Single Girl Woohoos An Alien In The Sims 4 | Part 17

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 17! Chelsea is going out of this world with her next baby daddy. But is she ready to bring up an alien baby?
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Comments • 15 752

  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche 5 months ago +2229

    Chelsea got herself some space.

    • Ebba Elander
      Ebba Elander 4 days ago

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is wonderful!! Love it!

    • Avery Lundgren
      Avery Lundgren 13 days ago +1

      Baby name suggestions:
      Oliver and Olivia/Ollie and Livi
      Oakley and Tobias
      Love this challenge!

    • Andreea Mihai
      Andreea Mihai Month ago

      Which sims 4 version you have?

    • Frida Martinez
      Frida Martinez Month ago

      Good one Kelsey

    • Maddi HOSE
      Maddi HOSE Month ago

      Hi I’m maddi for ur next baby name girl:Maria boy:will. These are for ur baby name plsssss use the,

  • Lele Fashion
    Lele Fashion 15 hours ago

    anyone else notice that chelsea's close to 1 million simoleans

  • Halima L
    Halima L 4 days ago


  • GamingGirls 89
    GamingGirls 89 4 days ago

    A boys name
    Fruit loop

  • Alexa’s World
    Alexa’s World 4 days ago

    I think this is crazy 😝

  • Eiyah_ Capiz
    Eiyah_ Capiz 4 days ago

    Baby count🍼
    1.Olive♀ Marcus
    2.Brielle♀ Dominic
    3.Jamie♂ J
    4.Alexis♀ Sergio
    5.Miles♂ Lars
    6.Renee♀ Lars
    7.Charlie♂ Craig
    8.Hazel♀ Mingyu
    9.Eric♂ Caron
    10.Niya♀ Steven
    11.Natalie♀ Steven
    12.Rosè♀ Maria
    13.River♂ Maria
    14.Flyn♂ Cayden
    15.Cooper♂ Cayden
    16.Addi♀ Yusuf
    17.Ellie♀ Craig Dreamdaddy
    18.Dorian♂ Craig Dreamdaddy
    19.Theo♂ Hailey
    20.Tristan♂ Hailey
    21.Willow♀ Hamza
    22.Ginny♀ Hamza

  • Gemma BOND
    Gemma BOND 4 days ago

    Haha Kelsey said that Dorian was a demon child then like 5 mins later she said “ your an angel Dorian “

  • Haedy Mae
    Haedy Mae 5 days ago


  • Magical slime And vlogs

    Can we just see how many likes this comment will get

  • Dayanese Rodriguez
    Dayanese Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Literally live for how loving she is for Chelsea's kids lol

  • Chloe graces World of slime

    You should do a video at the very end when you get 100 kids where you put ALL the videos together I know it would be a long video but it would be so cool

  • Thaidea Johnson
    Thaidea Johnson 6 days ago


  • Justin Koch
    Justin Koch 7 days ago

    Can you please name a girl Katniss or a prim and if it's a boy then petta

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 7 days ago

    1. Marcus - Olive
    2. Dominic - Brielle
    3. J Huntington II - Jaime
    4. Sergio - Alexis
    5. Lars - Miles (Renee’s twin)
    6. Lars - Renee (Miles’s twin)
    7. Craig Slater - Charlie
    8. Kim Mingyu - Hazel
    9. Caron - Eric
    10. Steven- Niya (Nathalie’s twin)
    11. Steven - Nathalie (Niya’s twin)
    12. Maria - Rosé (River’s twin)
    13. Maria - River (Rosé’s twin)
    14. Kayden - Flynn (Cooper’s twin)
    15. Kayden - Cooper (Flynn’s twin)
    16. Yusuf - Addi
    17. Craig DreamDaddy - Ellie (Dorian’s twin)
    18. Craig DreamDaddy - Dorian (Ellie’s twin)
    19. Hailey - Theo (Tristan’s twin)
    20. Hailey - Tristan (Theo’s twin)
    21. Hamza - Willow (Ginny’s twin)
    22. Hamza - Ginny (Willow’s twin)
    23. Kade - Bran

  • Ajla Buljic
    Ajla Buljic 8 days ago

    Baby names

  • Katie Barrett
    Katie Barrett 8 days ago +4

    Kelsey: "All the kids are fine-ish"

  • Trishabeth1
    Trishabeth1 9 days ago

    A boys name is Alex

  • zahli grund
    zahli grund 10 days ago

    it would be super cute if you named girl twins mary-kate and ashley

  • Keira Lynn
    Keira Lynn 12 days ago

    A girl name is Christina

  • Emmons Lauren
    Emmons Lauren 13 days ago


  • Emmons Lauren
    Emmons Lauren 13 days ago

    Now cheslea cant milk the cow plant and stay young because it's dead. These aren't even my sims and I'm going to be so so so sad when chelsea gets to old to be th matriarch

  • Olivia Groh
    Olivia Groh 13 days ago

    Why can’t sims take care of themselves

  • Craig Baker
    Craig Baker 14 days ago

    My nick name is addi

  • Sara Powell
    Sara Powell 19 days ago

    Kelsey and Chelsea are basically wearing the same thing in the intro and what Kelsey is wearing in this one lol

  • Jessica Marshall
    Jessica Marshall 20 days ago

    Eric just trying to get out of there as fast as possible is honestly a mood.

  • SuSu The Egyptian Princess

    Ellie kinda looks like an e-girl I love it

  • keira hoskison
    keira hoskison 21 day ago

    Oh and name a boy zack and a girl Ashley

  • Sese Gibbons
    Sese Gibbons 21 day ago +1

    she has a table and still puts food on the ground?

  • keira hoskison
    keira hoskison 21 day ago +1

    Name a girl may or April and a boy Derek or Trevor pls pls pls

  • Julius Musevenzi
    Julius Musevenzi 21 day ago

    What do you use to ask if the babies age up

  • Yonna Oparaugo
    Yonna Oparaugo 21 day ago

    a boy ash a girl clementine

  • Yonna Oparaugo
    Yonna Oparaugo 21 day ago

    a boy Jacob a girl violet

  • Sadie Afflerbach
    Sadie Afflerbach 22 days ago +1

    Hi I like stella

  • Jason
    Jason 22 days ago

    She called the seagulls pidgins. Guys she’s officially lost her mind 🥴

  • kat meyers
    kat meyers 22 days ago

    okay but can we get some ethnic people in the challenge? because I want to see some adorable light skin babies

  • Julija Josifov
    Julija Josifov 23 days ago

    Why you keep making garden salet. You don't have vegeterians anymore

  • Mary Burke
    Mary Burke 24 days ago

    “Will it eat a garden salad?” 😂😂😂

  • Savage Panda
    Savage Panda 25 days ago +1

    The part where girls were flirting I was eating and my noodle formed a heard

  • procr.astinator
    procr.astinator 26 days ago

    chelsea got dummy thicc from being so pregnant all the time n she’s making it WORK

  • Amelia Alphonso
    Amelia Alphonso 27 days ago

    Please name a girl Amelia

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 27 days ago

    River texted about trying to play matchmaker for Chelsea and a sim who has crush on her, but Kelsey ignored it! I wanted to find out who it was & have a new love interest for Chelsea!! River knows what his mom needs lol!

  • Anwen Bill
    Anwen Bill Month ago

    name them - Nathan ~ Andrew ~ george ~ preston ~ keith ~ brianna ~ emily ~ lauren

    thx love you!

  • kelsi huff
    kelsi huff Month ago

    Please don’t ever do a Taylor Swift anything again. Can’t stand her. But I love you. She is the worst beyond worst role model

  • Yuyao Sun
    Yuyao Sun Month ago

    I am SO SAD the cowplant died

  • Elizabeth Jacks
    Elizabeth Jacks Month ago +1

    Fun Fact Kelsey:
    You named you child after Ginny Weasley yet ‘Ginny’ is her Nick name the proper name for Ginny Weasley in Ginerva Weasley, so you named you child after Ginerva’s nickname. YOU DONT NEED TO CHANGE HER NAME THOUGH.👍🏻
    Thought you might want to know. (Yes I am obsessed with Harry Potter as well)
    Oh and please name one of your children Libby.
    Thx. 😝

  • Alice Is
    Alice Is Month ago

    I've gotten so many spoilers watching this show so late lmao XD

  • Emma Whitley
    Emma Whitley Month ago +1

    A girls name is Harmony , Summer,and Sarah. Boys name is Chase , Tom,and jack.

  • Paz Courreges
    Paz Courreges Month ago

    She is getting fat. Make her work out

  • Alex and Sienna Gaming and challenges

    Once Chelsea become a full adult she really momed up her look

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Month ago

    Kelsey,do you like Olive or Charlie more

  • Harlow Alessandri
    Harlow Alessandri Month ago

    She’s out of this world

  • Hazel Olive
    Hazel Olive Month ago

    I think it's hilarious that kelsi keeps getting mad at chelsea for peeing herself. (And I know its sims so it works differently) but I heard sometimes moms of three have issues always controlling there bladder mean while Chelsea has had 22 and lives in a state of pregnant XD

  • Inga Laurila
    Inga Laurila Month ago

    Im naming my next baby olive.

  • Jazkay Gunnulson
    Jazkay Gunnulson Month ago

    Can you name a girl Jasmine and a boy Adrian

  • Ashley Gilmore
    Ashley Gilmore Month ago

    I'm going to miss addie because She is my favorite child

  • Adam Youmans Jr
    Adam Youmans Jr Month ago +1

    A literal baby: *collapses from exhaustion
    Kelsey: ThATs sO CuTe

  • Andreea Mihai
    Andreea Mihai Month ago +1

    If you have a girl can you name her Andie after me
    And a boy Adam

  • Kitbracadabra
    Kitbracadabra Month ago

    why is Willow black?

  • Grace Tainton
    Grace Tainton Month ago +1

    If you would have had a baby with an alien why won't you had a baby with Santa

  • Davida Bhola
    Davida Bhola Month ago +1

    You know it’s say easier if you train them to be responsible... theyr more likely to take care of their needs and clean automatically without you setting them to do that