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  • Preview of "Little Pet Doctor: Puppy's Rescue & Care" by Libii Tech Limited. This fun & great kids app is available for: iPad, iPhone & Android!
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    App Store description:
    “Woof, woof, woof~”, oh, dear Little Pet Doctor, it seems that someone is sending a distress signal!
    Oops! It turns out that our lovely dogs are in trouble. Oh…these poor little things, some of them are terribly sick and others are even trapped.
    Take action now! It’s time to bring these pets back home to cure them, and also tell the whole world that you are the best doctor ever!
    Here advanced medical facilities enable you to show your skills to the fullest. Meanwhile the comfortable garden and nice bathroom grant your doggy a wonderful life. That’s the end? Absolutely not! There is also something delicious offered to the puppies, so you can feed them when they feel hungry. Are you ready to save the doggies and rock the medical field? Just do it!
    How to play:
    Open the game and choose a doggy to start the rescue. Firstly, you’ll find it being trapped in a terrible place and what you need to do is help it out under the instructions. That must be a piece of cake for you, right? But don’t take it lightly, because the dog may be injured, and you need to treat it at home with the instruments offered. In return, the cured dog will settle down in your nice house. And guess what? There are also many interesting activities waiting for you, such as dressing up your dog, traveling around and taking photos with it. That’s really exciting, huh? Time waits for no one, so get down to your rescue plan at once!
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