Game of Thrones Season 8 Pisstake - Episode 6

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • if you sneezed during this video, bless you.
    you know what, even if you didn't, bless you. thanks for tuning in to these, i'm blown away by how many people have taken to this. and a big thanks to that Alt Shift X guy and all the people who came here from there.
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  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper 9 hours ago

    Maybe Drogon saw the blade that killed his mom, and looked over and was like “Must kill all pointy things!!”

  • Mick Mickymick
    Mick Mickymick 2 days ago

    Mate, you haven't made any videos in 3 months. Will we ever get to hear you bitch about season 8 some more?

  • Thomas Torrance
    Thomas Torrance 3 days ago +1

    I like how you spoke up for Edmure. When I first saw how he was just cut off by Sansa I thought it was really out of place. I always liked his character and he’s been through a lot. it felt as if the plot was trying to enforce the idea that lesser characters don’t have as much impact on the story than the major ones do - which would of never been an issue earlier in the series where the world building was more impactful.

    • Atomi
      Atomi 2 days ago

      @Glidus The entire second half of the finale is basically a sitcom.

    • Glidus
      Glidus  3 days ago +1

      And like was it supposed to be funny when Sansa cut him off? It's infuriating. The tone of that entire scene is beyons baffling.

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man 3 days ago

    To forge the equipment, we need to mine the ores.

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man 3 days ago

    Ned would have never betrayed his Queen like Jon did.

  • Burak Ünsal
    Burak Ünsal 5 days ago

    "Death is the death of death"
    That's deep bro wow

  • Emily Sikora
    Emily Sikora 6 days ago

    Dany’s soul worged into dragon. That’s what happened. No one can convince me otherwise.

  • Emily Sikora
    Emily Sikora 6 days ago

    “This guy has been liberated from his skin”

  • Brendan Maher
    Brendan Maher 7 days ago

    @ 7:54 glidus glidus is that a blade itself reference??? i must know

    • Glidus
      Glidus  7 days ago

      Well you have to be realistic about these things.

  • Laurawrx2011
    Laurawrx2011 11 days ago

    Where are you? Are you going to continue to upload videos? Subscribed based on these pisstakes, but you are so funny and I love your voice and edits!

  • TriEdgedPrism
    TriEdgedPrism 13 days ago +1

    For real, the disrespect towards edmure was such a shitty moment. I liked the guy. His speech was beautiful before being interrupted.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop
    Fuzzy Dunlop 13 days ago +1

    Tbh, I think Edmure staging a "come from behind" kingship would've been much more satisfying than Bran Treeman.

  • Hafsa Haq
    Hafsa Haq 13 days ago +1

    Fuck u Sansa Stark. Fuck you, seriously?

  • tarquin bullocks
    tarquin bullocks 14 days ago +1

    Brilliant! Unlike season 8...

  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis 14 days ago

    Like the yugioh abridged nod.

  • That Bloke_J
    That Bloke_J 14 days ago

    Arya is a Warlock running nova warp pre nerf #confirmed

  • terloublag
    terloublag 15 days ago +1

    I pissed myself 😂 laughing. Thank for doing your part, this is a masterpiece!

  • budakbaong siah
    budakbaong siah 16 days ago

    19:52 Barristan did wrote his own entry. He's so badass that when he was dismissed he still got time to do that. It is canon.

    • budakbaong siah
      budakbaong siah 16 days ago

      It is nonsense, I agree with you.

    • Glidus
      Glidus  16 days ago

      Right, I must've forgotten that because it makes no sense.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 17 days ago +1

    Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a point thing, so he destroyed the army of pointy things disguised as a throne. ... Season 8 destroyed the re watch-ability of the series. The box-sets will be at bargain basement prices Thanks for your video. It provides the only thing about season 8 that is satisfying.

  • Donovan
    Donovan 17 days ago

    "Poop Smith"? I think the term "Poop Engineer & Designer" is preferred. :P

  • Donovan
    Donovan 17 days ago

    D&D couldn't wait to get their hands on that sweet Star War's *$$$* but didn't want anyone-else to finish _their legacy_ so they left and took _their ball_ home.

  • Todd Leahy
    Todd Leahy 18 days ago

    At 27 minutes John says to bran sorry I wasn't there when you needed me. I think he's talking about tbeon taking winterfell n beyond the wall

  • C P
    C P 18 days ago +2


  • 7thTreasure
    7thTreasure 19 days ago +3

    15:07 I loved the video but this was my favourite part

    • Palmen1990
      Palmen1990 2 days ago

      7thTreasure i love that after all that hilarious, angry rant he just pauses for a second and goes ”...anyway”

  • hablar porhablar
    hablar porhablar 19 days ago +1

    That was the communist ending... lol ... Putting a guy in power who put useless cunts in positions of power only because they're his friends.

  • Sam L
    Sam L 19 days ago +2

    Give us moreeeee I need more content I love your videos!!!!!

  • vibeuk2003
    vibeuk2003 19 days ago

    A correction... The Dothraki shouldn't want Jon dead... They should proclaim him as their King because he killed their Khal... Anybody that kills the Khal becomes the Khal!

    • Atomi
      Atomi 17 days ago +2

      Thats not how bloodriders work

    • Glidus
      Glidus  18 days ago +2


  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 19 days ago +1

    Ah, Jekyll and Hyde the Musical. A man of class I see.

  • Aristide Torchia
    Aristide Torchia 19 days ago +2

    It's horrifying to see how much you can ruin characters within just a few episodes.

  • Joseph Charles
    Joseph Charles 20 days ago +2

    My favorite series of Season 8 takedowns. Well done.

  • paul b
    paul b 20 days ago +2

    "This guy oh wait it's Yara" haha good man

  • multiTYRT
    multiTYRT 21 day ago +1

    Fucking amazing. Can't believe I just found out about this shitting on GoT episode by episode series.

  • Deomondes Santez
    Deomondes Santez 21 day ago

    smash the beetles ug ug me in tears of lols

  • Sam Austin
    Sam Austin 21 day ago

    Love u Glidus, but BoB and hard home > Blackwater pls dont hurt me

    • Sam Austin
      Sam Austin 21 day ago

      @Glidus hahaha yeah D&D abused me 😪😥 I was wondering how would u rank the GoT tv seasons? Imo I'd go
      1. S4
      3. S3

    • Glidus
      Glidus  21 day ago

      No need, someone's clearly already hurt you.

  • Austin Holler
    Austin Holler 22 days ago +1

    Tyrion: wtf bro you can’t say good dialogue in season 8.
    Jon: Nah mate sall good, it’s a season 1 quote.
    Literally had me dying 😂😂

  • TheMoonatDawn
    TheMoonatDawn 22 days ago +6

    I always thought Emilia spoke Valyrian really well. Interesting that other people don't think so.

  • beckmanator69
    beckmanator69 23 days ago +1

    13:24 omg lol

  • Micah
    Micah 23 days ago +7

    You forgot that Yara laughed at Sam mentioning democracy even though that’s literally how Ironborns choose their leaders

    GREENEYELOVE 24 days ago +2

    The last of Dani's dragon children is taking her to Quaithe because he's the smartest mother-fucking-dragon to have ever lived and he knows that strange lady who was never really explained can bring his mom back to life, which she does. After she is alive again, it comes to light that she wasn't herself when she burned down the city, she was controlled by Bran who is evil to the core. In fact, the Night King's mission was to kill Bran because The Night King is a former Three Eyed Raven What The Fuck Ever and he knew that Bran is the true evil but of course he fails and Bran is smug, because no one has a clue he's the mastermind of everything that has gone wrong. In fact, as the truth comes out, we find out that Bran possessed Jamie and that's why Jamie ran back to his abusive monster of a sister rather than staying with a woman who loved him, a woman he loved, who made him a better person. He didn't do this because Jamie pushed him out a window. He's just pissed that Jamie has better hair and better jawline. Dani's people learn she is alive and not possessed and they regroup and the first thing they do is go to Winterfell, because while she is no longer possessed, Dani just finds Sansa to be an annoying bitch. She shows up and Sansa is shocked and Dani's like, "Bitch, remember when you asked what dragons eat? The answer is annoying redheads." And then Sansa becomes dragon food and this makes me happy because god she was such a pain in the ass.

    Word spreads that Dani is alive but what isn't know is Quaithe helped her bring the Night King back to life, so Dani and Night King, who she just calls NK now, because he's her new BFF, slowly makes everyone see that Bran is an evil little bastard and people are like oh shit, this is bad and they look at Tyrion with annoyance, because he suggested making Bran king. Tyrion looks back and everyone and says, "You stupid fucks are the ones who listened to me when you know I have a track record of making bad bad bad decisions." And Bronn backs him on that but they don't know Bronn is working for Dani and NK, because she promised him a bigger castle, a tile as her new hand and a chance to be ridden by The Dragon Queen, which offends Jon, who has just arrived and figures that he and his lover aunt can work past the fact he killed her, because hell, she's no longer dead but she tells him to fuck off. She has hooked up with Yara Greyjoy because once again, why the fuck not.

    Quaithe meets Brienne and finds her heartbreak over Jamie heartbreaking, so she explains that Bran possessed Jamie and his reasons why and Brienne is like 'oh the fuck he didn't' and Brienne fights along with Dani and NK when they take on Bran and whatever army he has under his raven mind control and Brienne is the one that kills the Bran the broken who was really Bran the evil but is now finally Bran the dead.

    Dani of course makes Brienne a part of her new order and as a thanks for killing Bran, she has Quaithe return Jamie from the dead, but not in the gross zombie way but as in the hot as he ever was way and they get married and have an army of very tall very blond children.

    Jon and Tyrion and a bunch of other stupid characters are shipped off to Naath to die by butterflies.

    Dani makes a great queen, people love her, and finally, we find out that Quaithe is...(drum roll, please...) Qyburn daughter, a child he has as a result of an affair with...Catelyn, because why not, it makes more sense that most of what actually happened.

  • Brad M
    Brad M 24 days ago +5

    “Drogon gets confused by the plot and decides to flys to a different show” hahahahahaha
    That was the BEST!!!

  • Brendan Maddern
    Brendan Maddern 24 days ago +2

    Personally, a fair chunk of this season could have been saved if the Night Kings last thoughts were "Ariya, I can walk now!" (but without lungs could not speak them)

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton 25 days ago +2

    Drogon- burns the Iron Throne
    D & D- Yeah that was accidental

  • Kristina T
    Kristina T 25 days ago +2

    Is it okay that I'm in love with your voice?

    • Kristina T
      Kristina T 25 days ago

      @Glidus damn, if I knew you were replying to comments, I would've said something funny

    • Glidus
      Glidus  25 days ago +2

      No. Seek medical attention.
      (thank you)

  • HuntingViolets
    HuntingViolets 25 days ago +2

    Actually, the Dothraki should make Jon their new leader. Daenerys was their khal, and whoever kills the khal becomes the new khal.

    • HuntingViolets
      HuntingViolets 19 days ago

      @Glidus I was just coming back here to say something similar, after a bit of investigation. I had forgotten the bloodrider thing. Oh, I saw the khal killer becoming the new khal thing on another video and also in a few people's comments. Of course, this seems to make sense with Daenerys' replacing the khals, so I think that is where the misapprehension comes from or is accepted. Thank you for clarifying.

    • Glidus
      Glidus  23 days ago

      @HuntingViolets I said it in the video. In season 6, Daenerys names every single one of the Dothraki her bloodrider. This is what "blood of my blood means" - a bloodrider's blood is considered the same as the khal's blood. It's never stated explicitly in the show, but in the books it's made very clear that upon a khal's death, his bloodriders will avenge him, escort his wife to Vaes Dothrak, and then join the khal in the Night Lands.
      The use of the statement "blood of my blood" indicates that the same is true in the show.

    • HuntingViolets
      HuntingViolets 23 days ago

      @Glidus, my bad. It would have been more accurate for me to say that the Dothraki would fight each other to be the new leader. I think the idea probably comes from Daenerys' killing all of the khals that we know about and her then becoming the leader (although that might have been more about her imperviousness to fire, which is pretty impressive). I am not sure where it says that the Dothraki go after the person who kills their khal, though? They didn't go after Daenerys or the guy who killed Khal Drogo (unless we think he didn't kill Drogo, and it was Mirri Maz Duur, I guess). Could you point me to the reference? Or maybe I shouldn't have put that in the jetpack category. I very much enjoyed these videos, though.

    • Glidus
      Glidus  25 days ago

      This is not true and I have no clue where this idea comes from. Killing a khal does not make you khal. It has never worked this way and nothing in the show or books suggests this at all. Please tell me where you got this idea from.

  • Kathryn Burtonpoe
    Kathryn Burtonpoe 25 days ago +3

    Earned my sub I almost cried laughing

  • DevyanshBahri
    DevyanshBahri 25 days ago +3

    Can’t you do this with the previous seasons as well?

  • Keegstuu u
    Keegstuu u 25 days ago +3

    I cried during the finale. It was tears of pure dissapointment. Felt like I wasted my time. Seasons 1-5 will be the only seasons I consider the real Game of Thrones

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 26 days ago +1

    I want an animated GoT series. Think of an animation studio please. I need it.

    • Glidus
      Glidus  25 days ago

      I've been saying this for years. When the dust settles and all is said and done, I think the best genre for a TV adaptation of ASoIaF is anime, or at least animation. So much longform anime is already built around sprawling stories with large supporting casts and interconnected worlds with detailed payoff. ASoIaF is a natural fit. Yet whenever I suggest this people are all like "eww anime" lol

  • Grandmama on the Go
    Grandmama on the Go 26 days ago +4

    Represents the power of calcium...LMAO

  • Brieen
    Brieen 27 days ago +1

    justice for hot pie

  • Bruno Almeida
    Bruno Almeida 28 days ago +1

    I would honestly back Edmure's claim.

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim 28 days ago +1

    *Rides for gondor* my god killed me

  • Anarchist Xomburg
    Anarchist Xomburg 29 days ago

    Make more videos, daddy Glidus. Plz don't pull a TWOW on us

  • Niko P
    Niko P 29 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice how Drogons wing goes THROUGH the tower at 19:45. I know he just blasted the tower there, but it’s not like it’s just an empty hole now.

  • Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool
    Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool 29 days ago +2

    I'm a writer and I find this season INSULTING- they constantly contradict themselves and clearly seemed like they rushed everything and just didn't edit their work- which you're supposed to do all the time when you're writing to add things, take things out and make your story consistent and NOT CONTRADICT yourself. They're like that one kid in high school that hands in all their work late, doesn't edit anything, doesn't listen to the advice of their teachers and fail miserably. They're just too lazy to even make their own writing consistent and are so focused on plot twists that they just missed the whole point of the show and isn't even the correct way to "subvert expectations."

    • Anjelica Snorcket
      Anjelica Snorcket 27 days ago +2

      Delike el Ducce And the 200 million $ contract from Netflix.

    • Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool
      Geronimo! BowTiesAreCool 28 days ago +2

      @Delike el Ducce Right? Such BS.

    • Delike el Ducce
      Delike el Ducce 28 days ago +2

      Worst part is that instead of failing, Dumb and Dumber ended up getting millions of dollars and a contract from Disney to make Star Wars.

    Chris MCMLXXXII 29 days ago

    Please make some more videos, Glidus. I have been waiting for that message in my Notifications.

    BEAT that dead horse, beat it good!

  • Luka Lukic
    Luka Lukic 29 days ago


  • Mateo van der Heide
    Mateo van der Heide 29 days ago


  • nelio nascimento
    nelio nascimento 29 days ago

    dude.. you`re awesome hahahha

  • Ragnarson Reborn
    Ragnarson Reborn 29 days ago +1

    Finally someone else who screams “FUCK YOU SANSA”!