i only ate green food for 24 hours | clickfortaz

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • ClickForTaz
    ClickForTaz  6 months ago +863

    already on episode four, only two more episodes to go! hope you guys are enjoying the series so far, tune in tomorrow at 4pm for PURPLE FOOD! XD

    • Jackie Yin
      Jackie Yin 26 days ago

      ClickForTaz you did have protein in the lentils

    • Creepy Cousins
      Creepy Cousins 4 months ago

      Can you go vegan/Vegetarian for a week??

    • Mixed Gaming
      Mixed Gaming 4 months ago

      wow pls do orange

    • Nekoya Gates
      Nekoya Gates 5 months ago

      u did have dairy with the dinner

    • Anna Roos
      Anna Roos 6 months ago

      Two things: 1. You had fat, there is a lot of fat in pesto. 2. You did have dairy in your curry.

  • Zaiya Fine Art
    Zaiya Fine Art 9 hours ago

    Dude lentils are protein so you had protein pasta.

  • HeyIt'sKate
    HeyIt'sKate 10 days ago

    Life Hack!
    If you have a really bad tasting drink, all you have to do is make it freezing cold and then get a straw and then drink it as fast as humanly possible. It works. Trust me.

  • Amelia Lackey
    Amelia Lackey 13 days ago

    Okra is pronounced o-kra not ok-ra just letting you know and i live in America in the south (Mississippi) and you usually frie okra but you can bake it too....it’s one of my favorite vegetables 😂

  • Sonila Kar
    Sonila Kar 14 days ago

    should have made palak paneer. hariyali kabab... man you are indian... and you have problem making green food?

  • Sonila Kar
    Sonila Kar 14 days ago

    OMG! My heart broke when she wasted all that smoothie. Just add it to any indian curry or dal... why you have to throw it? so selfish and wasteful

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 15 days ago

    1:51-2:06 That's what she said!

  • Vanilla pet shops
    Vanilla pet shops 16 days ago

    No one:
    Taz: I like kale I like kale

  • Brittany Weatherwax
    Brittany Weatherwax 20 days ago

    Don't blame that nasty green drink on us. 😂😂 We would not make our worst enemy drink that. 😂😂😂

  • Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat

    There is tuns of green vegi

  • Speed Of Light
    Speed Of Light 23 days ago

    wahhh that is not a green smoothie!! You should do spinach, kale, bananas, frozen fruit (not berries), and some yogurt! If you really want it to be super green, add some spurlina powder!

  • Flipastix 2.0
    Flipastix 2.0 23 days ago

    Did you guys know green pesto isn’t even vegetarian

  • the weirdest person ever
    the weirdest person ever 23 days ago +1

    I've had that smoothie and I still have it every morning help to lose weight so yeah😊

  • Emma Jenkins
    Emma Jenkins 23 days ago +1

    Where were the frozen peas! Eat them still frozen as a snack or put them in pasta and pesto for a fresh pop.

  • Angie Poller
    Angie Poller Month ago +1

    You deserve way more subscribers than you actually have. 😛💕

  • Jennifer Pimentel
    Jennifer Pimentel Month ago +1

    Pesto is fat! You used more of the food pyramid than you know..

  • Raheel Khalid
    Raheel Khalid Month ago +1

    Eugh! I hate kale 🥬!

  • Emily Beckett
    Emily Beckett Month ago +1


  • makeupmadness2010
    makeupmadness2010 Month ago +1

    Sorry but I LOST it at "oooh look, I'm a healthy wolverine"

  • Ayesha Akherwaray
    Ayesha Akherwaray Month ago +1

    Taz sweetie, please do me a favour and STOP EATING FOOD JUST FOR OUR SAKE. Yes this video it was healthy but you have to take care of your body

  • trisha
    trisha Month ago +1

    i'd recommend matcha, but it's kinda bittersweet with a rather leafy kick. the sweetness and bitterness amount depends on how you cook it or what you incorporate it with, i guess.

  • Flipastix 2.0
    Flipastix 2.0 Month ago +1

    10:10 isn’t green pesto fat? Not trying to be aggressive or anything just wondering

  • Intapass Asher I love cooking

    It’s fine
    It’s fine
    It’s fine
    It’s fine

  • * SIENNA *
    * SIENNA * Month ago

    She used milk on the Thai curry 🍛 dairy 🥛

  • * SIENNA *
    * SIENNA * Month ago +1

    Do you say vitamin or vytamin

  • * SIENNA *
    * SIENNA * Month ago +1

    Luv the apron

  • Emily Haslinger
    Emily Haslinger Month ago

    the pesto=lots of fats

  • E.G.G
    E.G.G Month ago +1

    your apron should say
    taz is cooking it's fine it's fine it's fine...run

  • Desi Cooking
    Desi Cooking Month ago +1

    Green = grass

  • Plying Duchess63
    Plying Duchess63 Month ago +2

    You should of gotten naked green machine juice. It's so good I'm from America but idk if it's in the UK

  • katelyn wooten
    katelyn wooten Month ago +1

    add red pepper flakes to the kale chips!!

  • Cheez Whiz Rat Potato
    Cheez Whiz Rat Potato Month ago +1

    A cucumber is a fruit

  • zjunegirl
    zjunegirl Month ago +1

    Wait did she just say she’s never had a salad before??

  • toilet time lol
    toilet time lol Month ago +1

    That apron needs to be merch

  • Superstar Rhianna 5 Russen

    I have that blender x

  • Liên Minh Tinh Tế


  • anne burke
    anne burke Month ago +1

    Taz: I don't know if its green although its green tea
    Me: its yellow....

  • Sarah Jansén
    Sarah Jansén Month ago

    Love this! So funny! Made a video like this as well 😋

  • Vishal Lal
    Vishal Lal Month ago

    Their was protein

  • AestheticxRose
    AestheticxRose Month ago

    Dye it lmaoo

  • Thing Think
    Thing Think Month ago

    looking at Taz eat kale makes me feel like i might like it 😂

  • Asiya Ahmed
    Asiya Ahmed Month ago

    That tea was deffo yellow

  • Gaxha_ -_Eilish
    Gaxha_ -_Eilish Month ago

    just a tip you could have made avocado juice i know its not all green but anyway its basically avocado milk and sugar

  • samnee r. r
    samnee r. r Month ago

    When you're Thai .and saw she's making Thai green curry. your will be like OMG. (I love your videos tax~♥~)

  • Nick Osborne
    Nick Osborne Month ago

    Pesto is high in fat bro

  • Alexandria Lyons
    Alexandria Lyons Month ago

    You were good until you put celery in a smoothie 😂

  • Daddy Satin
    Daddy Satin Month ago

    She mixed apples and celery🤢🤮

  • LyfezGood
    LyfezGood Month ago +2

    Yeah, that celery and ginger did it. Lol idk where you got that smoothie recipe from. Green juice can be really good

  • kacperkrakowski RBLX

    how does taz have the same blender as me

  • Yuni Lee
    Yuni Lee 2 months ago

    Try eating brown food i dare u,love ya

  • Minnie Downing
    Minnie Downing 2 months ago +2

    Taz:So I'm going to be healthy
    Me:Eating an ice-cream

  • krista saligumba
    krista saligumba 2 months ago

    Omg okra

  • iClxssic
    iClxssic 2 months ago +1

    *it JUST smells green*

  • Jessica Dawson
    Jessica Dawson 2 months ago

    She could of had grapes for breakfast

  • _Ruby •Gacha_
    _Ruby •Gacha_ 2 months ago

    I'm laying here in bed wheezing and I think my parents are concerned

  • Katie Plowes
    Katie Plowes 2 months ago +1

    why not use food colering

  • randompersonofze EARTH
    randompersonofze EARTH 2 months ago +1

    I could tell this was going to be one of the healthiest videos by taz ever..

  • Serena Naomi Woolley
    Serena Naomi Woolley 2 months ago

    I made the same mistake thought a green smoothie would taste nice with all green ingredients. Worst thing ever.

  • Allison Borjas
    Allison Borjas 2 months ago

    My teacher made kale chips for snack in our class the students were telling her can we have cookies we ate it and we wanted more 😂😂😂

  • Shan Lol
    Shan Lol 2 months ago +1

    Her poop was probably green 😂

  • TheSecretGurl
    TheSecretGurl 2 months ago

    Healthy wolverine 😂😂😂

  • Shakera Begum
    Shakera Begum 3 months ago

    Love your vids taz sooo funny

  • Karma Sakkal
    Karma Sakkal 3 months ago


  • Catherine Lacey
    Catherine Lacey 3 months ago

    I need this hoody

  • ItzFluffyUnicorn
    ItzFluffyUnicorn 3 months ago +1

    I have an idea!
    Only wear one colour for 24 hours!
    Monday: Red
    Tuesday: Purple
    Wednesday: Yellow
    Thursday: Green
    Friday: Blue

  • min's worlds
    min's worlds 3 months ago

    Wayt when you sed have i cooked today did you say i cooked like speph pappas

  • min's worlds
    min's worlds 3 months ago

    OMG you never eaten a saled i wish i code be you right know

  • Gacha Glory life
    Gacha Glory life 3 months ago

    Just make green apple juice

  • Kerber #No. 1
    Kerber #No. 1 3 months ago

    "But if anyone send me free stuff.."
    I ain't gonna say no. 😂

  • styliana __
    styliana __ 3 months ago

    Can u please do a week that u eat only fruit