Do All Men Think the Same?

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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    John- j_regalado
    Lewis- conservative_mexican1
    Andrew- oxisol
    Imari- freeimari
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  8 months ago +2792

    Hey all - thanks for watching this much-requested episode of Spectrum! To participate in the audience polls for future Spectrums, be sure you follow us on Instagram ( ) !

    • Joao D
      Joao D 15 hours ago

      I'm itchin to smack that Baldie on his glistening scalp

    • 5 Vooga
      5 Vooga Month ago

      It is apparent that you guys cut out segments, eliminating viewpoints that counter yours -Neal

    • Kasper Jensen
      Kasper Jensen Month ago

      Nice tranny episode.

    • LAM3R
      LAM3R 2 months ago

      Yes, during adolescence, and if it weren't for the fact that when I went to find out about the average proportions of my people and the average size of the various peoples and my face was like this 😏 i would still be worried and honestly I think that the females have the same thoughts only that they multiplied by three; it usually depends I offer for gallantry but if you eat three times what I ate you pay dividend for two while if you tell me that you are a third generation feminist then I eat three times what you ate and I charge you; I believe I have said enough with what I have said before and with what I said in the video of the females; toxic masculinity is definitely a problem and is not masculinity; I have a bit of trouble showing sadness but because as a child I was very emotional and I cried so much that now I never want to cry again but otherwise I am very emotional and sanguine.

    • Create Mymy
      Create Mymy 3 months ago

      Every jubilee video be like, "I'm gay."
      It was good at first now it looks implanted actors. Sorry not working for me.

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. 2 minutes ago

    Damn, i wish these guys would have stood up for men more. theyre kinda selling out imo. but hey, its 2019, being a man is bad. we all know this.

  • Legend Juice
    Legend Juice 3 hours ago

    You cant mad at the guy cause that was the way he grew up

  • bishes be mad
    bishes be mad 4 hours ago

    this channel and its viewers are a gold mine of wusses, snowflakes, and sjw morons

  • Austin So
    Austin So 4 hours ago

    The fact that there isn't an Asian guy us such a missed opportunity

  • Jason V
    Jason V 4 hours ago

    What’s Imaris phone number?

  • nikhil unni
    nikhil unni 7 hours ago

    The blue shirt guy is what we need in our society these days.

  • Marko Vujovic
    Marko Vujovic 10 hours ago

    There, saved you 10 minutes.

  • sarah jane
    sarah jane 11 hours ago +1

    Imari is so fine whew

  • Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 11 hours ago

    6:57 this guy made me mad like bro everyone’s equal. People are people hands down

  • Unconfirmable
    Unconfirmable 11 hours ago

    Why do I think like none of these dudes

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos 12 hours ago

    Old school is always better and smarter but the bald guy did not explain it that well

  • ItsSimplyChanelle
    ItsSimplyChanelle 12 hours ago

    Waaaaaay too short

  • Regan Waite
    Regan Waite 13 hours ago

    Lewis honey, you're an example of toxic masculinity

  • Charlie
    Charlie 14 hours ago +1

    Who should pay for dinner? The person that suggested it or they can split. It's not about chivalry, it's about logic. If someone asks me to go to dinner and I can't afford it, but they insist, well then don't expect me to get out my wallet. But if I invite a woman to dinner, I won't let her pay unless she's absolutely adamant about doing so, and even then, we will split the bill.

  • Gon Ponieman Klionski
    Gon Ponieman Klionski 15 hours ago

    its always the latinos whose mentality is so stupidly sexist. i know this cause im from argentina and it has been only 5 years that had been changing this and we're kinda the least sexist country in latin america.

  • Joao D
    Joao D 15 hours ago

    Blue Boi was a simp ngl

  • Nancy Osunnuga
    Nancy Osunnuga 15 hours ago +1

    Guys want to date a 'beyoncé' but don't like the energy that comes with it. A true 'alpha' male is one who knows how to work with that energy. If you run away from it, that's not alpha that's beta. Just sayin.

  • savemelofi
    savemelofi 19 hours ago

    Maybe it's just me but as a black man it is frustrating when a woman tells me i have no idea what oppression or unequal opportunity feels like and completely denies my experiences because i have a penis.

  • savemelofi
    savemelofi 19 hours ago

    As much as i disagree with the bald guy i think the comment section says a lot.
    The guy in the denim jacket because he agrees with my views = Good
    Bald guy because he believes he should take care of women = bad
    Realistically i believe in individuality and gender shouldn't really matter ever, if he's in a relationship with a woman that want's to focus on being a mother and him being the breadwinner and that's what makes him happy he shouldn't be ripped apart for that. Equality is extremely important, but men and women both face problems in society.

  • Mmapara Pilusa
    Mmapara Pilusa 19 hours ago

    The black guy with the huge hair had some good point but ruined them by cursing all the time. As for the guy in the blue shirt. Lol, man is prime beta male.

  • Letter Fake
    Letter Fake 23 hours ago

    That guy in the blue shirt views things in such singular manner. Things are much more complicated.

  • Floofa
    Floofa Day ago

    How about everybody just pays for themselves on a first date? It's not hard ffs.

  • MrSamHu
    MrSamHu Day ago

    I really don't like that when you dont wanna show your emotions its cause society told you to "man up" or "dont be gay".
    Maybe I just really dont wanna show them or talk about them? These are my emotions. Not yours. Why the fuck should I share them if they are none of your business. Just leave me alone. It's not cause I am a man. I just dont wanna talk about it. Some people feel comfortable crying at ever chance they get and they rub it into peoples faces. Others dont. You do you.

  • kreso149
    kreso149 Day ago

    I support the bald guy

  • Brillo Gorrilo
    Brillo Gorrilo Day ago +1

    Yeah the bald guy is bad and all, but that incel from other videos is actually the worst. i mean, compared to the incel, bald guy seems like a pretty ok person

  • Peachy Doodles
    Peachy Doodles Day ago

    That bald guy is really getting on my nerves

  • Peachy Doodles
    Peachy Doodles Day ago +1

    That hairless men gets to my nerves

  • Apex Alex
    Apex Alex Day ago

    Everybody’s talking about either bald guy, denim jacket guy, or blue shirt guy, but can we take a moment to acknowledge Andrew. He’s a cool dude too.

  • Noked Johnson
    Noked Johnson Day ago

    I think that the guy should pay for the first date but then on out I think it should be who ever ask or pay for yourself 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith Day ago

    Toxicity knows no gender.

  • beef jerk
    beef jerk Day ago

    bad variety

  • Damien B
    Damien B Day ago

    Great video

  • Ryn Diamond25
    Ryn Diamond25 Day ago +1

    *Do all Indians think the same?*
    *Do all nurses think the same?*
    *Do all clowns think the same?*
    *Do all Children’s of abusive parents think the same?*
    *Do all the the victims of kidnappers think the same?*

  • gisell galarza
    gisell galarza Day ago

    Bald guy was beyond annoying.

  • Kevin Cringe
    Kevin Cringe 2 days ago

    You brought in 6 girls. Where are the men?

  • Kevin Cringe
    Kevin Cringe 2 days ago +1

    Paying for the first meal is called being considerate..

  • K D100
    K D100 2 days ago

    Orange shirt guy: Your kids already know you cry. That you hide it from them is confusing and gives them unhealthy messages.

  • Gabriel Cisneros
    Gabriel Cisneros 2 days ago

    Me watching this video but im gay "ima bout to head out

  • julia muntoni
    julia muntoni 2 days ago

    The Me too movement is not about the abusers, it’s a movement for people that have been sexually assaulted. How can they not understand that ? Wtf 😤

  • Xime Fonseca
    Xime Fonseca 2 days ago

    6:30 dude we don’t hate you, we just want to be as important in society as you are lol

  • HDmex's Instant Replay
    HDmex's Instant Replay 2 days ago +1

    This should have been longer.

  • Constant
    Constant 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who can't understand tradition? Like wtf. I don't understand why some women expect men or why some men have to pay for the first date. If I took someone to a restaurant and they order the most expensive thing on the menu, well that's on them. I ain't limiting myself to archaic beliefs. Also, we both should be able to make money especially since the cost of living (as well as the standard) has gone up significantly. Children are expensive little fuckers if you want them to grow up right! I'd rather have double income, accumulate savings, then get kids rather than have my wife sit around home all day bored. Fuck tradition, I'm all for adaptation.

  • Tracy TV
    Tracy TV 2 days ago

    4:51 -5:34👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • PikaPika
    PikaPika 2 days ago

    I personally prefer a men pay on the 1st and second date if it's the third we can be more casual about it because if we made it to a 3rd date it's definitely some kinda something there so can be bit more laid back but definitely I want to be treated as a lady in my opinion should 1st date my husband held the car door open for me our 1st date he gave me the shirt off his back because i felt cold later on he learned no I'm just always cold anemic girl issues can't put ice in my drinks or I'm freezing lol. We split the bill sometimes i treat just now i gave em a 10 told em get us some tacos I'm too tiered to cook. We are a team i help him he helps me but it's been already almost 7years

  • r m
    r m 2 days ago

    yeah i still don't like men

    C.J.PLAYZMC 2 days ago

    Ask James Charles

  • BM31 HB
    BM31 HB 2 days ago

    If a woman pays for my meal and I have a good paying job. I might as well be circumcised and be trans. Y’all nikkas better get looking for a sex change surgeons 👨‍⚕️ y’all need it seriously. This is a feminist country. Christ.

  • Pinny Skenis
    Pinny Skenis 2 days ago

    Blue shirt guy and striped shirt guy - we support you 👍

  • BM31 HB
    BM31 HB 2 days ago

    A MAN should always pay the first date and ect. I currently avoid it. Because I go on so many dates and my financial situation could not cover it. BUT if I had the money I would without a doubt. These nikkas are females *couchs* Bitches and toxic masculinity is real but not to the extent feminists want to portray it. I rather have a beef with nikka over a chic than be a pansy all my life and get no pussy. Even if I lose. I normally win. But that’s life. Women respect instinctively a man that’s empowering and dominant. They mate with them NOT pansies.

  • Lauren Green
    Lauren Green 2 days ago

    Bald guy calls out toxic masculinity, as he portrays himself as a toxic man.....

    • c c
      c c 23 hours ago

      Toxic masculinity doesn't exist.

  • rbrt
    rbrt 2 days ago

    they all have to be straight men to get an answer

  • Daniel O
    Daniel O 2 days ago

    this video could be really short: no!

  • Rolphel Draw
    Rolphel Draw 2 days ago +2

    You simps in the comments are sickening. I love & agree with everything the bald guy says. Society has officially feminized the man. This is horrible. No one believes in God anymore, no 1 follows rules. Bunch of fence stragglers.

  • Keegan Thomas
    Keegan Thomas 2 days ago +11

    Bald Guy: I’m the caretaker of society
    Me: ok boomer

  • ThatChillDude
    ThatChillDude 2 days ago

    Just dudes being guys

  • Riot Planet
    Riot Planet 2 days ago

    10 minute video about what people already knew the answer to

  • Peter Bodenham
    Peter Bodenham 2 days ago

    Well, there’s one big prick in that group.

  • mirawen
    mirawen 2 days ago

    A man _should_ pay on the first date? No. But if he does insist after I prepare to pay for my share I’m very very flattered and feel taken care of.

  • Katherine Diane Does

    the blue shirt guy is my new favorite person