Tesla Model S P100D new record and fully loaded 1/4 Mile Testing vs Camaro ZL1 and BMW 550i

We test out a brand new with paper tags fully loaded Tesla Model S P100D as well as set a new record with another P100D. Both cars are running Ludicrous Plus and against a modified Camaro ZL1 and BMW 550i.

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Gear Used:

Canon 7D Mark II: http://amzn.to/2ntA4gd
RAM Magnetic Mount: http://amzn.to/2mUgMRN
RAM Base Mount: http://amzn.to/2mbU5KC
Phone Case Plates: http://amzn.to/2mtmQmR

Sound by:
Adventures by A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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Автор 392 ScatPack ( назад)
I think the new record is 10.44 now for the tesla.

Автор Rodrigo Gabbana ( назад)
FANTASTIC CAR ! Tesla is amazing . Better than any oil car

Автор Levi Ackerman ( назад)
Had to flag the video for sexual content. The Tesla just raped these cars. Poor things.

Автор MG HAITI TV ( назад)
I would love to see the Rimac on American drag strips, but they're so expensive nobody can get them out there to play with them..

Автор MG HAITI TV ( назад)
perhaps that would have been great if I didn't just see your fellow YouTuber just do a 10.44 and 10.47...but great job guys keep it up....

Автор Alen St ( назад)
Fake news. Rimac beats it https://electrek.co/2016/10/10/rimac-concept-one-beats-porsche-918-spyder-in-quarter-mile-the-era-of-ice-supercars-is-over/

Автор Muskar ( назад)
Tesla Racing Channel ran a 10.4775@124.83mph on the Darlington Dragway drag strip in his newest video. He removed the frunk though. Is that not "real world"? If not, what is the definition of "real world"?

Автор Dan Dan ( назад)
This guy looks like the Ferrari driver from the first Fast & Furious.

Автор Cam Byers ( назад)
Remember, the Tesla is not made to be a race car, that's just one of it's advantages to being electric. The Tesla was built to be a safe and all electric family car. I think that's what most people are forgetting when they say the Tesla sucks because it isn't fast enough.

Автор GuardianLords ( назад)
Faster and doesn't set off other people's car alarms

Автор francisco Dacosta ( назад)
tesla the best of the best

Автор n schulz ( назад)
Best of all worlds is racing an electric against an ICE. Electric delivers the power & acceleration while the ICE provides the sound effects.

Автор Michael Toth ( назад)
Would sticker tires improve times or does Tesla have it programmed around stock tires thus not attempt to put more power down?

Автор ArthurAlcantara ( назад)
It sounded like the Camaro messed up a gear change, maybe i'm hearing things.

Автор Pickle Ahoy ( назад)
How far could it drive after a couple of 1/4 mile passes?

Автор oaccessasia1 ( назад)
Tesla Racing Channel has more races.

Автор aוτimgamr ( назад)
The Tesla sounds way better than that camaro! And walked it with ease too!

Автор Michael Bender ( назад)
I do not tire of watching loud, slow & polluting ICE gassers being smoked by quiet EVs.

Автор SolarWebsite ( назад)
Can I propose a test of the P100D that's both less and more exciting at the same time than drag races?

I've read a calculation somewhere that a fully charged Model S P100D at a constant 55-60km/h should be able to drive 1000 km on a single charge. Now, at 60 km/h that test would take about 17 hrs instead of 10 seconds :-) so you might want to plan driver changes every 2 hrs or so - and you better stock up on audio books :-D

An EV going 1000km on a single charge is a big milestone. I don't think that someone ever did this. Will you be the first?

Автор Mateus Luan Maciel ( назад)
I thought "fully loaded" meant full of people.

Автор Colin Dowd ( назад)
Brooks you fine as hell send nudes

Автор Silv483 ( назад)
Dumb question...are reaction times factored into 1/4 times? They have to be.....right? If so how did this manage a record with a half second reaction time? Isn't 0.5 for a reaction time slow as hell?

Автор Timoastra ( назад)
I am actually more impressed that a Camaro on what looks like street tires (non drag radials) manages 10.8. Considering its half the price of the Tesla.

Автор Tim Tursonoff ( назад)
Soooo cute these Teslas. Finally breaking into the 120s. Still lose to the everything single 800+ HP GTR by a mile. Lol!

Автор SoFLaZ06 ( назад)
Great job

Автор Bart Goossens ( назад)
Someone actually bought a 550i!

Автор Harry Reavis ( назад)
Love the video, what cell phone mount is that (manufacturer and site where you purchased it). I've been searching for a sturdy one for a while now.

Автор Mladen Milić ( назад)
You never talk about tires. Are these summer, all season, stock, or some performace ones?

Автор Alex Stern ( назад)
That's a fast 550i

Автор shiznut123 ( назад)
Damn, what if you mounted drag slicks? 10.2?

Автор al millin ( назад)
Interestingly both Tesla's ran 121 mph but the lighter version was 15/100ths quicker. The bottom line is that you've proved beyond any doubt that motortrend's claim of 10.5 @ 125mph is bullshit.

Автор JKFlorida ( назад)
12.47 for the BMW! Nice!

Автор Okinawa Nah ( назад)

Автор gustavo correa ( назад)
Camaro ZL1 trapping 132mph is awesome. Isn't that faster or about the same as the huracan?

Автор MrLocalman123 ( назад)
Way to go Tesla!

Автор Doctorbass ( назад)

Автор Tesla Racing Channel ( назад)
Pearl White Tesla's are always the fastest ;)

Автор UgenixK ( назад)
the p100d is £125,000 😭😭 and a GTR is £80,000. know which one I'd rather have.

Автор themrjones ( назад)
damn that computer can drive, it's the way of the future. caution cia can kill you anytime while driving this car, send you off a cliff. check the WikiLeaks leak, sorry.

Автор Reggie Smith ( назад)
Yo was that the Hennessey Camaro ZL1?

Автор Xdew Gaming&More ( назад)
And what song is the outtro?

Автор Xdew Gaming&More ( назад)
I love seeing tesla beat other expensive cars, granted the tesla is also expensive but well...

Автор Eric Hamilton ( назад)
how do I get a t-shirt? What do you do for a living

Автор No Way ( назад)
top 5 club

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