The Walking Dead 7x09 "1000s of Dead Slayed by Rick and Michonne" Scene Season 7 Episode 9

The Walking Dead 7x09 "1000s of Dead Slayed by Rick and Michonne" Scene Season 7 Episode 9

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Автор Clint Eastwood ( назад)
Rick must be well past his 9 lives guys, one of these episodes he'll be gobbled up!

Автор Mori Kio ( назад)
brutal kill

Автор Amito Studio ( назад)

Автор Goodarz Babadi ( назад)

Автор Qwadle ( назад)
I guess physics aren't a thing in this world anymore.

Автор Joshua Raymond Zacchaeus Arias ( назад)
This is more intense that the LASER scenes in "Resident Evil" games and films.

Автор Joshua Raymond Zacchaeus Arias ( назад)
I love Carl's (Chandler Riggs') whiteness. Super love.

Автор PanDah Nebulous ( назад)

Автор Spirit 885 ( назад)

Автор Hek Lik ( назад)
He just pushed them a side not a scratch . Baloney . ..

Автор Laura Flotes ( назад)
que miedo si existieran los zombie

Автор Hamish Lightfoot ( назад)
Mini gun would be great .... and a few tanks...

Автор Beyza nur Sarıgül ( назад)
İt is very good

Автор AciLletAm boss ( назад)

Автор Krystal Mysticwolf ( назад)
that was a really smart idea...

Автор Bez Romero ( назад)
that was close in the end Rick almost died

Автор Jimmythesaint ( назад)
is this really what this show has become? Jesus christ

Автор тони монтана ( назад)

Автор RecentCrown20 ( назад)
I got a boner from this, is thatwierd

Автор TheShinyAbsol ( назад)
Most satisfying scene

Автор Franklin Clinton ( назад)
Dead Rising kills

Автор Zaheer MeOut ( назад)
Walkers cant Limbo

Автор Han Nguyen ( назад)

Автор Retro Brothers ( назад)
Why are the walkers so lame now? It seems you can push and shove your way through a horde of them without issue. It's gone too silly. In fact, Glenn didn't need to hide under the dumpster, he could have just pushed and shoved his way through them. I'm being sarcastic but you get my point...

Автор rick eppy ( назад)
Me fighting life

Автор weezy wee ( назад)
They just made a lot of crawlers

Автор Latonya Ellsworth ( назад)
Negan is not so good in the show so I'm going for Rick team

Автор Latonya Ellsworth ( назад)
I love Michonne and Rick and how they did it at the right moment of the show and the show is alsome

Автор Latonya Ellsworth ( назад)
I wish I could be there in the middle of it we can get a lot of help for them and they could have it all done in no time

Автор DerpyDerpDeDerp ( назад)
How to be a walker genocider:

Step 1: Get metal rope
Step 2: Connect two cars with the rope
Step 3: Drive into zombies

Автор Hailey33122 aj ( назад)

Автор Daikini Crossroads ( назад)
Can we please employ this technique to clear out the moronic SJW protesters who block roads?

Автор julian vargas ( назад)
Relationship Goals

Автор Rick Grimes ( назад)
Negan can suck my nuts.
Chat shit get banged

Автор OG Gaming ( назад)
2:28 Rick testing out his plot armor 😂😂😂

Автор DjZeroPlayer1 ( назад)
if the wouldve done that wie the alexandria horde, they couldve made the area a little saver

Автор Alef Machado ( назад)
Só eu achei bizarro o zumbi ter empurrado a porta do carro ??

Автор King Jon Stark ( назад)

Автор zer0 95 ( назад)
"1000s" are you fucking dense??
there was not more than ~700 walkers,and they killed 1/4 of them, 2:17

Автор James Ferraris ( назад)
most satisfying scene ever😃

Автор T. Lumpkin ( назад)
damn you could millions of herds doing this

Автор Ravenclaw KC ( назад)
What are those cars, 1980s Buick?

Автор Zenith 900 ( назад)
"1000s of dead slated"...? Are you dumb? It was more like hundreds... Not even..... FUCKING "THOUSANDS"... LMAO.

Автор Matt Wolf ( назад)
How were rick and michonne able to go at the same speed AND stay at the right distance so the wire would stay tight

Автор Bartłomiej Klamka ( назад)
killstreak of the week

Автор Mikayla F ( назад)
the couple that kills together.....

Автор Evana L. ( назад)
Now that's the kind of woman a man needs!

Автор Sev3617 ( назад)
Well, If there's ever a zombie apocalypse, I know how I'm going to kill them all.
Why didn't they think of something like this with the alexandria horde?

Автор Sev3617 ( назад)
Good luck to the youtubers who do kill counts for walkers on the walking dead... lmao.

Автор Dominic Cruz ( назад)
This is just as good as 28 weeks later, chopper scene.

Автор J R ( назад)

Автор MusiciansRule07 ( назад)
This is the dopest big Walker kill since 6x09 and Richonne got to do it! I AM SO HAPPY! When will your Faves?

Realistically Rick should've been grabbed or at least scratched by one walker :^/

Автор Fuller Fans 2017 ( назад)
why do the same damn walkers keep showing up when they already were killed in previous episodes. that black walker that was climbing on the truck was already killed in season 6 episode 9

Автор Code Of Ash ( назад)
RICHONNE!!! King and Queen of the walking dead #GOALS

Автор GalactiSea ( назад)
Who else thought this was the end for everyone involved at first? 😂

Автор moniquehayes ( назад)
The couple slays together stay together!!!

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