GTA SA Iron Man

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  • Ybeast
    Ybeast 5 лет назад

    you`re iron man, im the f22 raptor pilot, let have a dog fight, :)

  • OakleyJuliete
    OakleyJuliete 6 лет назад

    que sei tão falando tiu

  • Art Thaqi
    Art Thaqi 6 лет назад

    @Blizard1794 he is flying dude can't u see. Its not falce gosh better put some glasses

  • Roland M.
    Roland M. 6 лет назад

    3:50 plane falls but when it hits the ground it bounces


  • doawz
    doawz 6 лет назад

    @TheNarutoSeeker its a mod

  • SaxoRocks
    SaxoRocks 6 лет назад

    @Wearth2 Iron Man by Black Sabbath :)

  • Schwarze Sonne
    Schwarze Sonne 6 лет назад

    whats this music name ?

  • Lex_Ka
    Lex_Ka 6 лет назад

    if only they made either of the real iron man games with free roaming flight like that maybe they wouldnt have sucked so bad...

  • SceneKid8331
    SceneKid8331 6 лет назад


  • UnBobleavable
    UnBobleavable 6 лет назад

    @ironwar12 i think ozzy's is the original version.

  • miguel angel garza
    miguel angel garza 6 лет назад

    que mierda es esa

  • miyrzKa cat
    miyrzKa cat 6 лет назад

    @TheNarutoSeeker Its the PC version, just find mods and skins online.

  • FabioGNR
    FabioGNR 6 лет назад

    Uhm isnt this originally from black sabbath??? 0.o well lke that version better :D

  • kappaindahouse
    kappaindahouse 7 лет назад

    как получить жилезного чела

  • darkangel13915
    darkangel13915 7 лет назад

    @Blizard1794 u du got a piont there

  • GodLike C
    GodLike C 7 лет назад

    he dont lokk shit like iron man lil

  • 00pmax
    00pmax 7 лет назад


  • biggbossman24
    biggbossman24 7 лет назад

    at 0:33 it looked like he had wings

  • Chunkz Nz
    Chunkz Nz 7 лет назад

    how do you do this on gta? can someone tell me

  • Eclecticon
    Eclecticon 7 лет назад

    dude, did Iron Man just jump off a cliff on a motorcycle and then walk on air in the middle?

  • EazyTTTT
    EazyTTTT 7 лет назад

    Its only superman mod with iron man character!!!!

  • chazg91
    chazg91 7 лет назад

    @halofan676 Its Ozzy Osborne... its english

  • chris berling
    chris berling 7 лет назад

    i wonder if you can jump out of a plane and get back in it before it touching the ground

  • Adam Cruz
    Adam Cruz 7 лет назад

    is it a mod if not where you get him

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 7 лет назад

    Nice soundtrak from iron man movie only sucks that it's different language!

  • The Answer
    The Answer 7 лет назад

    its a mod

  • Joey
    Joey 7 лет назад

    Hacker and Modder. :P > Cheater.

  • Manuel Macapallag
    Manuel Macapallag 7 лет назад


  • Ron Alonzo
    Ron Alonzo 7 лет назад

    iron man song in guitar hero LOL!!!!!

  • Damian Jedryka
    Damian Jedryka 7 лет назад

    ej ja tez polak (: ej bo ja gram juz 3 lata w gta sa i chce zombi mod ale jak uzywam sami to mi nie dziala nie wiem dlaczego nie moge zainstalowac chce sie zapytac czy znacie cos innego i czy sami co dodaje mody do gta sanadreas tylko dodaje mody na samochody? prosze odpiszcie .

  • MrWeX
    MrWeX 7 лет назад

    a jest może ten nowy iron man bo ten stary mi sie nie podoba za to uwielbiam nowego

  • Krlozz Ivaann
    Krlozz Ivaann 7 лет назад

    ke pedoo donde consigo el game

  • ArtistByRus
    ArtistByRus 7 лет назад

    where i can download this ?

  • Maggie Moore
    Maggie Moore 7 лет назад

    your Irno Man is 2 fat

  • Eminem
    Eminem 7 лет назад

    @randomguy3500 mod, use google to find everything :D

  • youngsoldier93
    youngsoldier93 7 лет назад

    looks like his cloth is too big

  • FuriousDeath
    FuriousDeath 7 лет назад

    2:23 fucking scripting fail

  • Natalia Iliadi
    Natalia Iliadi 7 лет назад

    house cheat is this

  • Graveyard09
    Graveyard09 7 лет назад

    where do you got this mode? can you help me plz. thanks. . .

  • Julien Fontaine
    Julien Fontaine 7 лет назад

    i have it download and all but it dont have power can you give me the controls ?

  • Andrei
    Andrei 7 лет назад

    umm....awesome maybe...

  • gokuman63
    gokuman63 7 лет назад

    good job man if only sega was this smart and created iron man as a free rome game it looks fun lol its funny how he gets off the bike in mid air then dose a few steps then starts flying lol awsome

  • [Not]MJJ1427
    [Not]MJJ1427 7 лет назад

    If only the real Ironman game was like this

  • TheNarutoSeeker
    TheNarutoSeeker 8 лет назад

    how you get him

  • Zio Kiwi
    Zio Kiwi 8 лет назад

    this skin makes me puke

  • gtr500able
    gtr500able 8 лет назад

    how can i make cj fly?

  • Jay Seven
    Jay Seven 8 лет назад

    creepy but cool at the same time

  • Eklektyczny Antek
    Eklektyczny Antek 8 лет назад

    your idiot is not cheat is mod

  • Muhammad Shakeel
    Muhammad Shakeel 8 лет назад

    what is the cheat code please tell me

  • OregonQuartermaster
    OregonQuartermaster 8 лет назад

    Ironman has been around since 1963

  • Riso De'Riev
    Riso De'Riev 8 лет назад

    This song is "Black Sabbath - Iron Man" Sing by Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath vocalist...

    And this song is not made for movie... Then song is very, very old at. 1970'

  • Hamza falah butt
    Hamza falah butt 8 лет назад

    how do u get ironman

  • Reven857
    Reven857 8 лет назад

    Iron man + Super Cj mod = This video

  • TerryTrust
    TerryTrust 8 лет назад

    Black Sabath! yeah, otherwise no coment ....

  • O.G-Kush Ballahdopepusha!
    O.G-Kush Ballahdopepusha! 8 лет назад

    song is from ossy osborne he made it for the movie :)

  • Wil Stallmann
    Wil Stallmann 8 лет назад

    not metallica, its just a collaboration of different bands, plus ozzy.

  • Kyo Kuza
    Kyo Kuza 8 лет назад

    enough with this plss dont send it it not real ok that my opinion

  • Daniel Angeles
    Daniel Angeles 8 лет назад

    why wont they mod the real model, i have the real model,

  • dogg1377
    dogg1377 8 лет назад

    da bckground should b da desert

  • Dung Tran
    Dung Tran 8 лет назад

    where do i download?

  • BatBluth
    BatBluth 8 лет назад

    Go ozzie!

  • quechus13
    quechus13 8 лет назад

    this is the worst texture i have seen in my life well not the worst but yeah is awful

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo 8 лет назад

    This is technially the Superman mod, he just switched Superman with Ironman.

  • HECKproductions
    HECKproductions 8 лет назад

    but what happes if its empty

  • Mr. Lotato
    Mr. Lotato 8 лет назад


  • DumeLeX
    DumeLeX 8 лет назад

    wystarczy zapytac się autora filmu =) Wg. mnie jest Polakiem.

  • HECKproductions
    HECKproductions 8 лет назад

    the mod is nice but what does the "power" bar do

  • Justin Malicdem
    Justin Malicdem 8 лет назад

    how can you do this thing on gta??

  • lewythekid
    lewythekid 8 лет назад

    copy cat

  • fdsvffs
    fdsvffs 8 лет назад

    it's a mod...

  • eddlm
    eddlm 8 лет назад

    muy bonito, pero no hace nada mas que volar.

  • nuKal4metal
    nuKal4metal 8 лет назад

    played by Metallica in this video

  • vaggos5
    vaggos5 8 лет назад

    does this mod have and missions?

  • vaggos5
    vaggos5 8 лет назад

    man this mod is the best!!!!!!!!!!! by the way what is the name of the song?

  • Iceball98
    Iceball98 8 лет назад

    you can increase the power by y and lower n

  • taggermen
    taggermen 8 лет назад

    man i remember that cartoon... nice vid an mod go ironman

  • andrewsgotmantites1
    andrewsgotmantites1 8 лет назад

    this is fuckin awsmoe

  • Yong Leong HighHigh
    Yong Leong HighHigh 8 лет назад

    one man army LOL

  • stuffmajig
    stuffmajig 9 лет назад

    where do u get the superbike?

  • Nate Hoffman
    Nate Hoffman 9 лет назад

    wut can u do with him other then flying round

  • spiderbala
    spiderbala 9 лет назад

    沒有攻擊能力的鋼鐵人= =

  • KasperVirklund
    KasperVirklund 9 лет назад

    it crash for me!

  • FleaIsMyHero
    FleaIsMyHero 9 лет назад

    Ironman riding a motorcycle..... hmmmmmmmm......

  • KasperVirklund
    KasperVirklund 9 лет назад

    first he installed super man mod.
    Then he replace the super man skin with a iron man skin

  • instinto 719
    instinto 719 9 лет назад

    its a good skin of Iron Man but i do it more funny i put iron man with vegeta jajajjajaja