3 Years of Travel in 3 Minutes (Lessons and Adventures)

Three Years of Travel and Adventure around the World in 3 Minutes.
Includes scenes from India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy, the Vatican, Canada, US, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, Indonesia and Croatia.

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What does it feel like to be present? To be here in the now and fully experiencing this moment. Free from any weight of the past or any anticipation of the future. Just free. Free to realize that only you can control how you feel. About anything. Free to see things for what they are and free to give your time and energy to what really matters.
Accept the fact that everything that makes up your world is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts. Realize that you can control your thoughts and emotions. There’s no big secret. Just choose to think better feeling thoughts. Listen to your emotions and chose to feel good. You can decide to be in a place of attraction and abundance.
What do you want to do in your life? What makes you tick? What makes you feel awe? Don’t be misled into thinking that you’re supposed to do anything. You are supposed to do only what you chose to do. The world is vast and full of possibilities. Follow your bliss. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can.

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Автор Mario Carmona ( назад)
Great inspirational vid, the message is what i love the most. We have to keep living our live to the fullest!

Автор sascha zuidema ( назад)
To bad i'm broke

Автор Bishow Sharma ( назад)
Lumbini Nepal <3
Heaven is myth.
Nepal is real !

Автор Hoonigan ( назад)

Автор Fatma Lida ( назад)
have ever you go to Indonesia? the eksotik place👧🙌😊

Автор Yashwanth A.V ( назад)
Really Amazing video......
What is da music name?

Автор tomas carignano ( назад)
what song is it?

Автор Mohamed Hassan ( назад)
cool video

Автор Carolyn Callahan ( назад)
Hi everyone! I am starting an adventure/travel channel and I would love if you could check it out! I hope to travel all around the world and be able to make a video like this someday! (@High On Life, great job!) Also, if anyone has any recommendations for any travel/adventure channels, please feel free to comment them! And FYI, I subscribe back! Thanks everyone

Автор BIG WILLY ( назад)

Автор Capture Happiness ( назад)
Amazing video guys. Love the music choice. That song never gets old to me xx

Автор DIEGO ///M ( назад)
Just discovered this channel. Thanks!

Автор Nikson Maharjan ( назад)
I see Nepal.
Thanks for visiting. ✌

Автор World of Faz ( назад)
Epic video!!!

Автор travel#365 ( назад)
very good video, nice edit :)

Автор Adithya Viswanathan ( назад)
you guys are awesome
how did you fund youselves??

Автор Nate Diaz ( назад)
Misleading title, it's 2:59. I want my extra second! 😒

Автор Benedetto Cirillo ( назад)
what is the name of the song? I don't remeber

Автор WhatsUpDude ( назад)
your vids guys are pure awsomnes fuck

Автор Elliot Chaufour ( назад)

Автор Dat Dang ( назад)
Background music sounds like a fucking orgasm

Автор Jessica Alvarez ( назад)
I never get tired of watching yalls videos

Автор Adam Cattoor ( назад)
Love you guys 🤙🏽

Автор will kellas ( назад)
How did u pay for the trips?

Автор Varun Agarwal ( назад)
That was omr of the best travel vids i have seen...pretty nice shots out there👍😍

Автор ItzDerekEh ( назад)
0:34 ive been there :) pretty sure thats Cultus Lake water park in BC Canada

Автор loomonda18 ( назад)
Thank you for this. <3

Автор Joshua Bouffier ( назад)
I just can't seem to understand this video telling us so pretentiously about life while music says "Stay High". Marijuana doesn't give a shit for one's life.

Автор Guy Green ( назад)
someone has been listening to Abraham hicks, great video !!!!

Автор ALice10210 ( назад)
Hope you are still enjoying what the world has to offer you guys.

Автор Gerry McAveety ( назад)
Happiness does not come from travelling, happiness comes from within.

Автор RoyDsouza ( назад)
Instant subscribe

Автор Lu Yu Xuan ( назад)
I'm just curious..
2 questions
How many country you've been?
and how much it cost for this 3 years?
I want to travel too!😭

Автор Samuel Gonzalez ( назад)
Great and wise words! Amazing video! I would love a lifestyle like that. Can you give me some tips on how to fund a lifestyle like this? :)

Автор Pabitra Ghimire ( назад)
english movies

Автор Chelsea ( назад)
these guys livin the dream

Автор Aida Scuba ( назад)
travelling make a person sooo rich!
love that we have the ability to choose what kind of life we Wana live!

Автор kabir 7 ( назад)
if only i had friends and money to travel :/

Автор Dora T ( назад)
best video I've ever watched

Автор Jenny Richter ( назад)
that's such an inspiration to me!!

Автор Dominik Schäfer ( назад)
This video makes me cry, cause I fcked up my life

Автор Peter Han ( назад)
so cool

Автор Nihal kalovariya ( назад)
awesome 👍 👍👍
beautiful 🌼🎉🎆🌺

Автор The Law ( назад)
Law of attraction lol

Автор skag hunter ( назад)
What's the remix of this song called?

Автор Dylan Airey ( назад)
Really really good 👏🏽 keep up the great stuff

Автор Bronson Lovejoy ( назад)
Anybody complaining is clearly jealous and lazy to work towards doing this themselves

Автор Evelyn Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Ana Luccia ( назад)
There are few things that make me this happy

Автор MrHillhouse ( назад)
Great vid......

Автор Bijay Gurung ( назад)
so you visited Nepal also 😊

Автор Shivam Rana ( назад)
best video i have ever watched in my Life.

Автор Lilies Diary ( назад)
Great compilation of the world greatest places. Been to some of them but put so much more on my bucketlist

Автор mr orange ( назад)
How did you afford all this ? rich dad?

Автор Milk M8 ( назад)
I hate diving than sky diving

Автор Joshua Norman ( назад)
*next video*
3 minutes of travel in 3 years!

Автор faihzin kav ( назад)
good man

Автор Ulyssa Mungroo ( назад)
its 😎 bt u said it well: IF U CAN!

Автор Matty plays ( назад)
Feel like Rory Kramer should have made this🤔

Автор Peake Performance ( назад)
great video but i have one question?

If your environment is something you attracted, then explain slavery?

Автор Karolain Ancahuala C. ( назад)

Автор Satish Syangtan ( назад)
thank you frm #Nepal

Автор sausse ( назад)
One day.

Автор Jairo Ramos ( назад)
name song?

Автор Sblinger ( назад)

Автор Jina Mukö ( назад)
this is the most amazing video i have ever seen

Автор lala lala ( назад)
4 douchebags wasted 3 minutes of my life

Автор Vedant Kumar ( назад)
big fan of the video and song played on background

Автор Lukas Selch ( назад)
I know the song is Stay High - Hippie Sabotage Remix, but how did you make the voice sounding so dope? 😅

Автор CarlGamingLP ( назад)
Name of this song pls :)

Автор CarlGamingLP ( назад)
link for the music ?

Автор Cyrill Müller ( назад)
Hands down, one of the best videos on this website. This gives me so much hope, it's my dream to do what you guys did in this video. I may only be 19 years old, but one day I will travel the world like you guys did, but not yet... Not yet.

Автор F Kaskar ( назад)
You know the "whatever you hold in your mind tends to occur in your life if you want different you just have to change you mind" theory, I strongly disagree with it, very strongly.

Автор F Kaskar ( назад)

Автор Abhay Ankit ( назад)
the coolest......

Автор ADI TUBE ( назад)
I've never seen a better edited video

Автор Nowshad Naiem ( назад)
Loved it!!!!!!

Автор Creator Maali ( назад)
sach a beautiful video with beautiful Shoot and amzing Places

Автор Keegan Thompson ( назад)
what remix/song is this?

Автор Shailesh Tirkey ( назад)
amazing video...

Автор Kris Lopez ( назад)
what's the song in the beginning??

Автор Gisaaa ( назад)

Автор LTfishing ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel

Автор Mitesh Suryawanshi ( назад)
Doing everything i wanted to do, Going every place i wanted to go, Congratulations Brothers you are living my life.

Автор Cody Baker ( назад)
Did the guy at 0:35 survive that water slide?

Автор Happo ( назад)
very nice !

Автор Metleb Qurbanli ( назад)
what is song?

Автор Sharon Jiang ( назад)
You guys make the best travel videos and this was so inspiring :D

Автор all of Indonesia ( назад)
I love watching this video, as brought into it, I am happy because the motivation to be able to go there .. like your video .. lol .. I know require very much it will cost to do that, so I think starting work hard to achieve it. thank you and I am happy to subscribe to you..

Автор Maximus ( назад)
I love how it's about to be spring and it's -100 degrees 😪

Автор Sammi boo ( назад)
So beautiful ❤

Автор Jimmie ( назад)
What's happened to this channel now? Why was the last video a whole 5 months ago? This was one of the best channels on YouTube!!

Автор YasuoMidOnly ( назад)
Im actually not jealous. People may find me weird, but I rather enjoy life from behind my laptop doing whatever, this is whats fulfilling for me but people dont accept that =(

Автор Irish Ginger ( назад)
NOO 2:59
it says in 3 minutes

Автор ConDivad ( назад)
This video isn´t 3 Minutes!
It is 2 Minutes abd 59 Seconds!

Автор Dragonface ! ( назад)
this guy is just chatting a load of crap.

Автор Oliver Queen ( назад)
Was that steve aoki at 1:49? :D

Автор sarina ( назад)
this were the most inspiring 3 min

Автор Phillip Wiebe ( назад)
wich song is it ?

Автор Alex Mitar ( назад)
Is there anyone in here who makes travel videos?

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