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Комментарии • 413

  • Rüya Topcu
    Rüya Topcu Год назад +1

    where is bora bora?

  • Symphony Rose gold
    Symphony Rose gold Год назад

    how do they film these
    its awesome

  • Amelia Arnold
    Amelia Arnold Год назад +2

    I can't wait for the India one !!!

  • Elisa & Hayden
    Elisa & Hayden Год назад

    Bora Bora looks amazing

  • Cesca Corinne
    Cesca Corinne Год назад

    The filming is amazing! Such professional quality!

  • Aaliyah Lacayo
    Aaliyah Lacayo Год назад

    Bora bora is so beautiful!!!!!

  • Veronica Marie
    Veronica Marie Год назад

    This videos just awesome!!

  • Linnéa Richtnér
    Linnéa Richtnér Год назад

    I love these!!

  • Eloise D
    Eloise D Год назад

    OMG so pretty! 😍

  • Sindy Kusumanto
    Sindy Kusumanto Год назад +4

    Bora bora looks like a dream!

  • Clair Strange
    Clair Strange Год назад

    This is perhaps one of my FAVORITE travel diary Aspyn and Parker did. This song fits amazingly. So well-edited and artsy. 🌺🌺

  • Martina Garrido
    Martina Garrido Год назад

    my paradise|

  • alex valentin
    alex valentin Год назад


  • Life of Ivie
    Life of Ivie Год назад

    such a beautiful place, love this video😍

  • riya jose
    riya jose Год назад

    So pretty 😍😍

  • Elizabeth Z
    Elizabeth Z Год назад

    love you guyes have fun!!💜

  • Renee Ocampo
    Renee Ocampo Год назад

    I'm SOOOO coming here!

  • Ty Diaz
    Ty Diaz Год назад +1


  • Cookiie S2
    Cookiie S2 Год назад


  • Jules
    Jules Год назад +3

    I love the way that you edit the travel diaries in a more "vlogging" kind of style

  • Izlu C
    Izlu C Год назад

    looks beautiful!!

  • JimenaCarbajalTopete
    JimenaCarbajalTopete Год назад

    the perfect end would be a cute shot of you and Parker, like walking to the sea or something like that, but still it was so freaking perfect 👐❤ love from Mexico😊

  • Anna Hey
    Anna Hey Год назад +1

    It's wonderful❤️❤️❤️

  • TheUrbanCinema
    TheUrbanCinema Год назад

    Everything in this video was so so beautiful! 😍 I'm very impressed on how you were able to capture everything and make it into a video for only 2 minutes and 29 seconds! Very impressed. 💕

  • Katelynn Louth
    Katelynn Louth Год назад +1

    Omg Desi!!!! Haha

  • Samantha Yvette Ibarreta
    Samantha Yvette Ibarreta Год назад

    Your travel diaries are bomb af.💕👌

  • AnotherFabulousGirl
    AnotherFabulousGirl Год назад +3

    There are so many beautiful places on this planet wow

  • Tamar Hope
    Tamar Hope Год назад +3

    this is just so beautiful!!! it looks like you guys had such a lovely time :)

  • Emilie Fabri
    Emilie Fabri Год назад


  • Smile with Mel
    Smile with Mel Год назад

    Absolutely Stunning!! Love these travel videos guys - they've quickly become my favourite

  • DaisyMyStyle
    DaisyMyStyle Год назад

    I appreciate everything you and Parker do so much! I always wonder how you guys manage to make travel diaries and vlogs for us all the time and I am just so grateful and happy that I subscribed to you guys! ❤️

  • Nicole Tan
    Nicole Tan Год назад

    Honestly this is as good as those commercials advertising Bora Bora :))))))

  • Hannah Peterson
    Hannah Peterson Год назад

    This is literally the best Bora Bora video I have seen to date Aspyn!! I'm happy you got shots and clips of literally everyone that went.

  • Yvette Aguilar
    Yvette Aguilar Год назад

    I love your style of editing of your travel diaries! 👌🏼

  • morgxx7
    morgxx7 Год назад

    I really hope I make it there one day!

  • Tashirah Markaylia
    Tashirah Markaylia Год назад

    Seems like everyone has been going to bora bora lately and it looks super cool I WANNA GOO✨

  • Lily Breton
    Lily Breton Год назад

    this looks so fun! I can't wait to go on mine and film a diary as well! amazing editing

  • Taylor Paige
    Taylor Paige Год назад +8

    Bora Bora is my DREAM destination ever since you posted your honey moon videos!

  • McKenzie Renea
    McKenzie Renea Год назад +1

    Life goals x10

  • jasmine robledo
    jasmine robledo Год назад

    my dream all in one video 😭 :)

  • Shai-Lin Gothreau
    Shai-Lin Gothreau Год назад

    so gorgeous! I want to travel so badly

  • Lauren Wills
    Lauren Wills Год назад

    aww lucky that is so pretty

  • Jasmine Sanmiguel
    Jasmine Sanmiguel Год назад

    Love your travel diaries!

  • Daphné Rinaldis
    Daphné Rinaldis Год назад

    wow, you guys are really living the life💘💘

  • morgan campbell
    morgan campbell Год назад

    always love your travel diaries!!!!

  • Angelique Sanchez
    Angelique Sanchez Год назад

    This video is so cool !! Your guys' editing and everything is amazing ! As always lol , love you guys !! 💕

  • savannah morgan
    savannah morgan Год назад +13

    Aspyn you don't know how lucky you are to live the life you do omggg 💕💕💕

  • Ella Archer
    Ella Archer Год назад

    i love your travel diaries!!

  • McKenzie Ryann
    McKenzie Ryann Год назад

    amazing video loved the editing

  • Elena Cande
    Elena Cande Год назад +3

    I want to go to bora bora😍😍 so gorgeous

  • Karsen Lowdermilk
    Karsen Lowdermilk Год назад

    You and Parker are sooo cute!!

  • beautyforyou
    beautyforyou Год назад

    It was honestly so cute 😍😍

  • Cynthia Fernando
    Cynthia Fernando Год назад +4

    I love your travel diaries so much!!!! Will there be one for India? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cora LovesGlam
    Cora LovesGlam Год назад +17

    *Can't wait for the India one!*

  • Alexia Achkar
    Alexia Achkar Год назад +1

    I live in Tahiti ! Are you in Tahiti ? I want so Much to ser you !!

  • Ines D.
    Ines D. Год назад +2

    You can go to my grand parents hotel in Bora Bora so good !

  • Rubylee Vlogs
    Rubylee Vlogs Год назад

    And that's a dream vacation!!

  • Justin Galtman
    Justin Galtman Год назад

    What kind of camera was this shot with? Looks amazing!!

  • Mia Stankovic
    Mia Stankovic Год назад +1

    Desi and Katy hahahahah!!

  • Pénélope M.
    Pénélope M. Год назад

    OMG you're at my home!!!!

  • babykate19
    babykate19 Год назад

    loved this!!

  • Carys Mai
    Carys Mai Год назад +2

    It looks so beautiful😍

  • Micaela Cardenas
    Micaela Cardenas Год назад +7

    This is my favorite travel diary that you have done so far! I loved it! 😍💞💞

  • Kate Swack
    Kate Swack Год назад +1

    This video makes me so happy!!😊😊 love the song and your editing!!

  • Emily Jabberwock
    Emily Jabberwock Год назад +2

    I used to live over there... I miss this place so much 😔
    Beautiful video ☺️

  • Inês Romero
    Inês Romero Год назад

    I love your travel diaries so much! P,ease make one of India! Even if it is really short

  • Allison Nahrwold
    Allison Nahrwold Год назад +10

    This is one of the best filmed/edited videos I have ever seen! 😍🎉

  • Chelsi B.
    Chelsi B. Год назад

    What editing software do you use?? This is such an amazing edit!!!!!

  • Laura L
    Laura L Год назад

    I want to go there !!!!

  • ItsBarby
    ItsBarby Год назад

    blue is my favorite and so are this video! 😍

  • MissesLiBella
    MissesLiBella Год назад

    wow amazing video ♥

  • Karina Rimkuse
    Karina Rimkuse Год назад +1

    Oh my word, I love seeing Dani in this!! aah my faves ❤❤😭

  • amber lincoln
    amber lincoln Год назад

    looks absolutely amazing💘💘

  • Dalehna
    Dalehna Год назад

    Such a beautiful travel diary - as per usual

  • Lucia Mota
    Lucia Mota Год назад

    I've loooooved this video soo much

  • Earls Family Vlogs
    Earls Family Vlogs Год назад

    uh this looked so incredible!! Can't get over it!!

  • JazWanders
    JazWanders Год назад +1

    This 2-minute video just made my heart so happy. This is definitely goals 👌

  • Natalie 101
    Natalie 101 Год назад

    great video

  • annabeth
    annabeth Год назад +1

    Am I the only one who knew nearly whole of the youtubers/make-up artists in it!? lol!!

  • Jamie Hanna
    Jamie Hanna Год назад +1


  • Holly Mae
    Holly Mae Год назад

    This was sooo gorgeous omg 😍😍😍💕🔥👌🏻 your travel Diarys are always so on point

    NAS DOM MB Год назад

    you are beautifal starr

  • Samantha Ngo
    Samantha Ngo Год назад


  • tal Ziering
    tal Ziering Год назад

    my favorite video diary!

  • Amanduh Teague
    Amanduh Teague Год назад

    Your videos literally make me so happy.

  • It's just Mimi
    It's just Mimi Год назад +1

    this is so cool !!! I love it

  • Noelene Grace
    Noelene Grace Год назад

    This Travel Diary is AMAZING and Bora Bora is so BEAUTIFUL really wanna go there

  • Jenny Pöhn
    Jenny Pöhn Год назад

    Absolutely love the way you edit lately! Best greetings from germany 💋

  • awaken moon
    awaken moon Год назад +9

    i wanna be a mermaid

  • Simona Malak
    Simona Malak Год назад


  • Eden W
    Eden W Год назад +3

    Watching this travel diary compared to others back a year or two ago it really shows how far you have both come with your filming but also your love for each other. You guys are amazing and you keep getting better everytime. You should both be so proud of what you've achieved in such a short amount of time.

  • Loren Grace
    Loren Grace Год назад

    The filming and editing for this video is reeky good!!!

  • Therese Faith
    Therese Faith Год назад +5

    I really love Aspyn's travel diaries!

  • Iida Rose
    Iida Rose Год назад +1

    and here in Finland it's snowing😂🙄😅

  • sprinkleofstyle
    sprinkleofstyle Год назад +9

    THIS makes me want to travel the world even more 😍💖

  • Hien Dinh
    Hien Dinh Год назад

    Loved this😍

  • tatiana may
    tatiana may Год назад


  • 봄날
    봄날 Год назад

    Bora Bora looks so beautiful and looks like a lot of fun! I hope I can travel there someday! love your videos x ♥︎

  • Hannah
    Hannah Год назад

    Get Aspyn to 3 million!

  • Im_ loveli
    Im_ loveli Год назад

    nice video try visit philippines next time Im sure you will love it as much as I do