Sheraton Hotel EXPENSIVE Breakfast Buffet & Asiana Airlines Business Class Lounge

  • Published on Oct 4, 2016
  • Had some expensive buffet at my hotel. Sheraton Palace Gangnam. Then flew Asiana airlines back to New York while checking out their awesome business class lounge.
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  • BBPecano
    BBPecano 2 days ago

    About the Kpop thing: SAME!!! Like my sister Loves Its (Im pretty sure thats Kpop) And I have no idea how she knows them all by name because they all look the same yet she cant remember names to an anime with characters that look very unique! She cant even remember her favorites name!!!

  • Jemel De Jesus
    Jemel De Jesus 2 days ago

    funiest line "they all look the same to me" haha

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short 4 days ago

    You’re making me hungry 😋

  • ashh Newton
    ashh Newton 12 days ago +2

    Lmao that comment about the k pop group 🤣🤣

  • Charlotte Dashwood
    Charlotte Dashwood 25 days ago

    A cafe with no rest room, are they having a laugh?.

  • agapeRX
    agapeRX Month ago

    Did you know Asiana 7 (Korean airlines) was the first airline in the world to enforce no smoking aboard flights ? People were against it but then pretty soon, the entire world followed.

  • R I C O cumming
    R I C O cumming Month ago

    I'D sooner go to a diner for Breakfast

  • Saman Sohrabi
    Saman Sohrabi 2 months ago

    Only Asians want to eat dumplings, noodles and such nonsense for breakfast. Every time I'm in Asia it's a bitch to find regular breakfast. Swedish breakfast is by far the best.

  • Inge Wenzel
    Inge Wenzel 2 months ago

    hey Mikey...watching your shows multiple times..just love your traveling to places i probably never will go..🙂

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel 2 months ago

    I’ve actually stayed at the Sheraton before and it was an amazing hotel, never got the breakfast, but now I’m thinking about going back.

  • Jaymee Le
    Jaymee Le 2 months ago

    When you want to explore Melbourne Australia, let me know!! Love your vids!

  • Justin ODonnell
    Justin ODonnell 2 months ago

    I would love to see more of your hotels and the little things you do outside of just eating on your trips you travel a lot makes a lot of us envious we would love to see a lot more than just a food don't get me wrong the food is in the traction but everything else could just be an appetizer or dessert

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny 2 months ago

    Rip xxxTentacion

  • Amin Mahadzir
    Amin Mahadzir 2 months ago +2

    Minute 5:25 . kpoopers just bugged out. Hahahaha .

  • Doug Flewellen
    Doug Flewellen 2 months ago

    Mikey, I wanted to know if you have ever eaten at the Singapore Grand Hyatt Straits Kitchen buffet for either breakfast or dinner (or both)? It is also pricey but worth it. This one is certainly very nice, and it would be great to get your impressions of the Singapore buffet. Anthony Bourdain said it was the finest buffet he had eaten at in his life and I would have to agree to its quality. If you have already tried it, point me/us to the link. Would love to get your thoughts. I really like the way you cover food tasting, very informative and detailed enough to make me want to try dishes I have never experienced. I used to explore cuisines in many parts of the world, so I understand how you enjoy your adventures. Thanks for the videos.

  • rai x
    rai x 2 months ago

    I hit the like button before I start watching his video

  • Shadow Gamer X9
    Shadow Gamer X9 2 months ago

    i have stayed in Sheraton in Australia.It was pretty good

  • Nogx
    Nogx 3 months ago

    Anyone still watching in 2019

  • Liezel Cahapon
    Liezel Cahapon 3 months ago


  • Lei B
    Lei B 4 months ago

    5:25 that's like saying all Asians look the same? Not cool. Unsubscribed.

  • joanne Rodriguez
    joanne Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I love dumpling n u videos are the best

  • Tina pt
    Tina pt 4 months ago

    Bacon dumplings... Love the way you think... 😍

  • Timotheus
    Timotheus 5 months ago +2

    Bacon dumpling!! Million-Dollar Idea!! 💡

  • parlance1
    parlance1 5 months ago


  • pegan farm
    pegan farm 5 months ago

    love all your videos--relaxing and free ps yummy too

  • SorinLikeABoss SorinLikeABoss

    What kinda hotel is this ... what's the name and place I'm going in there

  • CygnoGuy 13
    CygnoGuy 13 5 months ago

    5:21 racist comment towards KPOP stars?

  • Leanzo Larose
    Leanzo Larose 5 months ago


  • Leanzo Larose
    Leanzo Larose 5 months ago

    Already aether

  • Ritobroto Basuroy
    Ritobroto Basuroy 6 months ago

    I always skip to the parts where you r eating

  • Cynthia K.
    Cynthia K. 7 months ago

    I can't stop watching u eat

  • Huda Jamal
    Huda Jamal 7 months ago

  • Viet-Anh Tran
    Viet-Anh Tran 7 months ago

    Duty free doesn't always mean cheaper. Usually, it's not, it's probably the same price as if you went to a retail store.

  • Herbert Mitchell
    Herbert Mitchell 7 months ago

    That was actually a baby grand piano 🎹

  • beccaboard
    beccaboard 8 months ago

    What is the name of Mickey's food channel?

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang 8 months ago

    Your choice of food in the lounge though! lol

  • Laura Rios
    Laura Rios 8 months ago


  • gede yogamahendra
    gede yogamahendra 8 months ago

    when even an asian said you all look the same it really says something ......kpop,jpop...

  • Tenzin Jangchup
    Tenzin Jangchup 8 months ago

    When he was trying that shaved ice i thought i heard love scenario in the background

  • Caroline C.C.
    Caroline C.C. 8 months ago

    5:24 LOL i always considered myself racist for thinking that. But they do.

  • the.passenger
    the.passenger 9 months ago

    I only watch your vids when I eat or other wise I will get fućked

  • Bree Scurry
    Bree Scurry 9 months ago

    omg they all look the same hilarious

  • 评论中的UP主俊伟

    wait! 中秋节is chinese

  • Balrajda savage
    Balrajda savage 9 months ago

    This is the hotel I'm staying at in my hoiliday I mean same company called she retain but different location

  • Jose Florian
    Jose Florian 9 months ago

    5:23 salty lmao

  • FrOsT3D3
    FrOsT3D3 9 months ago

    they look same to me he said... towards asians... than he is Asian himself lul all Asians look same as well xD

  • Montisaquadeis
    Montisaquadeis 9 months ago

    At least you would get Fiber with the cardboard

  • W.frances Mecke
    W.frances Mecke 10 months ago

    YEEEESSSS!!! I eat kimchi and dumplings for breakfast lunch and dinner!!! Yummy!!

  • Misty Violet, Conservative.

    Lo Lol Only 2 rounds for that breakfast.😵🤒 hmmmm

  • Amro Hamed
    Amro Hamed 10 months ago

    Love you videos keep it up!

  • How be youtuber ?
    How be youtuber ? 11 months ago

    Are u married

  • shotahunter
    shotahunter 11 months ago

    Did anyone else go back because you heard Mike say he was staying at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in Gotham?

  • Connor Lipke
    Connor Lipke 11 months ago

    $35 is relatively cheap in terms of Sheratons. I worked in fine dinning at a Sheraton that doubled as a convention center. Every single dinner entree outside of sandwiches would run you around $30. We'd have buffets for holidays and such but those would be $50+. Valentines dinner for 2 was $120. Everything is super marked up, I'd say an all you can eat breakfast buffet at a Sheraton for $35 is a steal. I'd never be willing to pay that price having worked at one and knowing what I know, but you definitely got a good price given it was a luxury hotel in a foreign country. From what the higher ups told me "If you can afford a $400+/night room, you can afford a $50 dinner". That's the mentality behind the pricing.

  • vivichu37
    vivichu37 11 months ago

    🥓🥓🥓makes everything better🤣

  • Mario Parra
    Mario Parra Year ago

    You swallow entire the things

  • Mohammed Musa
    Mohammed Musa Year ago +2

    Does anyone like noodles? Let me know down below! Mike Chen included.

  • Kiara Forbes
    Kiara Forbes Year ago

    The shaved ice and berries looked so delicious

  • yogesh akoijam
    yogesh akoijam Year ago

    the most important criteria "FOOD"

  • Promothash Boruah

    Stainless steel Chop sticks

  • Eliceo Garcia
    Eliceo Garcia Year ago

    I thing es stupid yeah

  • TrinaM345 USofA
    TrinaM345 USofA Year ago

    Please tell me when is the perfect time to go Korea? Thanks

  • TrinaM345 USofA
    TrinaM345 USofA Year ago

    Mikey... i love loveeee all your videos!! Actually am a fan!

  • Names Regine
    Names Regine Year ago

    35 dollars buffet is pretty standard in canada :( it sucks and like buffets in the US is like 15 dollars, fml

  • ASIAN Frustration

    I went to the Sheraton hotel in taiwan

  • That One Female Gamer

    Why am I watching this
    I'm going to an all you can eat place later today and I want to avoid eating before I go but I think I'm getting too hungry to avoid it T~T

  • Alexander Chen
    Alexander Chen Year ago

    Is it weird that I never want to eat meat for breakfast?

  • Bowaxman 27
    Bowaxman 27 Year ago

    You know that the iPhone 6 is the same size as 6s right?

  • Blerb O
    Blerb O Year ago

    I have been at that hotel

  • Sammy Billy
    Sammy Billy Year ago

    We just stayed at the Sheraton Vancouver.. the buffet was not so excellent.. it was like. Regular priced buffet.. not worth the money.. lol (sorry!)

  • CuzImRegular RBLX

    Oh God, please stop showing us how you eat the food, is very delicous, pls stop! D:

  • Wonjeong (Danny) Han

    9:46 Food Critic Mikey

  • Benjamin Lau
    Benjamin Lau Year ago +1

    The Korean thanksgiving is chusolk I think. I got spell of it wrong

  • Pringles Can
    Pringles Can Year ago

    5:18 - 5:27 true, they do all look the same

  • GGGamingGod
    GGGamingGod Year ago

    what is the 3rd song in the video, the part when he boards on the plane? This part 9:48

  • Adam Jenkins
    Adam Jenkins Year ago

    5:24 mike is savage

    • Rihn
      Rihn Year ago

      Adam Jenkins honesty is the best policy. :3

  • Ankit Bista
    Ankit Bista Year ago

    haha katro tauko tero love ur videos mike ghantauke chen

  • Stephen Ellis
    Stephen Ellis Year ago

    I bend there before when I went to Korea!

  • Sui
    Sui Year ago

    Apparently, Mikey is not travelling alone😜. The handbag gave it away. Haha .

  • Best Vacationer
    Best Vacationer Year ago

    I'm vegetarian soooo I can't have 3/4 of that food

  • One Love
    One Love Year ago

    4:36 thought u were playing a electric guitar lol ....

  • One Love
    One Love Year ago

    im srry no meat in pho is not pho lol ...

  • Ryan Martin Janemant

    I'm big your fans ! I love your vlog

  • 이현석
    이현석 Year ago

    I've been there, was not good. The best hotel breakfast buffet I've ever been to is Thailand's Shangri-la Hotel. I wonder you've ever been there? Everything was perfect, especially variety of gelato options.

  • Wendy Mudkins
    Wendy Mudkins Year ago

    We in England do make bacon dumpling its called bacon roly poly and it filled with bacon mushrooms and onions you can have it steamed or cooked in the oven its yummy

  • jackie ranches
    jackie ranches Year ago

    hello @Mikey Chan, i have been watching most of your videos, and I started to get hooked and started to hunt all of it, LOL .Well seriously I have watched some sorts off bloggers typical etc but your videos is quite different, it really catches me, and find myself to watch it more, well maybe Its really so much fun to watch you and the way and all on how you do it, it feels more at home, natural and it's so real, you don't feel like fake, or maybe like some they just do it bcoz they get money from it, or whatsoever... it really looks like you are just doing it bcoz u feel like to and it shows that you really loved everything of it thats why it really flows naturally on you, that makes me or maybe all people wanted to watch you more. Well please do more of it and just continue to do so, looking forward to see a lot videos from you. And maybe when you travel again here in Singapore, I can show you where to eat for the best Local foods in town. Thanks for all of your videos, this really inspires me a lot.

  • A Greene
    A Greene Year ago

    Don't you ever get a bad stomach from all this airline food?

  • TheCulinarian
    TheCulinarian Year ago

    I broke on the "they all just look the same to me'" joke. 🙏🏼

  • Mr Mulos
    Mr Mulos Year ago

    how on earth do you avoid gaining weight.
    love the way you sample the food.

  • LadyEzri
    LadyEzri Year ago

    From Gangnam to Uijeongbu, that is a bit of a hike but funny to know how I watch your videos and I was living right down the street as you filmed this.

  • TheShadowGamer TSG

    Watching him makes me wonder how poor I am... 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Southern Hemisphere

    "They all look the same to me" HA HAHAHA I laughed at that because they got owned.

  • FJS's GVP
    FJS's GVP Year ago +1


  • Yiwan Ye
    Yiwan Ye Year ago

    i love that you keep your content PG13. it's great for the whole family to watch!

    • Yiwan Ye
      Yiwan Ye Year ago

      and asian friendly...

  • Papi
    Papi Year ago


  • Painted Bird
    Painted Bird Year ago

    I frequent Asiana Business Lounge in ICN so many times I can walk around with my eyes closed. Asiana Business Lounge comes alive during meal hours, much better food choices during, you may have been there in between hours. They have free showers in lounge and bed like furniture for short nap. By far the best business lounge when it comes to layout, ease of use, number of charging stations, super fast wi-fi, Asiana Employees at help desk are very beautiful but, Korean beer sucks.

  • WoWKoest
    WoWKoest Year ago

    I was just at the Boston Sheraton... 30 dollars for a breakfast buffet god damn!

  • nycdave7
    nycdave7 Year ago +1

    So any American Express credit card would work to gain access to business class lounge if you are flying economy?

    • James
      James Year ago

      nycdave7 ... NO!!

  • BlinkFU
    BlinkFU Year ago

    Does anyone have any idea which song or music mikey played in this video.

  • Leah Larson
    Leah Larson Year ago

    Also fo u get to keep slippers grom plan, and hotels?

  • V N
    V N Year ago +1

    If i could eat raw sushi for breakfast every day I would lmao