Hornqvist got a little too rough with Oshie

Watch as Patric Hornqvist stirs the pot and goes after T.J. Oshie with a massive hit in the corner.

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Автор ixcuincle ( назад)
steigey and errey are awful

Автор garrett blumenfeld ( назад)
A big hit? That was a dirty hit.

Автор jack jon ( назад)
At full speed this looks really bad. However when slowed down it looks more of a tap and push than anything. I don't think he took a dive either I just think he got pushed down and then took forever to get up.

Автор sicfrynut ( назад)
was it a clean hit ? ask a pens fan if it was crosby would they still consider it clean?

Автор Nikhil Madhusudan ( назад)
I'm a pens fan, and I obviously come with a bias. But was Oshie selling that a bit? Granted, definitely a hit to the head

Автор Ryan Alexander ( назад)
I was at this game yesterday and yea he elbowed oshie, but a couple minutes before that play one of the caps were on top of Carl hagalin punching him while he was down they didn't call it and no one who was at home got to see it cause the camera moved on to the other side of the ice. It happens you would be surprised how many calls for both teams should be called but you don't see it at home cause it's on the other side and the camera already moves.

Автор Blake Strand ( назад)
He's getting suspended

Автор Derek Hopper ( назад)
This hit & over reaction absolutely changed this game

Автор g davies ( назад)
Pens comments are such homers it's not even funny!

Автор Liam Morast ( назад)
Stay classy, Pittsburgh announcers.

Автор Fu q ( назад)
first angle makes it look bad, you can clearly see him shove him near his collarbone and the top of his glove tapped his chin.
Good job selling it tho, oshie.

Автор BoomGreat ( назад)
Imagine that cry from crosby and pens fans if someone would have hit crosby like that

Автор Thomas Testagrossa ( назад)
Hornqvist is a pretty dirty player. Sneaky lil bastard

Автор BarcaFC39 ( назад)
That should be a suspension

Автор Brendan Petry ( назад)
Hornqvist is a pest

Автор Michael Allen ( назад)
Oshie this aint soccer

Автор Tony Teichroeb ( назад)
I don't know how you get away with a bit like that in today's hockey. If that was Crosby or Malkin they would be screaming

Автор BestChampify ( назад)
Quit your crying, they showed more angles on tv, Hornqvist put the glove under the chin and gave a shove, Oshie tried to sell the call. If he did hit the head and cause that much whip, why didn't he go down the runway for a concussion test? 'Cause Oshie went to the bench and said don't bother, he didn't hit my head I embellished.

Автор Chris Holmes ( назад)
Refs this game should be at laser eye surgery

Автор Jack Wall ( назад)
i don't know if this started between oshie and him earlier but wtf was he thinking

Автор Todd Johnson ( назад)
Dirty shot from Hornquist. He was pissed because he just hit so he goes in and elbows Oshie. Douche move by a douche player.
Should be a 2 game suspension.

Автор Aidan Beck ( назад)

Автор GearzU ( назад)
This is not "What a big hit" this is what a suspension!!!

Автор Sean Stephenson ( назад)
Amazing game management by the officials. Instead of a major they give the Pens a 4 on 4 and bring them back on the game

Автор Thomas Anonymous ( назад)
Thank you. This is a suspension and God knows why it's not a penalty. Even though there is no injury on the play, the intent is there from the little maggot

Автор I Am Monster Truck ( назад)
Never really liked Hornqvist. Also, my phone wanted to auto correct to Horny Istanbul.

Автор Mr. BO55 ( назад)
"What a big hit there by Hornqvist!" Yeah he comes flying in and basically punches Oshie in the face from the blindside lol.. Imagine if this was like Wilson on Crosby, Pens announcers would be losing their minds calling for Wilsons head

Автор PenguinGames ( назад)
Coming from a pens fan, this definitely was a hit to the head but Oshie 100% sold it

Автор john plorse ( назад)
I h8 m3x1c4n5

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