Panda_Swag5935 ( назад)
What if you get attacked by a group of angry turtles.

Автор Panda_Swag5935 ( назад)
Then put them on the grill and you've got a good Saturday night in China.

Автор Michal Lawson ( назад)
Use a real attack dog for your demo and I'll be real impressed.

Автор Petro Panayoti ( назад)

Автор Ari Ari ( назад)
a dog is 7 times as fast as a human, the streat dogs are rearly alone, if you got attaque by a trained dog try to let it byte you in an arm hit it on the nose and than try to kick it in the stomick if you get the chanse, dat are the only weak parts of a dog

Автор Teri Farley ( назад)
There are wild dogs on some reservations in the US. Dogs are important to us guarding livestock, family companion, etc, but some people prefer not to fix dogs, and that's when litters become untenible and dogs run free, starve and become desperate. Packs of wild dogs are more dangerous than coyotes. A man was killed by wild dogs as later confirmed by medical investigator. Initially it was thought the man died of exposure and than dogs ate him. But he was attacked. Please rescue dogs when possible, bring them to places that have good internet sourcing for adoption, they can adopt over long distances now as well. Good dogs have an unshakable spirit and loyalty with respect.

Автор Kurt Kurt ( назад)
U have to prove in real master 😇

Автор Kurt Kurt ( назад)
U have to prove in real master 😇

Автор Kurt Kurt ( назад)
Master I have to protect my life, u will beat me 😔

Автор carlos muniz ( назад)
Another defense is to hopefully have something to use as a barrier between you and the dog. A chair, stick, broom, anything to give you distance, block, and counter attack.

Автор carlos muniz ( назад)
Another defense is to hopefully have something to use as a barrier between you and the dog. A chair, stick, broom, anything to give you distance, block, and counter attack.

Автор Karthik Karthik ( назад)
what about Pitt bull

Автор Tremor2000 ( назад)
grab the dog, headlock it, pull it's fronts paws wide apart, dog dies, job done.

Автор enelgee ( назад)
🎶WHO let the dogs out🎶

Автор Myrrah ( назад)
Wow Master Wong you are from Vietnam?
I'm from Vietnam too :D
Wish to see you if you ever visit Vietnam again :D

Автор Peter Kolovos ( назад)
R and R for Charlie was squatting in the jungle eating Rice and Ratmeat.

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