So I 1v1'd Ninja in Fortnite...

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Today we hit some games up with Ninja and a cheeky 1v1
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Comments • 4 237

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan  23 days ago +2885

    Havent 1v1'd since the World Cup days with Fresh so I'll take it! Hope you enjoyed the games with Ninja!

  • Casey Hutchen
    Casey Hutchen 8 hours ago

    im a big fan

  • SolidThunder195
    SolidThunder195 16 hours ago

    We need myth vs ninja!

  • Cooked Panda
    Cooked Panda Day ago

    Yo, Ninja, Fresh, and Lachy should all play against each other now. I dunno how good Fresh is compared to Ninja but I wouldn't doubt that he could take on Lachy.

  • PZ 718
    PZ 718 Day ago

    Ninja is a bit hehehehe

  • Vaughn Vartanian
    Vaughn Vartanian 2 days ago

    sorry but I think im a better builder than you :0

  • Mobile God Gamer
    Mobile God Gamer 2 days ago

    2 cracked players hahahahahahahahha only ninja no offence

  • Jacob 2009
    Jacob 2009 2 days ago

    Next 1v1 tefue

  • pelonmoncho
    pelonmoncho 3 days ago +1

    Is this fake

  • Anthony roblox
    Anthony roblox 4 days ago

    Use Code the create

  • Chris McCray
    Chris McCray 4 days ago

    Who saw code fresh written on the wall of the island

    MASTER NINJA 4 days ago +1

    1 vs 1 me and my name on Fortnite is FRANCO MARCO

  • Lazartazer 12
    Lazartazer 12 4 days ago

    I starting to think that is not ninja

  • xX_shark_Xx Gaming
    xX_shark_Xx Gaming 5 days ago


  • Temeka Griffin
    Temeka Griffin 5 days ago +1

    Ninja is trash

  • Kash money Eidson
    Kash money Eidson 5 days ago

    1v1myth please

  • Pixel Legends
    Pixel Legends 5 days ago +5

    Lachlan: "We've been playing for 5 hours so we got some serious dubs"
    Me: Plays for 10 hours and can't get a single win ;-;

  • Hdheh Grhrh
    Hdheh Grhrh 5 days ago +1

    NooB GG

  • iez FN
    iez FN 6 days ago

    thats not ninja he doesnt say one word during 1v1s plus lachlan got clips of ninja Laughing and making reactions and put the audio after he killed him or got killed lol its so fake

  • Kaiden Stanley
    Kaiden Stanley 6 days ago

    Fresh one V1 ninja

  • Dragon Boy
    Dragon Boy 6 days ago

    You such Lacey

  • xX_Zeolite_Xx 21
    xX_Zeolite_Xx 21 6 days ago

    Why was ninja making noises😂😂😂

  • Kade B
    Kade B 7 days ago

    Perfect two people who can’t build

  • milf hunter123
    milf hunter123 7 days ago

    Map code

  • LeeGaming
    LeeGaming 7 days ago +1

    LETS GOOO-Literally every streamer ever

  • Sy Lee
    Sy Lee 7 days ago

    Ninja does not say 1 thing in the 1v1

  • Lil_Smudge
    Lil_Smudge 7 days ago +2

    Lachlan: GAAH I LOST
    Alien: HeE HEeeeEeEEEeeeE
    Lachlan: Waiiiiit... I thought I wes playing with Ninja?

  • Callum Church
    Callum Church 7 days ago

    Lachy ur. Not cracked u bot

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 8 days ago

    Fake jkjk lol

    DEAD LIGHT TV 8 days ago

    Can u 1v1 me? My Fortnite name is vAde putter with no _ but I change it with a _ later so if vAde putter doesn’t work than try vAde_putter

  • Kevin Azeh
    Kevin Azeh 8 days ago

    Fake lachsy friend using a voice changer

  • Xan ッ
    Xan ッ 9 days ago

    Ninja said “eweeeheheheh*

  • Xan ッ
    Xan ッ 9 days ago

    When ninja pronounced lachlan that killed me

  • Sharp Neon
    Sharp Neon 9 days ago

    I just made a channel subscribe. Plzzzz. Fortnite cclips Sharp Neon

    ALPHA JT 9 days ago

    Is Lachy gonna come back to straya

  • Nathaniel Sibio
    Nathaniel Sibio 11 days ago

    2:26 ninjashyper is back

  • Nathaniel Sibio
    Nathaniel Sibio 11 days ago


  • Kolby Steeves
    Kolby Steeves 11 days ago

    Ur trash but ur also super cocky bout ur dubs. Ninja proly carried u

  • MG- KarmaKazz
    MG- KarmaKazz 11 days ago


  • Lil Demaria
    Lil Demaria 11 days ago

    1v1 me

  • Eric JNK
    Eric JNK 11 days ago

    i wanna 1v1 u lachlan

  • dOnk memes
    dOnk memes 12 days ago +17

    Lachlan, losing: “gg bro”
    ninja, winning: “EeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEeE”

  • Daniel Mendes Bernardo

    Thats so fake you put Anonymous to dont see his name because he was not Ninja are so bad at the game and ninja did not say a real word just ahahha hiiiii ahahahah i

  • Daniel Mendes Bernardo

    You are so bad

  • Dhd Dhd
    Dhd Dhd 12 days ago

    Worst video I seen Lachlan do because he got destroyed

  • Hitmarkers
    Hitmarkers 12 days ago

    Lol at least lachy gets more views

  • Zero Brighton
    Zero Brighton 12 days ago

    Ninja should have lost, uses the stupid and toxic Anonymous mode

  • Freestyleing 98
    Freestyleing 98 12 days ago

    Do it again when you’re better at fortnite

  • SUNZ_Arik_ YT
    SUNZ_Arik_ YT 13 days ago

    Lol ninja is not bad

  • TTVBTW Ninja Junior Washy

    Lachie is a higher level then ninja

  • Mehul Mez YT
    Mehul Mez YT 13 days ago

    1:45 Lets go champ

  • David Long
    David Long 13 days ago

    Ninja when he wins: *HNYARNHNYARNHNYARN*

  • ッSadness
    ッSadness 13 days ago

    5:53 Daga Kotowaru

  • CG_You77 BerXD
    CG_You77 BerXD 13 days ago

    im here from ninja >./

  • Ninja
    Ninja 14 days ago +3

    Your a good player but not as good as me! gg

  • YhanChan
    YhanChan 14 days ago +1

    1v1 me my servers

  • YhanChan
    YhanChan 14 days ago +1

    fat elf skin tinsletoes is better

  • YhanChan
    YhanChan 14 days ago

    your garbage

  • Xxisaiahplayz Sanders
    Xxisaiahplayz Sanders 14 days ago

    Fresh or lachlan btw 2019anyone

  • Water Bottle
    Water Bottle 14 days ago

    Lachy went try hard in these videos