Single Girl Woohoos An Alien In The Sims 4 | Part 17

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 17! Chelsea is going out of this world with her next baby daddy. But is she ready to bring up an alien baby?
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  • Kelsey Impicciche
    Kelsey Impicciche Month ago +1616

    Chelsea got herself some space.

    • Kylee Unicorn
      Kylee Unicorn 2 days ago

      Kelsey Impicciche yes she did

    • Gabrielle Wilson
      Gabrielle Wilson 2 days ago

      @Mikayla M. I like sage and sawyer

    • PHOEBE W
      PHOEBE W 5 days ago

      Kelsey Impicciche is a play girl 👧🏼

    • jimmy fisher
      jimmy fisher 5 days ago

      Can you name a girl Josie

    • mia&violette channel
      mia&violette channel 6 days ago

      Names for boys:
      Girl names:
      Ariana (Ariana Grande you know😏

  • Miya Kuder
    Miya Kuder 15 hours ago

    u demon child. my little angle

  • lisaerriah
    lisaerriah 18 hours ago

    Hi Kelsey these are some Names Anna Elsa Kristoff Jackson Amber Bobbie-Leigh Danny Emmeline Florence Nightingale Natalie MY OWN NAME Nevaeh Claire Francess Princess prince

  • Jordin Sarra
    Jordin Sarra 19 hours ago

    Kelsey: Theo is soo stinky it hurts😂😂😂

  • Cherish Honesty
    Cherish Honesty 22 hours ago

    I mean wensday

  • Cherish Honesty
    Cherish Honesty 22 hours ago

    On wensbay

  • Cherish Honesty
    Cherish Honesty 23 hours ago

    At 3:09 one of the baby said hay I did it

  • Magda M
    Magda M 23 hours ago +1

    Na me The New baby Tommy or Kai or Zuzanna or Hanna or bo by or angelina or arabela lily Julia gilton marry Kacper roy amy Patrycja Laura bart Emmanuel kiki

  • Kayla Rodriguez
    Kayla Rodriguez Day ago

    Imagine there’s a day where she said hi I’m Kelsey and I’m not single no more 😉

  • Aurora Severson
    Aurora Severson Day ago +1

    Time stamps:
    01:17 Cowplant
    06:25 Chelsea makeover
    15:11 Addi aged out: Romantic
    16:13 Woohoo: Kade Pellitier
    16:49 Pregnant
    20:32 Dorian aged up: Motor, Active
    23:37 Ellie aged up: Motor, Neat
    26:31 Willow aged up: Angelic
    26:43 Ginny aged up: Clingy
    33:01 Baby Boy: Bran

  • Aurora Severson
    Aurora Severson Day ago

    Addi aged up: Animal lover, Dance Machine
    Addi gets a makeover
    Cooper aged out: Mean
    Flynn aged out: Geek
    Woohoo: Hamza
    Yusuf Malik dies
    Tristen aged up: Inquisitive
    Theo aged up: Angelic
    Vacation: 20 kids style
    Kim Mingu dies
    Cowplant chaos
    Maria Willis dies
    Eric Lewis is her ghost doctor
    Baby Girl: Willow
    Baby Girl: Ginny

  • Emme Cunningham
    Emme Cunningham 2 days ago

    U know how Kelsey always says the babies look like aliens well this time it really is an alien lol

  • Kylee Unicorn
    Kylee Unicorn 2 days ago


  • Gabrielle Wilson
    Gabrielle Wilson 2 days ago +1

    can someone please make a baby one Chelsea vs a 22 baby Chelsea plz!
    that be so awesome

  • Elyse Eriksen
    Elyse Eriksen 2 days ago

    Addi is supa pretty

  • Dawn Samuda
    Dawn Samuda 2 days ago

    You should've made an "Oh my gosh" counter, too lol

  • Emily Blaine
    Emily Blaine 3 days ago

    Can you name your next girl Emily and your next boy Jake I love your vids ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💜💜❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛

  • Curly277
    Curly277 3 days ago +3

    Okay, I’m not gonna lie, but Chelsea got thicc.

  • Layla Mayne
    Layla Mayne 3 days ago +1

    Chelsea is getting fat

  • Cambria Klein
    Cambria Klein 4 days ago +1

    Does anyone else remember in ep 3 when she downloaded the alien looking guy into the world 😝

  • Savannah Cifu
    Savannah Cifu 4 days ago

    You should pick one with the dog and have a dog come over to your household

    • Savannah Cifu
      Savannah Cifu 4 days ago

      Me again and you should do really please

  • TonI Jackson
    TonI Jackson 4 days ago +1

    I want an addie spin off series please

  • Brianne Calhoun
    Brianne Calhoun 4 days ago

    hi kelsey i have you some baby names I'm wanna give you girl raina my name boy davin!!!!! :D

  • Keith and Mandy Buescher

    Name one of your kids Karly, Kate, Keith, or Mandy

  • Katelyn Wilson
    Katelyn Wilson 4 days ago

    If you have an alien baby it counts as two children

  • Lynne Hope
    Lynne Hope 5 days ago

    Chelsey needs to go to the gym because she is way to fat

  • Ashleigh Bence
    Ashleigh Bence 5 days ago

    Most parents dread teens but Kelsey and Chelsea want more teens

  • gracie reed
    gracie reed 5 days ago

    If it is a girl can you do the name gracie or grace

  • Dakotah Dunn
    Dakotah Dunn 5 days ago

    You don’t have to have them all at 3 and have them to be a A to age them up

  • Isobel Ashworth
    Isobel Ashworth 5 days ago

    I’m so happy you don’t swear because I like People who don’t swear.

  • Sausage Meatballs
    Sausage Meatballs 5 days ago +1

    Who else was dying to see the alien baby lol

  • Hayden Bro
    Hayden Bro 5 days ago

    Name the child garden salad


    Kelsey: They're both so cute! *on Ginny and Willow
    They're not gonna be quite as cute when they're like... dying hahaha Awesome Kelsey

  • Lilly Saunders
    Lilly Saunders 6 days ago +1

    Hi you are the best RUclipr ever

  • S.M M.F.B
    S.M M.F.B 6 days ago

    "can't stop, won't stop garden salad baby!" Best line 😂

  • Naomi Jooste
    Naomi Jooste 6 days ago

    What will you do when you finish the 100 baby challenge

  • Penguin 1502
    Penguin 1502 6 days ago

    They're making love to the sound of baby crying

  • unicorn lover 8290
    unicorn lover 8290 6 days ago

    you should have a baby at home

  • Makenzie Ellington
    Makenzie Ellington 6 days ago

    this game is so fun to watch you play and ever since I've seen you play it I've wanted to play it so bad, but I can't find the right one to choose. :(

  • Teegan Horn
    Teegan Horn 7 days ago

    Can you name a baby after me Teegan for a girl please

  • Teegan Horn
    Teegan Horn 7 days ago +1

    Can you please name a baby after me Teegan

  • Laila Hamilton
    Laila Hamilton 7 days ago

    Is her real surname impicciche?😂🙈

  • Kitty
    Kitty 7 days ago


  • Miss Gabriella
    Miss Gabriella 7 days ago

    I don’t know why but I find it so funny that Chelsea’s children are going to be seniors before her

  • Lilian Ferran
    Lilian Ferran 7 days ago

    You know you can buy sleep replacements in the reward store right?

  • Angie Springer
    Angie Springer 7 days ago

    A girl named Bella

  • sophie eatough
    sophie eatough 7 days ago

    I looooooooooove Harry Potter

  • Jacqueline Gibson
    Jacqueline Gibson 7 days ago

    Will you name a girl Carmen after me

  • Maia Bliss-tomlinson

    Give the teens jobs like so Kelsey c xx

  • Jordan Roman
    Jordan Roman 7 days ago

    For a girl eve or violet

  • Lydia Page
    Lydia Page 8 days ago +3

    For a girl name should be grace or lily.
    For a boy name should be Kyle or hunter.
    Your so funny and I love your Voice .
    Please give me a shout out thank you .

  • livi jones
    livi jones 8 days ago +3

    you should name a girl lola or olivia and for a boy jack or sam btw your such a good mother xx

  • Aladdin Kids
    Aladdin Kids 8 days ago

    Can you name a baby girl Hilary and Abby and for the boys Jake and Joshua

  • Pernille! At the Disco
    Pernille! At the Disco 8 days ago +4

    Kelsey: "OMG CHELSEA IS IN LABOUR... WHILE MAKING A GARDEN SALAD... Is there anything more Chelsea?" :D LOL.

  • Ellen Hakstege
    Ellen Hakstege 9 days ago

    Please name A girl Nelly and A boy max

  • make this the most subscribed channel hi

    I'm thinking..... WOAH oh no

  • Lea Wel
    Lea Wel 10 days ago


  • Eliza Swankhuizen
    Eliza Swankhuizen 10 days ago

    u know 10h R over

  • Carrot isnotafruit
    Carrot isnotafruit 10 days ago

    Is that the same outfit as last episode?

  • Eden B
    Eden B 10 days ago +1

    Ruth for a girl or Andre for a boy

  • Inês Magno
    Inês Magno 10 days ago

    You can name a baby girl Millie

  • Maya Momeni
    Maya Momeni 10 days ago +1

    You are 1000000000 % better than
    Zai let's play

  • Charlotte Brackenbury
    Charlotte Brackenbury 10 days ago +1

    Colleen for a girl as I want a story about RUclip who has nut allergies and she ends up in hospital be nice to see come to life
    Cody for a boy he the saver who turns into a droctor as adult
    Not wrote it yet but I'll including them two sims personality into my story
    Fyi I am studying creative writing

    LJ FIFA 10 days ago


  • Aubri and the Swim Team

    Baby names:
    Girls: Lila, Aubri, Shayla, Katie, Sami, Salena, Piper, Skyler
    Boys: Xavier, Kameron, Jake, Noah, Cj, Victor, Tyler, Brody
    Caleb and Casey
    Cole and Dilian
    Mariah and Marissa
    Adam and Alex
    Luna and Dom (for Sun and moon!)
    Thank You!!!!

  • Yasmeen Rahma
    Yasmeen Rahma 11 days ago

    boy; prince. girl; Bella

  • Summer Shakespeare
    Summer Shakespeare 11 days ago

    You should get a nanny to help you with your kids

  • Kelly Grady
    Kelly Grady 11 days ago

    Hi Kelsey can you please do Andrew for a boy or Boyce like my granddaddy and windom or lily for a girl please

  • Burdick Sisters
    Burdick Sisters 12 days ago

    Can you name a baby Abbie?

  • Tatum Duncan
    Tatum Duncan 12 days ago

    Girls names. Tatum. kali Georgia. justice Kameryn. Hope. . Boys names. Jacob. Jack. Trent. Tyler. Jake Kane. Drake. Michael.

  • Ed Morris
    Ed Morris 12 days ago

    Twins girl and boy -Chloe,Jordan

  • Ed Morris
    Ed Morris 12 days ago

    Twins girl and boy -Chloe,Jordan

  • Scarlet Shaw
    Scarlet Shaw 12 days ago +2

    Cali for a girl and Brooklyn for a boy please use them ❤️❤️😁😁

    • nachofriend
      nachofriend 11 days ago

      Scarlet Shaw ooooo my names Brooklyn:) I’m a girl though. But i like it for boys too!!

  • Amara Snowden
    Amara Snowden 12 days ago

    I think for girls you could do Amara ( my name, I’m so ashamed), Everleigh or Dawn and for boys I think Jordan, Christopher or Tony.

  • Little Lamb
    Little Lamb 12 days ago +4

    The hottest Impiccishmays: (so far)
    Alexis, Olive, and Ellie!

  • Juan David Dimas Castro
    Juan David Dimas Castro 12 days ago +1

    Addi joins Hazel in the "deserved better" category

  • Madison Turner
    Madison Turner 12 days ago

    Is it just me or did she cheat and put the kids in day care

  • mona Davis
    mona Davis 12 days ago

    If it's a boy named it Alexander and if it's a girl named it Mia

  • Lil Singer
    Lil Singer 13 days ago +1

    Omg I think Chelsea has wrinkles!!

  • Emma Hyden
    Emma Hyden 13 days ago +1

    Girl names: Annie, Hope, Lilly
    Boy names: Luke, Jack, James

  • Calista Ziehl
    Calista Ziehl 13 days ago

    you should name one of your kids callie. love your videos.

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Remember when Kelsey has 3 twins in the house 🏡

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Could you name two twin boys Fred and Gorge!!! 👬

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Willow look exactly like me!!!!

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Dorian is soooooo cute 😍😍😍😍

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Can you name two twin boys Tom and Jery👬

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago

    Kelsey has all most 100k and you still only eat garden salad 🥗
    And all so can you please name a baby Dalas because it is salad backwards

  • Otter lover
    Otter lover 13 days ago +1

    Kelsey: Look at the pigeons out there the are so cute
    Me: They are seagulls 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Barbara De Souza
    Barbara De Souza 13 days ago +1

    Ok, all of my life I have thought my house was chaotic. Little did I know THIS IS REAL CHAOS?!

  • Jared Berkovsky
    Jared Berkovsky 13 days ago

    all of the older kids sent Ellie a gift

  • Jared Berkovsky
    Jared Berkovsky 13 days ago

    i'm so behind I have like 5 episodes to watch

  • Margaret Kilian
    Margaret Kilian 13 days ago

    Chelsea jr

  • Zoei Williams
    Zoei Williams 13 days ago

    Ava as a girl and Aiden as a boy

  • matthew bland
    matthew bland 13 days ago

    u only have twins in the house

  • Amy Howcroft-Sims
    Amy Howcroft-Sims 14 days ago

    OMG Chelsea got fat!

  • harley quin Vella
    harley quin Vella 14 days ago +1

    Pls name your next children luna from harry potter

  • Sarah Hamilton
    Sarah Hamilton 14 days ago

    Wow that's crazy you need a new house

  • The Yang Family
    The Yang Family 14 days ago

    How do you get the 💯 baby 👶 Challenge

  • Addyson Yanish
    Addyson Yanish 14 days ago

    Girl name Betty boy name jughead

  • Erin Pijlie
    Erin Pijlie 14 days ago

    It's a Night King Baby!!!