Do All Men Think the Same?

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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Comments • 19 015

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  3 months ago +2186

    Hey all - thanks for watching this much-requested episode of Spectrum! To participate in the audience polls for future Spectrums, be sure you follow us on Instagram ( ) !

    • heavypuppylover sky the minecraft girl
      heavypuppylover sky the minecraft girl 22 days ago

      Could you do "do all atheists think the same"

    • Siena _thegirl
      Siena _thegirl 25 days ago

      Ya the poll thing was so cool

    • Black Knight Fool
      Black Knight Fool Month ago

      This channel is just feminist misandry with the exploitation of minority men as emotional and generally physical labour against themselves for feminism. The destruction of the black family by feminist has caused so many black deaths it should be considered a holocaust.

    • Blake Evans
      Blake Evans Month ago

      Jubilee gay men vs gay men would be a huge video trust me

    • Black Knight Fool
      Black Knight Fool Month ago

      Everything on this channel is staged and scripted

  • Pranjal Jain
    Pranjal Jain Hour ago

    Respect to these people!!Great content..

  • Blain
    Blain 3 hours ago

    So many indoctrinated liberals in the comments. Bald guy knows what he’s talking about. Traditional values raise strong kids.

  • Brooklyn WheelBros
    Brooklyn WheelBros 3 hours ago

    Do these “men” know how to fix a flat, fix a hole in a house? Basic things a man should be able to do.

  • Eighty 8
    Eighty 8 4 hours ago +2

    legit all the men in this video are so feminine except for the bald guy

  • Violet Rose
    Violet Rose 4 hours ago

    In the video “do all Muslims think the same” everybody complained that they don’t represent Islamic views so I’m just gonna say they don’t represent male views and are lying :)

  • Jordan Dior
    Jordan Dior 4 hours ago +1

    When I saw Andrew I was like I remember you 😂

  • Jessie Nasr
    Jessie Nasr 6 hours ago

    That bald headed ugly “mAn” is all the personality traits I could possibly hate crammed in one man

  • Jannat Khalid
    Jannat Khalid 7 hours ago

    light blue shirt guy is so underrated

  • Rae Shay
    Rae Shay 7 hours ago

    I love these

  • DeMar DeRozan
    DeMar DeRozan 7 hours ago

    Why is it such a big deal for us guys to pay for the first date? I think it's very gentlemanly to take care of your girl and spoil her and treat her right. With that being said, that doesn't mean the dude should pay for every single date you go out on once the relationship develops. Its very normal to split the check or have your girl treat you every once in a while. It has nothing to do with masculinity or power but as a guy you wanna take care of your girl and treat her right.

  • Rezaul karim khan Onee

    I think the bald guy is right about some points

  • Brendan LeFevre
    Brendan LeFevre 8 hours ago

    It's better for 1000 guilty people to go free then 1 innocent person go to jail.

  • Sonic Broom
    Sonic Broom 9 hours ago

    Lol look at all these brainwashed beta sjws in these comments attacking bald guy. Go drink more soy you cucks

  • Left Nut
    Left Nut 10 hours ago

    Are we sure that one guy just isn’t Shawn cee

  • J .O
    J .O 12 hours ago

    But that bald guy shows many aspects of toxic masculinity

  • Marianna Wentzel
    Marianna Wentzel 13 hours ago

    Y'all are hating on the bald guy way too much yeah hes got some bad old traditional ideals but hes got some other good stuff too

  • Violeta Lopez
    Violeta Lopez 13 hours ago

    as soon as I saw Andrew I knew how all their answers were gonna be, love him

  • Mac Dawg
    Mac Dawg 13 hours ago

    Is that my atheist Andrew

    AnDrEw ThAtS N0t ChRiStIaN

  • Shyam Anand
    Shyam Anand 13 hours ago

    do all atheists think alike?

  • Kratos314
    Kratos314 14 hours ago

    its funny you got a group of sjw queers to represent men lmao. how about half sjw queers, half normal men, gotta see both perspectives

  • Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl 16 hours ago

    The guy who "strongly agreed" on men paying for the first date is really the type of guy I don't like. What he said made no sense like "old school" stuff won't work in 2019.🤦‍♀️ Giving women the power doesn't make men any less "manly". The part when he said "I will do what makes ME happy" sounds very cocky not manly. You only get one chance to make a first impression" like look Mr.King, my impression of you is already that you are cocky and rude so I don't know who you are trying aim at. I would say most women don't like cocky guys, those who do things the old way, or those who think they are "kings" of the damn world.

    • Eighty 8
      Eighty 8 4 hours ago +1

      firstly he doesn't think he is the king of the world, he wasn't cocky and so what if he prefers do do stuff the old way. I also prefer to do things the old way, and the first impression is important, so stop acting like you know everything. honestly wish i was born in the 1930's or something, my generation are a bunch of weak butterflies.

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler 16 hours ago

    How bout these for video ideas: do all low-income people think the same? And do all rich people think the same?

  • hoshii.
    hoshii. 16 hours ago

    Wow, people in the comment section circlejerking about how bad the bald guy is. What a surprise!!11

  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez 17 hours ago

    Men should pay for dates girl can do it too but the first one should be the guy unless she wears the pants then I guess the women up to you

  • KingKaiO5
    KingKaiO5 17 hours ago

    The answer? No

  • NM Greer
    NM Greer 17 hours ago +1

    I think some of these questions should be asked for women too

  • Emin B.
    Emin B. 18 hours ago

    1 man and 5 soyboys

  • CrimsonEclipse
    CrimsonEclipse 18 hours ago

    About paying for the first date it actually depends on the date. Due to women more in a higher demand than men, women usually at the end decide if they like you or not. Men end up having to be more competitive to stand out. Paying for the first date is based on the first impression. Also if a man pays on the first date it shows beside liking woman it also shows their generous nature. If you as a man who like this woman don’t pay for the date it could either imply you are cheap or you are not interested even if you want a second date.
    But based on how these men are majority in their 20’s beside the older man who is more traditional. The young men tend to be less generous too due to lack of income and also maturity. Also in my opinion when a man is cheap they tend to be hard to deal with. They lack of stable income these men tend to be more irresponsible. They tend to also be more selfish. Most of the are also like little boys who want a woman to take care of.
    In my opinion true toxic masculinity is when an adult male never grows up. They are not independent and they refuse to do their best for society and constantly whining and complaining. Like the guy talking about his parent never cry. God, the reason some people don’t want to cry in front of people because they don’t want to be a burden to others that they will sacrificed their own personal feelings just so society can function. Just so their kids don’t have to worry or be scared. Crying is a form of distress and if an adult constantly crying in front of their kids it also show the lack of security. Parent has to be strong for their kids. People need to be strong for society. I don’t say ignore you feelings but be considerate about how much stress you put on others when you constantly crying about everything. Like think of the last time when an adult cry over mundane thing is just annoying. It’s ok to cry for the lost of a love one but it’s not ok to constantly cry about everything. All of society is a bunch of emotional train-wreck nothing will get done. The problem is lack of self-reflection and also understanding for others, about being considerate to others in society.
    The problem with these young guys they don’t seem to want any pressure or responsibility. They want to be able to cry, they want to not be providers, they want to just relax and think about themselves and what they want to do. That in my opinion shows they want to be a boy forever.
    Also the guy saying he never saw his parents cry and when one of his parents died he wasn’t affected at all. Well the problem isn’t your parents never cried it was you never connected with your parents. Everyone’s emotions are different. Some people will never even cry but they will show stress in another ways. But he admitted he never felt anything or even feel affected by it just shows they were important to him. That he didn’t bond with them.

  • Oliver Rodriguez
    Oliver Rodriguez 19 hours ago +1

    Did you even bring men??

  • i-want-fries
    i-want-fries 20 hours ago

    7:10 YES DUDE

  • i-want-fries
    i-want-fries 20 hours ago

    4:25 GOD YES

  • i-want-fries
    i-want-fries 20 hours ago


  • ky :c
    ky :c 20 hours ago

    it would have been cool if they added a trans dude

  • kibs lol
    kibs lol 21 hour ago

    answer in short...


  • El Mariachi
    El Mariachi 21 hour ago +4

    I don’t think the bald guy was bad... but the way he was raised definitely was
    Just my opinion, don’t @ me

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    I support the metoo movement but I believe some girls just want to get clout off someone who is doing well and has a career ahead of him and they just wants to ruin it

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    I mean if you offer the girl food in the first place you should pay but only if you’re the one wanting asking

  • Riyad Machkour
    Riyad Machkour 21 hour ago

    How about do all gamers think the same?

  • Dee
    Dee 21 hour ago

    Thought that was hopsin lmao

  • Bonnie Burton
    Bonnie Burton 22 hours ago

    I would personally be very flattered if i got cat called

  • Gordon Franck
    Gordon Franck 22 hours ago

    the me to movment is is the future

  • grace lloyd
    grace lloyd 23 hours ago


  • hristo. 29
    hristo. 29 23 hours ago

    Can u make a episode how u people find racist person just for asking him or hear some questions to see if they are or not racist

  • Somantha Westfield
    Somantha Westfield 23 hours ago +1

    I've never dated..
    but for me if and when I do then I'd pay for myself and have him pay for himself problem solved

  • Dat Fumanist
    Dat Fumanist Day ago

    The MeToo movement has many benefits but it can ruin a life as much as it can help a life

  • Virginie Trepanier
    Virginie Trepanier Day ago +6

    The 11% of men against the me too movement are probably part of the reason why it was even created

    • Brendan LeFevre
      Brendan LeFevre 8 hours ago

      In theory it's a great idea, but in reality It sucks, I feel that rape/sexual assault/etc court cases should be 100% closed to the media, and only open to the jury who cant write anything about the people in the case unless the man is found guilty of rape, as to not risk the reputation of the presumed innocent until they are found guilty. And if they are found innocent, just drop it.
      We need to find a way to give women a voice without the instant consequences of even an accusation. Ie; job loss, family member betrayal, losing friends, scholarships, internships, spots on sports teams,losing your entire reputation, etc.

  • Ana Jacket Off
    Ana Jacket Off Day ago +2

    Should pay for the meal 50/50. Everyone is so fixated on equality and accepting others nowadays, so it should be split down the middle. Thanks feminism

  • ღ sunny ღ
    ღ sunny ღ Day ago

    on the first date, you should always split the bill equally :)

  • NightlyRowen Tree

    We should have a southern one that would be interesting

  • NightlyRowen Tree

    Just because it works doesn't mean it's good

  • Amer Darwich
    Amer Darwich Day ago

    I dont agree men should pay first date because women want us to pay so they keep doing it... it is like using us so they can have fun then go out with other men doing samething...

  • El_mero_ Mero
    El_mero_ Mero Day ago

    Isn’t the bald guy supposed too trying too capture the smurfs

  • Cole O'Driscoll
    Cole O'Driscoll Day ago

    If you feel like your masculinity and self worth has shattered if you don't pay for someone else's outing with you, you got some real issues with confidence

  • Nikki 26
    Nikki 26 Day ago

    Can we not ignore how beautiful Imari is 😍😍😍

  • BRUH 6972
    BRUH 6972 Day ago +1


  • Charlie Highnam
    Charlie Highnam Day ago

    Andrew a straight legend you can tell he smart as hell

  • JuiceMayooo
    JuiceMayooo Day ago +1

    If men worried about there penis it means is small

  • Shawn
    Shawn Day ago

    Damn I actually agree with the bald guy, yall just circlejerking

  • _chantrvll_
    _chantrvll_ Day ago

    okay but... when they guy pays for the first date it's just a really next gesture. like you basically gain some points if you do but no reasonable girl is just gonna expect it to be paid for, although it is nice. And then the girl would probably just pay for the next date or something .

  • Riley Bagnall
    Riley Bagnall Day ago

    How is that even a question worthy of all this effort? Do all women think the same? No, so why would all men?

  • fudgecake76
    fudgecake76 Day ago

    A lot of soy boys here

  • Daria Rose K
    Daria Rose K Day ago

    Thank you Andrew.

  • killua z
    killua z Day ago

    their definition of toxic masculinity is so wrong lol, do these guys read a book?

  • Cowboy Manny
    Cowboy Manny Day ago


  • ChokeADots
    ChokeADots Day ago

    I think it would be interesting to see the question about showing emotions switched to showing sadness specifically. I see a lot of men that understand themselves to be comfortable showing "emotion", but only do so in a very limited capacity, where all negative feelings are expressed as anger.

  • SNB 3.0
    SNB 3.0 Day ago

    Is this really a valid question

  • iseysays
    iseysays Day ago

    This was a sad episode. No one was convincing with their points with others. Which makes me think some where holding back.

  • Jessica W
    Jessica W Day ago +5

    Damn. If a guy pays for my meal, I’m all for it. Real leadership in my mind 🤷‍♀️

  • Alexandru Александр

    Good luck making a women pay for the first date in Eastern Europe 😂😂 You'll look like an asshole for everyone
    And Gosh, the people in this comment section trying to be "open-minded" but actually being so close-minded makes me sick