2020 Corvette C8 CRAZY Maintenance Costs? *2020 Mid Engine Corvette*

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Maintenance on the all new 2020 Corvette C8 will not be that bad! Let me know what you think below!
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Comments • 174

  • Full Throttle Drive
    Full Throttle Drive  Month ago +40

    Thumbs up for LOW maintenance cost like previous generations!

    • Mavairo
      Mavairo 5 days ago

      @campkira Nothing new on dropping the motor to do plugs. Hell that's the best way to do it on my Firebird. Oil and filter change on the C8 I know for a fact is easily accessible on the C8. Plugs should be good for over 100k miles on a modern car anyway.

    • blahs HAHAHA
      blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

      I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

    • Gene Ebeling
      Gene Ebeling 27 days ago

      @campkira _Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer was recently at Carlisle Corvette get together and explained how basic maintenance items on the new C8 engine wouldn't be much different than on the C7. GM wouldn't make a car that couldn't be driven daily, and serviced like any other Chevrolet._

    • campkira
      campkira 27 days ago

      labor cost the same but longer hours..... they had to drop engine out when do thing is core, spark plug and filter change... sometime they need oil change before since they need to take it out before do some work..... yes it going to be more expensive and yes it is not a daily car....

    • Gene Ebeling
      Gene Ebeling 29 days ago

      _Whoever these people are that assume the new 2020 Corvette will have high maintenance costs must not realize, this is a Chevrolet Corvette (and will be serviceable at any Chevy Service Department all across America). GM wouldn't make a standard 60K MSRP Corvette, if it would cost an arm and a leg to service._

  • Devon Duhart
    Devon Duhart 2 days ago

    It’s a Chevy! Must be trying to compare it to a Ford gt. Fix or repair daily. Lol. Chevy is a rock! I can’t wait to own one

  • Croma
    Croma 3 days ago

    My favorite color on the c8 3:50

  • Dont Care
    Dont Care 4 days ago

    Complete guess on your part about Maintenance costs! I actually own a C7 Z06 and maintenance is very reasonable! Totally clueless video since you have no facts and the car isn't even released yet!

    • Full Throttle Drive
      Full Throttle Drive  4 days ago

      Dont Care you obviously didn’t watch the video... your comment makes you look like a fool. I provided comments made by Corvette engineers about maintenance along with photo evidence of how easy maintenance will be. But I suppose you are just doing your job troll.

  • Darren Wade
    Darren Wade 6 days ago +1

    You didn't really answer any of the actual questions of the maintenance costs, only opinions and goals that the engineers stated.

    • MT account
      MT account 4 days ago

      @Darren Wade lol....my remark "but he exhaled hot air,...." was directed to the channel host "Full Throttle Drive" not you @Darren Wade ... Just about 100% of the time ANY video that beings "what's happening...." is uttered by a low information millennial, who will likely spew vacuous words and phrases that ...exhibit the low information that DOES exist between said speaker's ears.

    • Darren Wade
      Darren Wade 4 days ago

      @MT account But I'm not a BabyBoomer... I just saved (for years) until I could afford a C7 and am not decided if I want to do the same for C8 yet without more "basic" information.

    • MT account
      MT account 5 days ago

      but he exhaled hot air, generated click bait and didn't really accomplish anything..3 typical behaviors of Millennials and Gen Y's & Z's. Meanwhile, us BabyBoomers create, finance and generate wealth and work smart, not hard.

  • Prof. DOOM
    Prof. DOOM 6 days ago +2

    1/18 Scale, no maintenance costs at all, as soon as somebody makes them.

  • Kimmers R
    Kimmers R 6 days ago +2

    I love this car, I’m a bit sad as they took the quad exhaust from the middle to 2 on each side🤨. But over All I love it.

  • racekar80
    racekar80 6 days ago

    The important question to ask is :
    Are any services like water pump, etc that require engine out services?
    If so was it designed to enable easy engine removal. A good Porsche tech can get the motor out in 1.5 hours, it’s made specifically because sometimes the engine has to come out. The new 911’s almost never require engine out service, rear bumper comes off easily and access Is from the back and side.

  • Johnnyboy5520
    Johnnyboy5520 6 days ago +2

    Anyone worried about maintenance costs on one of these should rethink their priorities.

  • Frank RenewablesCheap

    All this drama about whether to put the motor in the front or the back. Why choose? My Tesla has one in the front for the front wheels, and one in the back for the back wheels. Tesla is planning a 3 motor setup for the Roadster 2, and Rivian is planning 4 motors, one for each wheel in their truck.

  • TheVerdad
    TheVerdad 7 days ago +1

    PIECE CRAP! They ruined The Corvette...

  • Mark Summers
    Mark Summers 8 days ago

    Like the interior, exterior is HIDEOUS. Go back to the C6, C1, or C2.

  • Thereallybadvideographer

    Easy wait 7 years for the c9 and it'll be cheaper and is you want get a used c8 then.

  • powerboatguy
    powerboatguy 10 days ago +1

    Go buy a twin engine speed boat and a Mercedes SL (let the warranty expire) then everything else will seem to cheap to repair.

  • Alejandro Villalaz
    Alejandro Villalaz 10 days ago

    Last American made sport car I liked was the viper, not a fan of muscle cars, but this is now officially my dream car, lol

    • Richard Cerritelli
      Richard Cerritelli 9 days ago

      I just brought a C6 ZO6 with just three thousand miles on it I absolutely love that freaking car it's insane in every gear looks unbelievably awesome it's just about the perfect car no supercharged crap to go wrong with it no electrical gimmicks just saw a great sports car the best I've seen.

  • John Hales
    John Hales 10 days ago

    20k in upgrades on the C8 will make the ZR1 seem like a Camaro with a 6cyl . FK that warranty

  • Graeme Williams
    Graeme Williams 11 days ago

    Bumper to bumper warranty (less consumables). Answers to questions ? that will be a first !

  • andrew paul
    andrew paul 18 days ago +3

    The engine is bulletproof but the trans could be a nightmare.

    • Charles henson
      Charles henson 13 days ago

      What makes you think the engines bullet proof.
      The lt1 in my 17 stingrays sure wasn't.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 20 days ago

    Maintenance cost on any Tesla. Zero.
    They canceled Scheduled Maintenance after 50 billion total miles drove. It is not needed.

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 9 days ago

      So what’s all these repairs and replacements in the forums then? ...
      Pay them no heed... that company still struggles to break even

    • Martialman.45
      Martialman.45 17 days ago

      Hoping corvette will have a hybrid option soon. If not, another tesla for me. 20k miles on my 3 and spent a few dollars on washer fluid and will need new tires this year.

  • David Dowling
    David Dowling 21 day ago +1

    Ummmmmmm,youdidnt mention PORSCHAAAAAA in this vlog.

  • Mubeen Deen
    Mubeen Deen 21 day ago

    You didn't really give much insight other than the oil filter example in how easy or difficulty it will be to maintain for a DIY or a person interested to know what a extra steps and the time it will take for a mechanic to get started on work. As you know mechanics charge per hour, so the extra time it takes open things up, will add to the bill.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 22 days ago

    Fools spend money like water as if they will never survive without every item an advertiser puts in front of their face and have none...it's a lesson you will hopefully be learn later in life if you are lucky. Best wishes

    • 1CBRDUDE
      1CBRDUDE 18 days ago +1

      You are so right No wonder America people are in debt I’m not one of those .

  • MR PWD
    MR PWD 23 days ago

    Turn the sound off. The video is good. The audio track is garbage.

  • jrveloria
    jrveloria 24 days ago +1

    Very informative video, it's ridiculous to hear those kinds of rumors. The engine displacement shouldn't even be relevant for high priced maintenance. It's an American sports car, As we already know how to DIY our oil change or have our cars brought to our shops its basic, lift up the car remove under panels drian oil, replace the filter add in OEM recommended oil or motor oil of your choice. It's not like you're going to have to remove the entire engine from the car. Lol 🤣😂🤣 The C8 is just too popular on mainstream social media, asides from the C8 Corvette's spaceship looking futuristic toaster oven design, maintenance is brought up, lol what next the costs of the tires and brake pads..
    It's a new car, I just find it to hilarious how viral the C8 got and how other people are trying to get famous with it.

  • Thomas Clifton
    Thomas Clifton 24 days ago

    A water pump doesn't last forever...wonder how much that labor will cost after warranty ✔

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 9 days ago

      Wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few things need the engine to be removed to be repaired

  • Thomas Clifton
    Thomas Clifton 24 days ago

    Yeah buyers probably better buy into extended warranties. Not so cheap after all, when you consider when standard warranty over. Lol

  • Chet Baigh
    Chet Baigh 25 days ago +1

    Heyy,, Come join the "C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends)" Facebook group! It's blowing up right now! You'll like it!! ========

  • Dude D haha Dinkli
    Dude D haha Dinkli 26 days ago +2

    Nice cars be safe

  • agsn
    agsn 26 days ago

    Corvette needs to be priced at this level.. for you have a mustang gt ~470bhp at $40K. so the 20k premium is all anyone would pay for a mid engine lay out.

    • agsn
      agsn 25 days ago

      @Keaton Spence yes there would have been people looking up as, there is no other kid engine in this range, but that would mostly be the track crowd, who would know the advantage of my engine in high powered rear wheel drive. But would loose the largest group who does not do track but would love to feel the power at reasonable power as they will find it hard to justify anything above 20k premium for almost the same power. Mustang GT is a good car too, unless you are on track, the Corvette will not give anything additional.

    • Keaton Spence
      Keaton Spence 25 days ago

      agsn I disagree, these could have started at 80 and people would still be lining up to buy them.

  • blahs HAHAHA
    blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

    Fuckin ghetto scumbags I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

  • Michael Melling
    Michael Melling 27 days ago

    Great review.

  • Boom tendo
    Boom tendo 27 days ago +1

    if it was electric it wouldn’t have any maintenance costs

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 9 days ago

      Boom tendo wrong

    • calivette2020
      calivette2020 26 days ago

      Chevy trademarked the word E-Ray last year. The all electric corvette is on the way.

  • Erick Ibarra
    Erick Ibarra 28 days ago

    Base model corvette NOT under 50K like previously thought more like 7100.00 base model
    Nice equipped 83000.00
    And up from there

    • Steven Marx's
      Steven Marx's 26 days ago

      Your wrong but its ok.

    • Erick Ibarra
      Erick Ibarra 26 days ago

      @Steven Marx's nope originally under 50k....and now under 60k and still not even close 70 ➕ and nicely loaded 80 fully equipped 90 to 100k.....crazy.....I'll just buy one in 3 years used for 30k when they have 50 used one on the lot.... 😂

    • Steven Marx's
      Steven Marx's 26 days ago

      They never said under 50k. They said under 60k.

  • Guy Culley
    Guy Culley 28 days ago

    Oil changes I’m sure will not be expensive but when you have a mid engine car you have to remove a lot of things to actually get to what you want to work on more hours will mean a much higher repair bill. Like you said yours will be under warranty so you don’t have to worry about it but if you plan on buying one that no longer has a warranty it’s something to think about.

  • Richard Lague
    Richard Lague 28 days ago +1

    What a stupid rumor !! My wife's Audi SUV has the oil drain covered and Audi insists you bring it to dealer for oil changes. I am sure the C8 will be easy to work on. It has a very reliable V8. Dry sump is not very difficult to handle. I have it in my old 911 and do all my own oil changes.

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 9 days ago

      Your wife’s Audi is also FR layout...
      All it takes is another engineer like the Northstar to have his ideas for the ME vette and it’s all over

  • No Brakes
    No Brakes 28 days ago +12

    Sure beats Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren, Aston Martin, Jag, Maserati , MB and Audi matainence costs.......Aftet all its still a Chevy.

    • blahs HAHAHA
      blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

      I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

  • Patrick Davan
    Patrick Davan 28 days ago +3

    Hot Ride. Looking for to seeing the Z06 and Zora if it actually takes that name.

    • Patrick Davan
      Patrick Davan 24 days ago

      @blahs HAHAHA have you heard anything on security feature on this car?

    • blahs HAHAHA
      blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

      I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

  • Brad Mason
    Brad Mason 28 days ago

    Reserved mine and can’t wait to see it in person... but Only time will tell the true costs, but when you want to ride like a super car and you have a minivan budget... maybe it’s not the car 4U

  • Irv Hh
    Irv Hh 28 days ago +1

    100% conjecture, 0% hands on.

  • youngestson 65
    youngestson 65 28 days ago

    Very informative and interesting video. Thanks for the info.

  • Kameron Cole
    Kameron Cole 29 days ago +5

    Its no longer a muscle/sports car!!!! Duhhhh, its weight ratio is more even and everything now. If u expect a modern supercar to cost you under 120k after maintanence included over time your insane. Like a wise man once said, ferraris are not free, same applies here. Also if you cant remove the dust cover on a supercar to change the oil you shouldnt own one. Alot of people that have supercars are independent financialy, you would thing their work ethic towards the things they work towards would run hand and hand, also ferraris come with the tools to work on them. Ex. F12 berlinetta.

    • Kameron Cole
      Kameron Cole 27 days ago

      @Brett Barnett also can you stick to what i said i think 9/10 people can read inbetween the lines and stay on topic, you realy said something was spelled wrong b4 even checking whether if what i said was still factual info. You should learn to stay on topic. And btw we both wrote "run ons".

    • Kameron Cole
      Kameron Cole 27 days ago

      @Brett Barnett everything has a purpose😂🤣🤣and it was a metaphor for the reliability of a supercar when aftermarket parts and tunes arent taken into account, also no spellcheck never works properly on my phone, how you entitle yourself to justify anothers action like it was an accident is beyond me.

    • Brett Barnett
      Brett Barnett 27 days ago

      Kameron Cole use spell check often? If you can’t spell maintenance you probably can’t do it either.

  • Elliotoe1
    Elliotoe1 29 days ago +1


    • I
      I 3 days ago

      @sergsrt8 The C8 can't keep up with shit smart guy. 11.3 vs 10.8 is NOT keeping up, that's getting SMASHED! 0.5 in the 1/4 is significant and the RWD antiquated 1997 engined C8 Fiero will be MUCH less consistent than an AWD car with instant hybrid thrust! C8 Fiero will run mid 11's-12's or worse at best outside of a perfectly prepped drag strip.

    • I
      I 3 days ago

      @Vettesweetnos Bahahahahaaaa! And you think this Camaro rear-ended, Pontiacs Aztek lines-everywhere, tacky attempt at an NSX rip off is good looking!? 🤣

    • Vettesweetnos
      Vettesweetnos 20 days ago +1

      Look at nsx it has 4 different grill mesh designs just on the front. It is horrid to look at.

    • Michael Bratton
      Michael Bratton 23 days ago +2

      Elliotoe1 stop it the NSX isn’t in the same class as the Vette you’re trolling

    • sergsrt8
      sergsrt8 28 days ago +1

      Nsx is way more expensive and the base c8 will easily be able to keep up. When the Z06 comes out should be around the same price as an nsx but the Z06 will demolish it in every way.

  • studio7
    studio7 29 days ago +4

    As usual Taylor you go into the nitty gritty about the C8..good job. Can't wait for your review on your C8.

  • 17ROUSH sam
    17ROUSH sam 29 days ago

    Yea it shouldn't be to bad!! But the people that want to mod it , that's going to be a problem like cam, heads etc.... It will be a job to do cam & heads just because the mid-engine design not to mention wont be able to tune it for awhile!!

  • Zenon Antruzinon
    Zenon Antruzinon 29 days ago +3

    Can't imagine someone tuning this car voiding out their warranty as well as losing their insurance if tuned before a serious accident happened. Insurance companies are now inquiring if cars have been modified after an accident.

    • Ray N.
      Ray N. 17 days ago

      blahs HAHAHA stfu!

    • blahs HAHAHA
      blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

      I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

  • Zenon Antruzinon
    Zenon Antruzinon 29 days ago

    Reasonable maintenance costs considering its price and being a supercar. Cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more are unimaginably more expensive to maintain, but offer slightly better fun and performance, and quality, and resale value than the Vette.

  • Luis Marquez
    Luis Marquez 29 days ago +5

    Why did GM stop providing 5yr/100,00 warranty?

    • campkira
      campkira 27 days ago +2

      becuase there no way the plastic part will last 2 years......

  • Joe Magnets
    Joe Magnets 29 days ago

    Allow me to explain, as easy or difficult a car can be to maintain, it's the scarcity of independent garages that know how to maintain these expensive cars, the LACK of competition is the main reason why the dealerships can make it as expensive as they are now. Although, the dealerships of expensive exotic cars, are partially to blame because the SHOW ROOMS and service areas of exotic cars are exotically expensive. Some of the DEALERSHIPS can double as WEDDING HALLS.

  • Noctus XV
    Noctus XV 29 days ago +1

    my cat is trying to stick her head into a Wendy's Bag, she thinks chicken nuggets are still in their 🤣😆

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez 29 days ago

    In my opinion the reason why the maintenance is expensive in cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini is because they dont sell alot of cars like GM, Ford etc sell so where do they make there money in service department 🤷🏻‍♂️but idk i might be wrong

    • T Croft
      T Croft 29 days ago

      Nah they make a huge % on their cars. Its expensive because its specialized dealers with specialized equipment and they know you need the dealer stamp in your book.

  • liberals suck
    liberals suck 29 days ago

    here's a fact.first year they do a major change.stay away from it.also it looks cheap.especially the rear.wtf.and if you can afford a Ferrari your not worried about how much a oil change cost.Chevy really messed up on this.I would buy a 2014 through 19 Zo6 before I would buy their pos

  • Robby Turbo
    Robby Turbo 29 days ago

    I’m guessing you can drop the engine from underneath like the old Camaro do higher cost will come into play just changing heads,camshafts, headers will involve more labor,maybe the rear fenders can be removed easily, Chevy tries to keep maintaining the cars Relatively inexpensive so time will tell .

  • Cole Thornton
    Cole Thornton 29 days ago +1

    $29.95 oil change at the local Valvoline with coupon.

  • Douglas Delgado
    Douglas Delgado Month ago +26

    This Vette will change the industry ,it makes the Hellcat look lame🤯

    • K P
      K P 23 days ago +1

      Budget supercar . Thanks Chevy . Even though I’m not gonna get one haha .

    • blahs HAHAHA
      blahs HAHAHA 26 days ago

      I'm worried of getting robbed with this vehicle that's the problem

    • campkira
      campkira 27 days ago +3

      not really front eni car still going to around..

  • bob green
    bob green Month ago

    Will the c8 get hit with the gas guzzler tax?

    • Gene Ebeling
      Gene Ebeling 29 days ago

      No, not in the standard engine format, the LT2.

  • Mark Dangerfield
    Mark Dangerfield Month ago

    Oh yes we will cancel day I will go see the Sea eight day

  • froggy
    froggy Month ago

    Another great video, but, can the c8 be a DIY car, or do I need a lift and some special expensive tools (like can I do the plugs/wires in my garage)?



    • Paul Paul
      Paul Paul 29 days ago

      Dude, stop your bs, you know you can't work on card to save your life

  • KCImages
    KCImages Month ago

    No way to speculate about upkeep cost , .

  • KCImages
    KCImages Month ago

    Lots of scary stuff about Chassis flex and more electrical issues .

    • KCImages
      KCImages Month ago

      @Jacob Roland lol. Im too old to wait !

    • Jacob Roland
      Jacob Roland Month ago +2

      Well give this bad boy a couple years and gm will buff it out. Never buy something soon as it comes out, cause it will have problems

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 Month ago +22

    Simple maintenance. A small block chevy engine, with a single in block cam. Just do regular oil changes and you'll be fine.

    • Joe Hendon
      Joe Hendon 6 days ago

      @Texarmageddon You should look up the costs to replace a camshaft on a C7. Do not get me wrong, it is the most fantastic car to roll off an american assembly line since the late 60s. GM just set a bar i doubt any other car manufacturer in the world can meet anywhere close to the price point. Going to give it a few years though. Hopefully they do something with the rear end and rethink the divider they call a center console. My only two gripes about an otherwise perfect driving machine. Great job GM.

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 6 days ago

      Joe Hendon no it won’t... only if you buy aftermarket parts and take it to an independent shop.
      Dealerships will still rob you blind and the more specialized tools needed for it ... theharder it gets for independent shops to touch it. Remember manufacturers want to keep as much money rolling through their own businesses and franchises as possible.

    • Joe Hendon
      Joe Hendon 6 days ago

      @Texarmageddon Rofl, need a water pump? pull the entire drive train. Transmission problem? pull the entire drive train. Don't sweat it while it is under warantee. After factory coverage is up? Be afraid. Very Afraid. you will need to drop the entire drive line cradle to do just about anything outside of plug wires. i would guess 3000 to 5000 in labor just to get at a part to replace it. In 10 years time, when there is 30,000 of them used for sale and the price drops to 20k, it could cost you half that just to replace the transmission if it goes bad. Modding the car will be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. Buy it new, it is awsome. Sell it as soon as the drive train coverage is up.

    • Richard Cerritelli
      Richard Cerritelli 9 days ago

      Unless something electrical goes wrong and you are in deep shit way too much electrical gimmicky stuff

    • cmscms123456
      cmscms123456 9 days ago

      @Texarmageddon Most Corvette owners are old bald fat toads, drive to 'cars and coffee' once a week. A few get taken out and run HARD into a WALL, those videos are here on RUclip... I look forward to the C8 edition... lol