The Biggest Things In The World

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • Size does matter. Today, being big is still the gig, and here are the top 10 biggest things on Earth.
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Comments • 6 823

  • SleepyGamer
    SleepyGamer 8 days ago

    Where is big chungus?

  • Sharkboy Gaming
    Sharkboy Gaming 9 days ago

    How long did it take to build the axiom? And isn’t THAT the biggest vehicle

  • haqym alexander
    haqym alexander 10 days ago

    0:00 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) every girlfriend/wife

  • IronAgate
    IronAgate 15 days ago

    Who narrates this?

  • World Wide
    World Wide 17 days ago +1

    There's also other than earth.😂😂
    Check this out

  • Seth Bradley
    Seth Bradley 17 days ago

    11:48 I know this is dumb but that’s where I live

  • Yi Chen
    Yi Chen 18 days ago

    The biggest thing on earth is the blue whale

  • Narinder Singh
    Narinder Singh 19 days ago

    mount everest isint the highest

  • Toby Roth
    Toby Roth 21 day ago

    My dick

  • MFM Nazi Recorder
    MFM Nazi Recorder 21 day ago

    The Largest thing on its own continents combined

  • david
    david 21 day ago

    He ain't the tallest ;:; the tallest is 11ft month

  • Carlos Saraiva
    Carlos Saraiva 22 days ago

    "Bagger" is the German word for "Excavator", so by saying "...the Bagger excavator..." you're saying "...the excavator excavator..."

  • Eshanthetrainlover
    Eshanthetrainlover 24 days ago

    The biggest steam loco- you didn't think I was American, right? The biggest steam engine in the world is the big boy from the Union Pacific

  • Nerd
    Nerd 28 days ago +1

    I happen to know that many of the so called "facts" on this channel are not true.

  • Malleus Maleficarum
    Malleus Maleficarum 29 days ago

    What about female body parts?

  • Arianys Gely's Davila

    dinosaur like sourpods.

  • Ristan Vlogs & Games

    Women biggest dream (litteraly)

  • IronHorse Production
    IronHorse Production Month ago +1

    The mountains? A sky? A windmi- NO

    Only certain people will get the joke

  • Random Me
    Random Me Month ago

    What if my dick was bigger than Earth? What would happen?

  • Harrison Turner
    Harrison Turner Month ago

    largest flying thing ever is the hinderburg which is 2 and a half times longer then your top pick .... why dont you research properly, its a fairly well know vehicle...

  • parah
    parah Month ago

    no.1 biggest thing on earth my ego when my mum calls me handsome

  • QWEEN Bee
    QWEEN Bee Month ago

    I herd the boing 247 2000 times

  • Indus Valley Civilization

    Who is amazing ??

    • Phuah Yong
      Phuah Yong Month ago +1

      Indus Valley Civilization PEWDIEPIE

  • Knockoff Transformers
    Knockoff Transformers Month ago +1

    You know what else is big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The sun

    • Jayxthegamer
      Jayxthegamer Month ago

      Yeah!...Definitely not thinking of something else....

  • Noah Holmes
    Noah Holmes Month ago

    So uhh didnt know that if 3ft= 1 meter that means 9ft = 2.7ft

  • Inceptic
    Inceptic Month ago +4

    The largest thing on earth is Big Chungus

    why didn't you put him on this list

  • Darren Tang - Nelson Mandela PS (1418)

    forgot big chungus (i know its dead tho)

  • Asad Hossain
    Asad Hossain Month ago


  • SciBlast Official
    SciBlast Official Month ago

    9:13 RealLifeLore

    KIM JONG-UN Month ago

    Biggest thing ever is my..... Duck

  • Denise Nyström LeCat

    I think Argentinosaurus could have made the list. Even tho they died veeeery long ago, their skeletons are still existing in the world.

  • Cheesy Challenges
    Cheesy Challenges Month ago

    Decode this
    5(3 /8**3#5 5(8;* 9; [email protected]( @43 :6 :7#+”3#
    Like if you are smart enough to decode this

  • Alpha The Hawk
    Alpha The Hawk Month ago

    I'm guessing that there are atleast 1 my dick joke in the comments

  • himtube TM
    himtube TM Month ago +1


  • Mandy Viray
    Mandy Viray Month ago +1

    Ur mom gei

  • Finn8145
    Finn8145 Month ago

    The baw baw gum tree the biggest tree every recorded

  • Sweeter Then Suga-
    Sweeter Then Suga- Month ago +2

    I personally think the largest planet should be here ;)

    • Sweeter Then Suga-
      Sweeter Then Suga- Month ago

      @Phuah Yong In the WORLD last time I checked that didn't include me

    • Phuah Yong
      Phuah Yong Month ago

      Jupiter The Stormy Planet but it's not on earth!

  • michael Sos
    michael Sos Month ago

    After the cold war it served Russia are you retarded do your research it's Ukraine.

  • battery gaming
    battery gaming Month ago

    The largest thing on earth is big chungus

  • Moises Rosario
    Moises Rosario Month ago

    Use metric system as main

  • Some guy
    Some guy Month ago

    The largest thing on Earth is itself

  • Lee's Vids
    Lee's Vids Month ago

    This video need a big update!!!

  • NFT
    NFT Month ago +2

    can you include my *brain* inside the next list since it is big?

  • Martin Klein
    Martin Klein Month ago

    over a kilometer long *900meters*

  • QBlingo
    QBlingo Month ago

    My d*** is big

  • hi
    hi Month ago

    The African Bush Elephant isn't the largest terrestrial mammal.
    The Paraceratherium was larger than the elephant.

    • Finn8145
      Finn8145 Month ago

      I me baw baw not baw naw

    • Finn8145
      Finn8145 Month ago

      Alive he ment alive which is why he should have put the baw naw gum tree on this list for the biggest non extinct tree to ever be recorded

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Month ago +2

    Your mum is the biggest thing hhehhehehehehehhehdheheyhehehdhehhe 🤣🤣🤣😅😂

  • Alfonso Melosantos
    Alfonso Melosantos Month ago +1

    Number 7 is me xD well... part of me xD haha my name woooooooo

  • Aesthetic Boye
    Aesthetic Boye Month ago

    "That's what she said"

  • Snicker Spy
    Snicker Spy Month ago


  • Snicker Spy
    Snicker Spy Month ago +3

    I'm on the toilet and when he said size matters, I looked down and sighed. Relatable problems anyone

  • creamy corn
    creamy corn Month ago

    Be amazed probably only made this vid to read the comments

  • Zebres Gaming
    Zebres Gaming Month ago

    i know you r mom she fat lol kidding

  • Ldnox Ewing
    Ldnox Ewing Month ago

    I live in Kokomo

  • IZack
    IZack Month ago

    How about the Biggest Shoes...

  • Ahmad El kol
    Ahmad El kol Month ago

    Yeah my book

  • James Soleimani
    James Soleimani 2 months ago

    The largest thing on earth is my dick.

  • Strange Human
    Strange Human 2 months ago

    So they say "Everything is a sex toy but you need to be brave enough"

  • Psycho Gamer
    Psycho Gamer 2 months ago

    The size matter😏😏😏😏

  • Thomas Buker
    Thomas Buker 2 months ago

    Without reffering to male body parts BOOBS

  • Threshersaurus Rex
    Threshersaurus Rex 2 months ago

    This may help answer dhmis 4 question

  • Diego Hurtado Quiroz
    Diego Hurtado Quiroz 2 months ago

    I go for holidays to san alfonso del mar

  • thepuppetmasters BehindTheScenesAndVlogs

    Chills: this is the biggest plane ever
    Gta 5: hold my beer

  • Connor Daley
    Connor Daley 2 months ago

    the tallest mountain on earth is the mauna kea mountain

  • Lion Overlord
    Lion Overlord 2 months ago

    My dick

  • nibba Tskn
    nibba Tskn 2 months ago

    My dong.

  • Adam Richardt
    Adam Richardt 2 months ago +2

    The first sentence...

    First thing I think of is that’s what she said. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dexter Zayas
    Dexter Zayas 2 months ago

    Hmm something else that's big? Hmmmm.... OH THE EARTH

  • Fag in hell !
    Fag in hell ! 2 months ago

    I’m dick

  • Eliza Drum
    Eliza Drum 2 months ago

    Exactly why did you show Obama dropping the mic in the beginning??? It just makes no sence... 👨🗣👊

  • CoMuselk Gaming
    CoMuselk Gaming 2 months ago

    If the giant tree stumps were true,then who had cut with flat top.Giants?Aliens

  • C Flashbang
    C Flashbang 2 months ago

    Be amazed at how STOOOPID this channel is

  • Kostiantyn Vlasenko
    Kostiantyn Vlasenko 2 months ago +1

    The plane is in Ukraine not in Russia

  • Joshua Brookmyer
    Joshua Brookmyer 2 months ago

    My brother’s ego

    SYPER X 2 months ago +1

    How about my d*ck

  • Faris Gamer
    Faris Gamer 3 months ago

    fuuck i just buy golden donkey

  • Bob. Semple
    Bob. Semple 3 months ago +1

    Number 11

    *insert dick joke here*

  • Red Viper
    Red Viper 3 months ago

    First one . Tallest not biggest you incompetent fuck

  • A DOGE
    A DOGE 3 months ago


  • Rilme kid
    Rilme kid 3 months ago

    1:49 looks like a nut sack after in the pool

  • Moët 111
    Moët 111 3 months ago

    Biggest motor yacht

  • Sim gay as f X 2
    Sim gay as f X 2 3 months ago

    5:31 he got possessed

  • Tyrannic Productions
    Tyrannic Productions 3 months ago

    I think the biggest building should have been on this list

  • Newman Tractor
    Newman Tractor 3 months ago

    Your channel inspires us BE AMAZED! We are a new construction channel and just got back from this years worlds biggest auction 2019 RB Orlando, FL and did a video on it. If you get a chance check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks for the great content and keep it coming!

  • David Churchich
    David Churchich 3 months ago

    Does anyone know what (32÷4)-(4+2) is? If you do then reply to me and two last things.
    No calculators.
    If you can't solve this correctly.

    You have a half-centimeter brain like Hillarry Clinton does.
    You don't want that size of a brain don't ya?

  • Sheila Armenti
    Sheila Armenti 3 months ago

    Number 1 my balls

  • Rikzix Yt
    Rikzix Yt 3 months ago

    1:20 my birthday is on july 15

  • Zion Lafrance
    Zion Lafrance 3 months ago

    I can only show my gf one of the biggest things on eart 🥰

  • dark dorito
    dark dorito 3 months ago

    "Number one my cock, oh sorry I mean a sock"

  • Eranga Madushanka
    Eranga Madushanka 3 months ago

  • IAmTheJosh
    IAmTheJosh 3 months ago

    Smaller Baby: Dude, you're big. You get the biggest boobs... Be proud of it.

  • MonsterLife OFFICAL
    MonsterLife OFFICAL 3 months ago +3

    The mountains? The sky? A windmill-

    • o0fles
      o0fles 2 months ago


  • Bilal Muhammad
    Bilal Muhammad 3 months ago

    You don’t know how big is wood buffalo national park it is bigger than Switzerland

  • aX Rapture
    aX Rapture 3 months ago

    my ego

  • Raphael Bond
    Raphael Bond 3 months ago

    only douchebags beg for subs - Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Soviet Cat
    Soviet Cat 3 months ago

    The Living Thing On Earth: BIG CHUNGUS

  • ye dumb bou
    ye dumb bou 3 months ago

    My dick

  • Alannah Mooney
    Alannah Mooney 3 months ago

    Mt Everest isn’t actually the biggest mt in the world there’s one under the water (which I forgot the name of, of corse ) but its doesn’t count as half of it is under the water

  • Watch&Leave Games
    Watch&Leave Games 4 months ago

    I feel bad about that baby

  • Watch&Leave Games
    Watch&Leave Games 4 months ago +2

    Size DOES matter.
    If you know what I mean😉