Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

  • Will she call their bluffs? Watch The Try Guys try to beat a world poker champion in the new episode of, The Try Guys 4 vs. 1!
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    Maria Ho
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Comments • 80

  • Leah Horner
    Leah Horner 8 hours ago

    Even with her explaining it very well I still understand nothing of poker yet this was very entertaining

  • SketchyPersonn
    SketchyPersonn 11 hours ago

    Off topic, but do u guys know Game of the Generals?

  • Negasuki
    Negasuki 11 hours ago

    17:31 "Ok, here's the deal. I have a pretty good deal. This is the right play in this situation."
    "Because. Math."

  • Kai Sutherland
    Kai Sutherland 12 hours ago

    this show is goid in spite of the try guys. mamby thats just me though

  • Colin
    Colin 12 hours ago +1

    I swear the more I watch these guys the more I think they’re on crack

  • Justin Lenehan
    Justin Lenehan 13 hours ago

    How does Eugene not have a good poker face

  • Reece David
    Reece David 14 hours ago

    Next time bring on Doyle Brunson

  • Ash Catre
    Ash Catre 14 hours ago

    When i play poker with my dad i usually get bored near the end and just go all in... I have won every time just by getting bored... Luck pure luck

  • Thomas Adams
    Thomas Adams 14 hours ago

    The way Zach keeps looking at his cards is the way my wifey been looking at me for 8 years 21:55

  • Emily Wright
    Emily Wright 17 hours ago

    Such top energy... I’m dead

  • Keetah Boulton
    Keetah Boulton 19 hours ago

    okay, someone needs to make a movie of her life

  • MasterXan
    MasterXan 21 hour ago

    Who's willing to explain poker to me?

  • Erwin Broekhoven
    Erwin Broekhoven 21 hour ago

    spoilers!! but zach you absolute madlad going that pot for a 10 high ballsy man

  • Marc Steven BALAORO

    Maria Ho: My ability is to read people.
    proceeds to lose many competitions to Daniel Negreanu

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person Day ago

    Zach: I wanna be in the room where it happens

  • Cosmo17
    Cosmo17 Day ago

    Looks like Maria wasnt trying

  • Nick Glassman
    Nick Glassman Day ago

    8:50 Zach would have 3 4s and an ace smh

  • Brendan
    Brendan Day ago

    put some more 3 minute add's before the video why dont you

  • Stephen O'Leary
    Stephen O'Leary Day ago

    I haven't ever heard a better argument against betting than

    Why gamble when you can have lunch?

  • John Fabrigar
    John Fabrigar Day ago

    she not just good she always get good cards wtf

  • pro_ waffle
    pro_ waffle Day ago

    Maria 90% of the time had a pair bruh how

  • Quadra Quentine
    Quadra Quentine Day ago

    I maria HO

    Yes you are

  • Andrew Mclinden
    Andrew Mclinden Day ago

    You guys should do this with pool/billiards it would be a great video especially if you could get efren reyes to do it maybe do a race to 3 or something

  • Joanna Robertson

    For a second I thought it said Pokémon Champion...

  • 1000 subs without a video

    7:22 What a lame excuse of being bad at the game 😂😂

  • Austin K
    Austin K Day ago

    title should be can 4 soyboys with the combined total testosterone of a 90 year old man beat a poker champion

  • L0wen
    L0wen Day ago

    21:28 when maria realized "so maybe i lost now"

  • Skylar Nguyen
    Skylar Nguyen Day ago

    10:18 This was a good call though because THEY LITERALLY HAD A 0% CHANCE OF WINNING but they don’t know that.

  • kaigyo
    kaigyo Day ago

    i wanna see the try guys play all the smash bros games (64, melee, brawl, 4, ultimate) and have either mew2king or zero as the expert

  • NotSoCool Wizard

    How in world does she keep getting doubles!?!

  • Kyrene Tam
    Kyrene Tam Day ago

    why are her hands always so good

  • Millie Ember
    Millie Ember Day ago +1

    *And so Ned won against the pro again. . .*

  • Emogirl_Yt
    Emogirl_Yt Day ago

    8:02 Fucking loved the Hamilton Reference 💖💖💖

  • Jana Lesemotte
    Jana Lesemotte Day ago

    Not gonna lie, I didn't understand anything that was going on in this video but kept watching for Maria. Intelligent, charming and gorgeous, wow.

  • Mark Foti
    Mark Foti 2 days ago

    Maria you are so beautiful and talented & I enjoy watching your poker face.

  • Claudia Moses
    Claudia Moses 2 days ago

    Anyone else starts singing the room where it happens??

  • Anxo gallego
    Anxo gallego 2 days ago

    why all try guys are gay is there any reason?
    not saying is bad

  • sirmonsieurr
    sirmonsieurr 2 days ago

    Just hopped off “Rounders” 🙈

  • Andy Quach
    Andy Quach 2 days ago

    She’s viet

  • Dragon Chasm
    Dragon Chasm 2 days ago

    Doesn’t help that she’s hot lmao

  • Daeviiid All in
    Daeviiid All in 2 days ago

    This guys are nerd losers.

    LINDA RAMIREZ 2 days ago

    Bruh she got one pairs of the bat 3 times!!! Luck:♾

  • MaRYel Genada
    MaRYel Genada 2 days ago

    i Literally look at maria's nails EVERY SINGLE TIME! ugh!

  • Lchantilly
    Lchantilly 2 days ago

    ZACK WOU COULD HAVE WON in the second round if you didn't fold :(

  • Raina Rose
    Raina Rose 2 days ago

    Why bet money on stuff when you can buy lunch? I’ve never even able to relate to Eugene until that line 😂

  • Kainen Zimmerman
    Kainen Zimmerman 2 days ago

    Maria is cheating she has got a good cards like 3 times in a row

  • Diya Goyal
    Diya Goyal 2 days ago

    im literally quaking she had a full house in the second round HOW

  • Black Mistic
    Black Mistic 2 days ago

    Play red dead’s poker and you will feel awesome and think you know everything but you probably won’t

  • Willow Smith
    Willow Smith 3 days ago

    Maria kept getting all those pairs 😂😂

  • Aaron Lu
    Aaron Lu 3 days ago

    uhhh are we not gonna talk about how maria was dealt three pocket pairs in a row...

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin 3 days ago

    how does mariah look 28 when she is 37. tf?

  • Darkxst
    Darkxst 3 days ago

    The viewers under 18: Woaow.

  • Leila Rashidian
    Leila Rashidian 3 days ago

    Question: Are they betting actual money in this game?

  • Zhi Han Loke
    Zhi Han Loke 3 days ago

    How did Maria get 3 pairs in the span of 14 mins???

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 3 days ago

    Can 4 guys beat a world champ yugioh player plz🥺

  • Chandra Wagner
    Chandra Wagner 3 days ago

    I'm sorry the way eugene played made me want to smack him 🤣 very frustrating (I'm not even a good poker player)

  • xCyborg Ninja
    xCyborg Ninja 3 days ago

    Bruh I don’t even know how to play poker

  • LEXORZ Gaming
    LEXORZ Gaming 3 days ago

    So a phycologist is super good at poker

  • Meidah Marsella
    Meidah Marsella 3 days ago +2

    What's make you a good poker player?
    "Well, you have to good at math"
    Okay.. I'm done

  • Cindy Chau
    Cindy Chau 3 days ago

    watched to the end and realized eugene had emma in his hands and could only thing "OMG they multiplied"

  • Chantal
    Chantal 3 days ago

    kinda late but she's such a badass

  • Zero-two 02
    Zero-two 02 3 days ago

    Was I the only one who don’t understand anything?

  • Pat Masilang
    Pat Masilang 3 days ago

    like damnnn why does she get all the good cardss hahahaha

  • One Eyed
    One Eyed 3 days ago

    Jim halper looks a little different

  • damitzdesign
    damitzdesign 3 days ago

    If Maria is the #2 women poker player, then who's the #1 poker player?

  • Ashlee Teng
    Ashlee Teng 4 days ago

    Ned and Eugene looks so intimidating

  • Play4rYt
    Play4rYt 4 days ago

    Her: "I'm Maria *SOMETHING*"
    What I hear: "I'm a real hoe"

  • Martin B
    Martin B 4 days ago

    Zach played with a 5, 2... so sick

  • Tracy Ho
    Tracy Ho 4 days ago

    bro we love another viet! Same last name as maria!!

  • Ben Truswell
    Ben Truswell 4 days ago

    Her nails are badass

  • Brady George
    Brady George 4 days ago

    Eugene looks like Slash

  • Cowta Playz
    Cowta Playz 4 days ago +18

    Eugene: 0% winning chance
    Also Eugene: raises 100 bucks

  • Cowta Playz
    Cowta Playz 4 days ago +2

    I could easily beat Eugene and Keith.

  • rodrigo perez meza
    rodrigo perez meza 4 days ago

    How can you be good at poker? Isn it just luck?

  • lindseydanceluv
    lindseydanceluv 4 days ago

    Eugene: gets dog
    Also Eugene: checks out for the rest of the game

  • TacoAngel5 Dude
    TacoAngel5 Dude 4 days ago

    I mean I played mahjong once and beat everyone 5th turn so that’s cool

  • Antonio Tuka
    Antonio Tuka 5 days ago

    when u smurf with silvers

  • Liz WhIZz
    Liz WhIZz 5 days ago

    "A long as our expert isn't asian, then I'm fine"

  • Roe Alexis
    Roe Alexis 5 days ago

    i have no clue what’s happening

  • Malik arsya
    Malik arsya 5 days ago

    maria hu maria ho ho maria hu