Tesla Model S P100D new record and fully loaded 1/4 Mile Testing vs Camaro ZL1 and BMW 550i

  • Опубликовано: 20 мар 2017
  • We test out a brand new with paper tags fully loaded Tesla Model S P100D as well as set a new record with another P100D. Both cars are running Ludicrous Plus and against a modified Camaro ZL1 and BMW 550i.
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    Gear Used:
    Canon 7D Mark II: amzn.to/2ntA4gd
    RAM Magnetic Mount: amzn.to/2mUgMRN
    RAM Base Mount: amzn.to/2mbU5KC
    Phone Case Plates: amzn.to/2mtmQmR

    Sound by:
    Adventures by A Himitsu soundcloud.com/a-himitsu
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
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  • Zes
    Zes 7 месяцев назад

    wrr, bix s inferior

  • BigCooter.com
    BigCooter.com 8 месяцев назад

    for $30K less money, a stock Dodge Demon will turn the 1/4 mile a FULL Second faster .... and do 0-60 in 2.3sec, vs. 2.2sec Tesla P100D 0-60 time .... Also, the Dodge Demon makes cool noise, and turns heads when cruising the evening strip. Detroit is still the muscle king.

  • Rob 210
    Rob 210 9 месяцев назад

    I want to see more videos of you racing other cars that are more expensive.

  • Rob 210
    Rob 210 9 месяцев назад

    What was that Zl1's time and why did the camera move away from their time board? $130k and you lost to a stock ZL1?

  • Razor Ramon
    Razor Ramon 9 месяцев назад

    1:52 At first I thought it was Tesla's engine sounding

  • Peter Robann Sobrepeña
    Peter Robann Sobrepeña Год назад

    we'd like to see more drag videos of ur tesla p100d
    , and yep, reaction video of 0-60

  • Bours911
    Bours911 Год назад

    was the 550i tuned ?

  • viximano
    viximano Год назад

    race tesla model s and new challenger 840hp pls

  • Murat Harman
    Murat Harman Год назад

    Let's hope that pesky Dodge Challenger SRT Demon doesn't come along and ruin the day for Tesla ;)

    • Murat Harman
      Murat Harman 11 месяцев назад +1

      +mazda2284 yes, I see what you're saying but I'm sure some owners will find tracks that will allow them to run without a roll cage...
      We have similar rules in Australia aswell.

    • mazda2284
      mazda2284 11 месяцев назад

      see you got my point then , the demon is not legal to run down the track without doing a roll cage that voids the warranty . you might as well have some other car that dont matter as much if your voiding a warranty on a 50k car apposed to voiding it on 100k car , your car is right on par with what i have and we both know with 50k we could have a car that can be registered and fit for the track . maybe in Australia the rules are different but in the usa the rules are if you break 10sec in the 1/4 mile you need to have a roll cage installed , dodge could have done a car like the copo camaro or cobra jet mustang both in the 100k range , both fully legal on any track , both 9sec or better 1/4 mile times . the Tesla is unique in the fact its a Electric family car and rivals our performance cars

    • Murat Harman
      Murat Harman 11 месяцев назад

      +mazda2284 you can do that with nearly any budget performance car but you won't get a factory warranty with it... I think Ford Racing (US) offer warranty on their aftermarket products though.
      My car is an FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle) GT BOSS 335.... 5.0L Coyote V8 with a Harrop supercharger (8psi) re-engineered for Australian conditions... 500hp stock and good for mid 12's down the quarter... flash tune and CAI will see close to 600hp at the flywheel.

    • mazda2284
      mazda2284 11 месяцев назад

      riddle me this , take a mustang or camaro bought brand new and stick 30k into it in performance parts to match the sticker price on a demon stock , not only can you afford the proper safety equipment to actually race at the strip you will smash a demon in horsepower and traction , my new camaro was only a lil under 50k and with another 50k into it to match the demon cost it would be a freaking monster . the demon isnt worth the money . what is your car btw ?

    • Murat Harman
      Murat Harman 11 месяцев назад

      +mazda2284 excuses, excuses, the Demon will smash the P100D
      And I've looked all over youtube and still haven't seen a single Tesla being raced against other ICE performance sedans around a race track... maybe because it will run out of juice after 2 laps and have to wait for the batteries to cool down before trying to find a place to recharge them.. hehe
      And you do realise the EP9 will top out at 195mph while the Chiron will reach 267mph ?...

  • 392 ScatPack
    392 ScatPack Год назад

    I think the new record is 10.44 now for the tesla.

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +1

      yes, but that Tesla isn't really stock, had some weight removed... awesome run though...

  • Rodrigo Gabbana
    Rodrigo Gabbana Год назад

    FANTASTIC CAR ! Tesla is amazing . Better than any oil car

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Год назад

    Had to flag the video for sexual content. The Tesla just raped these cars. Poor things.

    MG HAITI TV Год назад

    I would love to see the Rimac on American drag strips, but they're so expensive nobody can get them out there to play with them..

    MG HAITI TV Год назад

    perhaps that would have been great if I didn't just see your fellow RUclipr just do a 10.44 and 10.47...but great job guys keep it up....

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +1

      indeed, but that car had a lot of weight taken out to get those times...

  • Alen St
    Alen St Год назад

    Fake news. Rimac beats it electrek.co/2016/10/10/rimac-concept-one-beats-porsche-918-spyder-in-quarter-mile-the-era-of-ice-supercars-is-over/

  • Muskar
    Muskar Год назад +2

    Tesla Racing Channel ran a 10.4775@124.83mph on the Darlington Dragway drag strip in his newest video. He removed the frunk though. Is that not "real world"? If not, what is the definition of "real world"?

    • John Smith
      John Smith Год назад +1

      Theoretically frunk is fair game, tesla service can do it for you according to Elon if you don't need frunk.

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +3

      it's an awesome run, real world for sure, done at the drag strip with the time slip and video in hand, but it's now a modified car...

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan Год назад

    This guy looks like the Ferrari driver from the first Fast & Furious.

  • Cameron Byers
    Cameron Byers Год назад +3

    Remember, the Tesla is not made to be a race car, that's just one of it's advantages to being electric. The Tesla was built to be a safe and all electric family car. I think that's what most people are forgetting when they say the Tesla sucks because it isn't fast enough.

    • Rob 210
      Rob 210 9 месяцев назад

      Its because they take it out on the highway. And remember its $130k.

  • GuardianLords
    GuardianLords Год назад

    Faster and doesn't set off other people's car alarms

  • francisco Dacosta
    francisco Dacosta Год назад

    tesla the best of the best

  • n schulz
    n schulz Год назад

    Best of all worlds is racing an electric against an ICE. Electric delivers the power & acceleration while the ICE provides the sound effects.

  • Michael Toth
    Michael Toth Год назад

    Would sticker tires improve times or does Tesla have it programmed around stock tires thus not attempt to put more power down?

  • ArthurAlcantara
    ArthurAlcantara Год назад

    It sounded like the Camaro messed up a gear change, maybe i'm hearing things.

  • Pickle Ahoy
    Pickle Ahoy Год назад

    How far could it drive after a couple of 1/4 mile passes?

    • Pickle Ahoy
      Pickle Ahoy Год назад

      Excellent, that's almost negligible.

    • Antimatter
      Antimatter Год назад

      Pickle Ahoy I think the battery only loses 2-3% per 1/4 mile run in ludicrous plus mode, and you also have full power until 50% , So you can do approx 16 runs at full power , I think it gets 250 miles per 100% battery

    • Grandmaster Buu
      Grandmaster Buu Год назад

      You have experience?

    • david c akers
      david c akers Год назад

      Round the corner to the power socket

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +4

      couple hundred miles...

  • oaccessasia1
    oaccessasia1 Год назад

    Tesla Racing Channel has more races.

    • Peter Robann Sobrepeña
      Peter Robann Sobrepeña Год назад

      oaccessasia1 we'd like to see more videos of your tesla p100d on drag race and 0-60 reaction videos..that'll be fun

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +6


  • Michael Bender
    Michael Bender Год назад +5

    I do not tire of watching loud, slow & polluting ICE gassers being smoked by quiet EVs.

    • Gabriel Gingras
      Gabriel Gingras Год назад

      *I am not tired of
      *I'll never be tired of

  • SolarWebsite
    SolarWebsite Год назад

    Can I propose a test of the P100D that's both less and more exciting at the same time than drag races?
    I've read a calculation somewhere that a fully charged Model S P100D at a constant 55-60km/h should be able to drive 1000 km on a single charge. Now, at 60 km/h that test would take about 17 hrs instead of 10 seconds :-) so you might want to plan driver changes every 2 hrs or so - and you better stock up on audio books :-D
    An EV going 1000km on a single charge is a big milestone. I don't think that someone ever did this. Will you be the first?

  • Mateus Luan Maciel
    Mateus Luan Maciel Год назад

    I thought "fully loaded" meant full of people.

  • Colin Dowd
    Colin Dowd Год назад +3

    Brooks you fine as hell send nudes

  • Ryan88
    Ryan88 Год назад

    Dumb question...are reaction times factored into 1/4 times? They have to be.....right? If so how did this manage a record with a half second reaction time? Isn't 0.5 for a reaction time slow as hell?

    • alan hoefer
      alan hoefer 8 месяцев назад

      Silv483 no there not

    • Ryan88
      Ryan88 Год назад

      Thanks for the clarification!

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +3

      reaction times are not factored into the 1/4 mile times. your reaction time will have a large factor as to winning the race (crossing the finish line first).

  • Tim
    Tim Год назад

    I am actually more impressed that a Camaro on what looks like street tires (non drag radials) manages 10.8. Considering its half the price of the Tesla.

    • Christopher Morales
      Christopher Morales Год назад +1

      It ran an 11.2. But it does seem he got out of the throttle in the middle of the run.

  • Tim Tursonoff
    Tim Tursonoff Год назад

    Soooo cute these Teslas. Finally breaking into the 120s. Still lose to the everything single 800+ HP GTR by a mile. Lol!

    • Tim Tursonoff
      Tim Tursonoff Год назад

      ArtoriusaurusRex hate those cars. Sorry. The Antichrist.

    • ArtoriusaurusRex
      ArtoriusaurusRex Год назад

      Funny, Tim. Almost sounds like you're trying to comfort yourself as you see these things get better and better. lol

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +16

      indeed, but stock for stock, GT-R loses...

  • SoFLaZ06
    SoFLaZ06 Год назад

    Great job

  • West Coast Crawling
    West Coast Crawling Год назад +2

    Someone actually bought a 550i!

    • West Coast Crawling
      West Coast Crawling Год назад

      Arnis Tarassu In my track toy i only have the front to back slider and a lumbar support pump and i can drive to the nurburgring, do my laps and return home without any discomfort, that's about 8 hours and 600km in the car in one day, so one adjustment is all i need in a car seat. I do agree the more adjustments the better the chance of finding that sweet spot in a road car seat but many tesla owners even like the first gen seats better then the better next gen ones that offer much greater side support. They are also adjustable in many ways and have memory for different drivers. Bmw and merc will be better still but that doesn't make tesla unable to drive a whole day without back pain (have to get out to recharge anyway 😊) . I never sat in a leaf yet but if it has 6 ways to adjust i'm sure i will find the sweet spot pretty quick as well.
      For night vision detection and all the other tech stuff, both germans and tesla have their strong points. Tesla does detect big animals and will even auto brake for one. The adaptive cruise control is also better on a tesla and that's a big one for long boring motorways. Also seeing a car in front of the car in front of you is a safety feature germans lack for the moment.
      The germans will hopefully catch up soon in the model 3 segment, more competition there will make the ev's evolve much faster.

    • Arnis Tarassu
      Arnis Tarassu Год назад

      Almost as fast as M5. There is a big difference in power but actually acceleration is similar. 550 awd is more reasonable anyway than M5. And both are much cheaper than 90-100 kWh Teslas.

    • Arnis Tarassu
      Arnis Tarassu Год назад

      Let's be honest - 22 way adjustable seats with different massage functions will definitely be appropriate to more people than more basic Tesla seats.
      Yes, my Leaf seats are only 6-way adjustable and they fit perfectly to me. And there are some vehicles that also have basic seats that work with me.
      But upgraded BMW (or any other extremely high tech seats, like from Mercedes) usually are way better.
      Also the fact that any massage is better than no massage is irrefutable. My older 5-series has only one small massage function and it helps on longer trips a lot. The best of the best BMW/Merc seats do magic.
      I believe there is no vehicle in the world that offers everything in every category. Tesla S/X does offer extremely small running costs (if we exclude tires that are way to big) but it does not offer best seating comfort, very good road illumination nor does it use nightvision to detect animals nor does it have shades for any glass (this irritates me the most). Why on Earth doesn't it have an actuated shade on the sunroof/moonroof. Absolutely every other vehicle in the world has that.

    • coolunusual
      coolunusual Год назад

      +Arnis Tarassu Aren't the new 550is faster now?

    • West Coast Crawling
      West Coast Crawling Год назад

      Arnis Tarassu I agree bmw's will have it's pro's but comfort and seats are very personal. Some people may hate the seats, other may have the right body for the seat so not really a pro for the bmw i think. Best seats i ever sat in where porsche 996 gt3's, fit like a glove. But i also sat in standard renault megane seats and they also fit very well for long trips, also side support way beyond what the car can produce in cornering. Rear headroom is only important if you have 4 or 5 big adults is the car, happens almost never so not that important. Biggest pros for the bmw are fun handling and quality.
      We still have a beamer with sucky seats 😊 in the fleet here waiting to be replaced by a certain ev ☺.
      Cost is the biggest factor in all cars below an M5 or p100d, no reason not to get the best if money is not a problem. And while tesla (and upcoming ev's) are expensive to buy, they cost so little to run with more then good enough (still improving) quality you will end up spending less and driving a much quicker, quieter car. A tesla will only cost about 4k for 5 years and 100k kms. That 550i will have burned through 25k by then. If driving thrill is more important, something like a cheap caterham is more fun then any non m bmw and can be bought with all the money you save driving a (quick) ev.

  • Harry Reavis
    Harry Reavis Год назад +1

    Love the video, what cell phone mount is that (manufacturer and site where you purchased it). I've been searching for a sturdy one for a while now.

    • Harry Reavis
      Harry Reavis Год назад +2

      DragTimes thank you so much!!

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +4

      RAM Magnetic Mount: amzn.to/2mUgMRN
      RAM Base Mount: amzn.to/2mbU5KC
      Phone Case Plates: amzn.to/2mtmQmR

  • Mladen Milić
    Mladen Milić Год назад +6

    You never talk about tires. Are these summer, all season, stock, or some performace ones?

    • Cloxxki
      Cloxxki Год назад

      What about the Rimac? With 4 motors, it might be able to do a donut in place from standstill, with the steering wheel locked in straight position. I'd love them to try that.

    • David Darrow
      David Darrow Год назад

      DragTimes looks like the base blue p100d is running Continental ExtremeContact DW.

    • Mladen Milić
      Mladen Milić Год назад

      +DragTimes Try to push for option in update. Because it is just software. And I can not see why it would hurt car more than, let say, insane mode.

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +1

      that would be pretty incredible indeed! :)

    • Mladen Milić
      Mladen Milić Год назад +4

      +DragTimes BTW In theory, Tesla can control each motor seperatly. If front motor would spin in opposite direction than rear, it could do standing burnout, which would be fantastic to watch.

  • Alex Stern
    Alex Stern Год назад +15

    That's a fast 550i

  • shiznut123
    shiznut123 Год назад

    Damn, what if you mounted drag slicks? 10.2?


    *Tesla just murdered this BMW proving that Germans are way behind in EV!!*

  • al millin
    al millin Год назад +2

    Interestingly both Tesla's ran 121 mph but the lighter version was 15/100ths quicker. The bottom line is that you've proved beyond any doubt that motortrend's claim of 10.5 @ 125mph is bullshit.

    • al millin
      al millin Год назад

      He dropped the tyre pressure from 32 to 25 which resulted in that impressive time. Fact is 10.63 is not 10.5 so who's talking bullshit?

    • Reichert Zetopan
      Reichert Zetopan Год назад

      The same day that you made your bullshit claim, a stock P100D with some options (air suspension and premium interior) ran a 10.638 at 124.65 MPH, which is getting really very close to the Motor Trend claim.

    • Blank Space
      Blank Space Год назад

      al millin I thought Motor Trend's car wasn't stock? At least I read that somewhere.

    • Cloxxki
      Cloxxki Год назад +1

      I seem to remember having seen some 123mph runs. Perhaps there was a slight headwind here?

  • JKFlorida
    JKFlorida Год назад +4

    12.47 for the BMW! Nice!

  • Okinawa Nah
    Okinawa Nah Год назад


  • Gustavo Correa
    Gustavo Correa Год назад

    Camaro ZL1 trapping 132mph is awesome. Isn't that faster or about the same as the huracan?

    • DragTimes
      DragTimes  Год назад +4

      about the same, but that Camaro was modified quite a bit, probably 800HP....

  • MrLocalman123
    MrLocalman123 Год назад +5

    Way to go Tesla!

  • Doctorbass
    Doctorbass Год назад

    Awsome NEW RECORD !

  • Tesla Racing Channel
    Tesla Racing Channel Год назад +14

    Pearl White Tesla's are always the fastest ;)

  • UgenixK
    UgenixK Год назад +5

    the p100d is £125,000 😭😭 and a GTR is £80,000. know which one I'd rather have.

    • row0111
      row0111 Год назад +1

      yeah, the P100D cause Im not a tight prick

    • Philip Biron
      Philip Biron Год назад

      Where you buying GT-R 80,000 for bone stock maybe but the NISMO is around 135,000?

    • Pascal ///M Power
      Pascal ///M Power Год назад

      and the GT-R can go on where Tesla starts to fade from 100 mph. 121 mph is fucking slow for a 10.7 ET

    • DEMON Or No Car
      DEMON Or No Car Год назад

      UgenixK Neither

    • Dan Reynolds
      Dan Reynolds Год назад +13

      the slow one, i'm guessing.

  • themrjones
    themrjones Год назад +4

    damn that computer can drive, it's the way of the future. caution cia can kill you anytime while driving this car, send you off a cliff. check the WikiLeaks leak, sorry.

    • Jonas Rietdorf
      Jonas Rietdorf Год назад +1

      what r u talking about tin foil hats? it's not a secret u can hack into cars, even planes.

    • tali sson
      tali sson Год назад +4

      All cars have computers today, doesn't matter what the engine is.

  • Reggie Smith
    Reggie Smith Год назад +1

    Yo was that the Hennessey Camaro ZL1?

  • Xdew Gaming&More
    Xdew Gaming&More Год назад

    And what song is the outtro?

    • JKFlorida
      JKFlorida Год назад +1

      Xdew Gaming&More Himitsu Adventures

    • Kelly Boyd
      Kelly Boyd Год назад +1

      I want to know as well, as it makes me nauseous! ;/

  • Xdew Gaming&More
    Xdew Gaming&More Год назад +1

    I love seeing tesla beat other expensive cars, granted the tesla is also expensive but well...

  • Eric Hamilton
    Eric Hamilton Год назад +2

    how do I get a t-shirt? What do you do for a living

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